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27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

Are you the so-called other woman or plan to be one?

I’m not here to preach about it, but to let you know about some side chick rules you need to follow.

Being stuck in a love triangle is never easy, and neither is being a side chick.

Cheating always includes secrets, drama, and lying, so a side chick needs to follow some rules to steer clear of all the trouble.

Side chick rules make it clear what cheating is – it’s cheating. It’s not love, it’s not making plans for the future; it’s simply cheating.

Therefore, being a side chick implies you know that it’s only that.

Don’t expect that it will ever turn into love, and be careful not to let yourself believe that it’s anything more than cheating.

I’m telling you that only for your own safety.

Sure, sometimes cheating turns into a true love affair, but it still doesn’t mean that your man won’t have another side chick once you become the main chick.

Being the other woman also requires you to be secretive and discreet and these are just some of the many side chick rules, and I’ll tell you all about them.

Hey, no one said being a side chick would be easy. The truth is, being a side chick isn’t for everyone. Do you think you have what it takes?

Before you answer, read these side chick rules:

1. Keep the secret

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

Learning to keep a secret is the first of many side chick rules. You need to keep in mind that you’re not the main chick, so you can’t tell anyone about your partner.

Your relationship and you are a secret, and they need to stay a secret whether you like it or not.

There shouldn’t be any signs at all that this relationship exists. Fail this rule, and you’ll be done being a side chick, plus you’ll get in trouble.

If you want your relationship with this man to continue, you can’t tell anyone about it.

You’ll find yourself in some situations that will seem to force you to admit you’re the side chick, but you can’t give in!

If anyone should do it, it should be the man you’re having this relationship with.

There should be no sign of your relationship on social media, either. No matter how tempting it is to share your experience, you can’t do it.

Everything should stay between you and the man you’re dating, and no one but you should know anything about it.

This is the most important of all the side chick rules.

2. Don’t have any expectations

You need to be aware of where you stand, so you can’t have any expectations regarding this man.

He will not be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or when you’re in a bad mood and just to watch a chick flick with your lover.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, he won’t be there and he won’t dress up in matching costumes with you on Halloween.

All these things are reserved for the main chick.

3. You can’t go public with him

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules 2 1

This means that public displays of affection are off the table. The only way your relationship can survive is if it stays a secret. 

Don’t ever forget the first one of all the side chick rules – keeping it a secret.

If you went out in public with someone else’s man, it would very quickly get very messy and even dangerous!

The general public can’t know about your relationship. If you can’t keep your relationship a secret, you’re not cut out to be a side chick.

4. Be under the radar and stay undercover

Do you like spy movies? Well, this is your chance to act like a spy.

A side chick has to be undercover. When you communicate with your man or meet up with him, no one can know about it but you.

So, communicating and meeting up has to be under the radar, so you should be like a ninja or a spy.

5. Be aware of the relationship goals

All men are private creatures, and that includes even those who are with their soulmate, but it goes especially for those who cheat.

They all prefer to keep their private life and their public life separate.

What that means is that you shouldn’t think about using his photo or a selfie of the two of you as your profile photo, anywhere.

This is one of those side chick rules that you really need to respect.

Be aware of the relationship goals, and the main goal is to keep your relationship a secret.

I’m sorry that I’m repeating myself, but I can’t stress this enough.

6. Don’t expect to be courted, so don’t play hard to get

You need to cut to the chase when you’re a side chick.

He’s not going to court you, and you’re not his wife or his girlfriend, so don’t play hard to get. 

There’s no time for all that, and you only need to make sure that the two of you have a good time.

Give him the fun time he’s looking for, or give up on being his side chick.

7. No drama

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

Can you be a side chick without all the problems and drama? Well, if you play smart, you can.

There should be no drama, and even if you’re a drama queen, enjoy that only with your friends.

For this guy, you represent a way out of a relationship that’s uncomfortable and therefore, you shouldn’t make your relationship dramatic either.

If you don’t follow this rule, he’ll soon find another side chick who will.

You need to be his safe haven where nothing could ever go wrong, and you need to be that at all times.

The grounds of your relationship are unstable and shaky, so a little drama could quickly vanquish your relationship.

Again, remember the first one of all the side chick rules – keeping secrets.

You can’t leave traces, because his main chick could uncover them so don’t leave anything suspicious on this man, including your scent or your lipstick.

