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10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

The signs your ex is never mcoming back will help you realize if it’s time to let go.

Will he come back? I asked myself this question repeatedly; even when he blocked me, I wondered if he would come back…

Will my ex talk to me again? I’m ashamed to admit it, but I texted and called him like crazy… but he never responded to any of it.

He simply stopped all communication with me and this is one of the signs your ex is never coming back.

Despite all that, I still wondered if my ex would come back. It’s hard to accept that it’s really over and that there’s no going back.

I tortured myself, wondering if he would come back, even though all the signs showed that he didn’t care about me anymore.

I wanted to know if my ex would come back even when he found a new girlfriend, and it really hurt when I saw them happy together.

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

It was clearly time for me to forget about him and move on, and you know what? I did.

So will you. You will end up happily married to someone else, but first, you need to accept that it’s over.

If there are signs your ex is never coming back, don’t ignore them, but don’t feel bad either. This is your opportunity to find true love.

The signs your ex is never coming back are simply signs you haven’t found your soulmate yet.

I found mine, even though I thought I’d never love again. Now I realize that with my ex, it wasn’t true love, and you’ll see that you’re much better off without him.

The signs your ex is never coming back are there to help you let go if you’re hung up on the past.

Is it really over? If there are signs your ex is never coming back, it is.

Keep reading to find out all of them.

Signs your ex is never coming back

1. He doesn’t want to have any type of communication with you

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

The first one of the signs your ex is never coming back is if he has stopped communicating with you altogether. No matter which type of communication you initiate, he avoids it.

You don’t want to look needy or bored, but you have texted him a couple of times since the break-up. Maybe you just asked him to hang out without revealing your true intentions, or you even said that you want to get back together.

Either way, his response was negative. He doesn’t want you in his life in any way and is ready to do anything to keep you away.

Are you trying to justify his behavior? Maybe you keep telling yourself that one day he’ll change his mind and run back to you.

There’s a small possibility that that will happen, but it’s much more likely that it’s one of the signs your ex is never coming back.

He hasn’t agreed to meet you once this entire time? That’s a clear sign that you shouldn’t be hoping for him to return any time soon.

Who knows, maybe one day after a lot of time has passed, he’ll change his mind and agree to meet you. You could even end up being friends.

However, right now, he’s showing you that he doesn’t want anything to do with you, and it’s much better for you that you just move on.

You don’t want to give yourself false hope if he’s showing you that you’re never getting back together.

Why would you even want to? There are plenty of guys out there who would gladly take his place as your boyfriend.

2. He cut all ties with you

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

Another sign he’s not coming back is if he has completely cut you off.

It’s hard to accept it, but you need to realize that he’s done with you if he has cut all ties with you. He left you in the past, and you should start looking forward to your future with someone else.

Has he blocked you on social media or changed his number? After all that time, he knows the places where you go, so has he started avoiding them so he can’t run into you?

Maybe he has even moved away from you? Whichever of these things he has done, the point is clear and the same – he has completely cut you off.

It doesn’t matter whether he did something drastic or stopped all ways for you to be in touch. If he wanted you to be able to reach him, he would have made it easy for you.

Are you sure that you haven’t been stalking him? All of us become somewhat of a stalker when we’re crazy about our ex, but it’s important to stop.

If he is trying to avoid you and has stopped all communication, you’re only hurting yourself by chasing him.

I know it’s hard if you still love him, but trust me, things are going to get much better. The first thing you need to do is stop yourself from becoming a stalker.

It’s going to take time for you to forget him, but you will, and I guarantee it. I know it seems impossible now, but one day you’re going to laugh at how crazy you were about him, about someone who doesn’t deserve you. 

This is your opportunity to find yourself until you meet the one, and he’s on his way.

3. He returned all of your things

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

All the memories of your relationship are things that are hard to let go of with a person who you still love. If your ex has no problem with returning your things, he has decided to move on.

Do you listen to music that reminds you of him and have trouble deleting your old photos together? Does he?

If he wants to completely remove all reminders of you, so should you. Holding on to these things is for people who still want to be together.

In fact, some people sometimes intentionally leave something at their ex’s place so they have an excuse to get back together. That is why they refuse to give each other their things back because as long as their things are there, they will be too.

