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16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

When searching for the one, you will come across a lot of different types of boyfriends. From a jealous one to an insecure one, you’ll date a lot of types of boyfriends. There will be some nice guys you’ll break up with despite their unusual sacrifices and some might have little faith in themselves and low self-esteem, while others might give you a hard time.

You’ll date a possessive one who will go crazy about your response time and make you dread texting and you will probably end up dating your BFF at some point. Still, you never know whether one of these guys is the one until you date them.

My ‘the one’ turned out to be a geeky one who loves video games more than anything. He’s the kind of guy you’ve probably dated, but this one turned out to be my Prince Charming. What kind of boyfriend are you with now? Are you stuck with a jealous boyfriend or dating your best friend?

I tried to make a list of all the types of boyfriends every girl dates before she finds her Mr. Right. Who knows, maybe one of them is your Mr. Right after all.

Read on because you will get to find out about 16 types of boyfriends you’ll date before finding your Mr. Right but don’t worry, our list ends with him, just like your dating life will. Still, let’s check out the guys you’ll have to meet before getting to meet the right one.

16 types of boyfriends you’ll date before finding the one

1. The geeky one

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

Let’s start with the one who won my heart. If he is not playing video games, he’s talking about them. A new gaming computer is the best present for this guy but he will be happy if you take him to see the new Marvel movie just the same. He gets excited about things you’ll never truly get, such as the release of a new game or watching Star Wars again. His passion might be silly to you, but you have to respect it.

After all, this type of boyfriend cares about his gaming world almost just as much as he cares about you. He’s the kind of guy who would rather stay home than go out with his best friends, so that’s not so bad.

Most of the time, this kind of boyfriend is loyal, honest and loving. As long as you realize that most games don’t have a pause button, this guy won’t break up with you. After all, he will make unusual sacrifices for your happiness such as dying in a game.

2. The jealous boyfriend

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

Let’s face it, all of us get jealous sometimes. Still, a jealous boyfriend is someone who is simply incapable of trusting you so this is the kind of boyfriend you’ll probably break up with. He will be jealous of your BFF and everyone else you care about. Out of all the types of boyfriends, this is the one who will surely give you a hard time. Don’t even think about sending another guy a text message with some flirty smiley faces.

When it comes to texting, you should know that, much like a possessive boyfriend, this guy will go crazy about your response time. He lives in constant fear that someone is going to take you away from him. Maybe this is because deep down, he doesn’t feel like he is good enough for you but whatever the reason is, there is no excuse for such jealous behavior.

You will feel like he needs to watch your every move and it will drive you crazy. This type of boyfriend is not husband material, but all of us have dated at least one.

3. The insecure boyfriend

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One 4

An insecure boyfriend might also act jealous, but the thing about his insecurity is that it’s of a more self-obsessed manner. Not only is he self-obsessed, but he also has low self-esteem and little faith in himself.

This type of boyfriend might not seem that way, because he probably acts all tough but you know who he is deep down. He actually tries to hide his insecurity with his behavior. This is the kind of guy who will always be needy and he will second-guess your loyalty and love. In his opinion, you cheating on him would be something he even deserves.

He’s an indecisive guy who will always let you choose what you two are going to do and where you will go. Even if you love this guy with all your heart, he will never truly believe that because he doesn’t consider himself to be worthy of your love. It isn’t easy to be in a relationship with someone who is so insecure so this is one of the types of boyfriends who can be a real challenge.

4. The possessive one

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One 7

From all the different types of boyfriends, this is the one who has the most trouble with controlling his anger; he will freak out about you talking to someone and it will make him visibly upset and uncomfortable. Don’t talk to him about other men, because he won’t like it one bit.

This is a guy who will always ask you where you were and with whom, while demanding all the details. It will seem like he wants to have complete control over not only you, but everything that revolves around you. He wants you all to himself and is scared of losing you. Don’t be surprised if you catch him reading through your text messages.

This is a guy who will be jealous of your BFF even if she is female because you give her attention and he wants all of your attention just for himself.

