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20 Unique Upper Arm Tattoos for Everyone’s Taste

20 Unique Upper Arm Tattoos for Everyone’s Taste

Upper arm tattoos are some of the most popular ones out there, and for good reason. The upper arm is relatively painless to tattoo and provides ample space for the artist to draw both simple and intricate concepts. However, one of the hardest things about getting an upper arm tattoo is choosing the right design for you.

So with that in mind, let’s explore 20 unique designs that push the boundaries of artistry and self-expression. Whether you’re drawn to intricate linework or bold, vibrant colors, these tattoos are sure to spark your imagination and leave a lasting impression.

1. Spartan warrior upper arm tattoo

1. Spartan warrior upper arm tattoo
Credit: tattooist_eq

A legendary warrior is always a good choice for an upper arm tattoo, and you really can’t go wrong with this incredibly detailed drawing of a Spartan in full battle gear.

Just picture yourself in the gym, pumping some iron with this on your bicep. That’s your ideal opportunity to yell, “This is Sparta!” into the mirror.

2. Blue-eyed tiger upper arm tattoo

Having a massive tiger tattoo on your upper arm is always a pretty amazing sight, but what makes this one so special are his piercing blue eyes.

The contrast between the black and grey dotwork is remarkable, making it look like the tiger is about to jump out at you. It’s truly a testament to the artist’s talent that they managed to make it look almost three-dimensional.

3. A cute duck clown

If you are a fan of cute and simple designs, then this one is right up your alley. Now, ducks are adorable in their own, but turning one into a goofy little clown? Now that’s genius.

Rocking this one the next time you go out with your friends will definitely make you the life of the party. You might even consider wearing the same hat as the duck.

4. Jaw-dropping tattoo of a woman

The more I look at this tattoo, the more I like it. There is just so much to see here: the different-colored eyes, the fiery hair, and the little flower tattoo that the woman on the tattoo has!

This one is a real rabbit hole, so if you choose to get something like this done on your upper arm, don’t be surprised to catch people staring at it for hours.

5. A mushroom snail under the moonlight

I’m not sure if mushrooms can actually grow out of snail shells, but you’ve got to admit that this is one majestic little mollusk.

The design on this tattoo is quite appealing, especially the little dots on the snail’s body and shell, but what really sells it to me are the understated splashes of red along the mushroom caps. It’s like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

6. Incredible engraving-style octopus

6. Incredible engraving-style octopus
Credit: ashandwood

Animal motifs are fairly common when it comes to tattoos. However, the mighty octopus is not one you see that often, which is probably a part of what makes this particular design so impactful.

It’s done in a beautifully realistic engraving style that works really well with the texture of the octopus’ body and the somewhat serious look on its face. However, the best part is its tentacles wrapping around the arm in various directions.

7. Hummingbird and flowers upper arm tattoo

This is an image that makes you wish it were spring every day. The incredibly realistic little hummingbird, just hanging in the air and feeding on the flower’s sweet nectar, is something that brings a smile to your face the moment you see it.

Even though the design is black and grey, the blossoms appear full of life, and the delicate petals look like they are dancing in the gentle breeze.

8. A beautiful koi fish tattoo

A lot of people are fans of minimalist tattoos, and this tattoo of a koi fish on the inside of the upper arm is a beautiful example of why.

It takes great artistry to make a static tattoo appear dynamic, and the way the fish is drawn here makes it seem like it’s swimming down the person’s arm and thoroughly enjoying itself.

9. Linework Chinese dragon

9. Linework Chinese dragon
Credit: nobodytattoo

Precision linework on a tattoo is always a sight to behold, and this Chinese dragon upper arm piece is a true work of art. The beautiful curvy lines bring the design to life and make it instantly attention-grabbing.

Whether you’re a fan of Asian culture, anime, or simply like the look of this dragon, this tattoo could be the perfect choice for your next trip to the salon.

10. Owl with a skull

This impressive owl with a human skull underneath its body is a great design for somebody who likes Gothic art and Gothic culture in general.

It has the perfect blend of creepy and epic, and it’s so rich in detail that you just have to notice it. In fact, when I look at it now, I’m not sure if it’s an owl with a skull underneath it or a skull wearing the owl as a hat.

11. Geometric wolf and flowers tattoo

I don’t know why, but for some reason, geometric shapes and natural elements somehow always work well on tattoos.

This one features a proud wolf in the center, complemented perfectly by a flowery wreath to the side and a simple diamond-shaped frame around it.

12. Tiger in red smoke

12. Tiger in red smoke
Credit: cho_tattoos

The combination of a realistic tiger and abstract red smoke truly makes this design an instant hit.

Plenty of people love a bit of color in their tattoos, and this tasteful red detailing would surely please them.

13. Epic eagle upper arm tattoo

13. Epic eagle upper arm tattoo
Credit: dev_tattoo

Close your eyes and think of the word “epic”. What comes to your mind? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s this exact image.

The detailing on this eagle is nothing short of unbelievable and the fact that it covers both sides of the arm makes it even more impressive. Eagles typically symbolize courage and pride, and if you decide to get this tattoo, you can certainly be proud of your courage.

14. A pretty pearl & shell tattoo

Going from an imposing eagle to a fragile seashell isn’t exactly the smoothest transition, but we are trying to offer something for everybody’s taste, after all.

This subtle upper arm tattoo is ideal for those seeking an elegant or luxurious pairing.

15. Dotwork medusa upper arm tattoo

Greek mythology isn’t short of interesting characters who serve as tattoo inspirations, and Medusa is absolutely one of the most popular.

This particular upper arm tattoo is done in a combination of striking blackwork and dazzling dotwork, making it an incredibly versatile piece that can work well on anybody.

16. A black and grey Buddha

16. A black and grey Buddha
Credit: dio_tattoo

This Buddha design is a fantastic example of black-and-grey realism. An incredible amount of effort goes into creating such elaborate detail, so that definitely makes it one of the more expensive tattoos on this list.

So, if you have a strong connection to Buddha and would like something to signify it, then this magnificent upper arm tattoo is the perfect choice.

17. Heart and brain on strings

I love a tattoo that tells a story, and this heart and brain design manages to convey a complex message in a beautiful yet simple way.

It’s like your heart telling you to get another tattoo, and your brain telling you that you already have enough. Or could that be your wallet?

18. An adorable Pokemon on the upper arm

Gotta ink ’em all! This adorable Umbreon tattoo is a must-have for any serious Pokemon fan, and even if you aren’t one, how can you possibly resist something so cute?

I love the minimalist dotwork that makes it look like it has freckles all over its body, and the gold details are purely eye-catching. Not sure if they glow in the dark, though.

19. Detailed dragon tattoo for women

The way this imposing dragon is contrasted by the lovely pink flowers makes it really unique. It’s always fun to see a tattoo artist play with color like this and come up with something so stunning.

If you are a fan of dragons and the supernatural power that they represent, then you should definitely consider getting something like this done on your upper arm.

20. Minimalist ornamental upper arm tattoo

20. Minimalist ornamental upper arm tattoo
Credit: orma_tattoo

Sometimes you want to get tattooed, but you don’t want to cover your entire arm in ink. Instead, you just wanted something simple, perhaps with a lot of symbolism or personal meaning.

This gorgeous linework ornamental is one way of doing something like that. It might not catch everyone’s attention at first glance, but once they notice it, they will certainly be intrigued. Another benefit of a minimalist tattoo such as this one is the fact that you can hide it easily, for example when you need to go to work or jump into an important business meeting.

20 Unique Upper Arm Tattoos for Everyone’s Taste

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