If you do, you’re basically inviting drama into your lives.

You can avoid ugly and embarrassing confrontations by simply knowing your place.

8. Never admit to anything

Your mouth should be sealed at all times, so do not talk.

If things get messy, let him take the heat.

Don’t talk about your man to anyone.

9. No endearments

Most men would like to call their girl dear or babe, even if they don’t really mean it.

That is a natural thing that happens in a normal relationship… but your relationship isn’t one of those, so there should be no endearments.

Learn to live without them if being a side chick is what you want because it will relieve the tension of expecting to be called sweetie or honey.

After all, do you really need that?

10. Stay clear of the main chick

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules 4

This is one of the very important side chick rules – stay away from his main chick.

Don’t invite trouble or drama into your life by showing up at places where she frequently goes.

It’s important that you keep your distance. You shouldn’t do anything that would make her link your man to you.

When you see them together somewhere in public, look the other way, because you shouldn’t even look at them.

Don’t let your man follow you on social media, block him instead.

Keeping your distance is about you doing yourself a favor.

11. Don’t directly ask for his money 

You shouldn’t ask your man for money.

When your relationship is all about money and having a good time, it doesn’t make you look good.

You can use some tactics to get hold of his money but never directly ask him for it.

The fun you’re providing him with isn’t something he can buy. However, he can buy you gifts and spend money on you.

12. Don’t leave any evidence

You shouldn’t leave any trace that could make it easy for the main chick to connect the dots.

Make sure that you send him only harmless-looking messages that only he will truly understand.

When you’re in his car, don’t leave anything, and that includes your perfume, a strand of hair or lipstick marks.

If his main chick finds any of that, it’s all over.

13. Don’t steal from him

I’m guessing you haven’t thought about robbing him, but this should be mentioned as a rule anyway.

Don’t steal from him, because you don’t want all this to end with you behind bars.

In addition, you don’t want him to have to explain to his main chick where the money from his wallet went.

14. Leave no trace of your relationship on social media

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

The two of you shouldn’t take selfies at all, let alone post them on social media.

You shouldn’t even have a picture where his tie or his hand could be spotted.

The best idea is not to follow him on any social media platform, but at least don’t ever tag him.

It’s also not a good idea to create a fake account so that you can stalk him.

Your relationship should be a secret to the world, and that goes for the online world, too, not just the real one.

15. Don’t fall for him

One of the most important rules is not to get emotionally attached to this man. You’re not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

Developing feelings could only make things complicated… and don’t forget that this is a no-strings-attached type of relationship.

Break this rule, and you’ll have to face the consequences and complications that will come once you’re separated.

I know how hard it can be to follow this rule, but you need to follow it for your own safety and peace of mind.

You might develop some strong feelings for this man, but please do everything you can to prevent yourself from falling for him.

Maybe you’ve got it in your head that you could become the main chick, but falling in love isn’t for this type of relationship.

This is a relationship where there should be no room for emotional attachments.

After all, he won’t like it if you get emotionally attached, and your relationship will become toxic.

16. Be prepared for changes in plans

You have to go with the flow when you’re in this kind of relationship, so be aware that plans will often change.

Don’t take it personally when he cancels your date, even if you had big plans for it, and you even dressed up for the occasion.

You shouldn’t make a big fuss about it either.

All you can really get from him are little escapes in the spur of the moment, so don’t nag him when he breaks any promises he made.

17. Don’t get pregnant

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules 7

Your man doesn’t want to have a child with you. That sort of thing is reserved for the main chick, so don’t even think about it.

If you’re thinking about it anyway, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

When you get pregnant, do you think he won’t find another side chick?

Do you think he wants something so serious with you while he’s in a relationship with his main chick?

You know the answers to these questions, so don’t make things complicated.

The main reason your relationship exists is that it’s a no strings attached relationship.

Any slight problems will end that relationship, and one of those problems, in this case, would be a baby.

Don’t fantasize about bringing a baby into this kind of arrangement.

One day, if things change, you might consider it, but right now, you shouldn’t even think about it.

18. Don’t get caught

If someday things get rough, you need to know what your escape plans are.

Whether you’re with him or not, you should never let your guard down.

If it happens that you do get caught, make sure that you don’t get caught together.

19. Be aware of the risks

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

Again, this is one of the most important rules you need to follow.

