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If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

If a man loves you, you’ll see it in the things he does for you and how he treats you. It’s sometimes hard to know if a man loves you when he’s sending mixed signals or acts distant some days.

The time has come for you to stop guessing and find out whether he really loves you.

However, I would first like to remind you not to forget about everything else besides your new relationship. If you have just gotten into a relationship with this man, you’re probably obsessing over him, and you have made him the center of your universe.

Don’t forget that you also need time for yourself, your friends, and your family members so don’t make the mistake a lot of girls make when they fall in love – forget about everything else.

I know you love him, but you have to love yourself first. Consider what it is that you want out of this relationship.

What do you want from your man, and what can you give him in return? If you want to attract a great man, you have to be a great woman.

Another important thing to mention is that you shouldn’t be sad if, after reading this article, you don’t get confirmation that he loves you. Maybe he shows love in different ways, but he could also be a loser who doesn’t deserve you.

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

Does he often lie to you even about things that don’t really matter? Does he hide your relationship from others?

These are just some of the signs that he isn’t the right man for you. However, right now, we’ll focus on the things that say he is.

If a man loves you, he’ll be honest with you and proud of you so he’ll never lie or hide you from others, but proudly introduce you to everyone as his girlfriend.

After all, you deserve nothing less than that; he needs to love and respect you if this relationship is going to work. So, if he doesn’t do any of the things I’m going to mention, even though you shouldn’t be sad, you should reconsider dating him.

On the other hand, if your man loves you in all these ways, you are a lucky girl, and he’s a keeper. If he does all these things for you, he genuinely cares about you and wants your relationship to succeed.

You may think that I’m describing a Prince Charming, but men like this do exist. If you have found one, hold on to him because he’s husband material.

I thought that men like this existed only in fairy tales until I found one and that was when I realized that the other men I had dated hadn’t really loved me.

Love isn’t when he treats you badly, but when he makes you feel like a princess. It’s not love when he doesn’t support you, but when he’s the wind beneath your wings.

Love isn’t when he makes you chase him, but when he pursues you. It’s not love when your life turns into a soap opera, but when it turns into a fairy tale.

You’ll understand what I’m talking about in a short time because if a man loves you, he’ll do these things.

If a man loves you…

1. He will chase you

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

You shouldn’t be chasing your man; if he loves you, he should chase you instead.

If a man loves you, he will pursue you. It’s in the nature of men to be hunters and enjoy the thrill of the chase.

A lot of girls make the mistake of chasing a man, instead of letting men chase them. When a man falls in love with a woman, he will pursue her and won’t stop until she’s his.

Do you know about the phrase ‘he’s just not that into you’? Well, when a man doesn’t pursue you, he’s just not that into you.

It’s not that he’s shy, because even the shiest of men will go after a girl if he’s really interested in her. Still, pursuing you is not the surest sign that he loves you.

If one thing is certain, though, it’s that a man who cares about you will put in the effort to get you. 

Do you think that he isn’t capable of pursuing you in person? Well, there are other methods he could use, such as texts and calls.

If he doesn’t give you the attention that you deserve, give it some time and be sure to read the other signs he loves you to know for sure. However, if he’s crazy about you, he’ll actively pursue you. 

Don’t take over his responsibilities at the very beginning of your relationship. You shouldn’t be the one who does all the texting, calling or setting up dates, or he will become indifferent because you didn’t make him chase you.

If you have had trouble with this, read the reasons why you should never chase a man in our other article.

2. He will make your life better, not worse

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

True love doesn’t cause you insomnia. When it’s not true, you end up losing your respect and your ability to stay independent and you even sometimes lose your family and friends, and you can’t even think clearly. 

True love is something different, and it doesn’t make your life worse, but better. It’s what gives your life new meaning and brings happiness into your world. 

If a man loves you, he’ll respect your responsibilities and interests and you won’t forget about them. Instead, he’ll help you make your dreams come true.

True love inspires you to achieve great things, not to give up on everything that used to interest you. Your man is supposed to believe in you and support you in achieving your life goals.

This is a man who won’t feel jealous because you’ve achieved things; instead, he’ll be genuinely happy for you and motivate you to achieve even more.

