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Anniversary Letter To My Husband: Happily Ever After

Anniversary Letter To My Husband: Happily Ever After

I just had to write an anniversary letter to my husband, because there are so many things I want to tell that amazing man who made me his wife. 

To be honest, this is not the first letter to my husband that I have ever written, even though it’s only our first anniversary.

Writing an anniversary letter for your husband is something you have to do perfectly, however, so I tried over and over again, one anniversary letter after another. 

Simply saying Happy Anniversary isn’t enough when you’re with the love of your life.

I even Googled about writing an anniversary letter to a husband because I wanted it to be perfect.

However, after a few of these letters, I decided to start over, this time simply writing what’s in my heart. So, here goes…

Dear soulmate,

The date we’re celebrating is the most important one in my life, and it’s engraved on our wedding rings.

That could be because one day we’ll be too old to remember it.

It was the date when I took your last name, which made me feel like I was born again as Mrs. Vakos. On that day, I got to say, “I do,” to the love of my life, the man who completely changed my life, and made it into a fairy tale.

That day, we became a family, and it’s the best family I could have possibly imagined because I got to have the husband I always dreamed of, who’s my biggest fan and my soulmate.

It was the date when I promised eternal love to the man who I want to spend the rest of my life with and see myself grow old with.

On this day, I look back on everything that led to us getting married, and the beautiful year we’ve spent together in marriage.

It’s kind of silly how much we have gone through together and how much we’ve grown, as well as accomplished.

On this day, I remember when I first laid eyes on you and thought to myself, “He could be the one,” for the first time in my life. You were looking like a real stud with your glasses on, leaning on a table outside a club.

Do you know that I instantly knew you were going to be my husband one day?

It was just a feeling when our eyes met because we instantly connected, and after going on so many bad dates, I finally knew that I was on the right one… on the last date I’d ever be on.

I had been searching for the right man for so long by then, and none of the men I had met felt right… But you did.

I knew right then that you were the one for me, and that I could spend the rest of my life loving you more than I had ever loved anyone before.

We didn’t think that we had seen each other before, but we realized I had actually been to your 16th birthday party, even though we didn’t know each other then either, and I went with someone else.

As it turned out, throughout our lives, we went to the same places and knew the same people.

Who knows how many times we had been at the same bar as teenagers, and even later, when we were a little older.

So how come we hadn’t actually met each other and hooked up then but instead so many years later? I’ll tell you why. It’s because we weren’t ready. 

We were destined to end up together, but the timing had to be right for our love to last forever.

That is why the universe always kept us close to each other, without letting us actually meet before the time had come when we were both ready to settle down with our soulmate.

We’d both almost given up on love by that point and were tired of dating the wrong people.

We were ready to meet the one person we’d spend the rest of our lives with, and it was then or never.

That is when we found ourselves on a date with each other, and we both somehow knew that it would be the last date we’d ever go on because we had found what we were looking for… A soulmate.

Right from that day, I knew I could completely trust you because you made me feel safe, like I had found where it was that I belonged… In your arms.

So, I was honest with you from the start, and told you a lot about myself, even though I didn’t say everything on the first date, because it was important to me that there would be a second one.

Our souls recognized each other, and they connected. Do you remember how I pretended to be drunk so I could get you to kiss me?

But you didn’t. Not until you walked me home, and wished me goodnight.

I remember how excited I was, climbing up the stairs, wondering if it meant I now had a boyfriend.

You don’t know this, but I had trouble sleeping that night because I couldn’t wait for the next day… so I could ask you to come in and talk about starting a relationship, if you were up for it.

I didn’t want to mess things up, and I was worried about how you would react but you came over, we talked, and it was official that we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

The place you came to that day is now officially our apartment, and we’ve made it our own.

We have come so far since then, haven’t we? We lived together before getting married, and it was better than I could have ever imagined.

One of your favorite memories is when we fell asleep in each other’s arms for the first time, all dressed up to go out.

However, mine is when we were lying on the mattress, talking until sunrise about what things were going to be like when we started living together, and how our place was going to look.