5. The best friend

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One 6

One of the best types of boyfriends could be your friend as you two have the same interests and already know each other very well. The only problem is that you might be such good friends that you don’t notice that there’s really no chemistry between you two. Not all people who work well as friends work well as partners.

Still, you can always go back to being friends. This is actually the only situation in which you can really stay friends with an ex. After all, you have been friends all along, you just fooled yourself that you were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Nevertheless, this is one of the better relationships you will have since this is a person who already loves you although that love might be platonic, which is the only real issue with dating a friend.

6. The nice guy

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One 5

Out of all the types of boyfriends, a nice guy will seem like Mr. Right the most. He is a guy who will surprise you with flowers and chocolate, let you pick the movie and spend time with your family. What’s the catch, you ask? This guy is simply too clingy. He will cling on to the relationship and lose himself in it.

He’ll lose his own life, personality, and passions in order to become a person you like. These guys often have no personality or backbone so dating this guy becomes boring fast. It’s not really a turn-on when a guy has no backbone; it feels like he is just an extension of who you are and not a person in his own right.

Still, let’s not forget that this guy is genuinely nice so after dating some bad boys, you might really fall in love with a good guy for a change. However, you might never be able to respect him or even be turned on by him.

7. The jerk

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

Now, this is one of the types of boyfriends I’m sure will ring a bell. Every girl has had a relationship with a guy who is a complete jerk. Your friends won’t like this guy and his mean comments will cause some serious fights.

Still, it seems like he really doesn’t care about anything. You will cry a lot because of this guy and his actions and words will hurt you. He is one of the types of boyfriends who is most likely to cheat on you and betray your trust. He’s a manipulative control freak who will only put you down.

This one isn’t afraid of yelling to get what he wants and he will never put you first or treat you the way you deserve. However, don’t feel bad, as all of us had to date a jerk or two till we found Mr. Right.

8. The talkative boyfriend

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

You will date a guy who seems to never stop talking. He always has a topic to talk about and enjoying the silence is simply not his thing, which is not so bad since you’ll never be bored with him as long as the stories keep coming. Even if there is a moment of silence, this guy will comment on how awkward it is instead of just being there and enjoying it.

From his early childhood to what happened a second ago, he will tell you the stories in detail. It will seem like he never closes his mouth and he can talk for hours about any topic in the world. Still, if this is his only flaw, this guy is not really that bad! After all, it’s better to be someone who likes to talk about things than to be one of those silent types.

9. The professional

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

This is a man who has it all figured out. He has an amazing job and a savings account and this is a man you can picture yourself having a future with. He is caring, educated and respectful, a guy who not only understands all about health insurance but also always looks great. He is always well-dressed and generally looks like someone who has it all figured out.

Still, you’ll probably meet this guy when you’re young and lost. He might know where he keeps his savings account while you don’t know where your wallet is, since the last party you went to.

While he already knows exactly what he wants out of life, you’re still figuring it out. Another thing is that this guy might seem boring to you so you will leave him in his organized world and keep having fun in your messy one.

10. The hookup

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One 10

We’ve all had a guy who can’t really be called a boyfriend; let’s admit it, he’s just a hookup. But you sleep with him every weekend when you get drunk, so it’s a regular thing, whatever you choose to call it. This is not a guy you’re going to take home to meet your parents and both of you are well aware of this.

After all, you barely even see him outside or during the day. This guy is more like your dirty little secret for drunken weekends; you go to him Friday night and sneak out on Sunday.

11. The undefined

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One 11

While you at least know where you stand with a hookup, you don’t know what you are two when it comes to the undefined. Is this a guy you’re dating? You don’t even know.

Of course, you see each other every now and then, but you haven’t met each other’s friends and family. You text each other all the time but you don’t have any photos with the two of you together. This can be a really bad relationship because you’ll feel like he is embarrassed by you.

Why else wouldn’t he proudly call you his girlfriend and introduce you as one to his loved ones? “Why should we put a label on what we have?” Have you heard that sentence already? Well, then you have definitely dated the undefined. You will probably keep going back to this guy but you have to realize that it’s only because he is familiar. Still, at one point you’ll realize that this guy doesn’t really care that much about you and you deserve more than that.

