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17 Thigh Tattoos for Men to Make You Wear Your Shortest Shorts

17 Thigh Tattoos for Men to Make You Wear Your Shortest Shorts

Bold, expressive, and undeniably cool, thigh tattoos for men have emerged as a quintessential statement in the world of body art.

For men seeking to showcase their personality and style, these inked masterpieces offer a canvas that’s both expansive and impactful.

From intricate designs to minimalist motifs, we explore 17 thigh tattoos that will inspire you to flaunt your ink with confidence, even in your shortest shorts.

1. Fine line fallen angel thigh tattoo for men

1. Fine line fallen angel thigh tattoo for men
Credit: brennantattoo

This fallen angel thigh tattoo for men is a prime example of masterful blending of blackwork and dotwork. The spacious area of the upper thigh is a perfect canvas for this highly detailed and complex drawing.

The fallen angel itself is a somewhat controversial figure, so this exact motif might not be for everyone, but if you are a fan of that type of stuff, and you happen to be looking for thigh tattoos for men, then what better way to display it than this stunning tattoo?

2. A Pearl Jam thigh tattoo for men to show off their inner rockstars

Are there any hardcore Pearl Jam fans in the house? The best way to show your allegiance to this legendary rock band is to tattoo a little piece of it on your body.

The stickman displayed on this design has been one of the band’s most recognizable symbols ever since the early 90s and by having it tattooed on your thigh, you will definitely earn the respect of fellow fans.

3. Incredibly clean Ouroboros thigh tattoo for men

3. Incredibly clean Ouroboros thigh tattoo for men
Credit: cjorazi

Ouroboros is the famous fictional snake that swallows its own tail and that concept is perfect for thigh tattoos for men. Think about it: how good would a snake tattoo look like wrapped all the way around your thigh?

That’s exactly what this tattoo artist has done in the design shown in the image. The Ouroboros symbolizes the constant cycle of destruction and rebirth which works really well if you want your ink to represent something meaningful.

4. Flowers in a skull to show you’re not dead inside

Contrast is always a useful thing, whether in art, literature, or even tattoo designs. This skull and flowers piece is a perfect example of that.

The human skull represents something dark, while the flower represents something vibrant, beautiful, and full of life. In this particular thigh tattoo, that contrast is further underlined by the use of bright red against the neutral grey. It works great as an abstract concept – symbolizing all the contradictions in a person.

5. Amazing thigh tattoo for men to rock at the beach

This impressive thigh tattoo for men is done in a stunning blackwork style and it features elements such as a rose and a mandala. While it doesn’t have an exact shape or form, its abstract nature appears very impactful.

If you’re on the hunt for some great thigh tattoos for men, this one is a foolproof way of getting your ink noticed while taking a walk along the beach.

6. This Medusa tattoo will turn everyone who looks at you into stone

6. This Medusa tattoo will turn everyone who looks at you into stone
Credit: mad_ant_92

I’ve been trying not to look at this tattoo for hours in fear of being turned to stone, but it’s so well done that I just can’t resist it.

This is a very unique take on the classic Medusa character, giving her just a couple of snakes instead of the usual dozens, and adding a lovely touch of red blood pouring from her eyes. It’s undoubtedly an eye-catching tattoo and a great design to have on your thigh if you are a man.

7. A jaw-dropping skull & text thigh tattoo for men

7. A jaw-dropping skull & text thigh tattoo for men
Credit: jadenbelle_j

The skull motif is something that is often found in men’s tattoos, but it never comes across as corny or cliche. That’s especially true when it’s as well drawn as this one.

The simplistic linework & dotwork combo of the skull pairs nicely with the wreaths and the text below underlines the whole thing in a very satisfying way. Lettering is a very popular design choice and this particular typeface works really as a part of thigh tattoos for men.

8. This thigh tattoo will definitely hook people in

Going for the hook is a very interesting design choice here but I have to say that it worked like a charm – because I’m definitely hooked!