You always loved planning the future with me, right from the start, and it made me love you even more.

Do you know that you complete me, and without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today? It’s like you kissed a frog and it turned into a princess.

Today, I think about the day we got married.

I remember how proudly you walked that day, and how I saw you at the end of the aisle, waiting for me, to put a wedding ring on my finger.

I remember how loudly I said, “I do,” like I was more sure about that than I had been about anything in my life before that moment.

How couldn’t I be when I was saying, “I do,” to the greatest man in the world, who gave me the honor of loving him till death do us part.

I remember the inner peace I felt after we were officially married. It was like I had made the best choice I could ever make in my life, and it was time to simply enjoy that fact.

Of course, we had our problems along the way, but we never gave up on each other, and those problems weren’t that big, or at least not bigger than our love.

We shared the good times and the bad times, and all of it only made our love stronger.

We always work things out, and even our fights are always about silly things that aren’t really important.

It was hard for me to believe how much you really loved me, but I finally understand it.

The reason it was hard was that no one had ever loved me the way you do, or as much as you do.

I’ll never question your love for me again, and I’m sorry it was so hard for me to see the signs that you loved me even though they were so obvious. 

To be honest, only once we got married did I truly understand that you were not going anywhere and that you loved me deeply and wholeheartedly, even though you had been showing me that right from the start.

Ever since we first started dating, you always had that beautiful smile on your face whenever you were around me.

I love that smile, and it makes you look like the most handsome man on earth, so please keep smiling like that and don’t ever stop.

You are always sad when things aren’t going well so when you thought you would lose me, it hurt you a lot, and I’m sorry for making you feel that way just because of some trivial things.

However, no matter how many issues we have encountered, we have always pushed through.

We always stick together and know that we aren’t ever going to break up.

On this day, a year ago, we made it official by promising each other that we’ll grow old together.

Who knows what waits ahead, but we know that we’ll be together no matter what. 

Just look how far we have come so far, and how much we’ve accomplished.

We have both changed a lot from when we first found each other, and it’s our love that changed us so much and made us who we are today.

You’ve made me into a better person, and I hope I helped you grow as well.

You have really changed me, but I have never felt more like myself.

It’s not that you wanted to change me, because you accepted me and loved me for who I am, with all my flaws, quirks, and shortcomings.

I was a mess, but you actually loved me for it.

You didn’t force me to change, it just happened thanks to your love and support.

You’ve helped me find myself because I had simply been lost, and I would be lost without you.

You inspired me to turn into the best possible version of myself, because you always saw the best in me, even when I didn’t.

No one has ever believed in me as much as you have, and it made me make my dreams come true, which wouldn’t be possible without you. 

Even I didn’t believe in myself, but, thankfully, you did.

You are my biggest support and my rock, and I couldn’t possibly thank you enough for that… for being someone who I can rely on, no matter what.

I know I can be ungrateful, but hopefully, I’ll show you with this letter how thankful I really am. I don’t think I thank you enough for everything you did and still do for me.

Thank you for being my best friend to whom I can always say anything that’s on my mind. I don’t have to be careful of what I say or how I act with you.

You simply let me be who I am and I can say whatever’s on my mind.

Thank you for always listening to all that, even when it’s nonsense.

Right from the start, you would always listen carefully to every word I said, and remember the details, even if I forgot I had said them.

I remember how surprised I was when I started noticing you remembered even the little things I say because no one ever cared that much about me before.

Thank you for that, but hopefully, you will forget some of the things I said that weren’t nice.

Thank you for being loyal and never betraying my trust. I tried to doubt your honesty, but you proved me wrong every time, so I’m sorry for ever doubting you.

You have always been genuine with me, and I appreciate that.

However, you hold in some things because you don’t want to hurt me or be mean, and you shouldn’t do that so much.

You’re simply that good of a guy that you wouldn’t let yourself say anything that would hurt me.

Thank you for that, but I don’t want you to hold anything in.

Thank you for never noticing other women. I am sure that I’m the only woman in the world for you, and you should know that you’re the only man for me.

