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22 Most Alluring Wedding Ring Tattoos To Eternalise Your Love

22 Most Alluring Wedding Ring Tattoos To Eternalise Your Love

Has the idea of a traditional wedding ring become too dull for you? Or perhaps it’s simply not as romantic as having wedding ring tattoos on your fingers that you can ever take off?

I get it. What’s sweeter than having an eternal reminder of your beloved – a ring that’s essentially become a part of your body? Wherever you find yourself, it’s there with you.

If you wish for such a beautiful declaration of love and marriage, take a look at the following wedding ring tattoos that are sure to tug on all your heartstrings.

1. Roman numerals that have meaning for you

Since you’re romantic enough to choose wedding ring tattoos over the traditional kind, it’s safe to assume you want it to mean something special as well. And what’s more meaningful than secret numbers or dates that only you two know the meaning of?

It can be anything – from your wedding date to the day you first confessed your love to each other. Whatever you find significant.

One thing’s for sure. Roman numerals for wedding ring tattoos are a modern romantic twist to the historical declaration of love.

2. Koru wedding ring tattoos

2. Koru wedding ring tattoos
Credit: stafford_wood

We usually get married for one simple reason, and that’s to start a new life journey with the one we love. We seek inner peace and tranquility, and we believe this act will lead us towards that.

Well, in the Maori culture, the Koru symbol represents new life, growth, renewal, and interconnectedness through the unfurling fern frond. If you want to tattoo your relationship hopes and dreams, Koru is the way to go!

3. Delicate matching geometrics

3. Delicate matching geometrics
Credit: immyyuen

If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing wedding ring tattoos, you can always opt for the geometric tattoo style. There is a variety of lines and shapes to choose from – even a simple triangle can be elegant and attract attention.

Depending on your and your future spouse’s preferences, you can pick one that looks the best or one that somehow resonates with you and your relationship. Create your own meaning!

4. Sweet and simple line tattoos

If you’re not the type to go all extravagant, the fine-line tattoo style is perfect for you. A mere two lines on your finger can, despite their simplicity, look lovely and pleasing to the eye.

Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to this simple design. You can get more creative while still keeping the delicate touch that characterizes this particular style.

5. A cute mix of letters, numbers, and the sun

Who said that you and your partner have to have matching tattoos? Besides, isn’t it a bit difficult to agree on such things? Talk and find out what both of you like, and incorporate everything into your wedding ring tattoos. There is no limit as to what you can use. Still, be careful not to overdo it…

Also, it’s a given that the tattoos will be connected to your love for each other somehow. If you’re in the habit of calling your partner your ”sunshine,” a simple sun tattoo can be both beautiful and significant.

6. Melodic wedding ring tattoos

We all want our wedding rings to be extra unique. Well, this couple couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful idea. The husband tattooed their wedding song on his finger!

It is technically not a wedding ring tattoo, but it can still motivate you to create something similar. If you have a special “our song”, this may be a great option for you.

7. The perfect blend of graceful and tough

You can both choose wedding ring tattoos that suit your characters best. If you prefer delicate designs or enjoy floral shapes, you can choose something as simple as a flower. Or if you want to embrace your inner power, find a shape that awakens such feelings. It could be a crown, lightning bolt, or cool sword.

You can also choose shapes that remind you of each other.

8. Infinity in your hearts and on your fingers

8. Infinity in your hearts and on your fingers
Credit: idont_inkso

The infinity symbol never gets old. Not only is it charming, but it also literally screams, ”I’m going to love you forever and ever.”

What more do you need to say?

9. A shared love wedding ring tattoos

9. A shared love wedding ring tattoos
Credit: coffinqueen

Is there anything more beautiful than having a shared interest with our partner? Even more so when you’re both so obsessed, you choose it as your wedding ring tattoos? The couple above based their rings on The Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

Whatever you love, you can easily create a symbol from it and turn it into a ring design! Awesome, huh?

