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This Is When A Woman Feels Neglected In A Relationship

This Is When A Woman Feels Neglected In A Relationship

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, no one is happy. Her energy overtakes the room in a matter of seconds, and everyone knows that something isn’t right.

I mean, there are a couple of reasons why you may have neglected the woman in your life. You may be overworked, or you simply forget to spend quality time with her. Now, whatever the reason is, I know that she found millions of excuses for your behavior.

Now it’s just silly to her. She acts the way she does because she’s done trying to please you.

You don’t take on any household chores, spend any quality time with her, talk to her about deep and meaningful topics, or even buy her gifts anymore. Those things are extremely painful, especially when she does everything for you.

Relationships require effort and work. You can’t just exist on the sidelines and believe that it’s enough. No, you have to be an active participant in your relationship. So, you might as well try to understand her behavior and then adjust yours to make her happy again.

Or else, this woman will walk right out of your life and never look back.

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she does these 8 things

This Is When A Woman Feels Neglected In A Relationship

1. She moves away from your touch

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she won’t feel comfortable with your touch. I know that you’re probably not even aware that you’ve been neglecting her, but this time it’s serious.

When a woman moves away from your touch, it’s because she doesn’t feel like you appreciate her outside the bedroom. She doesn’t want to be a toy that you play with when you’re bored or in the mood. She wants a genuine relationship.

You may think that she’s doing this to punish you, but that’s a selfish statement. Have you thought about the non-physical affection that you’ve been withholding from her? If you haven’t, then you may want to think about it a bit more.

2. She stops meeting your needs

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, there’s no need for her to keep you a priority anymore. Since she’s not your priority, you shouldn’t expect her to meet your needs either.

You’ll spot this behavior when you come home, and she says that she’s already eaten, or she’s ordered takeout but hasn’t ordered anything for you. She doesn’t clean your laundry, she doesn’t pick up your socks anymore, she doesn’t do anything that she used to.

You’re getting frustrated because you want your old girlfriend back, but you should’ve thought about that before you started neglecting her.

3. She doesn’t go out with you anymore

When a woman feels neglected, it’ll be painful for her to spend any time with you. She doesn’t want to be around you.

Once you start to understand that your girlfriend is feeling this way, you’ll want to take her out and start from the beginning, but she’ll refuse your advances.

4. She starts dressing differently

This Is When A Woman Feels Neglected In A Relationship 2

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she’ll go through stages when it comes to her appearance. At first, she’ll want to appear more feminine and desirable to you, so she’ll start dressing nicely just to catch your fancy. She’ll also take out the clothing that you love the most on her, just to get any sort of reaction from you.

When you continuously ignore her looks, and you don’t compliment her, that’s when she’ll stop putting any effort into her looks. She’ll wear whatever is around. She won’t even consider what you may think of her, because you didn’t care before.

5. She seems depressed

From the girl that was always smiling and looking like she’s having the time of her life, to the woman that you have in front of you now – they’re completely different. Your girlfriend doesn’t smile at all. She’s always grumpy and lying in her bed, and when she speaks, you feel like she’s in pain.

When a woman starts feeling neglected in a relationship, she’ll have so much hope in you that she’ll stay. However, once she realizes that nothing is changing, she may fall into a deep depression. She’s not leaving you (yet) simply because she loves you, and somewhere deep within, she believes that you’re able to change.

6. She complains to you

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she’ll try to tell you. You’ll think that she’s nagging you all the time, but she’s actually trying to get your attention so that you can change your behavior. She wants to tell you everything that’s wrong in your relationship.

She wants to work things through, but you aren’t understanding it that way.

7. There’s no arguing anymore

After she complains to you about the things that are wrong in your relationship, she doesn’t seem agitated. Actually, she looks sad and depressed. She doesn’t want to argue with you, she says that she doesn’t have the energy for it.

She just pleads with you to change your behavior, and if you don’t, she’ll simply stop asking you for things. That’s when the arguing stops, and when you’re one wrong move away from losing her forever. You may want to reconsider what you’ve been doing because everyone knows that when a woman is silent, there’s almost no way to get her back.

8. She pulls away from you completely

This Is When A Woman Feels Neglected In A Relationship

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she doesn’t want to be around you at all. She doesn’t want to spend time with you, talk to you, or be touched by you.

All of these things happen when you haven’t been paying attention to her, and she has to take care of herself. That’s when she’ll realize that she can do everything by herself, and she’ll despise having you around.

So, when you look back at the last couple of months of your relationship, has she been distant to the point where she even gets agitated by your presence? Well, my friend, that could be the end of your relationship.

How can you save your relationship when your woman feels neglected?

1. Start a conversation and then listen

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she starts to hide herself in her own little world. In that situation, you should definitely try to start a conversation yourself.

Ask her to listen for a second, then tell her you realize that something is going on. Tell her that you want to know what’s been on her mind and that it pains you to see her like this.

Once this little intro is over, shut up. Let her be the one who talks the most, and give her all the space and time she needs to say whatever she has to say. So, if you’re ready for that conversation, don’t think too much about it – just go for it.

Even if she doesn’t want to talk at first, try reasoning with her. But never lose your cool. If you become angry or defensive about anything, she’ll shut down again.

2. Change your behavior

This Is When A Woman Feels Neglected In A Relationship 4

Conversations are fine and dandy, but when a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she doesn’t want any empty promises. What she wants is to be heard and for your actions to mirror the promises that you’ve made.

So, now that you know all the things that you have to do to get your wonderful girlfriend back, you have to go out of your way and commit to doing them.

If she told you that she’s miserable because you don’t take on any of the household chores, then I don’t care that you don’t like washing the dishes. Grow up! What are you? A little mama’s boy who has to be taken care of? Boohoo, get it together and start cleaning.

Also, if she doesn’t feel appreciated in the relationship, then you’ll have to find ways to show her just how much you appreciate her. Take her out on dates, buy her flowers, spend time talking to her, and be physically affectionate without taking it too far.

3. Stay consistent

The most awful thing you can do now is to hear everything she had to say, change your behavior for a couple of weeks until she’s happy again, and then fall back into that toxic cycle. You have to stay consistent!

You may not even see any improvement in her behavior at first, so you have to be patient as well. For her, the proof is in the pudding. I know that this is probably tedious to you, but it’s for the best. If you don’t want to lose her forever, then you’ll have to create new habits and new behavioral patterns.

If you stay the same, then sooner or later, she’ll realize that and want out of the relationship. She has a right to expect her man to treat her with the same respect that she treats him, so step up your game.

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