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You Traded My Love For Her Attention

You Traded My Love For Her Attention

When I met you, I thought you were my dream come true.

A charming, smart, and funny guy – is there anything more a woman could ask for?

I still remember our dates and how amazing you made me feel. I think I’ve never been more relaxed with anyone.

Everything was simple and easy – no struggle and thinking what I should say next. The conversation seemed to flow naturally.

As time went on, I started to fall in love with you. Who could blame me? You were everything I ever wanted in a guy.

You made me feel special, respected, and like I was the only one in your eyes.

I felt excited every time you called me. You only needed to say my name and my heart already melted. It all felt amazing!

DONE - You Traded My Love For Her Attention

From carefully planned dinner dates to the random ones where we’d stare at the sky and point out shapes in the clouds – everything felt perfect.

No fuss, no stress. Just two people who connected on a deeper level. (At least I felt like that.)

I’d never been happier with anyone and I didn’t want this feeling to end.

Then came that special moment when you asked me to be your girlfriend.

You already knew that I wanted to label our relationship and didn’t seem to have any problem with that.

I loved you for that. You always appreciated my opinion and never made me feel that my words were irrelevant.

Step by step, we moved through our relationship, and day by day, I fell deeper in love with you.

DONE - You Traded My Love For Her Attention

When you finally said those three words to me, I was over the moon.

I was sure that we were on the same page and that our love would just grow stronger from then on.

If someone had asked me to write a list of things that I didn’t like about you, I swear that paper would be blank.

Yes, you had your flaws, but it was never something that made me feel bad or unhappy in our relationship.

You treated me like a queen and I felt safe in your arms.

Nothing and no one could hurt me as long as you were holding me.

Who would’ve thought that those arms would be the very ones to destroy me? To tear my heart to pieces and destroy it like it’s made out of paper.

I certainly wasn’t aware of that.

At one point, you started to change your behavior.

DONE - You Traded My Love For Her Attention

It was like you were physically in the same room as me, but you weren’t listening to a thing I said.

You were distant – somewhere far away from me – and I couldn’t reach you no matter how hard I tried.

I asked you to tell me what’s going on, but you always brushed off my words and ignored them like they were never said.

I thought you were having some trouble with work and I didn’t want to bother you even more.

So I let you deal with it on your own while constantly reminding you that I was here for you and you could always rely on my support.

“You’re not alone. Please tell me what’s going on!”

No answer.

But on that gloomy Monday, you came home back from work and you sat me on the sofa next to you.

“I need to tell you something.”

DONE - You Traded My Love For Her Attention

Those words stabbed me like cold knives. I instantly felt that something was wrong.

“I think we need to break things off. This isn’t going to work.”

A million questions popped up in my mind. Why? How? When?

I think I was blindly staring at you, unable to realize what was going on. WHY? I simply couldn’t understand the reason.

Everything seemed to be going well. I loved you and you loved me (well, at least I thought you did.)

If things were this good, why would you leave me out of the blue?

Then, you said those words that every woman is afraid to hear.

“I’ve met this other girl…”

My world instantly fell apart and I struggled to breathe.

DONE - You Traded My Love For Her Attention

I would’ve run away from you, from the sofa I was sitting on and from that terrible Monday, but I couldn’t make a move.

I felt pain – both emotional and physical – and I wanted to disappear.

Maybe I was dreaming. This can’t be real. It’s all a bad dream and in a few moments I’ll wake up and everything will be fine.

But it wasn’t a bad dream. It was only a bad reality.

We split apart as you wanted. You’d gone with this other girl and I struggled to become the person I used to be.

It felt like you took with you everything good and positive about me. You packed it in your suitcase and gave it to your other girl.

Day by day, I tried to be strong for myself. I wanted to be that old me who always wore a smile on her face.

It took me some time but I made it. I’ve put myself back in shape.

DONE - You Traded My Love For Her Attention

Then one day, my phone rang, and even though there was no name (as I deleted your contact), I still knew your number by heart.

My stomach tied up into a knot and I had no idea if I should pick up the phone. Why call me now that I finally have things figured out?

But my heart decided for me and I picked up.

I realized your voice hadn’t changed but there was one thing that had – my feelings for you.

I thought that I’d be overcome with emotions when I heard you speaking, but I felt nothing.

There was no more love for you. That feeling has gone.

You wanted me to meet up with you so we could talk about our relationship and why things fell apart.

DONE - You Traded My Love For Her Attention

I politely told you that there was no need and I hung up.

Later, I found out that your girl left you. Actually, she never wanted anything serious with you.

You were her temporary station and she stuck around only until another train came to pick her up.

You traded my love for her attention. I’m sorry to say it, but you’ll have to live with the consequences of your actions.

You made your choice, so go ahead and stick with it.

You Traded My Love For Her Attention

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