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5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

Men are not easy to figure out, trust me. I know you have heard many times that men are easy to read, but they are not.

They are human just like you and sometimes humans are complicated to read.

They have this basket full of emotions and thoughts that are constantly changing.

It’s hard to make the first move. Despite everything said, men tremble when they have to make the first move and initiate the first kiss.

However, if you see some of the signs that I will list below, maybe you can make the first move if you feel the same way.

The first kiss is important. It can help you determine whether this person is right for you.

You have planned the scenario in your head a million times and still, you are caught by surprise.

DONE! 5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

The most obvious time for the first kiss is at the end of the date. But you never know.

Maybe he wants to kiss you during the date and he may send signals like a lunatic.

Not every signal is verbal. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize them, especially if you are head over heels in love with him.

The best way to tell if he wants to kiss you is by listening to your gut. If you can feel the electricity and chemistry between the two of you, then go for it.

It’s not your imagination playing tricks on you, believe me.

Body language signs are a great giveaway if you are wondering whether he wants to kiss you or not. You should pay attention to them.

Nobody wants to be rejected or embarrassed. Besides, somebody has to take a leap of faith, so it’s always good to know the signs that he wants to kiss you.

1. He keeps shifting between subjects or he is quiet

DONE! 5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

A sure-fire sign that he wants to kiss you is when he changes the subject.

Maybe you are talking about your hobbies and he immediately changes to some romantic things.

Believe me, he plans on kissing you even before the date is over. You shouldn’t be surprised by his initiative to talk about romantic stuff.

Men are romantics, trust me. They are just afraid to admit it.

Another interesting sign that you might pick up the next time you go on a date is when a guy suddenly goes quieter.

You know it is hard to kiss a girl who can’t stop talking all the time, am I right?

So, the next time that the guy you’re dating gets silent, take it as a sign that he wants to kiss you and not as a sign that he is shy or doesn’t know what to say to you.

That awkward silence is actually a sign that he wants to create a romantic atmosphere to try to kiss you.

2. He keeps touching you (in a good way)

DONE! 5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

If he tells you that he is cold and wants to get closer to you, that is a bulletproof sign that he wants to kiss you.

If he finds any opportunity to touch you, your hand, shoulder, or hair, then be prepared to be amazed, because he is eager to kiss you.

The decision is yours, whether or not you will let him.

Those touches mostly happen during the early stages of a date.

Maybe he puts his hand on your waist as the two of you are walking. Eventually, he cannot keep his hands off you.

Trust me, he is testing the waters. He wants to know if a subtle touch will offend you. He wants to know whether you are eager to kiss him like he is obsessed about kissing you.

The way you respond is important. If you want him to kiss you, stand firm and don’t move back. You need to work as well for the magic to happen.

3. His eyes say everything

DONE! 5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

A first kiss starts with a glance. An introduction to every French kiss is direct eye contact and several seconds of silence.

If he has looked into your eyes several times and tried to maintain eye contact, then he is seriously considering kissing you.

The only thing that is up to you to do is return the favor, and stare deeply into his eyes, and the rest will follow.

Sometimes, people undervalue the importance of eye contact. You shouldn’t do that. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

It sounds like a cliché, but sometimes it only takes one glance for two soulmates to find each other.

He keeps looking deep into your eyes and you feel like he is looking into your soul. If in addition to this, he holds your hand or arm, it’s a bulletproof sign that something magical will happen during your date.

4. He looks at your lips

DONE! 5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

This one is a no-brainer. Yes, when somebody is talking, we stare at their mouth. It’s part of how we understand what they are saying.

However, this one is different. The thing is that he REALLY stares at your lips while you are talking.

And I’m not talking about a regular stare. A kiss is a glance away from happening.

He can’t stop looking at them and you know he wants the first kiss to happen now.

He is focused more on what he wants to kiss than on the words that you are speaking. It’s like he is asking you for your permission.

5. He kisses you somewhere else

DONE! 5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

There are certainly other signs like complimenting you, or he is flirting or nervous, but I think that one of the most obvious signs is this particular one.

It can be that he kisses you on the cheek or your hand or shoulder.

The lips are one of the most intimate parts of someone’s body and if he kisses you on yours, he really, really likes you.

It’s not like a kiss on the cheek which is more casual and can have that friendly vibe.

Maybe he is giving you a lot of pecks just to test the waters before he makes his way to your lips.

5 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You Right Now

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