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15 Signs He Misses You When You’re Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

15 Signs He Misses You When You’re Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

What are the signs he misses you when you’re not around? Can you spot through his behavior that he’s actually craving your presence, even though he hasn’t openly told you as much?

Well, since men usually show their affection through actions and not words, it’s actually rather easy for you to figure out if your special guy craves you. If you know what to look out for, you’ll be able to spot the hidden signals he’s radiating out in the world.

Maybe he’s not sure if he should admit to you how much he thinks about you whenever you’re not around. He might be too shy to talk about his feelings openly.

But even if he doesn’t use the words to tell you how he’s feeling about you, he’ll certainly use his actions. He won’t be able to control himself and he’ll show you through his behavior how much he misses you whenever you’re not around.

Signs he misses you when you’re not around

Now that you know that you can spy on his feelings through his actions, let’s get into what you need to look out for. There are certain moves your guy will make whenever he starts thinking about you.

Once you know what to focus on, you’ll be able to decipher his emotions without hearing one word from him.

So, here are the signs he misses you when you’re not around. If you see any of these, then it’s more than obvious that this guy likes you (maybe even more than you think).

1. He often texts to check up on you

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

A guy who regularly texts you with an excuse to see how you’re doing is a guy who’s been thinking about you. His frequent texts are sure signs that he misses you when you’re not around.

That’s why he feels this need to text you, hoping to start a conversation.

You may think that it’s surprising for him to text you only because he’s checking up on you. Especially if you know that he’s the type of guy who hates texting and prefers face-to-face communication.

Now it looks like he’s suddenly changed his opinion as he’s using every free moment he has to send you a message to find out how your day is going.

Trust me, he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t thinking about you. You’re probably on his mind all the time and he feels the need to stay connected with you in every possible way.

2. He calls you to see how you’re doing

Another sign that he misses you whenever you’re not around is if he calls you in the middle of the day. Besides texting you, he also wants to hear your voice since he’s been thinking about it the whole time.

He finds any excuse to call since he doesn’t want you to know just how badly he misses you. I mean, an hour ago you exchanged a few messages and it still wasn’t enough for him.

He’s still thinking about you and misses your presence. So, instead of waiting to get home from work, he just had to call to mention the name of a great movie you simply must watch and he didn’t want to forget to tell you about it.

It’s okay, we all know that this isn’t the actual reason for his call, but let him think that you bought it so he doesn’t get shy about the whole situation.

3. He likes and comments on your social media posts

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

You haven’t posted anything new on social media but you just got a notification that says he liked your post. Surprised, you go to the app and it turns out that he’s liked some of your old photos.

Does it get any more obvious than this? He typed in your name in the search bar only because he missed you and needed to see your face.

Scrolling down through your feed, he saw some pictures he hadn’t yet liked and felt the urge to do so.

He wanted you to pick up that he’s thinking about you. At the same time, he didn’t want to openly tell you that.

So, he chose to like some of your old posts as a signal that you’re on his mind and that he misses you. It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

4. He tags you on social media

Not only does he like your old pictures but he also tags you on different posts. It can be something that made him think about you or he knows will make you laugh.

This is also one of the signs he misses you when you’re not around. He wants you to know that he’s thinking about you and also uses this as a way to keep himself closer to you.

That one innocent tag on social media is his ticket to you. It allows him to kick up a conversation with you but it also reminds you that you have someone who’s thinking about you all the time.

You’re probably the only person he tags on these posts since you’re special to him. No one else has such an important role in his heart that he can’t stand being away from them, so he’s always looking for a way to feel closer to you.

Even if you think that this tagging game holds no significance, I’m sure you’ll soon change your mind.

The fact that he keeps the communication going only shows how much he likes you. And he’s proving you that through his actions.

5. He chats with you whenever you’re online

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

Texts and calls don’t feel enough, so he adds online chatting too. He wants to be sure that he’s putting all of his efforts into winning you over.

So, when he sees you online, he’ll make sure to reach out to you – whether it’s to ask you if you found the meme he tagged you in funny, or even a simple “how’s your day” question.