If your relationship is more about losing than gaining, you could be dating a loser, so ask yourself if you have lost some vital relationships because of your relationship. Love is blind, so you might not realize that you’re losing things, or you come up with all sorts of excuses for it but a man who loves you will want you to nurture relationships with other people.

Does your man play games with you and make you wonder whether he’s for real or not? With a man who loves you, things will be clear.

He will be a man whose actions and words always match. He’ll stick to his promises and will never make you feel like you’re not good enough.

If you feel bad about yourself because of the man you’re dating, you should stop dating him. If a man loves you, he’ll always try to make you feel good about yourself.

3. He won’t just say, “I love you,” but will show it with his actions

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

As I mentioned a moment ago, if a man loves you, his actions will match his words.

A man can tell you that he loves you without any meaning behind it. For such guys, love is just a word they say to get what they want.

Love is not just a word but an action that requires effort. If his actions don’t show the love he says he feels, it’s not love.

Even having to wonder whether he really loves you is a red flag, because a man who truly loves you will never make you wonder. It will be clear.

True love doesn’t hurt but heals you and it also doesn’t lie or cheat.

The best way to know whether he’s telling the truth when he says that he loves you is to check if his actions match. Maybe he won’t draw a romantic portrait of you, but all the things he does will portray love and you’ll see it in the things he does for you, such as simply being there when you need him.

4. He will proudly introduce you to everyone

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

Are you a mystery to his friends and family? That’s a really bad sign, because a man who loves you will show you off.

He will want you to meet everyone he cares about and proudly introduce you as his girlfriend. You’ll even be surprised at how much his friends and family know about you before you even meet them.

This is because he talked to them about you. After all, you mean the world to him and he wants his loved ones to know that.

Are you involved in his family’s activities? That’s a great sign that he really loves you!

5. He will be himself around you

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

A man who loves you will open up to you and reveal his true nature. He won’t be afraid to be vulnerable in front of you, and he’ll let you love him for who he is.

Don’t be with a man who pretends he’s something he’s not in front of you. Maybe at first, when he’s trying to impress you, he’ll act differently than he normally would, and that’s fine but after a while in a relationship, a man who loves you will be vulnerable in front of you.

He won’t be afraid to show his emotions and even cry if he feels hurt. If he ever cries because of a fear of losing you, you know that you have found a man who really loves you. 

Men aren’t really comfortable with tears like women are, so when they let some out, it means they really are in pain. It takes a real man to be that vulnerable in front of the woman he loves, and it shows she really is everything to him.

6. He will want to know your opinions

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

When a man who loves you wants to make a decision, he’ll want to know how you feel about it and to hear your input. Maybe he won’t always take your advice, but he’ll value your opinion and take it into consideration before making a decision.

The point is that he’ll consider you as intelligent and important to him enough to ask you, and he’ll value your opinion.

I had an ex who never really respected me, and my opinions didn’t matter that much to him. I don’t think he ever really loved me.

When a man loves you, he’ll think of you as his partner in crime, and you’ll be a team that makes decisions together and this shows that he not only loves you but respects you.

Still, don’t fall into the trap of making all the decisions for him. It’s a great sign if he always asks you for your opinion, but that doesn’t mean you should be doing all the thinking for him.

Otherwise, enjoy this fact because it’s what really matters once you’re married. You want a husband who will always value your input and consider you as a partner when it comes to making decisions.

7. He will want to find out everything about you

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

Is he inquisitive and wants to learn more about you? That’s a great sign that shows he loves you!

He keeps asking you questions because he’s interested in finding out everything about you. The only way for him to be involved in your life is if he keeps finding out more about who you are.

Does he call you after you’re done with work to ask about your day? Is he always interested in finding out all the details about your days?

This shows that he loves you and wants to get to know you better. He is interested in you and everything that makes you you.

Everything about you amazes him, and he wants to know all the details. Let him know them and be happy that he’s asking all those questions.

8. He will remember the little things you tell him

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

If a man loves you, he’ll remember the details about you that you shared with him. There’s no question about you that he wouldn’t know the answer to if you have ever told him about it.

