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An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

A person who is constantly thinking about every detail of their life might seem really weird to other people. 

An overthinker is the one who is always worrying and getting anxious about everything. It’s hard to get them, but they are really clever and good guys.

An overthinker falls in love hard and it is even harder for them to stay in a relationship. The biggest problem is they think too much. They are afraid to make a commitment and they analyze everything.

We all know that overthinking is a bad habit, but it can also become very useful. Overthinking leads to higher standards and higher expectations. It means an overthinker expects too much.

But they are really good after all. And if you do meet an overthinker don’t let them go.

An overthinker has these 12 great traits:

1. They don’t make wrong choices easily.

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

They make choices very carefully. Each choice feels vital for them. For them, everything needs to be perfect, or they will obsess over one thing they did wrong.

If it comes to a relationship, you should trust an overthinker because they will do their best to make the right choice.

2. When they’re sorry, they’re really sorry.

They don’t enjoy hurting others feelings. When they get in a fight, they’ll eventually break down the fight into each little detail so as to understand the battle from both sides. 

They are really sorry and they need you to accept their apology. And remember that they won’t forget about it anytime soon.

3. Overthinkers are genuine.

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

They know who they are and they never pretend to be something they are not. And they expect from others to be true as well also.

4. They will challenge you.

They will never judge you or intentionally put you down. But they do over-analyze each word you say. So, they will call you out or disagree with you sometimes.

5. They aren’t control freaks, they just think. A lot.

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

Their mind is playing out a bunch of horrible scenarios. And if they reach your voicemail it doesn’t mean you have to call us back right away when you’re out. 

But they think too much, and they might think you are cheating or you’ve died.

6. They know relationships can be challenging.

Most times people will never meet our expectations and that is why relationships can be challenging. 

But overthinkers do take their actions seriously. They form many explanations around a simply innocent remark they put added meaning to it.

7. Overthinkers dislike social media.

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

This explains why their last post was about 20 weeks ago. They aren’t just afraid no one will like their post, but the concept of taking pictures, choosing filters and concocting the perfect caption is a hassle in and of itself. 

They would rather be without likes and perfect pictures and enjoy the moment.

8. Overthinkers are loyal.

When they let you in their life, you are in for good. They are not the ones who are going to leave you for a fight. 

They will try to fix a problem you two have and talk about it. And they will have your back unconditionally, always.

9. They can’t let anything go.

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

They’re convinced that if they just run over the details a few more times, they will uncover  some new understanding of the situation. And maybe it will somehow change the outcome.

10. Overthinkers don’t play games.

They have a pure heart. Overthinkers will always tell you what they think and not leave you to figure it out because they can’t stand ambiguity. 

Also, they won’t mess with your emotions and they will never manipulate you or use you.

11. They have high expectations.

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

They expect a lot of others because they give so much of themselves. Overthinking leads to higher standards and higher expectations. 

They want to put their best foot forward.

12. Overthinkers have many alarms for the morning and they are going to be on time.

They try to be punctual and permanent fifteen minutes early. They have several alarms set up on their phones. 

But sometimes, they prepare too much. Even if they consider every potential scenario that could make them late, they are going to meet you on time.

And if you do meet an overthinker don’t let them go

An Overthinker Has These 12 Great Traits

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