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25 Unintentional And Sweet Things Girls Do That Guys Love

25 Unintentional And Sweet Things Girls Do That Guys Love

There are many things girls do that guys love. Sometimes, we do those things unintentionally and we definitely make them swoon over us.

While you may think that girls have a hard time trying to impress guys, it’s often actually quite the opposite. 

As you know, girls are unique and gorgeous human beings. The way they dress, feel, and act are subconscious things that they may not even be aware of but which influence what a man thinks about them.

Maybe you don’t think you’re ‘girlfriend material’ or you’re tired of being just a fling to some guys but don’t worry. There are things that girls do that guys love or find absolutely adorable, which can help you land the man you like.

Those traits can vary from physical things that you may do to types of behavior that they find incredibly attractive.

Sometimes you’ll rack your brain trying to understand what guys find attractive in women and it leaves you with no answers. However, there are certain things that you can do to improve your chances of winning over the guy you secretly adore.

Use these tips and tricks with caution, though, because as you know, attraction is a complex concept. There’s no set of rules or things that you can do to make a guy fall in love with you. 

You cannot change someone else’s feelings. Some girls have tried to do so but failed miserably.

In this article, I will first focus on the types of girls that men find attractive, and then I will list the things that girls do that guys love. Lastly, I will try to explain some behaviors that guys find unappealing in a girl.

The ‘Confident’ Girl

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Like guys, some women have a hard time expressing themselves. It scares them to show off their quirky and fun side while flirting, which is why most girls fail in the first place.

However, what does having confidence really mean? It means that you can express yourself openly and without hesitation. 

Believe me, guys love that. They love a girl who isn’t afraid to show her fun side and it’s one of the first things that a man looks for in a female.

A guy likes a confident girl because he knows she won’t pretend to be someone else. She will show him who she truly is from the first moment and he will love that.

If you voluntarily express your thoughts and emotions from the beginning, you have a greater chance of landing the guy you like and he will love and respect you for who you are if you do this.

Everyone has imperfections and if you show him yours right from the start, it’ll be easier for him to accept them. And if he accepts them, then you know he truly likes and cares about you.

The ‘Happy’ Girl

Everyone seeks happiness in their life. Remember, you’re always one thought away from happiness. 

You don’t want a guy who’s always moody, unhappy, or negative about everything, right? That’s what men don’t like in girls either.

Guys love when a girl has a positive attitude and they feel naturally drawn toward her. 

You’ve probably heard this compliment a million times: “I really like your personality,” and you thought, “He doesn’t find me attractive, I must be ugly.”

Well, you would be totally wrong. The guy is actually saying that he likes you for the positive energy you give out and that he finds you really attractive. 

Guys like to be around girls who have a positive outlook on life. Trust me, all eyes will be on you if you feel and show positivity. 

You will be like a magnet to guys. They will turn their heads and look toward you.

So, the next time you’re going to a party, try to smile as much as possible and you’ll notice how many guys instantly approach you.

The ‘Really Sweet’ Girl

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

While this term may confuse you at first, let’s clarify that men are emotional human beings too. They fall for women who are cute, heartwarming, gentle, and kind because they know those girls are sensitive toward other people’s feelings.

A guy searches for a girl who cares about other people just as much as she cares about herself. He will love a girl who simply accepts him for what he truly is and cares about him.

A guy wants a woman who can change him for the better and what better candidate to do that than one who is really sweet and caring. Dozens of women may surround a certain guy but he’ll only have eyes for those who truly care about him.

His feelings will quickly change once he finds this girl. In return, he will give her his unconditional love, he will protect her, and he’ll never want to let her go.

So, if you think that you are a really sweet and caring girl, don’t be shy and try to hide it. 

Remember, guys like girls who freely express themselves. Show him your true side, your ‘really sweet’ side, and you will definitely get his attention.

If you’re still reading this and thinking, “I’m sweet and confident, so why doesn’t he like me?” fear not, as there are certain things that girls do that guys love, as I mentioned above. 

For easy reading, I will divide them into character traits and actual things that you can do to attract a man you like. 

25 things girls do that guys (secretly) love

1. Being kind

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

While this is a no-brainer, it’s something that many men and women forget about. 

Being kind is a trait that’s universally desired. You’re looking for a kind, sweet, and caring person, and men are also searching for someone with similar characteristics.

Many times, I’ve said that men and women are not that different. Even though most dating coaches will tell you differently, men and women are searching for the same thing, and that includes kindness.

If a guy sees your sweet side, then he may find you very irresistible and attractive. This particular trait shows the guy that you will be an excellent wife and a wonderful mother.

