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How To Swallow Your Pride In A Relationship

How To Swallow Your Pride In A Relationship

Pride helps us set boundaries, but sometimes those boundaries are brick walls that separate us from being happily in love. Pride in a relationship can make it harder for us to enjoy the love we have because we are too scared of getting hurt and use pride as a shield which makes it hard for us to love freely.

But what are we defending ourselves from? Our partner is not our enemy. But you are treating your partner as an enemy if you are defending yourself from his efforts to get closer to you, to get to know you and understand you. You might think that being proud in a relationship is your way of making sure you won’t get hurt but what you are actually doing is choosing pride over love.

Too much pride can cause you to lose someone who is trying to get close to you, so you need to learn how to put pride aside in a relationship in order to finally experience the joys of love. The truth is, pride might be protecting you from getting hurt, but it’s doing so by not letting you experience love.

And yes, sometimes trusting too much gets you hurt, but if you want to give love a chance, you must stop choosing pride over love and understand why pride is bad in a relationship. Of course, you aren’t going to let anyone walk all over you, but there are moments when you need to put your pride aside in order to save your relationship.

You have to consider a man’s pride in a relationship because if he is too proud to take the first step, and you are too, your relationship is going to fail just because you both have too much pride and have chosen pride over love.

The fear of getting hurt is, after all, only a fear, and why are you so afraid? Love isn’t for everyone, but the brave ones make it work. So you have to find the courage in you to overcome your fears and put pride aside when it comes to love.

Are you too proud to admit when you are wrong? This could create serious problems in your relationship. It’s important that you apologize when you are wrong, and not after a few years but right away. You have to learn how to swallow your pride in a relationship if you want it to work out.

Men’s pride in relationships causes them to risk their relationships just because they don’t want to come off as weak. A real man knows what’s important and doesn’t want to risk it to make an impression on his friends just because he is too proud to dedicate himself to a girl.

Pride in a relationship

How To Swallow Your Pride In A Relationship 1

To learn how to deal with pride in a relationship, you first need to find out what the signs of pride in a relationship are and learn how to recognize them in order to fix your behavior. You must understand that there is such a thing as too much pride, and before you let it ruin your relationship, you should try to put pride aside and give love a chance.

Read on to discover all the signs of pride in a relationship and let me explain to you how swallowing your pride in a relationship can only make it better.

7 signs of pride in a relationship

1. You don’t want to admit when you’re wrong

Not being able to admit when you are wrong is one of the signs of pride in a relationship which will definitely create problems. The inability to say you’re sorry makes you look immature and gives the impression that you don’t respect your partner.

All in all, you might not feel bad, but you do look bad when you aren’t able to admit when you are wrong, and with that behavior, you are risking your relationship because people tend to avoid people who are not capable of admitting their mistakes.

2. You don’t want to admit when you have failed

As I said before, people are afraid of coming off as weak, especially men, and by admitting you have failed, you think that you will look weak. But you have to understand that pride and relationships don’t work together, and if he loves you, he won’t think any less of you just because you have failed.

Instead, he will be there to support you and help you get back on the horse. And that is precisely why you need to learn how to overcome pride in a relationship so you could experience the joy of having someone care for you no matter what.

Everyone fails from time to time, and it only helps them grow and learn from their experiences. The only time failure is a problem is when you are too proud to admit it.

3. You don’t want to listen to what others have to say

How To Swallow Your Pride In A Relationship 2

Your pride is actually making you seem egocentric because you are acting like your feelings and thoughts are the only ones that matter, and it’s making you unable to see things from different perspectives.

You get so caught up in your own ideas that you aren’t listening to anyone else’s, and this is hurting your partner because you don’t see things from his perspective and don’t listen to what he has to say.

4. You don’t want to speak the truth

Pride in a relationship causes problems because people who are too proud tend to avoid the truth, and pride is making them lie and hide the facts. But the truth is bound to come out at some point, so are you really willing to wait for when it’s too late?

Your reasons for hiding the truth will also be revealed once your partner finds out the truth, and this is exactly why you need to learn how to deal with pride in a relationship. Remember that a wise man once said that it’s always the best choice to tell the truth to everyone because that way you don’t have to remember what you said to whom.