12. The guy from work

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

When you find a common interest in hating your boss, your office buddy might become your bed buddy. A lot of people fall into the trap of dating their co-worker since you’re together all the time and share the same interests.

If you have no intention of working there for long, there’s nothing wrong with dating a co-worker but if you intend to keep that job, it can be a really bad idea. You two might realize that you don’t have much to talk about outside work and end things, which will result in an awkward situation every time you go to work.

Don’t compromise your career for the sake of something you’re not even sure about. Dating a co-worker can be fun, but it often doesn’t end well so you have to ask yourself if it is really worth it.

13. The big baby

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

Haven’t we all experienced a relationship with a man-child? He really is a big baby, the type of guy who throws tantrums every time things don’t go the way he wants. Get ready for a lot of bad jokes and be aware that nobody really likes this guy. Still, you hold on to him because every time you try to leave, he will start whining.

This isn’t a man who can take care of himself, let alone you. He just doesn’t want to ever grow up, and you’ll be stuck with him in Neverland. He’ll choose to play games with his friends over a romantic date with you any time as he is thoughtless and selfish.

He’s a guy who always gets his own way, and dating you isn’t going to stop him. This relationship is going to be a complete waste of your time but don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

14. The artist

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One 14

Now, this is the type who’s actually worth dating. Whether he is a writer, painter or musician, he’s all about his art. His perfect dates consist of a lot of coffee and alcohol and you watching him practice with his band. I said that this type is worth dating, but mostly because every one of us girls had a high-school fantasy of dating an artist so with him, at least you’ll get your wish.

In the beginning, it will be as cool as you think but once you see that he can only talk about his art, you’ll get tired of him, not to mention by the fact that this guy can’t afford luxuries like food and privacy.

He probably shares an apartment with three other artists who are equally broke as he is. After all, you’ll always come second because his heart is devoted to his art. Still, maybe you’ll get a beautiful poem or painting out of it.

15. The older man

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

Enough with the boys, let’s talk a little about men. This is a guy who’s been around for a while and can definitely teach you a few things, especially in the bedroom. You’ll admire him and want him to show you the world. I myself fell deeply in love with an older man a while ago but I learned that age is more than just a number.

Every girl dates an older man at some point in her life, but it rarely turns out to be a forever love. You two are simply too different, and you’ll see what I’m talking about once you go from an older man to a man your age.

An older man can never love you the way someone your age can, nor can he truly understand you. After all, you’re at different points in your life. While it might be his last chance to become a father, you’re still not done with clubbing.

16. The forbidden fruit

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

You’re aware that you two shouldn’t be dating, but here you are, dating him. Whether he’s your friend’s ex or your boss, you’ve been warned to stay away from him but who can resist forbidden fruit when it simply tastes better that way? The danger even turns you on a little.

After all, if you get caught, you might lose your job or your friend but all that sneaking around makes it even more exciting, maybe even more exciting than actually being with this guy.

At some point, you’re going to miss having a real relationship where you can be seen in public with your partner. Sneaking around might be exciting at first but you’ll grow tired of it. It will eventually cool off, and you’ll ditch your forbidden fruit for someone you can have a serious relationship with.

The one

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

After all these bad relationships, you’ll finally find yourself on a date with Mr. Right. This guy doesn’t just seem perfect but actually is and I don’t mean that he is perfect in the way he looks, but in how he treats you. No one ever appreciated you the way this guy is going to. He is going to believe in you and help you make your dreams come true.

The best relationship of your life is going to be with a guy who truly loves you. He will shower you with attention and he will applaud your accomplishments. You will always know that you can trust him, and he will trust you just the same.

When you meet this guy and spend some time in a relationship with him, you’ll know that he will be your last love. This is why you had to date all the other guys I mentioned. You had to go through all that so you could finally be in the arms of the man who will love you for the rest of his life. Don’t you think that you deserve a fairy tale ending? This might just be it.

16 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Date Before Finding The One

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