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14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams

14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams

It’s a very romantic idea to find short bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

Does your girlfriend have trouble sleeping without you by her side? If you’re away from each other when it’s time to sleep, it’s a great idea to read some of the short bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

I am always sad when I need to sleep without my boyfriend when he’s on a business trip, and he came up with the idea to read me short romantic bedtime stories.

At first, we thought it was a little silly, but after hearing short romantic bedtime stories for the first time, I got hooked! I loved hearing his voice, and it made me feel like he was there with me.

Still, you don’t have to be away from your soulmate to read her short bedtime stories for your girlfriend! It works perfectly well even when you end up sleeping together afterward.

I now ask my boyfriend to read me short bedtime stories for my girlfriend whenever he’s in the mood! It makes me sleep better, and I always end up having the sweetest dreams about my own Prince Charming.

14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams

The thing is, girls, grow up listening to bedtime stories, so it’s nice to be reminded of simpler times and goodnight stories for your girlfriend are a perfect way to make sure she’ll dream of you.

We have prepared a big collection of cute bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend, but let them inspire you to come up with something by yourself.

Add any detail from your relationship when you’re reading the goodnight stories to your girlfriend, and she’ll be amazed.

Cute bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend are a perfect way to strengthen the bond you have. When you look into your girlfriend’s eyes, you’ll see that she wants you to tell her a love story that’s equally amazing as the one the two of you have.

She needs to hear the part where they lived happily ever after because that’s what she’s hoping the ending of your love story will be.

Short bedtime stories for a girlfriend almost always have a happy ending, and you can add your own by telling her that it’s how your story will end.

Does your girlfriend complain that she can’t fall asleep without you there? Call her, and wish her goodnight with one of these short bedtime stories for her girlfriend.

She’ll know that you’re the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for when she hears the sound of your voice while you read short bedtime stories for girlfriend.

After all, we girls grow up listening to fairy tales, and we dream of living in one, so make your loved one’s life a fairy tale by reading her these short bedtime stories for girlfriend.

Short bedtime stories for girlfriend

14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams

1. Truth or dare

A popular and handsome college boy was dared to ask a silent and fair-complexion girl for the prom.

He couldn’t win the dare at that time, but later, he won the heart of that girl.

That dare game allowed him to uncover the sweetest aspects of that sweet and silent girl.

He fell in love with her, and it took him 5 years to propose to that girl. Finally, she said yes!

2. Love Against All Odds

When a young student of a Catholic Church asked her teacher about the reasons why she decided to become a religious sister, her teacher told her a heartwarming love story.

Many years ago, when she was at a similar age, the teacher (let’s call her Ms. Patterson) fell in love with a young man from a wealthy family.

The two began seeing each other and quickly developed a deep connection.

Unfortunately, the young man’s family was not at all in agreement with the relationship.

They even threatened to enroll their son at a university far away overseas. As Ms. Patterson came from a poor background, she couldn’t possibly have afforded to go with him at the time.

This meant that if they wanted to continue the relationship, they would be separated from each other, whether they wanted to or not.

But they both had fallen so in love with each other that ending the relationship – no matter in what way – was not an option. For this reason, they decided to run away.

In great secrecy, they planned their escape and set these plans into action, until the young man’s family finally found out about it. But instead of quickly returning back home after running away, the two never went back.

They joined the church, took holy orders, and began traveling the world for various humanitarian missions.

The two spent 40 years traveling and even got married, shortly before the man’s life came to an end.


3. Worthy Relationship

Once upon a time, a father put his daughter on his shoulders as they were walking through a big crowd.

The daughter would point her finger at every couple that was holding hands and would yell to her daddy that he and her mother did the same. She asked him what was so special about holding hands.

He said: “The special thing about it is that people don’t want to let go of someone who means so much to them. Just like I’m holding you on my shoulders so I don’t lose you.”

The little girl got curious and asked her father if she’ll also hold hands with a guy one day. He said that the very moment she feels like someone’s hand was keeping her safe and not harming her, she was going to be happy.

She chucked and said that her mummy must be very happy to have him. What he didn’t tell her is that he was so happy to be in a relationship worthy of such love and respect, where he felt blessed to keep them both safe.

4. The Secret To Happiness

Everyone wants to know the secret to happiness and a little girl called Aria thought that she found it.

Aria would look at the way her parents would dance around their home every single day and she would smile at the sight. Even when they would talk, they would always speak with a smile on their faces.

She thought that her parents were the secret to happiness and as she grew older there was nothing that could’ve proved her otherwise. Until, one day, her chest felt like it would explode.

At the age of 20, Aria wasn’t even able to sleep at night. She would toss and turn around her bed until the morning rays of sunlight told her that it was time to start her day.