Just remember, guys don’t like girls who pretend to be something they’re not. They’re looking for a girl who’s kind and sweet toward other people and not just them.

Those acts of kindness don’t need to be huge but rather small, like helping an old lady cross a street, helping another person in a store, or something similar.

2. Noticing the small things

Well, you know how you feel when a guy notices your new shoes or hairstyle? This goes both ways because men also like it when girls notice small things or changes about them.

Noticing those things means that you’re interested in him. Pay close attention when he spends extra time figuring out what to wear for your date night, as it shows that he’s not a person who only thinks about himself.

The compliments that you give him don’t need to be anything grand or special. You don’t need to notice the distinct smell of his aftershave, for example. 

You just have to notice those little things, like how his eyes sparkle every time he sees you or how he blushes every time you compliment him.

Women are very aware of those little things; they notice them but only a few of them take the extra step and actually tell the guy they like those things about them. You need to show appreciation for any minor changes and he will absolutely love you for that.

3. Being passionate

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Men are very passionate, driven human beings. Being passionate about something means that you won’t be needy in a relationship. 

Guys love it when a woman is passionate about something in her life and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. And trust me, men value their personal space and hate it when a woman is needy or clingy. 

It’s a huge red flag for them when a girl calls them a hundred times a day because she has nothing better to do at that time. Having other interests besides him means that you’re very passionate and it’ll put his mind at ease. 

Another benefit of being a passionate woman is that he’ll see you as an interesting person. You won’t have any moments of awkward silence on your dates and he will be eager to find out more about you.

4. Showing interest and listening to him

If I told you there was a simple trick that can make a guy fall in love with you easily and fast, would you believe me? According to several scientific studies, women who show interest and listen to their date have a greater chance of starting a healthy relationship with that particular person.

If you express interest and listen to him once he decides to open up, it’ll result in the other person finding you more attractive. 

So, how do you show interest, you may ask? Well, there are a few things that you can do, besides listening to what he has to say. 

One way that you can show it is by looking him straight in the eye and maintaining eye contact. Believe it or not, we are not so different from animals and their behavior; they also maintain eye contact to attract a mate. 

You can also lean into your date and smile more. You may be shy and say, “I can’t do that,” but if you do, he’ll find you more attractive, trust me.

Just imagine that you’re talking to your best friend and everything will fall into place quite easily. 

5. Making eye contact

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Following on from the last point about eye contact, even though it may be uncomfortable for some people, this is also one of the most attractive things a woman can do. When you look into his eyes while he’s telling you a story or when you’re talking, he can see that you’re genuine. 

He knows that you’re listening to him and that you’re remembering each word that comes out of his mouth. So many people these days don’t even pay attention but when you maintain eye contact, he knows that you’re not like the others. 

This is also important when you’re the one who’s telling a story. He will see your excitement as well as the smile that’s creeping across your face.

That’s why it’s so important to keep looking into his eyes! He can see how honest you are with your intentions and he’ll lose himself in the moment. 

6. Making him smile

You don’t have to be a non-stop comedienne to make a guy love you. It would become exhausting and he may not think you’re serious enough but it’s nice when you can crack a few jokes now and then and if you enjoy laughing at his.

Also, guys need to know they are funny. They know that women fall for that, so it’s important to them that they find a person who appreciates a good gag, especially if they’re the one telling the joke.

It’s important for men that girls laugh at their jokes and sometimes, this is more important to them than whether or not the woman is funny herself.

7. Touching her hair

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Playing with your hair has always been a seduction technique. You can utilize your hair in so many different ways that you can make every guy out there weak at the knees, especially if you already know that he’s into you. 

Touching your hair can include various different things. It can be tying it up, where the movements of your hands will catch his eye, or you could play with a strand of hair while you’re talking to him. 

When you’re working on something and you absentmindedly move your hair out of your face and it bounces back, he’ll find that to be extremely attractive. In his eyes, you’re definitely the center of the universe at that very moment and all of his attention will be on you. 

8. Being confident about her body

In today’s times, women’s bodies are scrutinized like never before. It can be difficult for a woman to accept her body and love it the way it is, just because society imposes such high standards that we simply cannot follow. 

We should actually refuse to accept those rules, because every woman is gorgeous and unique, no matter how they look.

However, if you accept your real body and show your confidence, guys will notice such things. You don’t have to dress up every single day to be confident! 

Those superficial and unworthy guys will only focus on how you look but you don’t want those kinds in your life anyway. The right one will accept the type of body you have and he will cherish the confidence you have within.

