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Why It’s Important To Always Be Nice To Everyone

Why It’s Important To Always Be Nice To Everyone

Why should you be nice to everyone? Is being kind to others important, and if so, why?

People always advise us to be tough because it’s crucial that we stand up for ourselves and put our needs first.

What they don’t understand, however, is that you can do all that and still be kind to people.

Fighting for yourself doesn’t require you to be rude, because you can still do so and remain kind, nice and polite.

What’s more, you’ll be more likely to win that fight if you are always kind.

Be nice to everyone, even to the people who don’t really deserve it, because you deserve it.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

It will be hard for them to be rude to you if you remain nice, no matter how mean they are.

Rude people don’t really know how to respond when someone is nice to them.

The thing is, maybe the reason why they are so rude in the first place is that they aren’t used to kind people.

You are an example to those around you, and when you’re being kind to others, you’re showing them how you want to be treated.

Be good to everyone, and it will be hard for them to respond in any other way but with the same kindness they get.

They’ll also think of you as an amazing person, even if they don’t dare to admit it.

You will influence them and inspire them to be kind to others themselves.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

Once they realize that it’s not as easy as it seems, they’ll respect and admire you even more, even if they don’t ever let you know that.

Kindness is contagious, and by being kind to others, you’re making the world a better place.

Maybe it isn’t so easy to be nice to everyone, but is it really that hard?

Look at it this way; isn’t life hard enough without people being rude to each other?

When you have to interact with someone, remember how hard it is when they are rude in comparison with how hard it is if they’re kind

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like dealing with those who aren’t nice to others.

They aren’t a pleasant company, they make things harder for you when they could make them easier, and they spread negativity wherever they go.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

Kind people, on the other hand, make your life easier and happier, they can make even the most annoying tasks pleasant, and they leave you feeling positive.

What’s more, while a person who isn’t nice can ruin your day, a nice person can make it better.

Be nice to people because you can make someone’s day better, their life easier, and even bring back their faith in people.

Just imagine if everyone were good to everyone, wouldn’t all of our lives be better… Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Unfortunately, there will always be rude people, but changing the world doesn’t mean changing everyone.

As long as you influence one person, you’ve already done your part in changing the world.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

That person might have been rude because no one gave them an example of how to be nice to people.

I bet that if we could surround every rude person with kind people, they would become kind themselves.

Be kind to others because it’s also a sign of a person who has high self-esteem.

Those who don’t feel good about themselves and are insecure fear how people will perceive them, so they are prepared to do whatever it takes to be seen as strong.

Kindness is often perceived as a weakness, but it’s actually a strength.

Holding your tongue shows impressive strength as well as self-discipline since it’s not that easy.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

It also requires intelligence because you have to be smart to think of a nice way to express your opinions.

Expressing them in a rude way is easy, and it doesn’t require any thought.

If you’re going to remember anything from this article, then remember this – there’s a nice way to say everything.

Always be kind, because, most of the time, those you’re rude to don’t deserve it, and actually someone else is to blame for your bad mood, and it’s someone who has been rude to you.

Kindness is contagious, but it mostly affects only the person who’s kind and the one the kindness is directed at, while being rude spreads like a virus, affecting those who had nothing to do with how it first started.

Just imagine, your boss’s boss is rude to him, but he can’t say anything, so your boss acts rude toward you, and you have to be nice to him… but then you get home and are rude to your spouse because of it. 

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

So your spouse says rude things to your child, and then your child acts rude to another child at school, teaching them that the world is rude and that they shouldn’t always be kind… 

That child gets home from school and acts rude to their father – your boss’s boss, making the story start again from the top.

That is how rudeness spreads and how it’s taught when we’re just little kids.

Someone has to stop that terrible circle of rudeness, and that someone will be the strongest person who decides to always be kind.

Kindness, on the other hand, doesn’t spread that way.

When you’re kind to someone, they will, most of the time, be kind to you, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be nice to everyone.

Only once most people become kind will kindness spread like rudeness, and that is why you need to be nice to everyone and do your part in making the world a better place for everyone.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

We often forget that other people could be going through something. You could be rude to someone who is fighting a battle with their inner demons.

