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Sweep Her Off Her Feet: 3 Words To Make A Woman Want You

Sweep Her Off Her Feet: 3 Words To Make A Woman Want You

Whether you’re trying to seduce your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife, or you’re trying to spice up your love life that seems to be non-existent at the moment, you need to understand that the tiniest gestures make the biggest difference. What are the 3 words to make a woman want you?

Now, swooping a woman off her feet with a surprise trip to Europe or tickets to a show she’s been dying to see might earn you a few extra points. Needless to say, though, you’ll be surprised when the woman of your dreams gives you a bigger (and better!) reaction to you simply whispering, “I appreciate you.”

After all, a seemingly simple comment can mean everything when you know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. When you figure out what makes your woman (or women in general!) feel worshipped, respected, and celebrated, you’re guaranteed to make your love life go from drab to fab.

Worry not, we’ve chatted with women and uncovered exactly what to say when you want to make a woman want you, strengthen your connection with a woman you’re with at the moment, or simply make your approach with women more gentle and genuine.

Scroll down to uncover the 3 words to make a woman want you!

Our picks for the top 3 words to make a woman want you

Sweep Her Off Her Feet: 3 Words To Make A Woman Want You

1. “I love you.”

We’re pretty sure you already knew these three words were coming!

They’re the most magnificent words you can use to make everyone around you want to be near you – because who doesn’t want to be loved? When you say these three words to the woman of your dreams, she’s never going to forget them. We suggest you only say them when you mean them, though.

2. “I appreciate you.”

Women are underappreciated everywhere they go.

Whether they’re working hard at the office and getting passed over for every promotion, taking care of the children and getting told that they’re “lucky to be a stay-at-home mom,” or simply building a relationship with someone who doesn’t see the work they do, women are getting tired of being overlooked.

A simple “I appreciate you” at the end of a long day will mean the world to every woman.

3. “I need you.”

Who doesn’t want to be needed?

Whether you’re going through a tough time, trying to open up to the woman you love, or trying to seal the deal with the woman you like, a simple “I need you” can go a long way. Women love when you’re open and honest with them, and that’s exactly what you need to do to get a woman to want you.

4. “I desire you.”

When you want to spice things up with your girlfriend or make a woman you’re on a date with feel special, you might want to hit them with a cheeky little “I desire you” comment.

We’d say that you’re allowed to change the words to suit the tone of the conversation, too, but that’s up to you to decide. Saying “I desire you” to the woman you truly desire can make your relationship flourish.

5. “You inspire me.”

Sweep Her Off Her Feet 3 Words To Make A Woman Want You 1

When you tell a woman that she inspires you, she’s going to remember that for the rest of her day. What you’re doing by saying these three words is letting her know that she made a positive impact on you and that she’s responsible for a part of your life you struggle with the most.

Who wouldn’t want to be someone’s muse, right?

6. “You are beautiful.”

When you’re on the hunt for the 3 words to make a woman want you that are guaranteed to work, you might want to go back to basics.

Whether you’re trying to work your charm on a woman you met at the bar or put a smile on your wife’s face, you know what to do. Shower her with compliments and make sure she’s aware of the effect she’s got on you. We don’t see a better way to make the woman you want giggle with contentment.

7. “You are smart.”

Again, you can change the wording of the phrase to fit the tone of the conversation or appeal to the woman you’re talking to – but the general gist stays the same. Women adore being called beautiful, but they appreciate when they’re respected and admired for the work that they do, too.

We suggest you tell the woman you want she’s smart, capable, and sharp-witted every chance you get.

8. “I understand you.”

Whether you’re arguing about the chores that you need to do, fighting over something you said when you were annoyed with her, or talking about something serious, you might want to take a step back to acknowledge the fact that she simply wants you to understand where she’s coming from.

“I understand you” can change the entire course of the conversation and make the woman of your dreams feel like you actually want to find a solution to the problem and work with her.

9. “I want you.”

“Argh, what are the 3 words to make a woman want you? Women are complicated. Men don’t understand what women want because they’re always going on and on about things that don’t matter. Men struggle to get the women they want because they need a manual to understand them.”

We’ve all heard these comments over and over again, but they’re simply not true. Women are simple – when you want a woman to understand that you’re trying to pursue a relationship with her or that you’re trying to court her, you’re allowed to tell her “I want you.”

10. “I miss you.”

Sweep Her Off Her Feet: 3 Words To Make A Woman Want You

Whether you send her a text, call her when she’s at work, or show up at her door (depending on the nature of your relationship!), you’re guaranteed to swoop her off her feet and make her think about you for the rest of the day. Women want to feel like they’re the center of your universe, after all.

11. “I adore you.”

“I love you” might be the universal way of expressing your love, but “I adore you” kicks differently when you want to make an impact on a woman. When you tell her you adore her, she’s going to feel like you’re willing to go to the moon and back to show you how much you care – and you probably are.

12. “You are enough.”

We can assure you that these words are exactly what all women want to hear after a day of worrying about everyone else’s needs. Women do so much work that goes unnoticed and, oftentimes, they’re overtaken with guilt that they’re not doing enough – or even worse, that they’re not enough.

“You are enough” can get you from boyfriend material to husband material really quickly.

13. “You are everything.”

Do we even need to explain why every woman wants to hear these words? Depending on your relationship with the woman you want to say these words to, you can switch them up a bit – but the main point remains the same. Women want to know that they’re appreciated and adored.

14. “You are right.”

Women are always right, right? We’re kidding, but we’re not kidding about the fact that you need to admit when you’re wrong, especially after the two of you attacked each other’s throats for two and a half hours.

“You are right” can make such a powerful statement about how much you respect the woman you’re talking to because most men would rather die than admit that they’re wrong.

15. “Good morning, beautiful.”

Sweep Her Off Her Feet 3 Words To Make A Woman Want You 3

Start the day right, my dude! Whether you send her a quick text to remind her you’re thinking about her, leave her a romantic little note on the bedside table, or even surprise her with her favorite Starbucks order before she leaves for work – these three words are guaranteed to make her adore you.

16. “Good night, love.”

When you get used to starting the day right, you might as well go the extra mile and end the day right, too. Opt for a good night text for a quick and easy solution or get creative with the way you let her know you’re thinking of her before falling asleep. Women love it when you make an effort, remember that.

17. “I got this!”

Women can’t get enough of men who know when (and how!) to take charge and take care of the situation. Whether you offer to pay for the dinner, plan your next date, or take care of something she’s been putting off for a while, you’re guaranteed to snatch her heart.

18. “I am sorry.”

What can we say, “I am sorry” means much more than meets the eye.

Say these 3 words to the woman you love, and you’re guaranteed to make her feel like you really understand her and like you really care about her. So, remember to always take responsibility and that’s all you need to do to make her happy.

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