That’s when she realized that her brain was preoccupied with the thoughts of a boy. Even her parents saw a smile that didn’t leave her face.

Whenever the boy would give her his attention, whenever he would tell her jokes or would wave at her from the other side of the room, her heart would skip a beat. The happiness she felt was enormous.

That’s when she realized that love was the secret to happiness. She loved him and he loved her.

So they chose to make each other happy for the rest of their days.

Short romantic bedtime stories

14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams

5. A Dozen Flowers

When people thought of her husband, they always saw a hardworking man. What they didn’t know was that she was unhappy in their marriage.

She didn’t want the money, she just wanted him to be next to her. She wanted to fall asleep in his arms and to wake up by his side, but he would work day and night.

At one point, he didn’t even come home anymore so she started thinking that he no longer loves her. She even thought that he had someone else to whom he gave all of his attention.

On their wedding anniversary, he found her crying on the floor. She thought that he forgot, but he took her hand gently and told her to follow him.

His hands never left her waist after that, he hugged her the entire way, even when he told her to close her eyes. Then, he told her to look and the sight took her breath away.

There, right in front of her, was a field of flowers spreading as wide as her eyes could see. Once she started to cry again he kissed her gently and told her: “Our love is just as beautiful as the flowers that you see in front of us. I know that, when winter comes, you doubt that it will ever sprout again, but with a little bit of work everything is possible.”

She knew what he meant. All she had to do is to never give up on their love, just like he didn’t give up until he planted and grew all of those beautiful flowers for her.

The dozens of flowers were meant to represent their hard work. Now, they’re going to live their life growing those flowers as a token of their undying love.

6. Fairy-Tale Romance After All These Years

Life had changed for me. I never realized it. Moonlight walk changed into late-night strategy workshops.

Candlelight dinner turned into business meetings. Sweet and short phone calls from her transformed into long-hour teleconferences.

Gifts were no longer a priority now – there should be some tangible return from whatever we invest, after all.

Spending even 5 dollars on a bouquet for Valentine’s Day seemed meaningless – you would lose at least half an hour searching for a parking space downtown.

Overall, there was no respite from the hectic office and future planning.

Whenever she, in a very mild attempt, tried to express her feelings, I had the predefined answer, “These all are for us only, darling,” and she’d be quiet for another month or so.

Recently, I had to go to Holland on a business trip for a week. I was working on an important assignment.

I didn’t have even five minutes to talk to my parents, who traveled more than fifteen hundred miles just to meet us. I called her to inform her that I had to leave that evening.

It was not new to her. It happened many times, and every time, in the evening, I found her standing at the door, smiling, with my suitcase packed with all the necessary stuff.

I checked in to Crown Inn in Eindhoven. It was 3 PM. I wanted to rehearse my presentation before I met senior management.

I was sure that she would have kept the file. In the past, she never missed what I needed, never ever.

But I could not control my anger. I opened my leather-cased Samsonite, and the file was not there!!!

I took out or rather threw clothes one by one on the lush floor of Crown Inn.

“Here it is! Phewwww… what a relief!” I sighed. I knew she never missed even my meticulous taste and never-ending petty demands. And for this important file, I had specifically reminded her.

I opened the file. There was a pink envelope, something similar to what we used to exchange, a long time ago, before our marriage.

Those days, love notes were not made on the internet. It had been more than twelve years.

I opened the envelope. It had our family photo with her and our two little ones. We all were smiling.

There was a pink greeting card with a red heart printed on it. Inside the card, it read, “Miss you, my dear Teddy Bear.”

On my return to Schiphol Airport, after many years, I purchased something for her… just for her… a pair of diamond earrings. I was missing her badly, as never before.


7. Best Of The Best

A girl asked her boyfriend if she was pretty or not?

The boyfriend replied, no, you are not pretty.

The girl asked whether he wants to be with her forever or not?

The boy answered NO.

The girl asked in a sorrowful voice, “Will you become sad if I leave you?”

The boy said, “No, why would I be sad for you!”

His answers were very disappointing for the girl.

Her eyes were wet with tears, and she started walking away.

Meanwhile, the boy grabbed her arm and requested her to stay because he wanted to say something.

He said, you are not just pretty, you are the most beautiful woman on this planet.

Moving further, he said you are my need – the need is far beyond want!

Lastly, he smiled and said, I will not become sad if you are not with me because to be sad you need to be alive – I will die if you are not with me because you are a mandatory part of my life and I can’t expect to live a moment without you.

Source: Klames’ Quotes

Cute bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend

14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams

8. An abundance of love

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl was in love with her neighbor. Her neighbor didn’t come from a rich family as she did, but he was still the love of her life.