Anything works for him as long as the conversation develops. One message leads to another and hours later, you’re still replying to each other.

I’m not saying you need to chat constantly for hours, but the important thing is to not let the regular communication stop. And that’s exactly what he wants from you.

He misses you badly every time you’re not around so chatting with you feels like a great way to fill that void. It’s a great opportunity for him to become a part of your day.

When your best friend asks you how your day’s been, you’ll probably let her know that you’ve been chatting with this one guy the whole time. And that’s exactly what he wants you to say.

You’re already a part of his life since he can’t stop thinking about you. He misses you like mad whenever you’re not around, even if you saw each other mere hours ago.

But he wants to be sure that you feel the same way about him. He wants you to like him the way he likes you – so much that he can’t go a day without hearing from you.

6. He wants to video chat with you

One of the possible signs he misses you when you’re not around is if he suggests video chatting. You may have exchanged some messages or he’s perhaps even given you a call, but he still feels the need to see your face.

He’s been thinking about you the whole day and the only way to finally feel happy is to see you. And the second best option to seeing you face-to-face is via video call.

He probably won’t openly tell you that the main reason he wants to video chat is so he could see your face. Instead, he’ll give you a lame excuse about how he hates texting or how he doesn’t think that phone calls are an efficient way of communication.

In reality, he simply wants to look at you and enjoy the view. It’s obvious that he misses you and is using every opportunity to catch a glimpse of your beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes.

7. He tries to keep the conversation going

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

The need for the conversation to continue can sometimes make him do weird things. So, if you find him texting you about the most random stuff, don’t be surprised.

It’s his way of putting in his best efforts so the communication continues flowing. It’s also an obvious sign he misses you when you’re not around.

If you’re in a hurry and you accidentally read his message without replying to him, he’ll probably send you some lame joke or start talking about a random topic just so you have something to reply to.

He doesn’t want you to stop texting him, so he’ll do his best to get you back glued to your phone.

To be honest, he doesn’t really care what the topic of conversation is as long as you’re the one he’s talking to. To him, that’s the most important thing.

8. He pays you surprise visits

Sometimes, he may tell you that he was close in the area and so decided to drop by with your favorite chocolate. Or he’ll bring you a freshly-picked bouquet of flowers.

To be honest, this usually means that he missed you badly and he needed to see you.

Knocking on your door randomly, without letting you know that he’ll drop by, would be weird. But telling you that he just happened to be in your neighborhood and thought to say hi sounds like a good enough excuse.

So, let him think that you believe his explanation, but bear in mind that it only shows that he can’t stop thinking about you.

9. He makes plans to meet with you

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

Another plain-as-day sign he misses you when you’re not around is if he always makes plans to meet with you. He’s the one who initiates spending time together and he genuinely shows interest in it.

You can easily tell that he’s not trying to buy you with words and pretend that he wants to hang out with you. Instead, he repeatedly plans dates and actually takes you out.

He’s always asking where you’d like to go next and if you have any wishes for what the two of you could do the next time. He puts in the effort and shows you that his intentions are real.

He’s not playing with your feelings, he actually wants to take you out over and over again – until you realize that the two of you are made for each other.

It’s obvious that you’re constantly on this guy’s mind. Even after spending a day with you, he’s already making plans for what you could do next.

This only goes to show that he misses you whenever you’re not around, so he does his best to make sure you spend as much memorable time together as possible.

10. He mentions you a lot to his friends and family

Have your mutual friends told you that he always talks about you when you’re not around? You become his only topic of interest and he can’t stop mentioning different things about you.

While he does that, you can see a spark in his eyes, and a smile spreads all over his face.

This could also be one of the signs he misses you when you’re not around. You’re the only person he always thinks about so he feels the need to constantly sing your praises.

He wants everyone to know how amazing you are and how much he likes you. It could be due to the fact that he doesn’t know how to admit that to you and so he needs to share his secret with someone. Or he’s secretly wishing that your mutual friends will get the word to you.

Whatever the case, it’s obvious that he likes you, and quite possibly even more than you think.