He will remember everything that you shared with him, especially the little things that you didn’t even think he’d remember.

This doesn’t mean he knows what you said word by word, but you’ll notice that he has really been listening to you. He remembers the little things about you, and they remind him of you.

Do you know how some fragrance can remind you of a person who uses it? The same goes for everything else with him.

He listens carefully when you talk and later thinks about what you have said, so it stays in his memory and this is because he’s so interested to learn everything about you.

We remember the things that matter to us, and if you matter to him, all the little things you say will matter to him too.

Do you have to remind your boyfriend of important details or have to keep mentioning some events so that he’ll remember? That’s a very bad sign, because a man who loves you will remember things about you.

9. He will talk about his feelings

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

Does he tell you about how much he cares for you, how he misses you, and how much he thinks about you? This is a great sign unless his actions don’t match his words!

It’s not always easy for men to talk about their feelings, so when he does, he either loves you or is faking it. You’ll know which one it is if you just look at his actions and see if they match his words.

If his actions show it too then all the words he told you came straight from his heart. He loves you more than anything and wants you to know it so he tells you honestly that he has been thinking about you and that he misses you.

When I think about it, my ex never really talked much about how much he loved me. Perhaps he never did love me, and he didn’t want to lie, or it was too hard to pretend.

10. He will put you at the top of the list of his priorities

A man who loves you will make you a priority. You’ll get all of his attention when the two of you are together, and he’ll stay focused on you.

His eyes won’t wander, he won’t be restless and he won’t keep looking at his phone and this is because every moment he has with you is important to him, and he values them. He values you. 

You are a priority to him, and that’s the only way things should be when a man loves you. You come first, and he would rather spend time with you than do anything else.

Of course, he needs to do other things, but when he has to choose, he’ll always choose you. He’ll never stop choosing you.

This is because you mean the world to him, and you’re also the most important person in the world to him, whichis why he chooses you over his friends, his free time, his work, and even his family.

However, it’s important to let him breathe and have some time away from you. Just because he chooses you over his friends, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tell him to spend some time with the guys instead.

Don’t become the only thing that matters to him just because you matter the most. Let him do things on his own and give him some space.

If you’re a priority to him, don’t take advantage of it, because it shows he really loves you.

11. He will be your best friend

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

Have you connected on a deeper level with this man? Do you have inside jokes and cute nicknames for each other?

Most importantly, is he your best friend? You will enjoy the company of a man who truly loves you, and you two will laugh out loud together.

Does he use every chance he gets to touch you? Whether he leans on you or he gives you a massage, he never seems to be able to take his hands off of you and this is because he uses every opportunity to get familiar with and close to you.

He will also enjoy making plans for the future with you, even if it’s just planning when to see each other again.

How does he react to the mention of marriage?

My husband and I started planning living together and getting married after we had been together for just a few months. He enjoyed talking about the future with me, and that’s one of the clearest signs a man truly loves you. 

We would stay up all night talking about how we’d decorate our home one day.

Try doing that with your man and see how he’ll react. If he gets scared at the very mention of marriage, he’s not husband material.

Also, if he isn’t interested in planning your future together, he might not want to have a future with you in the first place. A man who loves you will be your best friend with whom you can talk about everything.

12. He will be honest, and you’ll be able to trust him

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You

Is your man dependable and sincere? Does he prove his honesty to you?

If he is open with you, he doesn’t want to hurt you and needs you to trust him.

These aren’t the last signs that show he loves you, however, because there are many more. He’ll need to respect you, let you be yourself, and be generous with you.

All he really wants is to see you happy, and he’ll do anything he can to make you just that so not only will he be honest with you, but he will put effort into turning your life into a fairy tale, which is why we call such a guy a Prince Charming.

Let these signs help you figure out whether he’s the right man for you, but if it turns out he isn’t, don’t feel sad. You’ll have to kiss many frogs until you find the one who turns into a prince.

If it turns out you have already found him, let me wish you the happy ending you deserve. I hope you live happily ever after, and with a man like the one I described, you certainly will.

If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You
If A Man Loves You, He Will Do These 12 Things For You 14

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