10. Animalistic wedding ring tattoos

Let’s not forget about animals! If you’re animal-lovers, having your favorite creatures as wedding ring tattoos could be a unique choice.

It can be an animal you both really love or one that represents something for you and your partner. Symbolic or not, it will surely look great.

11. Letters that are significant for you

Choosing simple initials or acronyms as wedding ring tattoos will always look gorgeous. They can represent names or nicknames of your beloved or any other concept that’s a sweet secret shared between the two of you!

12. Go all Viking with your wedding rings

The answer is yes. Your tattoo can both look lovely and have a badass background. And what’s more badass than a Viking symbol on your finger?

Embrace your inner Ragnar and Lagertha Lothbrok, and go conquer the world together!

13. A forever blossoming kind of love

13. A forever blossoming kind of love
Credit: _snazzzynazzy

Choosing flowers or plants as wedding ring tattoos can have beautiful symbolic meanings. Just as a flower will grow and blossom, so will your love for each other. And every time you look down on your finger, you’ll be reminded of that.

14. Elegant line wedding ring tattoos

14. Elegant line wedding ring tattoos
Credit: jimmyyuen

Dotwork is a spectacular tattoo style I recommend! Essentially, you use dots to create any image you had in mind. The picture above is a simpler example of dotwork, but you can choose something more specific if you prefer – the sky’s the limit!

15. Your love has reached its peak

15. Your love has reached its peak
Credit: toxicdose

What can I say? I am a sucker for symbolism. Of course, you can choose natural landscapes that don’t necessarily have meaning, it sure is beautiful if they do, right?

When I see a mountain peak tattoo, I see it as the peak of your love story – marriage being the ultimate declaration of love where you choose to be with someone until the rest of your days.

16. Heart-shaped wedding ring tattoos

16. Heart-shaped wedding ring tattoos
Credit: nate_cameron

Well, what screams love louder than a heart tattoo? You adore each other and aren’t afraid to show it! And you can always add extra little details like the initials for the King and Queen of Hearts, each other’s initials, or something of the sort.

17. Proclaim eternity to each other

This is a breathtaking Celtic band tattoo. What’s interesting about it is the lines that get entangled with each other and create all sorts of shapes, yet never fail to return to the place they came from.

Essentially, it represents perpetuity and eternity. Just like the said shapes always return home, so will you and your future spouse always find your way back to each other.

18. Tattoo the name of your beloved

Tattooing the full name of your beloved is a different kind of intimacy and commitment. It’s outright declaring, ”This person belongs to me and I belong to them, and there is no room for anyone else.” Quite the statement, I’d say!

19. Powerful matching wedding ring tattoos

19. Powerful matching wedding ring tattoos

Well, hey, your wedding ring tattoos don’t have to be dazzling. Dive deep into historical and mythical symbols and find something you feel connected to. There’s sure to be a powerful shape out there meant just for you! (Yes, let’s pretend we’re the main characters, okay?)

20. Forever chained to each other

20. Forever chained to each other

We’ve all heard the ball-and-chain jokes. But chains can have a positive connotation too! Isn’t the idea of being chained for life to someone you love all too romantic? It’s entrusting your body and soul to another human being, and happily so!

21. Simple yet lovely wedding ring tattoos

And here is more of the fine-line tattoo style! In this example, you have three elegant lines replacing a ring. It is easy to make and yet absolutely dazzling!

22. Bow tie wedding ring tattoos

22. Bow tie wedding ring tattoos
Credit: tattooer_nina

This classic Chinese red ribbon tattoo style is an adorable proclamation of love. The legend goes that two people who are right for each other are bound by an unseen red string, and no obstacle can stop them from finding each other.

I know, I know. I suddenly want to get married too.

I hope these ideas were helpful and that you’ll find your perfect wedding ring tattoos in no time. Just remember to pick whatever feels right for you, regardless of how it may look to others. Best of luck!

22 Most Alluring Wedding Ring Tattoos To Eternalise Your Love

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