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Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

We learn a lot about our partner by the way they kiss.

Everyone can admit that they believe they can know if the relationship is going to last just by kissing their partner.

Everyone kisses in a similar way, but there are things that tell us apart and they can be seen by our zodiac sign.

Of course, there is an entire natal chart that can help you learn new things about yourself.

Today, we’ll be looking at the zodiac signs and ranking them based on how good of a kisser they are.

1. Aquarius

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Aquarians are known for being very open-minded and that doesn’t always have to be a good thing. Especially not when it comes to kissing.

Your Aquarius partner will always want to try something new with you and it can get really frustrating.

An Aquarian will also have trouble with having an emotional connection with their partner.

If they do fall in love, they become much more emotional and sensual with their kisses.

If they love you, however, they’ll give you the best kiss you’ve ever experienced.

2. Libra

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Libra will never initiate a kiss and you might feel like they don’t want you. It’s just that they like to be chased a bit.

They are very indecisive and so they spend a lot of time overthinking a kiss. You might even find that they are much too tense during one.

If you can get them to get out of their head, a Libran will make you chase their lips for more every time they try to part from you.

3. Capricorn

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Like everything else in life, Capricorn takes kissing very seriously. What type is your favorite? They’ll analyze your reaction to all of their moves.

They are very attentive and will make sure to make you feel good, but they won’t know how to let go properly.

A Capricorn simply doesn’t allow themselves to let loose and be sensual. They have too high standards for you and for themselves.

4. Gemini

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Geminis are very sensual kissers who love to make you feel good. The problem starts when they want to stop thinking during a kiss.

Yes, you should be able to lose yourself during a kiss, but not to the point where you forget that you are kissing a human being.

This is what can happen when you’re kissing a Gemini. They lose all control and the kiss can get unnecessarily messy.

5. Virgo

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Virgos are well-known perfectionists who would die before they delivered a bad kiss.

Virgo loves to show you new ways of kissing, while still taking into consideration everything you love about it.

This doesn’t come naturally to them though. They will not hesitate to ask you for pointers to make the kiss more enjoyable for the both of you.

6. Sagittarius

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius loves to make you want more with every kiss they deliver on your lips, cheeks, and anywhere else.

They might not be able to be serious during a kiss, because being playful and smiling a lot during it is a part of their personality.

A Sagittarian loves to make you smile and make you happy while they are kissing you.

This is extremely important to them and you know that you will feel amazing while kissing them.

7. Aries

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Aries is considered as the most chill fire sign out there and this trait comes in handy when it comes to kissing.

Why? Well, they’re a fire sign. They’re very passionate and extremely sensual. They love to tease you and make you feel good with their kisses.

Even though they’re like this, they are also the calmest fire sign, so they’re mostly focused on your pleasure and won’t go beyond what you find to be comfortable.

8. Taurus

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Taureans are very gentle kissers.

When they kiss you, you feel like they’re holding their whole world in their arms and they wouldn’t want to scare you into leaving.

They probably have the softest lips you’ve ever had the pleasure of kissing.

You would think that you would miss passionate, heavy kisses when kissing a Taurus because they are that gentle.

Don’t get fooled by their gentleness, though. They will make you want them more with every single kiss.

A Taurus will kiss you in a way that you will be hyperaware of every single brush of their lips. They will make you go crazy!

9. Cancer

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Cancer is extremely generous with their time and effort when it comes to kissing you. You will be everything BUT unsatisfied.

Cancer won’t think twice about putting all their effort into making you feel good with their kisses.

When you’re kissing a Cancer, be sure that there are feelings involved. They are very sensitive and won’t just share their time with anyone.

You will feel the kisses travel through your entire body because of how emotional they are while kissing.

10. Leo

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

A Leo would be caught dead before you get a chance to call them bad kissers.

Leo won’t hesitate to kiss you in public and let everyone know that they’re the one making you feel good.

A Leo doesn’t shy away from nibbling and biting your lips. Big, wet, French kisses are their trademark and they are proud of their skills.

11. Scorpio

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

With Scorpio, you can’t get enough. They are known as the most sensual and passionate sign of the zodiac and they defend their title with every kiss.

Scorpio won’t shy away from kissing your entire body when they get a chance, but in public, they will go for somewhere like your neck.

Even if they’re just being playful or showing you their love, you will always feel like they want to get down to business.

Don’t misinterpret their kisses for that, they just love to kiss sensual places like your neck whenever they get the chance.

They won’t take responsibility for making you all hot and bothered, but will rather act coy.

12. Pisces

DONE! Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

Pisceans are the best kissers of the zodiac and even though you might be skeptical, people who have kissed a Pisces know what I’m talking about.

Their kisses don’t start with their mouth, but they’ll make you anticipate their kiss with lingering gazes.

You’ll see their need for you in their eyes long before they start kissing you. This makes the kisses even better.

A Pisces won’t shy away from taking the lead when they’re kissing you.

They are extremely focused and can kiss you for hours, taking your breath away over and over again.

They won’t even let you come up for air, but rather lock on to your lips to make sure you know how good a kiss can feel when it’s done right.

Worst To Best Kissers Ranked By Their Zodiac Sign

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