Thank you for the fact that I was the first girlfriend you introduced to your family. I remember how nervous I was when so many members of your family were around me, but it was beautiful, and I felt more special than I have ever done.

Thank you for always putting so much effort in and being committed to me. You work so hard to make me happy and to make my life easier.

I don’t know how to thank you enough for that.

Thank you for making sacrifices for me, and always putting me first.

I know I was a priority to you right from the start, and it made me feel so loved and appreciated and it still does. 

You still put my happiness ahead of your own, and I can only hope that I make you happy, at least a little close to how happy you make me.

I know that you would do whatever it takes for me, and for us. You keep proving that to me, and I don’t ever want to take that for granted.

I hope you don’t feel taken for granted, and I’ll do my best to make you feel appreciated as much as you make me feel.

Thank you for always believing in me and know that I’ll be able to take on the world if you keep being the wind beneath my wings.

You know that I’ve been a writer ever since I was a little girl, but it’s you who helped me make a career out of it.

You’ve helped me change on the inside as well as on the outside.

Pictures of me are like those ‘before and after’ pictures, only this time, the ‘after you came into my life’ is much more beautiful than the ‘before you came into my life’.

You’ve helped me gain the confidence and self-esteem I was lacking, and you made me love myself again.

Your love did what I never could have done on my own.

Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you, even if I don’t ask you to be. You’re always there to wipe my tears away and to be my shoulder to cry on.

Thank you for always meeting my needs and taking care of me. You always take care of me and give me everything I need.

You’re the kind of guy who makes pancakes and brings them to bed to make my life easier.

You put my needs ahead of your own, and would always give me the last piece of chocolate or anything else.

I want you to know how much I appreciate everything that you do for me and how much it means to me to have such a caring husband.

It’s everything I could have wished for and even more.

Thank you for the fact that I know our marriage means more to you than anything in the world, so I know that it’s the most important thing to you. 

You would do anything for me, and thank you, not only for that but for making sure that I know that.

You’ve proved that with your actions even more than with your words.

Thank you for the fact that you always have time for me. Even when you’re super busy, you find the time to take care of me, and hug and kiss me.

I couldn’t imagine you going anywhere without first giving me a kiss, and you do the same whenever you get back home.

The truth is, I couldn’t live without that special kiss that makes me think of you when you aren’t there.

Thank you for being the best husband in the world. You have proved to me that not all men are the same, and I’m grateful for finding such a man.

Thank you for loving me so much, the way you do. I never thought I would get to be loved so much in such a genuine way.

Thank you for not trying to control me and for encouraging my independence and my strength.

Thanks to your support, I now have amazing friends, and you always encourage me to hang out with them and have fun.

Above all, I have to thank you because you’ve managed to put up with me for all this time, and I’m grateful for finding someone like you.

You don’t love me despite my imperfections but because of them, and that’s the purest, truest love there is.

I know you love me at my worst, just like at my best, and that’s all I ever dreamed of when it comes to love.

Thank you for being who you are, because you’re the most precious jewel in a world full of rocks.

I’m lucky I have found you, but it wasn’t luck that brought us together. It was destiny.

We were always destined to be together because we’re soulmates.

Thank you for treating me like a princess and being the real-life Prince Charming every girl dreams of finding one day. 

My life before you was like a bad dream that you woke me up from with your kiss.

I woke up to find myself in a fairy tale, and you gave me my happily ever after on this very day last year.

You are my dream come true, and the first time you came over to my place, I remember thinking that God himself had sent you to me.

I got everything I ever dreamed of and even much more than I could have possibly imagined.

I love you, and I’ll keep loving you for the rest of my life because you’ve shown me what unconditional love looks like.

You know, I could have made our story a lot shorter than I did in this letter. It would go something like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Vakos met four years ago, and they were the most amazing years in both of their lives, which changed them forever.

A year ago, they promised each other an eternity of love by finally saying, “I do,” which was their destiny all along…

And they lived happily ever after.

Happy anniversary my dear Prince Charming, and thank you for making a princess out of me!

Anniversary Letter To My Husband Happily Ever After

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