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13 Signs Of A Great Relationship You Should Be Proud Of

13 Signs Of A Great Relationship You Should Be Proud Of

You want to know if you and your partner are showing signs of a great relationship. It’s hard to see if your relationship is healthy and filled with love and appreciation when you’re not looking from the perspective of a third party.

But once you understand that you’re genuinely in a loving and caring relationship, that’s when you’ll start to appreciate your partner even more. It’s easy to forget how good your relationship is when you’re not doing a check-up every once in a while, so let’s talk about the signs of a great relationship so that you and your partner can celebrate your success.

Simply because great relationships that are healthy and filled with love are extremely rare.

13 signs of a great relationship

13 Signs Of A Great Relationship You Should Be Proud Of

1. You respect each other

Respect is one of those things that should never be negotiated in a relationship. Either you respect each other, or you don’t.

One of the first signs of a great relationship is when you’re both able to respect each other and you never argue about this. You’re both able to communicate openly about your expectations and the things that you consider disrespectful.

Respect is one of those things that make or break a relationship, and if you’re both able to respect each other’s boundaries, wishes, dreams, and expectations, then you’re in an amazing relationship.

2. You support each other

When someone falls into the hands of a bad partner, they tend to forget how important support actually is in a relationship. It’s so important to find a partner who supports you when you want to apply for a job that you’re not really qualified for. Your partner should be able to support you in your hobbies, your mood swings, and your constant need for adventure.

If he brings you down and doesn’t allow you to spread your wings, then it’s an awful thing to deal with. You’ll become depressed in a matter of seconds.

However, you’re in a healthy relationship that is filled with love because your partner supports all of your weird ideas.

3. You allow one another to grow

One of the signs of a great relationship is when the pair allows each other to grow. Sometimes, we get so used to the person that we’re with that we’re scared to allow them to grow and become a better version of themselves, especially if that includes some big changes.

But just like supporting your partner, it’s also important to allow them to grow and continue working on themselves. If you have that in your relationship, then you should never let it go. You have to appreciate these things because they’re definitely not common.

4. You’re honest

signs of a great relationship 2

One of the signs of a great relationship is when you don’t have to hide big parts of yourself just to be loved by your partner. You can simply be yourself and be honest about the things that you want.

Whenever there’s a disagreement, you’re not scared that your opinion will push him away, because you know that you have the right to say what you want and express your thoughts.

However, this also means that he’s just as honest with you. If something is bothering him, he makes sure to let you know without hesitation. Those things are genuinely undeniably special, and you have to cherish them.

5. You’re always having fun

Do you know those couples that can’t seem to stand each other? They’re always fighting, and they’re always in such a bad mood when they’re together. You probably thought of someone right away. Those people seem like they hate being in each other’s presence, and they’re never having fun together.

On the other hand, you and your partner are having the time of your life. You’re always trying to find something new to try, a new place to visit, and you’re even open to experimenting in the bedroom.

All those things bring you closer together, and you’re always smiling and laughing with each other. This is one of the real signs of a great relationship. Keep it like that!

6. You make decisions together

You and your partner probably understand that a decision doesn’t impact just one person, it impacts both of you. So, you’re not really sure how people can make decisions for themselves while still being in a relationship!

Every decision that you make will have a positive or negative impact on your relationship. So you have to be careful that those changes are good.

7. You share everything

13 Signs Of A Great Relationship You Should Be Proud Of

Have you ever been in one of those situations where someone tells you to not share a story with your boyfriend, but the second you get home, you tell him everything? That’s because you share everything with each other!

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about food, your toothbrush, or information. You have no issue with talking to each other and sharing things. You know that your partner is an extension of you, and because of that, your relationship is so great!

8. You’re not shy when it comes to showing affection

I genuinely don’t believe that people can be in a happy relationship without any physical affection between them. Some say that they’re shy, others say that they find it too clingy. Nonetheless, a great relationship asks of you to be affectionate with your partner.

This doesn’t mean that you’re having intense PDA, but rather that you’re holding hands, touching each other subtly in public, and other things. This also includes affectionate words that will affirm your partner of your emotions.

9. Both your needs are being met

One of the worst things that happen in a relationship is when it’s one-sided. One person demands all the respect and affection, while the other one doesn’t get anything.

Well, one of the signs of a great relationship is when both of your needs are being met. Sometimes, this means that you’ll have to compromise, but it’s not a problem when you have someone next to you who’d do the same thing for you.

When your needs are being met, you’re not looking for any type of satisfaction outside your relationship. You know that your partner meets every need that you could ever have.

10. Your fights are constructive

The best thing that I’ve ever heard is that in an argument you’re not fighting each other, you’re fighting the problem at hand. That’s why you’re in such a wonderful relationship! You’re with someone who understands that arguments are a vital part of your relationship, and it gives you the possibility to look at everything from another perspective.

There’s no need to fight like you hate each other because it’s important to focus on the problem so that your relationship can become stronger and better than ever.

11. You’re equal in the relationship

signs of a great relationship 4

We’re part of a generation that doesn’t believe in gender roles, and it must stay that way. If you’re both working and bringing money home, you should both be able to do the household chores. You should never have to be the one who does everything around the house, while your partner couldn’t care less.

That’s why equality is one of the signs of a great relationship. You both have the same rights and there are no double standards at hand.

12. You’re able to set boundaries

People around us can’t seem to comprehend the meaning of boundaries, and that it’s not a way to control the behavior of your partner, but rather a way to protect yourself.

There are moments of manipulation where it’s disguised as boundaries, and you should be able to know the difference between those two. However, if you and your partner can understand the importance of healthy boundaries, then you’re in a wonderful place, and your relationship will continue to bloom.

13. You’re not lacking in intimacy

Whenever you go out with your friends, you can hear them saying that physical intimacy isn’t important, however, that’s not true. People hide behind this statement, believing that everyone’s bedroom life is just as bad as theirs is.

Of course, some may find it more or less important, but it is important. It’s a great way to bond with each other. So, when your intimate life is good, then your entire relationship is great.

Your bedroom life includes so much love, respect, boundaries, and pleasure that you can’t deny just how magical it can be.

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