Her parents didn’t like him so she would sneak out to play with him and tell him jokes, while he would listen to every word she had to say. One day, she came over and he wasn’t anywhere to be found.

He didn’t come the day after that and after a week her little heart was broken because her love didn’t want to see her anymore. She promised herself that she’ll try just one more time, she’ll give him one more chance.

He was waiting for her, impatiently calling her over to show her something. She was mad at him but she was also happy that he came.

What she saw next made her forget about her anger completely. He showed her a treehouse that he made for them.

He said that if the world wasn’t going to make a home for them, then he would create a home where they could love each other unconditionally.

That’s when she realized that even though he had so little, he had an abundance of love. And that’s all that she needed.

9. The Portrait Of Love And Devotion

It was the year 1975, when Charlotte von Schedvin, a 19-year-old student of a Swedish royal family, traveled to India to get a portrait made by a gifted artist.

The artist was born into a poor Indian family of the lowest caste, also known as the “untouchables.” Despite the incredibly difficult circumstances, the artist, named Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia, had gained an outstanding reputation for being a gifted painter.

His reputation led Charlotte to travel all the way to India to get her portrait done.

By the time the portrait was finished, the two had fallen in love.

Pradyumna was fascinated with Charlotte’s beauty. Never before had he seen a more beautiful woman from the Western world.

He gave his best to capture all her beauty in the portrait, yet never fully succeeded.

Nonetheless, the portrait was magnificent, and Charlotte fell for his simplicity and beautiful character.

Because of him, she spontaneously decided to stay longer in India. A couple of days became weeks, and then even months.

The two had fallen so deeply in love that they decided to get married according to traditional Indian rituals.

Unfortunately, the time came when Charlotte had to leave again in order to complete her studies in London.

Thousands of miles separated the two, but their feelings for each other never changed.

They stayed in contact through letters, which they exchanged almost weekly.

Naturally, the newlyweds struggled terribly with the great distance between them.

Charlotte offered to buy her husband air tickets, which he refused.

He had not only decided to complete his studies first, but he had also set his mind on reuniting with the love of his life on his own terms.

He even made her the promise that he would do anything he could to see her again.

After Pradyumna had finished his studies, he took all his possessions and sold them.

Unfortunately, the money he earned didn’t even come close to a flight ticket.

All he could afford was a cheap and used bicycle. Many would have been greatly disappointed; some would have even given up.

But not Pradyumna.

Instead of allowing the difficult circumstances to stop him from seeing his beloved wife again, he decided to use what he had in order to see her again.

Nothing could stop him from reuniting with her, even if that meant an exhausting bicycle ride halfway across the world.

His decision was the beginning of a bicycle journey from India to the Western world.

Pradyumna took all his paintings and brushes along with him in order to financially support his endeavor.

His voyage led him through eight countries and took more than four months.

But eventually, he arrived at Charlotte’s hometown in Sweden and finally saw her again. From then on, the two never left each other’s side for too long.

10. Last Hug

What would you do if the love of your life was very sick?

That’s exactly what his love had to endure. Her life was a long list of diseases and whatever happened she couldn’t get better. Chronic illnesses do that to a person.

They would meet in hospital rooms or would video chat for hours. What he didn’t know was that she wasn’t getting any better, even though she would fake a smile every time she saw him.

Because of her condition and her blood type, there wasn’t a suitable person to donate a heart to her, but she was hopeful. Maybe, one day, there would be someone else’s heart in her chest to love him just as much as hers did.

The one thing she never wanted to tell him was that he was her perfect match. He submitted his application to be her donor, but she decided that she couldn’t let that happen.

Instead of letting him do this, she told him to visit her in the hospital. He told her that she was getting a new heart and that he would always be with her.

While he was hugging her, she told him one last time that she loved him. All at once, her body became heavier and she released her last breath.

In the letter she left behind she told him that she loved him enough to end their suffering. She couldn’t live without him and she hopes he’ll forgive her for making him live without her.

Goodnight stories for your girlfriend

14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams

11. The Cloak Of Love And Light

Dae was the sun, and Knight was a curious man. Knight noticed Dae shining as brilliantly as diamonds on fire in the sky.

He was in awe of her warm glow and adored her from the earth. She was so bright that it hurt his eyes to gaze upon her directly.

Dae loved Knight, too. She noticed the effort he made to admire her and wished for him to be close to her.

He could never look at her nor reach for her without being in great pain! She was so bright!

It made Dae sorrowful to know her glow was painful to her Knight. Yet, she was the sun; she provided the earth with warmth and light.

It was in her nature to shine, and there was no other way for her to be less sun. Their love was tragic yet true.

They both wished for the same thing, to hold each other and love together for eternity, but they could not as it caused them both great discomfort.