11. He drunk texts or dials you

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

We all know that being drunk makes you do things you would never do sober. So when he texts you telling you how much he misses your presence whenever you’re not around, it’s an obvious sign that he’s telling you the truth.

Deep down, he’s always wanted to tell you this but never had the guts.

Now that he’s had one too many drinks and the only person on his mind is you, it looks like he can’t make himself stop. He’s doing something he’s longed to do forever, even though he’ll probably regret it in the morning.

He may even call you just because typing a message right now feels like mission impossible. So, he’s found another solution to help him express his emotions.

When he wakes up the next day, he’ll realize what he’s done but it will already be too late. However, one part of him will feel relief as you’ll finally know what he’s been hiding on the inside for so long.

12. He gets jealous

When we’re talking about jealousy in relation to the signs he misses you when you’re not around, there’s one thing you should know.

The fact is that he probably won’t get jealous of other guys that are trying to flirt with you. He won’t go all green when you mention the name of your male coworker.

Instead, he’ll get jealous because other people have a chance to spend time with you and he can’t be around. He’ll get jealous that you’ll be out with your friends instead of spending time with him.

He knows that there’s no reason for him to feel this way as you can’t possibly always be around him. But at the same time, that’s the only thing he wants.

He wants to be with you, every second of his day. Because whenever he’s not, he realizes just how much he misses you.

So, if you notice a slight change in his voice when you tell him that you won’t be going out with him tonight, take that as a sign that he misses you when you’re not around. And that’s the only reason why he’s acting that way.

13. He texts you whenever something reminds him of you

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

Randomly, you get a message from him that says he thought about you when he heard your favorite song. Or he may text you some detail from a chat you had a few days ago as he realized that what you said was right.

This only goes to show that this guy can’t stop thinking about you. He misses you whenever you’re not around and these random text messages are an obvious sign of that.

He doesn’t send them with a clear intention to start a conversation. Instead, he wants you to know that he’s been thinking about you.

Let’s be clear. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t have a clue what your favorite song was. He wouldn’t be replaying any conversations the two of you had in his head. Instead, he’d forget about it faster than it happened.

But since he truly cares about you and you’re the only constant thought on his mind, moments like this will keep happening often.

He’ll text you every time something reminds him of you since he misses not having you around. And through simple texts like these, he’s actually trying to tell you that he’d like it if you were next to him.

14. He visits places where he knows you’ll be

This one is a little sneaky but it’s definitely one of the signs he misses you when you’re not around. Because he wants to see you, even from the distance, he’ll make sure to go to places where he’ll know you’ll be.

He knows where your favorite place to hang out is, so he’ll go there often since he knows there’s a good chance you’ll go there too.

If you realize that you always meet him at places he usually doesn’t visit, then you should know that it’s not a coincidence. He was intentional in his choice to go to these spots.

He desperately wants to be around you, he just doesn’t know how to make that happen. Maybe he’s a shy guy who doesn’t know how to act around women. This makes it hard for him to find a way to invite you out.

Or maybe he’s not sure whether or not you’re interested in him and he doesn’t want to put pressure on you.

At the same time, he can’t accept not seeing you so he does his best to still be around you, at least in your close proximity.

15. He remembers important dates

DONE! 15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

He misses you so badly that he thinks about you all the time. And since you’re constantly on his mind, he also makes sure to remember all of the important dates in your life.

He listens carefully to everything you tell him and memorizes your words. So, it’s only natural that he knows your birthday or what date you go and visit your friend abroad every year.

He also knows when you’re giving that big presentation on work and reminds you so you don’t forget about it. He remembers when that big family dinner you have coming up is and since he knows you’ll be nervous, he offers to give you a ride.

It’s obvious that this guy absorbs all of the details you share with him. He keeps them as treasures in his mind as a result of his constant thoughts about you.

Combine this sign with some of the previously mentioned ones and it’s obvious that he misses you when you’re not around. He does whatever he can to become a part of your life because that’s the only thing that’ll make him the happiest man in the world.

Who knows, maybe he’ll finally have the courage to tell you how he actually feels about you and get a chance to make his biggest wish come true.

15 Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around (But Is Quiet About It)

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