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Enigmatic Behavior: The Dark Triad Personality Traits

Enigmatic Behavior: The Dark Triad Personality Traits

What is the dark triad personality, and is there a way to recognize those who exhibit these traits? With the realization that manipulative people are everywhere around us, you want to make sure you can spot those who wish you harm.

We all depend on each other and can’t go through life on our own. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who don’t have any hidden intentions. But sooner or later, you realize that this isn’t as simple as it seems.

Everywhere you look, you see manipulative, toxic people who only care about themselves. You see friends sabotaging each other, family members playing with each other’s feelings, and romantic partners putting their egos in front of love.

Frankly, you’re scared for yourself because you know how hard it is to recognize a toxic person. They don’t go around showing people their true colors. Instead, they all hide behind a mask and secretly plot their dirty plans. When you least expect it, they strike and gain control over you.

That’s why it’s so important to educate yourself on the dark triad personality traits. You want to be able to spot a person whose only goal is to use you to get their needs met.

Understanding the dark triad personality traits

Enigmatic Behavior The Dark Triad Personality Traits

Psychologists have classified three personality traits that people of the dark triad can exhibit. All of them are dangerous for their surrounding, but some can be more serious, such as psychopathy. Here’s more about each of these dark parts of humans.

1. Psychopathy

We hear this word all the time, but what does it actually mean?

Well, a psychopath is a person who shows signs of antisocial behavior. They don’t understand how other people feel and can’t empathize with them. It’s like their detector for empathy is broken, and they can’t really tell what emotions the other person is experiencing.

They also don’t feel sorry for others, even if they end up hurting them. You can’t let a psychopath know that what they’re doing is wrong. I mean, you can try, but it’s definitely not going to change anything.

These people are seriously dangerous, and the real issue is that they don’t realize what’s wrong with them. That’s why they’re a part of the dark triad.

2. Machiavellianism

You’ve probably heard the saying “The ends justify the means,” said by the famous philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli. This simple sentence actually sums up what this personality type is all about.

Machiavellians are all about deceit, manipulation, and lack of morals. They only care about themselves and don’t mind hurting people while fulfilling their goals.

In the process, they will use all kinds of tricks, they will use you as a tool and will get sneaky to get things their way. These people are a threat, and if you don’t recognize them in time, the chances are that you’re going to get hurt.

3. Narcissism

Narcissism is often talked about since it’s probably the most common personality trait out of these three. It’s a type of behavior where you put yourself first ALL THE TIME. That’s the key here!

We can all be a bit selfish from time to time, making sure our needs are met and taken care of. But a narcissist wants things to be his way all the time. He wants to be at the center of attention no matter what.

Narcissists will also opt for different manipulative tactics to get things their way. They will play the victim, love-bomb you, and opt for all sorts of sneaky behaviors, all to gain control over you. They use others as an ego boost and honestly, don’t care if they hurt anyone in the process.

How do you recognize if a person exhibits any dark triad personality traits?

Enigmatic Behavior The Dark Triad Personality Traits 2

Now that you’re aware of these dangerous (and quite frankly, serious) personality traits, you probably want to save yourself from anyone who fits this description. But it’s not that easy to figure out if a person in front of you is showing signs of this behavior.

They will hide their real faces because they’re aware, in a way, of the dangers they bring. However, when you get suspicious of someone, you can ask yourself the following questions. They will help you figure out what’s hiding behind a mask.

1. How do they cope with anger?

Any of these three personality types will have anger issues. Every time they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, they won’t know how to react. Instead of staying calm and accepting the reality as it is, they will get angry.

But the real issue is that they won’t know what to do with all that anger. They may get passive-aggressive, blame others for their feelings, or even start ignoring people.

A situation can get pretty uncomfortable pretty fast, which is why you may start to feel threatened in their company. Just be careful to avoid them when you sense that something’s off.

You can’t reason with these people no matter how hard you try. As a matter of fact, you can only get them even more upset, which is not a pretty sight.

2. Do they get abusive or resort to bullying in any way?

Enigmatic Behavior The Dark Triad Personality Traits

People who exhibit the dark triad personality traits are no strangers to abusive or bullying behavior. At first, you may be surprised when you realize how they’re acting. You may even try to convince yourself that it’s nothing serious or that they’re just having a bad day.

But these patterns of behavior will keep on repeating every time they find themselves in a similar situation. The reason is that they can’t control their emotions. They can’t stand the idea that things aren’t working out the way they want them to.

To be sure they’re being abusive, look for subtle signs such as talking nonsense about others or making themselves appear better than the rest. These are some of the first red flags of bullying.

Even though we’re talking about verbal bullying, it’s important to know that it’s as serious as physical one. What’s worse is that it can slowly turn into physical abuse right in front of your eyes.

Next time you find yourself in the company of a person whom you doubt to be dangerous, observe the way they act when things aren’t going their way. If you sense any signs of abusive behavior, make sure to distance yourself before things get serious.

3. Do they use any manipulative tactics to get things their way?

No matter which dark triad personality trait we’re talking about, be aware that they all resort to manipulative behavior. It’s their main tactic and a tool they use to get things their way.

At the end of the day, all these people care about is to be in charge. They don’t feel bad for their actions, and they certainly won’t say they’re sorry if they hurt you. To them, you’re just a tool they can replace any time you’re not serving the purpose. And that’s the scary part.

So, if you get vulnerable with them or, God forbid, share some of the deepest secrets with them, just be aware that they can use that against you at any moment. These people have no mercy, and they’ll make sure you know that.

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