All of us have problems and, even though it’s not your job to fix someone’s problems, what does it cost you to simply brighten their day by being kind?

It has surely happened to you that someone’s random compliment made everything better when you were having a hard day.

Maybe you think that people will use you or won’t appreciate your kindness, but you need to realize that a kind stranger could make a significant impact on someone’s life.

Be kind to others because it won’t only improve their mood, but yours as well. We feel better about ourselves when we are kind.

You invite positivity into your life by being nice, and even if your smile is fake at first, it will turn into a real one once you see that you made someone else smile as well.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

Get rid of all the negative energy by spreading only positive energy.

The truth is, how people behave toward you is, most of the time, only a reaction to how you treat them.

There are always exceptions, but most people respond by being nice when someone is nice to them.

Of course, you shouldn’t be anyone’s doormat, but when someone’s being mean to you, try to see things from their perspective and figure out what is really bothering them.

Perhaps you can help them overcome it, and they’ll realize they had no reason to be rude to you.

Do you believe in karma? Well, even if you don’t, you’ve probably noticed that there’s some justice in the universe and that what goes around comes around.

How do you want to be treated? Treat others that way.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

After all, when did being mean ever solve anything? Most of the time, it actually makes things worse.

Why wouldn’t you want to make someone’s day better instead of worse? Don’t forget how much you can influence someone.

Let me tell you something from my own personal experience. I was always nice to everyone, from when I was a little girl.

However, I went through a tough time when I was surrounded by people who mistreated me, and it almost ruined me.

I was surprised by their rudeness, but once it became usual to me, I started to adapt, being less nice myself.

One day, my life completely changed. I am now surrounded only by extremely nice people who treat me really well.

It caught me by surprise because I couldn’t believe that it was for real, but once I realized all of those people are genuinely nice, it got me back on track. Now I try to always be nice myself. 

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

Truth be told, I don’t always succeed.

The people around me are still nicer than I am because I’m still fighting some ghosts from the past, but they made me realize just how much nice people can completely change the way you look at life and yourself in general… how much you want to be like them.

I told you that story because I want you to realize how much you can change someone’s life, as well as the fact that people want to be nice when they see how amazing nice people are.

However, I also want you to know that those who aren’t used to people being nice to them will be surprised by your behavior if they aren’t used to it, the same way that nice people are surprised by rudeness.

The story is also here to remind you that everyone has a past that made them who they are.

Maybe the person who’s being rude to you is actually nice but was poorly treated, and it made them act the same way toward others.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

These nice people in my life make me want to be a better person every day, and I’m getting there because of them.

That’s the influence you can have on someone’s life!

The truth is, people who aren’t kind to others actually aren’t kind to themselves either.

They are full of fears and insecurities, and they don’t love themselves.

They are bitter and sad, but most of all, they aren’t happy. It’s impossible to be nice to everyone when you aren’t nice to yourself, and it’s very hard when you aren’t happy.

So, the first person you should start being nice to is yourself. Make yourself happy, so that you can make others feel the same way.

Once you’re nice to yourself, you’ll be happy, and you’ll want to be nice to everyone.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

The best thing about it is that it simply feels good. It feels right. After all, it’s the right thing to do.

My mother was actually always a firm believer that the best policy is an eye for an eye.

However, I was always different from her because I knew that that kind of policy would leave the whole world blind.

We need our eyes to be able to open them and notice those who are suffering because only then will we be able to help them.

Instead of taking an eye for an eye, open someone’s eyes, and make them see that there are still kind people in this world, until they feel surrounded by them.

Have you ever wanted to save the world? Be nice to people, and you’ll be doing so.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

After all, if you save someone from believing people are bad, you’ve already done something amazing.

Smile to a stranger on the street, give a kind word to some casual acquaintance, give honest compliments, make sure please and thank you are words you often use, tell those you care about how special they are to you, help out an elderly neighbor, share homemade food, don’t gossip, donate the things you don’t really need… 

There are many other examples of being kind. Think of one every day and make a habit out of being nice.

It will make you feel better when you make someone else feel better.

Most importantly, you’ll be doing your part in making the world a better place.

Don’t forget that you always have a choice, so choose to be nice to everyone.

Why It’s Important to Always Be Nice to Everyone

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