There’s a chance that they’ll end up together again if they don’t return each other’s things, so they don’t… 

Your ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, had no problem with giving you your stuff back and demanding his.

He didn’t start throwing them or give them back in anger or just to get even. Instead, he was polite and texted you a while after your break-up and told you he had packed up your things.

He also asked you to pack his and wanted to meet to exchange them and that was all the communication you had, and he didn’t mention anything else.

Maybe he even didn’t do all that himself, but told a mutual friend who contacted you instead. He simply didn’t want to meet you even then.

If that’s your situation, it’s very clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with you.

4. He treats you like any other female acquaintance

shutterstock 565888321

Maybe your ex is friendly with you, and you think of it as a sign that he wants to get back together. However, it could mean the exact opposite.

Exes rarely stay friends because it isn’t easy, and both of them have to let go of all the anger and resentment between them.

So, if your ex can be friendly with you, it means that he has let go of all the negative feelings about your relationship and you, and has moved on.

He isn’t mad at you, nor does he blame you for the fact that you broke up. If you asked him, the things that happened between the two of you stayed in the past.

He is now indifferent toward you and doesn’t see you as a romantic partner anymore. Still, he respects what you had, and that is why he doesn’t want the two of you to act like strangers.

He doesn’t avoid you when you run into each other, and maybe even congratulates you on your birthday.

Even though he politely greets you when you see each other, he doesn’t mention your relationship, nor does he flirt. He treats you like he would treat any other female acquaintance. 

Small talk with you doesn’t cause him heartache, because he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore.He isn’t interested in resolving things, but he doesn’t place any blame on you either, so he remembers the good things and wishes you the best.

If you can relate to this, your ex has let go of the past in a healthy way, and it’s time for you to do the same.

5. He has cut all ties with those close to you

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

Since you were together for a while, you met each other’s family and friends. Maybe he was even friendly with your loved ones.

Now that you have broken up, he has disappeared not only from your life but from theirs as well, so he avoids all your loved ones.

So, maybe he hasn’t told them why directly or been rude, but he avoids contact with all those connected to you. Your acquaintances and mutual friends don’t know what happened, but he doesn’t want to stay in touch with them.

He simply doesn’t want to be in touch with anyone who reminds him of your relationship, so situations with them would be awkward for him.

He doesn’t want to answer any questions they might have about your break-up or relationship and at the same time, he wants to avoid those who would try to hook you up again.

What he wants most of all is to make sure he doesn’t run into you. Staying in touch with your friends and family would keep you close, and he obviously doesn’t want that.

If he has cut all ties with those close to you, it’s the clearest sign you can get. He doesn’t want anything to do with you, so he avoids those who know you.

It shows that he’s never coming back, and it’s better that you know now. You’ll only torture yourself if you keep giving yourself false hope.

6. He isn’t jealous at all

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

If he still loved you, the thought of you with another man would drive him crazy. No matter how much he might take for granted that he would see you with someone else, he would be jealous.

He would be tempted to know if he could have you back whenever he wanted and to prove to himself that you still love him.

So, if your ex shows no signs of jealousy, he probably isn’t interested in you whatsoever. Whether someone told him you’re seeing some guy, or he saw you with him himself, he has given you no feedback.

He doesn’t care if you’re dating again, or have moved on. Competing with other guys for your love doesn’t interest him because he doesn’t want your love now to begin with.

Whether you’re trying to get even or are in a serious relationship, he doesn’t care. In fact, he wishes you all the best with your love life.

The thought of being replaced doesn’t threaten him, and he even congratulates you on getting into a new relationship. He knows that it’s time for you two to continue with your lives, and you should too.

7. There’s no trace of you on his social media

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

When people break up, they can’t resist but post sad status updates and songs on their social media profiles. We have the need to share things about our life on social media, and it often lets our friends know our emotions.

Even though men might be less emotional than us, they also expose their true feelings on social media. Maybe it won’t be a cheesy quote asking you to come back, but there will be hints.

He won’t want to be too obvious, but he’ll post a song that’s somehow special just to you and him or a deep quote that you understand. He’ll want you to wonder whether he’s sending you a secret message, or if it is all in your head.