Knight was very clever. He decided to craft armor made of his devotion to Dae to shield himself from her mighty fire.

He thought, “That I may safely reach out to Dae without being burned to ash nor blinded by her wonderful touch.” Surely, this material would withstand her powerful being, and they could finally be together.

Dae watched Knight toil diligently over the armor. At long last, he came to Dae after his beautiful, gleaming armor was crafted.

She eagerly reached out to him, but she melted his armor in just a moment! “Oh, no!” she exclaimed.

She hadn’t meant to do this! Knight was taken aback and disappointed that his armor was so easily destroyed, but he still adored her.

However, Dae was also upset that her touch had caused him so much grief. Their love was tragic yet true.

They both wished for the same thing, to hold and love each other for all time, but they could not be together as it caused them both discomfort.

No matter to Knight. He used his enormous heart to fashion himself a cloak made of his love for Dae.

It was the strongest material ever made all of the time! Surely, this time, the cloak would withstand her mighty touch, and they could finally be together.

Knight then covered himself with the cloak and went to Dae once more.

He was a man in love, determined to hold Dae close to him. When she saw him in the cloak, she was overcome with joy and shone brighter than ever.

This made Knight nervous. The cloak was very delicate. He was unsure if it would be destroyed by her intense rays.

He reached out to her anyway. Then, something magical happened!

They were able to finally hold each other!

Knight gave her happiness, and she wished to return that joy to him. The cloak allowed them to be close!

She asked him if he would like to become the moon. He joyfully accepted!

For some time, they stayed close to each other, though his light was pale in comparison to her wondrous glow.

When he became the moon, the beings of earth were in awe of him. Knight was very kind, and he loved Dae very much, so he would never ask her to shine less than him.

He asked her if she would like to try on his cloak instead.

Dae was delighted that he would offer his lovely cloak to be wrapped around her celestial body, so she agreed.

When Dae put on the cloak, something amazing happened! The space around her was immediately draped with darkness.

Neither of them expected that! But, the beings of earth fell in love with Knight!

And they began to sing and praise him as they had praised Dae.

When Dae saw this, she loved Knight even more, if it were possible! They remained this way for some time.

However, the earth was getting sick without Dae’s warmth and light.

She made Knight aware of this, and he became sad because he knew his pale light was not enough in comparison to the gift her brilliance gave the earth.

Knight was very intelligent. He knew that without the earth, he would receive no praise from the beings who lived there.

He had compassion for them as he was once a mortal human himself.

So, Knight and Dae made a promise to each other. Dae would wear Knight’s cloak for a short time so that they both could shine in their own way for those who loved them most.

Dae and Knight love each other so much, they take turns wearing Knight’s cloak made of his pure love for her.

Dae shines always, and Knight is always close to her, proving his devotion and love.

Just as they had wanted all along. No more did they suffer.

Their love is true, but no longer tragic.


12. Best smile

There was a girl who never smiled because life wasn’t nice to her.

She went through a lot and nothing seemed to create any happiness anymore. She would try to form a smile when someone would approach her, but even then she knew it looked fake.

One day, she met a guy who made it his mission to show her how beautiful life can be. He took her everywhere with him because there was a lot that she can see. He would tell her jokes to make her smile and day after day she saw the beauty of the world.

Whenever he would see her smile he thought that she had the nicest smile in the entire world. He saw that she still had a hard time, but he would never stop trying to make her laugh.

They were watching the sunset together when he leaned over to kiss the dimple on her cheek and told her that she had the most beautiful smile in the world. She turned to him and told him that the world was beautiful, but his company was the reason for her happiness.

The boy leaned over to kiss her lips and told her that her smile tasted even better than it looked.

13. Like or Love

A girl fell in love with a sweet-looking boy.

One day, the girl asked him, “Do you like me?”

He said, “No, I don’t like you.”

It was a shocking answer for the girl because she was expecting something totally different.

Her eyes filled with tears, and she just couldn’t help to stare at him.

The boy passed a sweet smile, gently held her hand, and replied, “I don’t like you because I am in love with you.”

14. The best list

Once a girl asked her boyfriend about the reason behind his love and affection for her.

He was a bit surprised by such strange asking!

At first, he tried to avoid this question because he doesn’t want to be so specific.

But, his girlfriend was insisting on getting an answer.

He remained silent for a moment, and then he picked a blank paper and a pen and started writing something on the paper.

The girl was very curious about his writing, but she decided not to interrupt him.

A few minutes later, the boy handed over that paper to her with a smile and replied, “I have mentioned 100 reasons in this paper that compel me to love you, you have to mention just 1 reason why I shouldn’t love you!”

14 Short Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams
14 Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend For The Sweetest Dreams 7

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