9. Teasing him

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Guys love it when girls know how to tease in a fun way. This doesn’t mean that you rip him to shreds every time he messes something up but teasing means joking about something that he doesn’t find offensive.

You could tease him about his cooking skills, telling him how you will cook dinner for him instead and giving him a nudge and a big smile as well. 

A guy knows that a girl likes him if she does this. He will appreciate your sense of humor and he will tease you back, trust me. 

However, he won’t go overboard and start insulting you. He will make small remarks and that is when you know he likes you back.

10. Blushing

When he compliments you and you avert your gaze as your cheeks go red, he loses his mind over it. Every man would love to make his woman blush with a brush of a hand but sometimes it’s not that easy.

It’s an involuntary action that you can’t control and that’s exactly why it’s so special to him! You’re cute when you blush and when you get shy because he feels like he did something right.

He didn’t make you uncomfortable but rather he made you so happy that you didn’t know how to contain yourself. 

He will even tease you about it and you may believe that he thinks you’re childish. Nonetheless, both of you know that you’re not childish for blushing.

Now you also just have to understand that it’s one of his favorite things to see you do. 

11. Texting him first

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

You know, there’s a lot of pressure on guys with dating nowadays. We expect them to be the ones to initiate a conversation first, to ask questions first, and so on.

Sometimes, guys don’t know whether or not they’re being pushy. They don’t want to text too much either and they may not message you at all because of that.

It’s nice to feel someone showing you affection when they care about you and men want to feel that as well. Trust me when I say there will be a smile on his face every time you send him a surprise message, even if it’s just a random meme. 

Today’s technology may have its disadvantages but one advantage is that you can get in touch with someone you like fairly easily. The next time you think about this guy, send him a quick message saying how you miss him or something similar. 

It’s always nice to hear that someone is thinking about you and cares about you. It’ll definitely spark a delightful conversation, which he will appreciate.

12. Wearing his T-shirt

You know those Hollywood movies where a girl’s seen wearing an oversized men’s shirt and it looks so attractive?

Well, those movies are not far from the truth. Men find it especially attractive when women wear their clothes. 

It makes you look adorable and comfy at the same time. He gets this feeling that you’re comfortable around him and that’s why he’ll like you even more than before if you do this.

You definitely look ready to cuddle with him and we all know that men love cuddling after a long day just as much as we do. Besides that, it’s also a big turn-on for them. 

13. Not wearing make-up

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

These days, women have become artists when it comes to doing their make-up. However, to men, there’s still a certain magic behind seeing a woman with a bare face.

You know that men are visual creatures so when you’re not wearing make-up, it doesn’t make you seem so intimidating to them. It definitely makes you seem more approachable. 

That’s why when you’re in a relationship with a guy, he loves your bare face much more than when you wear make-up, as he loves to see you in your natural form. You just seem more comfortable and more like yourself when there’s no make-up. 

Your natural glow shines through and your eyes sparkle just a tiny bit brighter. That in itself is enough for him to be swept off his feet because of you. 

14. Biting her lip

When you do anything to draw attention to your lips, it drives a man completely wild. However, biting your lip or licking your lips will be the end of him. 

When you bite one of your lips, you make them look extremely delicious and kissable. The only thing that he’ll want to do is put his lips on yours for a very long time. 

This is a very seductive thing to do when you’re with a man, especially if you’re thinking about something and you bite your lip subconsciously. 

If you realize that he’s looking at you at that moment, make sure to look at him through your lashes while continuing to bite your lip. I can guarantee you that this man will lose his mind. 

He will hopefully realize that you’re trying to tell him something with your body language. 

15. ‘Accidentally’ touching him

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

One of the things women do that guys love is when they ‘accidentally’ touch his leg or arm while talking or laughing. This small gesture makes a man incredibly happy because it’s a sweet thing to do. 

You could also fix his collar or move a hair away from his face, which are a couple more things that men find incredibly attractive.

16. Being quirky

You may not realize it but guys love quirkiness. It shows how unique you are and also that you’re comfortable around them. 

It may be the way you dress or the way you sip your coffee. However, it doesn’t matter, as whatever your quirkiness is, he’ll love it.

You may think that he’ll find it unappealing but if that were the case, he would be long gone, my dear. However, he stayed and that’s because he enjoys your uniqueness. 

If you can be yourself around him and show that quirky side of yours, then you’ve found the right life partner.

17. Laying her head on his chest

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

This is one of my favorites. It’s something so simple and yet so effective. 

There’s no doubt that men are romantic souls. One of the cute things girls do that guys love is when they cuddle and she lays her head on his chest.

