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21 Jaw-Dropping BBQ Tattoo Ideas That Will Sizzle Your Skin

21 Jaw-Dropping BBQ Tattoo Ideas That Will Sizzle Your Skin

For all the fans of BBQ who enjoy standing behind the grill and making delicious food, getting a BBQ tattoo doesn’t seem strange at all. And honestly, we’re all about doing what makes you happy which is why we wanted to help you out with figuring out the design of your new tattoo.

Even though it doesn’t seem like a hard task, it can actually take a lot of time to find exactly what you’re looking for. With all these options out there, you can feel a bit lost but that’s about to change with these ideas.

1. Ready for grilling

1. Ready for grilling
Credit: strykertattoo

This small grill tattoo will show everyone just how much you love BBQ in a subtle way. It’s a perfect choice if you don’t prefer huge and bold designs.

2. Realistic BBQ

For all of the fans of realistic tattoos, we have this BBQ that looks too good to be true. Details and shading are the things that make this tattoo stand out.

3. Simple BBQ tattoo

Honestly, it doesn’t get any simpler than this one. An old-style BBQ is a tattoo for you if you’re not looking for anything complicated and detailed.

4. Smoker

Real BBQ fans can’t imagine a life without their smoker. So, if you’re one of those who love smoking their meat until it’s juicy and falls apart then this is the tattoo for you.

5. Fine-line BBQ tattoo

5. Fine-line BBQ tattoo
Credit: crabbytattoos

Even though getting a BBQ tattoo may seem awkward, things change if you opt for a fine-line style. Even big and bulky objects tend to look appealing when done with this technique.

6. BBQ time

This design shows what barbequing is all about. Smoking hot fire, the sizzling sound of meat, and delicious food are probably some of the reasons why you’re so passionate about this hobby (if we can call it that).

7. Grill life

Here’s another option you can opt for if you’re looking for a tattoo with a bit more color. The stake on the grill is probably one of the things that make this design so special.

8. Meat assortment

8. Meat assortment
Credit: tomipomo

This simple black ink tattoo is unique thanks to the meat assortment on the grill. It’s a great option if you love grilling literally anything and everything.

9. Fish BBQ

9. Fish BBQ
Credit: danetattoo

If your specialty is grilled fish, don’t worry. We made sure to get something for you as well. Grilled fish is extremely delicious as long as it’s prepared by a person who knows how to do it right. We’re sure that you’re one of them.

10. Thinking about BBQ

Does this tattoo represent your daily thoughts? Do you think about barbequing all the time and does it feel like your life gets better as soon as the BBQ season starts? If the answer is yes then this is the design for you.

11. Traditional-style BBQ

What you can do is opt for a traditional-style tattoo and incorporate your BBQ grill in it. Of course, a traditional tattoo wouldn’t be complete without added flowers. They’re what make it recognizable.

12. Favorite meat cuts

12. Favorite meat cuts
Credit: tomate_tattoo

Your BBQ tattoo doesn’t have to include an actual barbeque. Instead, you can opt for your favorite meat cuts and still get the meaning you’re looking for.

13. Meat lover

This is a fun tattoo perfect for all the BBQ fans out there. We’re sure that some of you believe that the only love you feel is the one for your grilled meat and this design shows that.

14. Grilling equipment

Another thing you can do instead of getting a tattoo of an actual BBQ is to get all the grilling equipment necessary for perfectly cooked meat. These objects are the tools you use to prepare and flip those meat cuts without trouble.

15. Grill on fire

15. Grill on fire
Credit: gaivota.torta

Here we have another simple and smaller tattoo perfect for those who are not huge fans of detailed and colorful designs. With this one, you get the meaning you’re looking for without too much fuss.

16. Smoking hot

16. Smoking hot
Credit: jayctattoos

A combination of a realistic-style BBQ together with the abstract-style smoke is what makes this tattoo stand out. We love the way this whole piece comes to life thanks to the perfectly executed shading and highlights.

17. Natural-born griller

When you feel like you’re a natural-born griller, you get a tattoo to brag about it. Yes, you could get a poster such as this one and place it somewhere around your home but honestly, a piece of ink on your skin sounds way better.

18. BBQ piggy

If you love sarcastic tattoos, you can get this piggy, aka the master griller. We know this idea isn’t for everyone but if you love funny tattoos then it may be just what you’ve been looking for.

19. Bear the chef

You can also opt for a design such as this one and get a bear who enjoys grilling. Honestly, what we love the most about tattoos is that you can play with them however you want and opt for the most unpredictable designs simply because you like them.

20. BBQ-themed sleeve

If you’re feeling brave and are ready to commit to a huge tattoo, this BBQ sleeve could be exactly what you need right now. With a BBQ right in the middle and different meat cuts and grilling equipment around it, this tattoo is going to become your trademark.

21. Matching BBQ tattoos

Finally, if you have a friend who’s equally obsessed with barbequing as you are, the two of you could get a matching BBQ tattoo. We know it sounds like a crazy idea but maybe you know someone who would be up for a challenge.

21 Jaw-Dropping BBQ Tattoo Ideas That Will Sizzle Your Skin

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