You need to be completely aware of all the risks you’re getting yourself into with every single move you make. 

This is not only a rule for being a side chick but a general rule for life.

You need to be smart to keep being a side chick because it’s a very risky role to choose.

Be constantly aware that you’re involved with a man who has chosen someone else to be his main chick.

Your engagement with him is like infiltrating another relationship or a family.

Therefore, you should remember the previous rule and have a solid escape plan in case you get caught.

Don’t let your guard down even for a second, because the truth is, society will see you as a homewrecker.

I know how frustrating it can be to be with someone who you know is okay with cheating, and doesn’t have feelings for you.

What that means is that he could easily replace you with another side chick without hesitating.

Keep all this in mind and stick to the side chicks rules if you want to save yourself from both getting hurt and getting exposed.

20. Know what your role is

Your man doesn’t need another main chick, a girlfriend, or a wife to come home to.

He wants to have pure, clean fun without the things a serious relationship comes with.

All he wants from you is to keep him company, not ask him for too much, keep things light, not tie him down and not tire him out.

Those things are the role of his main chick, and you should know what yours is; it’s to make him happy and keep him coming back for more.

Perhaps it’s easier to be his main chick because your role comes with a lot more complications.

However, you’re probably one of those women who sees the advantages of it.

It’s free from disappointments and expectations… and it doesn’t come with all the responsibilities a serious monogamous relationship does. 

In addition, there’s no commitment, and it brings the excitement of secrecy that’s necessary for it to work.

21. The main chick is not your business

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules 9

Some overlook this rule, and that’s a huge mistake, because this is very important, and it changes things.

Don’t ever make the main chick your concern or your business.

Stop asking your man questions about his main chick, and don’t even mention her name when you talk to him, or anyone else for that matter.

If you make her your concern, it will be a big mistake, so don’t compare yourself to her or obsess about her or show signs of either.

It will make your man give up on you, and you should understand that he doesn’t want to think about her at all when he’s with you.

After all, that’s the reason he’s with you. Be aware of your place in his life, and enjoy those stolen moments you get to have with him.

Every moment needs to count in a world of fantasy, and that’s exactly the world you’re living in.

Just follow all these rules, and you’ll succeed in having fun without consequences.

22. You might not be the only side chick

He’s cheating on his main chick, so what stops him from cheating on you as well?

He might have a few side chicks, so don’t just assume that you’re the only other woman.

You shouldn’t be bothered by that; after all, the two of you are definitely not exclusive. However, you should be aware of it and act accordingly.

23. Don’t be a stalker

Enjoy the time that you have with your man, but don’t stalk him.

At some point, you’ll probably feel tempted to start stalking him or his main chick, but don’t do it. After all, it’s pretty much pointless.

What would the purpose of stalking them be?

Unless, of course, you’ve fallen for him… which means you’re breaking one of the very important rules I already mentioned.

24. Focus on the moments you get to have with him

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

I already mentioned that those stolen moments are all you can get from him, so focus on that.

Don’t concern yourself with what he’s doing or where’s going when you’re not together.

His life when he’s not with you shouldn’t concern you, so don’t even ask too many questions about it.

If he decides to talk about it with you, that’s fine, but don’t expect him to always tell you about his whereabouts. 

After all, you shouldn’t care, unless you broke the big rule and fell for him.

25. Don’t have ambitions to become the main chick

You’re the other woman, not his wife or girlfriend, and you shouldn’t want to become either.

Love the relationship as it is, since you’re not in love with this man.

Live in the present and enjoy the stolen moments.

If you ask him questions about where your relationship is headed, you’ll only ruin everything and scare him away in the process.

26. Maintain a positive vibe

When the two of you are together, maintain a positive vibe.

What that means is that there should be no nagging or bickering.

So he didn’t keep some promises, but didn’t we already cover that?

You shouldn’t expect him to keep his promises since this isn’t a serious relationship.

27. There are no guarantees

Before you figure out if you are cut out to be a side chick, you should be aware of this last rule.

There are no guarantees that you’ll ever become the main chick, nor that he won’t cheat on you with some other side chick.

This relationship is all about the fun and only about the fun, and you’re not in it to fall in love or find a husband.

You need to relax and just go with it. Just keep in mind all of these side chick rules and don’t ever break them.

If you don’t, it will be as fun as it should be.

27 Unspoken Side Chick Rules

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