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30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn’t Said It

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn’t Said It

How do I know if he loves me if he hasn’t said it yet?

Are you asking yourself that question?

Well, don’t worry about it because when I first started dating my boyfriend, I wondered how I could tell if he loved me too. 

How do I know my boyfriend loves me if he hasn’t said he does?

I found out all about the signs he really loves you even if he hasn’t said it yet, and I’ll share my knowledge with you.

The truth is, he doesn’t have to say it. When a man truly loves you, it will show in his behavior toward you.

After all, don’t actions mean much more than words, especially when we’re talking about how to know if a guy loves you?

Just look at these signs he really loves you even if he hasn’t said it, and you’ll know for sure.

1. He always has time for you

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn't Said It

Life is sometimes very busy, and we all have responsibilities which don’t leave us much free time.

However, when someone is important to you, you always find some free time to dedicate it to them so when a man truly loves you, he’ll always find spare time to spend with you.

Does your man make an effort to get together and see you whenever he can?

How do I know if he loves me if he hasn’t said it yet? When I asked myself that, I just thought about some facts…

The fact was that he was working crazy hours and we lived in different cities but he still found the time to come and see me every other day.

That’s how to know if a guy loves you.

2. He always wants to talk to you

A person who is in love with someone can’t stand it if they can’t talk to that person for a long time.

You already know that you can’t go for long without talking to the person you love.

Does he call and text you several times during the day and when you finally get to talk to each other, the conversation lasts for hours?

He wants to know how you feel and what you’re doing, so he’s always interested in talking to you.

If your conversations last for hours, and you even do the, “You hang up first,” thing, it’s one of the sure signs he really loves you.

I already told you that I asked myself how to know if he loved me when he hadn’t said it but he said so many other things during our long talks on the days when he didn’t come to see me, and that was my answer.

3. He misses you

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasnt Said It 3

When the person we love is not around, we miss them like crazy and this is because we can’t stop thinking about them… and their presence is the only cure for the pain we feel in their absence.

So, if he loves you, he’ll miss you when you are not around.

This probably changes your question from, “How can I tell if he loves me?” to, “How can I tell if he misses me?” but I’ll answer that too.

If your boyfriend misses you when you’re not there, he’ll often attempt to delay your leaving.

He’ll do that by kissing you or by simply asking you to stay a little longer.

Another way to tell if he misses you is if he often texts you when you’re not together, and even says he misses you.

4. He always listens to every word you say

The truth is, we listen properly to someone only if we care about what they are telling us.

When we love someone, we care about every single thing that person says, so we listen carefully.

He’ll listen to your worries and problems and everything else you decide to share with him.

He will be so eager to soak in every word you say that he won’t talk as much about himself.

5. He wants to find out about your life goals and aspirations

Before you ask yourself, “How do I know if he loves me?” ask yourself, “Does he want to know about my goals in life?”

This is very important because when a man truly loves you, he’ll want to know where you see yourself in the future.

He wants to figure out if your goals align with his, but he’s also genuinely interested in what you want out of life.

What you love is important for him to know, and if all your goals fit with his, it’s just a nice bonus.

6. He remembers the details you share with him

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn't Said It

A man who loves you will always try to remember all the things you tell him, even if they’re just small details.

Maybe you mentioned weeks ago that you like a certain author, and he recently surprised you with a signed copy of their book. 

It doesn’t have to be something so big, even the smallest details matter; for instance, he could remember the way you like your coffee and make sure he always makes it that way.

How did I know my boyfriend loved me?

Well, I was actually shocked at how much he remembered; in fact, it made me feel like no one else before him had actually listened to me.

7. He always has a smile on his face and often laughs

If your situation is anything like mine, you’ll keep wondering how come your boyfriend is such a happy and positive person.

This is because he’ll always have a smile on his face when he’s around you, and he’ll often laugh.

However, it’s not just because he’s that type of person, it’s because you’re the reason behind that smile. He is simply happy to be around you.

His face seems to light up when he sees you, and he laughs at all your jokes, even if they aren’t really that funny.

8. He talks about your future together

A man who isn’t interested in you or just wants to date you for a short time won’t ever talk about a future that includes you.

