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37 Lovely Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try in 2024

37 Lovely Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try in 2024

Prom night is more than just an event—it’s a cherished rite of passage. As anticipation builds, finding the perfect dress and accessories is just the beginning. Your hairstyle can make or break your look, especially with the enviable length that offers endless styling possibilities.

Whether you’re dreaming of elegant updos, cascading curls, or intricate braids, we’ve curated a list of 37 stunning prom hairstyles for long hair that are guaranteed to turn heads in 2024.

Get ready to be inspired by these gorgeous looks that blend timeless elegance with contemporary trends, ensuring you step into your prom night with confidence and style.

1. Hair tiara

If the idea of wearing a tiara for your prom look doesn’t appeal to you, consider choosing a hairstyle that echoes its elegance. Smooth out the front of your hair and let soft waves cascade downward, creating a splendid, princess-like appearance.

2. Elegant ponytail

Twist two strands of hair on each side and tie them to create a mesmerizing, curly ponytail that complements the rest of your hair and its big waves. Use pearls as an accessory for an extra touch of regal beauty.

3. Soft waves with bangs

This prom hairstyle for long hair radiates refined charm through its gentle waves and strands delicately secured with a gleaming hairpin. Beautiful wavy bangs adorn the front, enhancing your look with an additional touch of grace.

4. Prom braid ponytail

If you prefer a messy yet enchanting hairstyle, embrace your natural waves while fashioning two strands of hair into captivating braids, creating a sweet, feminine allure. These braids seamlessly transition into a ponytail, adding a hint of chaotic elegance to your look.

5. Fair maiden prom look

20 Lovely Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try in 2024
Credit: updosbykaraa

Transport yourself to another era with this captivating prom hairstyle for long hair. It effortlessly enhances your feminine allure and grace. Create gentle waves starting from the midsection and delicately curl select strands, intertwining them to evoke the timeless elegance of a bygone princess.

6. Glamorous prom look

For a truly glamorous look at your prom, opt for this hairstyle. Artfully twist sections of your hair at the front, while elegantly arranging the remaining strands into a sophisticated updo reminiscent of iconic styles from the 20th century.

7. Crown braid

For a charming yet simple prom hairstyle for long hair, consider this one: a wavy ponytail with a hint of messiness, enhanced by twisted strands intertwined with the waves. Soft bangs delicately frame the face, while a lush braid crowns the style, adding an extra touch of beauty.

8. Sweet bangs

8. Sweet bangs
Credit: jesstobeauty

Frame your face with adorable bangs left in the front, delicately twisted to add an elegant flair. Gather the remaining hair into a tousled bun, adding extra curls to enhance its charming appeal.

9. A medieval touch

20 Lovely Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try in 2024
Credit: fisalonspa

Transport yourself back in time with this stunning prom hairstyle for long hair. Embrace your natural hair texture, adding subtle waves to the ends for an effortlessly authentic look. For a nostalgic nod to the past, weave sections of your hair into a beautiful braided bun, evoking timeless elegance.

10. Textured bun

10. Textured bun
Credit: lelo_artistry

Enhance your face makeup and dress with this stunning textured bun. Positioned elegantly atop your head, it allows a few tendrils to fall freely, delicately twisted to infuse a hint of feminine charm.

11. A simple elegance

Fashion a sophisticated low-side bun with a gentle twirl at the ends. Allow one strand of hair to gracefully fall in the front, enhancing the overall elegance of the look.

12. Princess vibes

Create gorgeous curls throughout your hair, then gradually gather and secure them with a stylish hair clip at the ends. Enhance this princess ponytail with an array of adorable flowers in different sizes, adding a sprinkle of magic to your look.

13. Gyspophilia ornament

If a tousled bun is your style, consider this one—softly curled strands intertwine with three delicate gypsophila vines, adding a touch of elegance to the bun.

14. Decorative strands of hair

Take three thick strands of hair and tie each in the middle without using a hair clip. This will create a layered bun, with three gentle strands cascading elegantly down the back as ornate accents.

15. Bun with a floral hair clip

Here’s another example of a textured bun adorning the crown. Enhance it with a chic hair clip and add curled strands at the front to elevate the elegance even further.

16. Hollywood waves

Choose glamorous Hollywood waves to channel your inner star. Sweep your hair to one side, allowing it to cascade gracefully, accentuating your iconic allure.

17. Sleek ponytail

If you’re drawn to creative prom hairstyles for long hair, consider a sleek ponytail. Leave a portion to drape elegantly in the front, freeing one side to showcase your earrings and facial features. The remaining hair cascades to the back, adding a sophisticated allure.