That way, he is reminding you that he still loves you without telling you directly or exposing himself too much. Of course, he knows that you look at his profiles from time to time to see how he’s been doing.

However, your ex doesn’t do these things, which shows that he isn’t interested in coming back. He even deleted all of your pictures and other things that remind him of you from his social media profiles and maybe he has even blocked you.

All he wants is to remove all traces of you on his social media profile so that he can move on more easily. It’s time for you to do the same.

8. He doesn’t flirt with you

shutterstock 1211468272

Do you flirt with him every time you two talk? Maybe you get dressed up so that he can see what he lost, and you don’t miss a chance to mention interesting details of your relationship.

However, no matter how many flirty signals you give him, he doesn’t respond to them, and you get no feedback. You even see that his body language signs show that he doesn’t love you anymore.

He never wants to stand near you and doesn’t touch you. Maybe he used to make you laugh, but now he doesn’t, nor does he notice changes in your appearance.

He doesn’t give you any compliments, and all in all, doesn’t flirt with you in any way. You can sense that he’s not interested, no matter how much you wish to believe otherwise.

Simply put, he isn’t the man you used to know, and there’s no going back. He has moved on and acts uninterested and cold toward you.

All he wants is to keep you at a safe distance and move on with his life. Maybe he isn’t rude to you when you run into each other, but he is indifferent.

He wants things to be over between the two of you, and you get no hints from him that he’s interested in you. You’re not getting back together, and maybe it’s best for both of you.

9. He never tried to win you back

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

Try to look at everything with complete honesty without letting your feelings for him interfere. The harsh reality is that he has never given you a hint that he wants to get back together.

It’s not just that, but he has never made an effort to get back together with you. It’s been a while since you broke up, so it couldn’t be that he’s still hurt or angry and there was enough time for him to think things through and try to win you over again.

Let’s face it, when a man wants to be with you, he will chase after you, and he won’t stop pursuing you. The effort he puts in shows how he feels about you.

So, if your ex isn’t trying to get back together, he doesn’t want to. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll have to accept it.

You’ll find a man who will chase you until you are his. He’ll never stop putting effort into making you his, even once you already are.

You deserve such a man, so why would you waste your time obsessing over your ex who isn’t interested in you? Move on, and you’ll find someone who’ll treat you even better.

10. He is in a serious relationship

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On

If he’s dating someone else and it’s gotten serious, it’s clear that it’s over between the two of you. He has a new girlfriend and doesn’t think about you anymore.

When a man is dating one girl after another without it ever being serious, it shows that he is trying to repress his feelings. In that case, he is emotionally unstable.

Your ex doesn’t act that way. He is committed to his new girlfriend, and it’s not even a rebound relationship, but a serious one.

It’s not about trying to make you jealous or pretending just to see your reaction. He isn’t trying to get even with you, so he doesn’t flaunt his new girlfriend in front of you.

Instead, he’s really serious about having a future with this woman. All the baggage from your relationship has stayed behind him, and he has turned over a new leaf.

You want to believe that he’s just trying to find you in someone else, or that it’s just his way of getting over you. It’s hard to accept that it’s neither of these.

The painful truth is that your ex isn’t coming back, and it’s better for you to realize it now. That way, you can work on moving on yourself.

This goes especially if he has even gotten engaged or married as that’s when it’s clearest that there’s no going back.

It’s good that he has moved on, and so will you. When people aren’t right for each other, they are only prolonging the inevitable and wasting their time.

Now you have an opportunity to meet someone who might be right for you so it’s good that you’ve stopped being with someone who isn’t.

Stay alone until you meet the one, and once you do, you’ll be glad you did. Leave the past in the past and don’t look back.

It’s the only way to welcome a brand new future that holds a lot of amazing things for you. Don’t carry that baggage with you and make room for a new man in your life and you do so by forgetting about the old one and letting go of the past. 

So what if your ex is never coming back? You broke up for a reason anyway, and that reason wouldn’t have gone away. It’s better this way because you have a chance for a better tomorrow.

All it takes is for you to forget about your ex and let go of the past. The future will come knocking on your door soon, so be ready for it and leave the baggage behind!

Good luck!

10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On
10 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back And Has Moved On 13

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