On the other hand, when a man truly loves you, he won’t stop picturing you getting old together, so, naturally, he’ll enjoy discussing your future together.

He wants to share his hopes with you, and what he hopes for is that you’ll have the future together that he tells you about.

9. He is happy when you’re happy and sad when you’re sad

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasnt Said It 5

This pretty much says it all. If he’s in love with you, he’ll mirror your emotions.

The way you feel affects him, and it shows, so you change his mood without even trying to. He simply feels the way you feel.

10. He looks at you admiringly and lovingly

They often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s true.

You can find out how a man feels about you by the way he looks at you.

Does he look at you with lots of love?

He can’t hide his love so his pupils will be dilated, which is what happens when we look at someone we love.

11. He wants you both to spend time at each other’s places

Is your home a place where he wants to spend most of his time? Does he often invite you to go over to his place?

He’s trying to figure out what it would be like if you lived together and he’s also probably showing you that he wants you around all the time and that living together won’t be a bad idea.

12. He prefers to stay home with you instead of going out

He enjoys being home with you so much that he actually prefers to do that instead of going out.

The only thing that really matters to him is that the two of you are together, so he doesn’t mind staying in; in fact, getting cozy on the couch is a much better choice in his opinion.

Your chill time comes with the bonus of being able to cuddle and he also thinks you look cute in your sweatpants and with no make-up on.

13. He leaves a few of his things at your place

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn't Said It

It seems like he’s gotten really comfortable at your place so he left a few of his things there and even asked you to leave some at his.

When you find your boyfriend’s toothbrush in your bathroom, you know that it’s gotten serious.

Maybe he’ll even leave an empty drawer for you at his place, and you can do the same for him.

14. He’s a little jealous

In small amounts, jealousy is perfectly natural when we’re in love.

I’m not talking about controlling or angry behavior, just that he shows signs of jealousy when other men approach you.

He wants you to be and stay only his, so he won’t let anyone steal you away from him.

15. He wants you to meet his parents

Did he tell you that he would like to introduce you to his parents and other family members?

That’s one of the clear signs he really loves you.

When a man wants you to meet his family, it’s because he hopes that you’ll be a part of the family one day.

Don’t worry if he seems nervous or worried because it’s just that he so desperately wants you to like them… and for them to like you too.

16. He talks fondly about you to other people

Unless a woman is really important to him, a man won’t talk about her to others, especially not fondly, so if you find out that everyone he knows already knows a lot about you, it’s a great sign!

Once you meet the people he cares about, you’ll find out how much they already know about you.

17. He wants you to meet his friends

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasnt Said It 7

A man who loves you will want his friends to become your friends as well so he’ll introduce you to them.

His dream is for all the people he cares about deeply to get along together, so try to make friends with his friends.

18. He wants you to introduce him to your friends and family

Just like when he wants you to meet his friends and family, wanting to meet yours is a sign of love.

He needs to know the people who are close to you because they matter to you, and therefore, they matter to him too.

You’ll see him trying hard to make a good first impression on them, so help him out if you can.

For the same reason, don’t be surprised if he acts nervous; he will want the people you care about to like him, and he knows how important that is to you.

19. He opens up to you about personal things

When a man opens up to you, it shows that he truly trusts you, which is something that comes with love.

If he confides in you and talks about personal things, you mean a lot to him.

Men aren’t really that vulnerable unless they are in love. If he opens up to you, you can be sure that he has strong feelings for you.

It’s important not to betray his trust, so make sure you keep his secrets.

20. He wants to find out about your past, including your childhood

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn't Said It

Men who aren’t really interested in you won’t ever bother to get to know you better.

However, a man who loves you will want to know all about your life, starting from your childhood.

You’ll notice that he’s interested in all the details, especially if they’re personal, and no matter how small they are.

Other people don’t even notice the things he wants to know about but you mean a lot to him, and your whole life story is something he’s dying to find out all about.

21. He goes the extra mile for you

A man who loves you will go the extra mile for you, whether it’s to help you with something, to see you, or to make you happy.

He will go out of his way for you because he loves you.

Even if you live far from each other or he has a busy life, he will do everything he can to come and see you.