18. Bubble braid

For an enchanting and whimsical vibe, consider selecting a bubble braid adorned with intricate flower vines. This elegant hairstyle will truly transform you into a vision of ethereal beauty, akin to a gentle fairy gracing the occasion with her presence.

19. Glowing prom hair

20 Lovely Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try in 2024
Credit: jenyy.mua

Opt for natural-looking waves and embellish them with scattered crystals throughout your hair to infuse a touch of enchantment. This simple yet charming prom hairstyle for long hair exudes elegance.

20. Low ponytail

This hairstyle offers a ponytail that embodies effortless simplicity and is a breeze to put together. If you prefer styles that are uncomplicated yet enchanting, this is perfect for you.

21. Updo hairstyle with frontal ponytail

This updo hairstyle features a textured bun positioned atop the head with wisps of hair cascading down the back. Additionally, curls adorn the left side, adding an extra touch of charm.

22. Classy side-swept hair

22. Classy side swept hair
Credit: glambystephi

Opt for a side-swept hairstyle to achieve a look of timeless elegance, especially when it showcases luxurious and voluminous waves. Elevate the glamor by adorning the swept side with decorative elements, adding an extra touch of enchantment to your overall appearance.

23. Half up, half down

Here’s another delightful variation of the half up, half down hairstyle. Picture the entirety of your hair styled with soft, flowing waves, complemented by a select few strands that delicately frame the front, enhancing the overall elegance of the look.

24. Effortless beauty

24. Effortles beauty
Credit: ghdhair_anz

For an effortlessly chic appearance, consider opting for this twisted bun hairstyle, accentuated by curling a single strand of hair to give an additional touch of charm.

25. Braided bun

Create braids of varying sizes throughout your long hair to achieve a unique and creative prom hairstyle. Fashion these braids into a stunning bun and embellish them with vibrant, colorful butterflies for an enchanting finishing touch.

26. Braid twist

Craft your braids and weave them into a stunning three-layered bun. Enhance the elegance with the addition of two shimmering hair clips, infusing a touch of glamour into the final look.

27. Lines of glitter

Wave your hair, ensuring that the front section is adorned with glitter of various sizes, creating a radiant glow that elevates your prom look to a new level of beauty.

28. Messy bun

28. Messy bun
Credit: alexgaboury

Here’s another example of a tousled bun, adding a touch of sophistication to your appearance while complementing your outfit and jewelry.

29. Frizzy prom hairstyle

20 Lovely Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try in 2024
Credit: hair.bycheryl

For those in search of a polished yet subtly undone aesthetic, this frizzy hairstyle offers a compelling option. Its understated waves exude elegance, while the gently upturned top adds a touch of vintage allure.

30. Sleek low-side bun

For a truly sophisticated look, choose this low-side bun, embellished with delicately twisted strands atop it, enhancing its elegant allure. Let a small strand of hair gracefully cascade down for an added touch of refinement.

31. Chic waves

Allow the luxurious waves to cascade down your back, with no hair framing the front, allowing your jewelry and facial features to take center stage.

32. Double twist

32. Double twist
Credit: bnstylin

Craft lush waves and double-twist sections of your hair to achieve a truly charming, feminine look.

33. Complementary ornament

Create a charming ponytail using braids and voluminous waves at the ends for a radiant appearance. Enhance it with decorations that complement the braids, adding a unique charm and beauty to the overall style.

34. Side braids

Fashion stunning side braids and use them to create a beautiful, wavy ponytail. This prom hairstyle for long hair is sure to turn heads.

35. Invisible braid

This exquisite bubble braid, delicately nestled among the gorgeous curls, quietly enhances the overall beauty of your prom look.

36. Cute black bows

Part your hair in the middle and adorn it with two black bows, one small and one large. This enchanting touch will transform you into a princess for your prom night.

37. Hairpin on the side

Gently shift your hair part to the right side, and adorn the left with a sizable hairpin that adds a radiant sparkle, elevating your prom look to dazzling heights.

As you prepare for one of the most unforgettable nights of your high school experience, your hairstyle should reflect your personality and complement your overall look. With these 37 stunning prom hairstyles for long hair, you have a treasure trove of inspiration to ensure you shine on your special night.

So, pick your favorite, practice ahead of time, and get ready to dazzle the crowd. Here’s to a magical prom night where you feel as fabulous as you look!

37 Lovely Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try in 2024

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