Plenty of people have tattoos nowadays so it can sometimes be difficult to stand out. Choosing a very unique concept when choosing thigh tattoos for men is a great way of doing that and this hook is an excellent example.

9. One really classy mule on your thigh

Now that is one really classy mule! We often talk about unique tattoo designs and how they can make you stand out above the rest, and they don’t come much more unique than a mule wearing a cowboy hat.

Couple the unique idea with top-notch execution and you’ve got yourself a real work of art. Tip of the hat to you, Mr. Mule!

10. Amazing black & grey elephant thigh tattoo for men

Elephant is such a proud and beloved animal, it’s a surprise that people don’t get them tattooed on their bodies that often. It’s even more of a surprise when you see just how good they can look in black and grey ink.

If you’re looking for thigh tattoos for men with some quirky uniqueness to them, then going for this stylish elephant could be a good choice for you.

11. A flawless floral design

11. A flawless floral design
Credit: jamezkan

If you’re searching for inspiration for thigh tattoos for men, chances are that you probably won’t be looking for flowers. However, maybe you should be because this particular combination of flowers and leaves is a very powerful and elegant design.

It almost resembles a tribal tattoo but it’s even more versatile than that because you can always expand it and add various elements as time goes by.

12. Four-eyed Shiva tattoo that will have all eyes on you

12. Four-eyed Shiva tattoo that will have all eyes on you
Credit: xkingofshredx

Shiva is one of the most important deities in Hinduism so it makes sense that people of that religion would sometimes decide to get it tattooed on them. But I think this design in particular could be attractive for everybody.

The tattoo is visually remarkable, with beautiful linework and understated dotwork that bring it to life.

13. Beautiful black & grey tattoo of a woman’s face

Tattoos of people’s faces have been done many times, so it’s always refreshing to see somebody have a really unique take on it.

This particular thigh tattoo for men consists of a woman’s face decorated with what appears to be clown makeup and hat, along with some lettering placed right above it.

This could be a great choice for you if you want something recognizable but unique at the same time. And there is also the nice little touch of the woman having a tattoo of her own – on the back of her hand.

14. Green skull and red leaves thigh tattoo for men

I always like it when people go with a funny design for their tattoos. Why be so serious about everything all the time, you know?

The skull on this tattoo looks like it’s had enough and just wants to go for a nap. And honestly, who could blame it? Those red leaves look really comfortable.

15. A woman’s face with ornaments

15. A woman’s face with ornaments
Credit: tattooess69

We now get to yet another very interesting take on a classic tattoo design – a woman’s face. However, in this case, the face is seemingly just the basis for a whole lot of other ornaments and concepts.

It’s a great example of the realistic and the abstract intertwining to create a beautiful piece of artwork and I think it’s one of the coolest designs out there if you’re looking for thigh tattoos for men.

16. Stunning shark thigh tattoo for men

Does this shark look heavenly to you? The way that the rays of the sun beam straight down onto it makes it look very regal, especially in combination with the bustling ocean waves below.

Shark is a very popular animal when it comes to tattoos because it lies in the perfect spot of being both feared and respected. It genuinely adds gravitas to the person whose skin it’s inhabiting. And when you think about it, it’s almost a perfect design for thigh tattoos for men. When you’re swimming in the ocean with this on your leg, other sharks will automatically consider you a friend.

17. Butterflies on your thighs – not in your stomach

I wanted to end this list of thigh tattoos for men with something special, and I think this definitely qualifies. It’s the only double-thigh design we’ve included and the reason is, well it was simply too good not to be in.

Butterflies are an amazing concept for any type of tattoo and any placement, just because they naturally have so many details and colors. They are a great source of inspiration and often a challenge for tattoo artists to recreate faithfully. That challenge was a resounding success when it came to this tattoo, in particular.

Featuring two different, but equally beautiful, butterflies on each thigh, this design has a lovely symmetry to it, which wouldn’t be the case if they opted for just one thigh. It looks really cool and has enough interesting little quirks to keep you exploring it for a long time.

17 Thigh Tattoos for Men to Make You Wear Your Shortest Shorts

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