He will always try to help you achieve whatever you want, and you’ll see him putting a lot of effort into making you happy.

22. He helps you out

He wants to make your life easier and better at the same time, so he’ll do you lots of favors.

Even if it doesn’t benefit him at all, he’ll always offer a helping hand.

These selfless deeds are proof that he loves you.

You don’t even have to ask him to help you out with something, because he’ll simply offer his help anyway.

23. He tries to impress you in many ways

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasnt Said It 9

When a man tries hard to impress you, it’s because he wants to impress you so much that you’ll fall in love with him… that you’ll love him as much as he loves you.

Whether it’s working hard to look his best for you or taking you to the most expensive restaurants, he’ll try to impress you as much as possible.

He might offer his help with fixing things or act manly in general, and this is for the same purpose.

All he wants is for you to see him as an amazing man who is worthy of your affections, which is one of the signs that he really loves you.

24. He holds your hand

Holding hands is an intimate and special act, as well as the most recognized public display of affection.

It shows that the two people holding hands are a couple. 

He wants to make sure that everyone knows you’re his girlfriend and he also wants to touch you and be close to you, and holding hands gives him that satisfaction.

Everyone sees that you’re together when you hold hands, so his feelings for you aren’t a secret.

25. He always compliments you

Men always compliment women, but when a man truly loves you, it’s different; his compliments will be more genuine.

He will look into your eyes with admiration and tell you that he thinks you look beautiful.

However, he won’t only tell you that you’re beautiful because his compliments won’t be just about your physical appearance.

He will compliment you on your great cooking skills or because you work so hard at your job.

His compliments will be about all sorts of things you maybe haven’t even noticed yourself.

He gives you these compliments because he wants to make you feel great about yourself, but it’s not just that…

The thing is, he really believes what he says, and he’s amazed by the great qualities he noticed about you.

26. He makes you a priority

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn't Said It

He has made you his number one priority, and all of his decisions prioritize you. On his list of priorities, you even come before him.

If he had to choose between hanging out with his friends or spending time with you, he would choose you.

Making you happy is his primary goal, and nothing will stop him from doing so.

When a man prioritizes you, you can be sure that he cares about you deeply, even if he hasn’t told you that yet.

27. He supports you and believes in you

He’ll believe in you and support you when he sees that you have a talent or passion for something and he’ll do so until you get where you want to be.

Whatever you want to do, he’ll support it, and help you get there.

I have an amazing boyfriend and if you ask me how I know he loves me, I’ll tell you one thing… If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be writing this.

I was completely lost before I met him, but I always had a passion and talent for writing.

However, I was willing to give up on that dream and settle for much less… until I met him, and he changed my life by believing in me and supporting me all the way.

He’s the one who bought me the laptop I’m typing this on and told me to use it to write. You wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t for him.

So, if your boyfriend supports you and believes in you, you can be sure that he loves you.

28. He wants to touch you

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasnt Said It 11

Little signs of affection are at the same time signs that he really loves you.

Is he affectionate toward you? A man who loves you will try to touch you whenever he has the chance.

Maybe he’ll brush your hair, kiss your forehead or place his hand on your back while you are walking.

These signs of affection show that he wants to be close to you.

29. He loves your quirks

A man who loves you will think you’re amazing, but he’ll notice all of your flaws and little quirks as well.

He will love them, and he’ll even love the things you hate about yourself.

Maybe he’ll notice a mole on your body that you hate and tell you that he thinks it’s the cutest thing he has ever seen.

If you’re obsessed with cleaning, and other people find it annoying, he’ll tell you that he loves that about you.

The best thing is that he isn’t lying. He loves everything that makes you you.

30. Your gut tells you that he loves you

The last sign is the one you feel in your gut. People pick up on things, and our gut instincts usually get it right.

Do you feel like he loves you, even though he hasn’t said it yet? Then it’s probably true.

Women somehow know things, even when they can’t explain how they know them.

After all, you know this man best, so you can sense how he feels about you.

Don’t worry if he hasn’t said the L-word yet, because if he’s showing these signs, he’ll say those words very soon.

30 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn't Said It

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