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7 Signs You Are Meant To Be Together

7 Signs You Are Meant To Be Together

Sometimes you are crazy about someone, you feel like you love them and you are physically attracted to them, but still, you are not sure whether that is the right thing. me

You are simply not certain if you will feel the same about this person for the rest of your life. You don’t know if this guy is your soulmate and whether he is a true soulmate.

If you are in doubt, here are some signs that undoubtedly show you are meant to be together.

1. He lets you to see his vulnerability

7 Signs You Are Meant to Be Together

A man’s ego is one of their biggest weaknesses. They have the need to be perceived as tough, strong, and brave in every situation. But they are also only human beings who break emotionally from time to time.

If you are the first person he calls and wants to see when something bad happens, you are definitely meant to be.

If a man shows you his vulnerable and emotional side without being afraid that you’ll use it against him or judge him, it is one of the biggest signs you are special for him.

2. You can’t imagine your future without him

Whenever you make future plans, he is always in them. Every once in awhile, you picture your life together. You simply can’t imagine yourself without him. And the same goes for both sides.

It appears that he also involves you in his plans for the future, starting from small things like planning a vacation or spending a holiday together, to more important stuff.

It’s easy while you two are dating, but if you feel like you plan a life with this man, you are probably meant to be.

3. You understand each other

7 Signs You Are Meant to Be Together

Sometimes, understanding is even more important than love. You and your partner have similar views on life and that is crucial. Besides, when he feels bad, you know it before he says a single word.

You can’t explain it, but it’s like you and this guy are two parts of one puzzle. You understand each other’s essences. When something bad happens to you, you feel he truly understands what you are going through.

And he is always there for you, through bad and good days. Both of you know that you have each other’s back, no matter what.

Being in love is always a beautiful feeling, but that comes and goes, and when you understand one another, that is what remains.

4. You feel comfortable around him

When you are around each other, you feel relaxed and comfortable. You are not ashamed to share the most intimate details of your life with him, and you feel the need to tell him some things you don’t tell anyone else.

You have seen each other in your best and in your worst. Whatever happens between you two, you don’t feel awkward.

If you feel comfortable around each other, that is a sign you trust each other and feel safe in this relationship, and that is one of the most important qualities of every healthy relationship that has a bright future.

5. He calms you

7 Signs You Are Meant to Be Together

Butterflies and the excitement you feel when you first start dating someone are always thrilling. But these things are not something you build a life around.

When it comes to this guy, everything feels different. Of course, you are in love with him, but he gives you a sense of tranquillity you never felt with any other guy before him.

Whatever worries you, when you see him or just hear his voice, suddenly everything seems resolvable. This man is your rock, your shoulder to cry on, and someone you turn to in your worst moments.

If you have the same impact on him too, you two are definitely meant to be together.

6. You motivate each other

When you truly love someone and plan a future with this person, you want them to be the best possible version of themselves.

If you and your partner motivate and push each other forward, it’s one of the first signs this might be the real deal.

Your success makes you truly happy and the vice versa is true. You two are never selfish or jealous of one another. On the contrary, you always inspire and believe in each other.

7. You accept each other

7 Signs You Are Meant to Be Together

Is there a better sign of true love than being able to be yourself around someone? If you are meant to be together, you will accept each other for who you really are.

It is perfectly normal that there are some things that irritate you about your partner, but it’s important that you don’t have the desire to change the core of his personality.

Nobody is perfect, but you both accept and love each other’s flaws and that is exactly what makes you perfect for each other.

7 Signs You Are Meant to Be Together

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