That feeling of warmth and slightly moving her fingers around his chest is the type of physical affection that every man dreams of. Maybe when you’re watching a movie and you get scared of something, lay your head on his chest and let him protect you, as he wants to do that.

18. Stretching

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about stretching at the gym or after a workout when you’re sweaty and smelly, although that in itself can be very attractive to a man. 

When I’m talking about stretching, I’m actually referring to those moments when you’re trying to get a cup from the top shelf and you can’t reach it. So you stand on the tips of your toes and you stretch your entire body to do so.

That little action right there will drive him crazy. It’s one of the things girls do that guys love to see, as it reminds them of how small you are and that you need their help sometimes, even if you’re a strong and independent woman. 

Another thing that you may do subconsciously is when you’ve been on the couch for a while and you stretch your entire body. His attention is captured by the curves of your body and he loves to see you like that. 

19. Taking care of him when he’s sick

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Men are like overgrown children when they’re sick so they love to be pampered and taken care of when they’re that vulnerable. 

When you take care of him when he’s unwell, he sees that he can count on you in the times when he needs you most, which is definitely one of the things girls do that guys love.

You’re showing him your nurturing and caring side. You’re also spoiling him with your attention at a time like that and who wouldn’t love that?

20. Wearing perfume

Do you have a signature scent that you always wear when you leave your house? Or do you simply always make sure to smell nice around him?

Perfumes and other nice smells make it so easy to fall in love with someone. You get completely immersed in the scent of someone to the point where you could recognize them blindfolded. 

Guys really do love it when a girl smells good and wears perfume that’s very flattering to her personality and her style. He definitely won’t be able to let go of you if he realizes just how beautiful you smell at that time. 

21. Concentrating on something

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

You probably haven’t previously thought about this. Why would someone think of you as attractive when you’re just doing something on your laptop?

It doesn’t seem logical because you’re probably deep in thought. However, that’s exactly what’s so appealing about you when you’re concentrating on a particular task.

He will watch the way your eyes focus and the way your eyebrows lift when you find the solution to something. It’s extremely inspiring to him to see you so immersed in something.

He would probably love to disturb you there and then by kissing you but he knows that he shouldn’t disrupt your work. He would much rather just watch you instead, as he knows he can kiss you for your cuteness later. 

22. Comparing your hands to his

A woman almost always has smaller hands than the man she’s with, so when you take the time to compare your hands, it’s adorable to him and he definitely can’t help but notice this. 

When it comes to the cute little things girls do that guys love, this one always has the same effect. It made him melt when you first did it a couple of days into knowing each other, just as much as it does right now that you’re together. 

It reminds him how small and fragile you are and how he has to be the stronger one to protect you. Even though that may sound a little bit stupid to you, to a man with the hero instinct, it’s a necessity. 

The proximity in which you’re standing at that moment when you’re comparing the size of your hands also allows him to touch you, which a man will always appreciate. 

23. Making an effort

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

People these days often don’t put effort into their relationships anymore. Everything has become an instant source of gratification for us that we only want to treat someone right for a small amount of time and then we’re not very consistent with it.

This is a big issue and that’s why it’s so special for a guy to find someone who genuinely puts a lot of effort into her relationship.

Effort can mean different things for different people but it’s mostly about being there for someone in a way that makes them feel loved. You can love someone but that doesn’t mean that they feel loved during that relationship.

So when you’re able to read someone and give them exactly the love and affection that they deserve then it’s something remarkable. 

A guy will often appreciate this in a girl more than anything else in the world. Effort is one of the most attractive traits anyone can have. 

24. Being playful

Life’s too short to be grumpy and serious all of the time. Someone playful brings a lot of life into any situation and it’s never boring with them. 

I know that playfulness may seem like something very childish. You’ll feel like you can’t be too playful because someone may misinterpret it and they’ll laugh at you but the truth is that it’s not like that at all!

A guy who sees you as someone special will see your playfulness as one of the absolutely most adorable traits of yours. He will see it as a way to bring fun and sunshine into every situation that you find yourself in. 

25. Giving him a nickname

DONE! 25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

One of the things girls do that guys love is definitely when we give them a nickname. They adore it! 

We don’t give nicknames to just anyone, we do that only for people that we think of as special and the nicknames are usually very cute and unique. Because of that, it’s one of their favorite things that girls do. 

When you’re in a relationship, you tend to give your partner multiple nicknames. However, the first nickname you ever gave him likely struck him as important and it’s probably still the one you use the most.

Nicknames are very special and you should definitely give your man one if you haven’t already. I can guarantee you that he’ll love it and that he’ll think that you’re extremely adorable.

25 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

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