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17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game

17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game

Elevate your hair game with these 17 trendy bubble braids that are perfect for anyone looking to add a playful twist to their hairstyle.

If you appreciate classic braids but find them time-consuming or challenging to create, bubble braids offer a stylish and approachable alternative. Even if you can manage a basic ponytail, you’ll master bubble braids effortlessly!

Without further ado, discover how to effortlessly enhance your look with these chic and easy-to-create styles.

1. Bubble ponytail

17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game
Credit: eliaraadelia

Just put all of your hair in a high ponytail, then take a few elastics in the same color as your hair and tie sections throughout the ponytail.

They’ll make your hair puff out, and you can place them as close together as you like or a bit further apart for a bigger bubbly effect. It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

2. Fun ladder and bubble braids

Ladder braids combine elements of waterfall and French braids to create a fun and unique hairstyle. You can enhance these ladder braids by incorporating amazing bubble braids, which add volume and dimension to your hair.

Get ready to turn heads with this hairstyle, as your hair will look incredibly interesting to those around you!

3. Colorful bubble braids

17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game
credit: _beautymark_

If you are brave enough to go for a bolder look then add some color to your usual bubble braids. This simple step will instantly give your hairstyle a fresh and exciting new look.

If you prefer not to dye your hair, you can always choose colorful extensions to blend with your natural hair. This hair style is wonderfully carefree and fun!

4. Amazing bubble pigtails

On the other hand, if you just want to add a subtle change to your straight hair, you can opt for two little bubble-braid pigtails on each side of your head, leaving the rest of the hair as usual.

This hairstyle will add volume to your hair and create movement around your face. For an extra fancy touch, leave the front two strands to fall effortlessly around your face, beautifully framing it.

5. Impressive bubble hairstyle

17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game
Credit: jecey_254

This picture shows how naturally curly hair can look brilliant with a head full of bubble braids. These braids will help control your curls and keep them off your face, resulting in a polished and stylish look.

To elevate your look even further, consider adding gorgeous hair rings on top of the elastics. This addition will make your bubble braids really stand out.

6. Gorgeous bridal bubble braids

Gorgeous bridal bubble braids
Credit: salonj.raine

Bubble braids can be an excellent choice for your wedding day. They pair beautifully with loose waves and you can enhance the style by adding gypsophila flowers for a feminine and romantic touch.

With bubble braids, your hair will stay secure all day, giving you peace of mind without any worries. It’s an effortless yet very elegant hairstyle.

7. Simple and easy

Two tiny bubble braids framing your face create a perfect accent and make your hair truly eye-catching. This hairstyle is simple yet stylish, and best of all, it’s easy to do yourself.

This hairstyle is perfect for hot summer days when you want to keep your hair away from your face, especially for music festivals or beach parties.

8. Pink and romantic

Pink and romantic
Credit: the_braid_bar

You can elevate your usual ponytail with a simple bubble braid adorned with adorable pink bows. These bows are strategically placed to create the desired puffiness for this hairstyle.

This hairdo is wonderfully romantic, thanks to the sweet bow details, and it’s easy to pair with your everyday outfits.

9. Fiery red

If you want to be noticed anywhere you go, fiery red hair with some simple bubble braids is the way to go!

I can’t decide what’s better—the bold red hair color or the cute bubble braids as a perfect contrast to it. Either way, I think this hairstyle is something you’ll definitely want to rock in 2024!

10. Trendy bubble braids

I cannot stress this enough—bubble braids are a hair trend you definitely want to follow!

They have a carefree yet stylish look and pair well with all your summer outfits, whether it’s simple jeans shorts and a white tee or your cute summer dresses.

Put on your favorite sunglasses and you’re ready to go!

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11. Sweet spring hairstyle

For a more romantic look, grab some ’90s and 2000s small butterfly hair clips and arrange them around your bubble braids.

You’ll instantly elevate your hair to a new level and make it more attention-grabbing. Plus, it doesn’t get any lovelier than this!

12. Pretty but twisted

Another fun way to create bubble braids is to start by putting your hair in a ponytail, then take sections of your hair and twist them towards the ends, securing each twist with elastics.

After you’ve done that, gently puff your hair with your hands to add volume, and there you have it—a pretty and fun hairdo that you’ll want to rock immediately!

13. Dragon and bubble braids

17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game
Credit: artetrancas

For those who don’t know, dragon braids are essentially ponytails that intertwine with each other, as shown in the picture above.

To make them stand out more, secure them with gold hair rings and puff out the braids for a bubble-braid effect. For added flair, consider adding some extra braids around for a fun and interesting look.

14. Interesting and playful

For a playful touch, consider adding some color to your bubble braids. Pastel colors are perfect for a summery look!

Plus, mixing a few braiding techniques is a unique and captivating way to add a twist to the usual bubble braids. Whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong! These styles are just so interesting to look at!

15. Bubble braids for curls

If you are lucky to be one of those curly-haired girls who want to spice up her curls, you can always opt for bubble braids, as well.

Start doing them from the top of your head and work your way down for more volume and control over your locks. Leave a few strands hanging around for a face-framing effect.

16. Effortless bubbly braid inspo

This has to be the easiest bubble braid hairstyle to do. Section your hair into two and make high pigtails at the back of your head.

After creating the high pigtails, take a few headbands and tie them around as you wish, and you’ll have perfect bubble braids to rock all day long.

17. Cool everyday hairstyle

17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game
Credit: studioo_flay

If you have long hair that you want to tame, bubble braids are the perfect solution for you. As shown in this picture, start with classic braids at the top of the head to move the hair away from the face, and then seamlessly transition into bubble braids for a stylish look.

This everyday look will bring a fresh and lively vibe to your long hair.

So, don’t miss out on trying bubble braids this year. With their effortless DIY appeal and stunning appearance, they’re sure to add a touch of magic to your hairstyle game!

17 Cool Bubble Braids To Level Up Your Hair Game

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