5. You don’t want to ask for help

Are you one of those people who thinks asking for help is a sign of vulnerability and weakness? You are simply too proud, and it’s causing you to want to do everything on your own, and when that is not an option, you feel you’re not strong enough. But you need to understand that everyone had to ask for help at some point in their lives, even the strongest and most successful people wouldn’t have gotten so far if they hadn’t asked for help when they needed it.

You even seem silly when you don’t ask for help because you are trying to tackle too much at once and do everything on your own, which is impossible. This might even cause you to fail, which you could avoid just by asking someone you care about for a helping hand. And I am sure that they would gladly lend you assistance without thinking any less of you.

This is why pride in a relationship is bad, and your partner might even actually want you to ask him for help sometimes in order to feel needed.

6. You don’t want to do what is good for you out of spite

How To Swallow Your Pride In A Relationship 3

You probably think you know everything, and similar to not wanting to ask for help or listen to others, you refuse to acknowledge when someone has a better idea than you, even if it could help you. You simply avoid doing things that you know would be good for you, just because the idea came from someone else.

This might cause you to ignore your partner’s advice, and it will hurt him because he too knows that it’s a good idea that could help you. Pride in a relationship can cause problems because you are ignoring your partner even though he wants only the best for you.

7. You don’t want to admit when your relationship isn’t working

You are so terrified of admitting failure that you would rather stay in a relationship that has failed than admit defeat. You keep pursuing it and stay in denial, which will cause you to end up with someone with whom you will never find true happiness and experience real love.

Your pride could make you stick around with someone just to avoid admitting that the relationship has failed and it will cost you years of your life. Pride in a relationship can cause you to stay in a relationship that was actually over a long time ago, and you will lose precious time just because you don’t want to admit failure.

How does having too much pride affect your relationship?

How To Swallow Your Pride In A Relationship 4

A relationship in which both partners are too proud and egoistic is almost certainly going to fail. Pride destroys love because it breeds hatred, malice, and anger.

And a lot of people have an overdeveloped sense of pride only when it comes to their love life. Whether it’s in the statement, “I called him last time, now it’s his turn to call,” or, “The last time I apologized after a fight and now it’s his turn to come back to me,” or even the question, “I paid for dinner last time, why isn’t he picking up the check now?”, people who have too much pride in a relationship will have silly rules about how a relationship is supposed to work.

But love doesn’t consist of rules and pride only causes us to not see the love for the magnificent thing it really is. You might be earning more than your partner, and this is causing you to pay less respect to him, or you are not listening to his advice because you think of yourself as smarter than him. This is only hurting him and is not helping your relationship.

You think you are always right, and it’s impossible to argue with you, which will cause problems in your relationship, and your partner might not want to take that anymore. Are you really ready to risk losing him just because of your pride?

How long has it been since you said, “I’m sorry,” when you made a mistake? That is how having too much pride affects your relationship – it is just causing you to hurt the person you love and create problems in an otherwise happy partnership.

You probably don’t know how to put others first and that is because of your pride. Your partner will never be able to feel like he is a priority to you because it seems like you are thinking only of yourself.

Your partner most likely feels like you don’t value his opinion because you think you know everything. If you are not open to healthy criticism, you won’t be able to grow, since you leave no room for correction. Also, you probably have too many expectations – your pride is making you think that your partner should always be the one who calls you and the one who should give you the best present on your birthday.

Maybe you’re even intimidating your partner because your ego doesn’t allow your partner to discuss issues with you or to point out some of your mistakes. That ego could make you even believe that everything your partner does is wrong, and he will never be able to live up to your expectations.

All in all, this can create serious problems in your relationship so you should start learning how to swallow your pride and become a better person in order for the relationship to work out for the best. Always remember that pride is not a virtue but can sometimes be a huge flaw, especially when it comes to love.

Pride can destroy love, and there is no room for it in a healthy relationship. You both must equally respect and love each other if you want your relationship to work, so put aside your pride before it’s too late.

How to swallow your pride in a relationship

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