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22 Poseidon Tattoos In The Name Of The Majestic Oceans

22 Poseidon Tattoos In The Name Of The Majestic Oceans

Poseidon tattoos have such a deep meaning, even though there aren’t many ideas available online. You can choose to combine different designs into one authentic tattoo before you choose to go to the tattoo parlor.

However, this tattoo in particular has such a wonderful meaning. It represents your love for the deep sea and cherished memories that you have of your experience at the sea. Even if you have a deep love for marine life, you can still commemorate that with a tattoo of Poseidon.

If you’re looking for the perfect design, then I genuinely hope that you’ll find something that will inspire you somewhere in these tattoos.

Big Poseidon tattoos

Poseidon’s Trident represents his power over the sea. That’s why this tattoo has such a powerful story to tell because everything is done with some heavy shading, but the Trident is completely separated from the rest of the tattoo because of the negative space.

Here you can see another example of Poseidon’s Trident and the way you can put it into focus. It’s said that Poseidon was almost always grumpy and mad because people would poison his seas. So, this facial expression is great for your tattoo.

Big Poseidon tattoos
Source: @fabiotats

Depending on the stories you’ve read, some of the myths say that Poseidon was carried in a carriage that was moved by horses through the seas. So, how about you incorporate those images into your design?

Considering that we’re talking about the God of the Seas, you should definitely put other images of the sea into this design. The waves that are carrying Poseidon are an amazing detail. His wrath is obvious in this image.

Your love of marine life shouldn’t be bound to just a couple of images. How about you add your favorite creatures to the mix? Just like, you can see this shark tattooed together with Poseidon.

This tattoo has a lot of shading incorporated into it, which makes the Trident come to life even more. The lightning that’s coming from his eyes really does make a huge difference to the whole design, as it makes his rage even more obvious.

This is quite a dark tattoo. Considering all the details that have been incorporated into it, it’s not a surprise that there’s a lot of black ink here. The waves are splashing all around to sink that ship, which means Poseidon is extremely angry.

Considering that Poseidon tattoos can look however you’d want them to, this is probably one of the best designs for you. Poseidon is the Greek God of the Seas. So, the Greek-style background is a wonderful way to showcase that.

This tattoo doesn’t have any gray ink incorporated into it. All of the shading is done with dotted work that turns a dull image into an amazingly simple tattoo. However, the beard is flowing perfectly, and the Trident is the main star of the show.

Poseidon doesn’t have to be shown in the form of an old man. It was simple to show him like that because the image of an old man also says that he’s wise. However, you can design Poseidon to be at his prime, just like in this tattoo.

Sometimes, the best tattoos are the ones where you let your imagination flow wild. Here you can see an example of Poseidon during an attack. He’s angry, the Trident is ready for action, and the lightning is also obvious. One detail that is crucial to this design is the scales at the bottom of the design, which suggests that Poseidon has a fishtail.

This is one of the examples of Poseidon tattoos that has it all! The sea, the boat, the Trident, the lightning, and also the great Poseidon himself. The only white ink that was used in this design is incorporated into the lightning and into his eyes. It makes it look very powerful.

People who love the sea usually get a plethora of tattoos. Some get an anchor tattoo, others get a shark tattoo, and some even tend to get a compass. However, once you choose to combine all of those images into Poseidon tattoos, you’ll see just how amazing some of those can actually get. I mean, just look at that mastepiece!

Geometric Poseidon tattoos

Geometric Poseidon tattoos
Source: @light_grays

If you’re someone who loves Poseidon tattoos just as much as you love geometric tattoos, then these are probably the best ones for you. The Trident makes it obvious that we’re talking about Poseidon here, but the geometrical shapes around it really add personality to the whole design.

This is another example of a Poseidon tattoo, where the Trident makes it obvious what it is that we’re talking about. However, there are many other things incorporated into this design. The waves, the shark, and the sting ray on top are all perfect. The geometrical shapes really tie everything together.

Even though there aren’t any large images incorporated into this tattoo, it’s still easy to see that there’s enough to cover most of the arm. Poseidon and his Trident are the main stars of the show, but the geometrical shapes make everything look amazing.

Whenever you’re looking at Poseidon tattoos, you never find one where he looks calm. Well, here’s an idea for you! He’s sitting at a rock holding his Trident, while the waves are flowing underneath him. It’s a gorgeous sight.

Geometric Poseidon tattoos
Source: @zon_tattoo

This tattoo of Poseidon is one of those things that you should definitely take into consideration for your next tattoo appointment. The circles are a gorgeous background, his head is the center of attention, but the main star of the show is the Trident that flows down the entire arm.

You can even add a little bit of color to the Trident to make it pop out even more. Here, Poseidon is in the middle of an attack, which makes this tattoo even more authentic. The waves, the rope, and the scales on his fishtail, are all amazing details that should be added to the tattoo.

Unique Poseidon tattoo

If you want a unique tattoo of Poseidon, then you should definitely look at getting him tattooed in a traditional style. This style is well-known for its bold colors and the thick line-work. Just as you can see in this example! It takes away some of the seriousness of the design.

Unique Poseidon tattoo
Source: @tttdaniel

This entire tattoo reeks of the God of the Seas. His eyes are blue, and it even looks like there’s a water fall coming out of his mouth. The little color that’s been added to this design really is amazing. Also, the boats and waves were added to the top of his head – which is an interesting style choice.

And here we have quite a simple example of a Poseidon tattoo. I mean, this entire tattoo is dotted, which means that there’s going to be some amazing shading. He looks so calm! But the Trident is there to remind us all of the power of the 7 seas!

22 Poseidon Tattoos In The Name Of The Majestic Oceans

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