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26 Harry Potter Tattoos To ALWAYS Remember That Magical World

26 Harry Potter Tattoos To ALWAYS Remember That Magical World

Harry Potter tattoos are one of those things that we all thought we’d get done once we’re old enough. Now that you can go and get yourself inked, you’re not really sure what to get.

There are so many options! Do you just do something that reminds you of this franchise, or do you want to tattoo your Hogwarts house over your entire back?! There are so many things to consider.

So, in order to make this a little bit easier on you, here’s an entire article filled with examples that can inspire your next trip to the tattoo parlor.

Small and cute Harry Potter tattoos

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to get a small and simple tattoo that will tell the story for you. Even though this tattoo only has a little book, there are still things that remind me of Harry Potter, like the broom, the lightning bolt, the dragon, Luna Lovegood’s glasses, and many other things. The simplicity of this design is obvious because of the linework, but it’s still meaningful.

Small and cute Harry Potter tattoos
Source: @roli_ink

We all fell in love with owls after we watched Harry Potter, so how about you design your Harry Potter tattoos around that idea? This tattoo doesn’t have any harsh outlines, but it’s mostly just done with immaculate shading to give the design more depth.

The Snitch is one of the most recognizable things from Harry Potter. So, adding a couple more things that will remind of this franchise like the word “always” will definitely let everyone know how important these books and movies were for you.

This design is quite similar to the previous one, but I still thought I’d add it to the collection because it’s a slightly different way to execute the same idea. The geometrical shapes are really dainty, and they add to the femininity of the design.

If someone hasn’t seen Harry Potter, they probably wouldn’t know what this design even represents. The entire tattoo is done with dark black ink, except for the magical stars and footprints that are done a bit lighter to give more depth to the design.

If you want to find Harry Potter tattoos with some color, you can add whatever you like to a simple Snitch tattoo. I mean, the flowing colors behind it really add a different type of feeling to the whole design. It looks magical, which is a great ode to the feeling that was sparked in you from watching these movies.

The Mandrake was quite an epic creature from the Harry Potter franchise. Those little screaming plants were nothing short of adorable, so how about you add them to your collection of tattoos? This is a simple way to add more personality to the design, without having to make it obvious.

You don’t have to stop at one symbol from the Harry Potter books and movies, you can simply add whatever your heart desires. This tattoo has it all! It’s simple, yet you can see all the important things that were included.

Hogwarts tattoos

Hogwarts tattoos
Source: @jackydatiles

So many people around the world were waiting for their Hogwarts letter. That is why you could, for example, get this gorgeous palace tattooed on your skin. This tattoo is in the shape of a triangle, but the details in the old building are immaculate. There are even some students arriving at the school as we’re looking at this design!

Another triangle-shaped tattoo that really gives you everything you’ve been looking for. It’s obviously Hogwarts, and it’s not a dark tattoo that will look like a blob of black ink from a distance. Everything in this design is perfectly readable and dainty.

Hogwarts tattoos
Source: @rizostattoo

You don’t have to make your Harry Potter tattoos small and boring, you can add the Hogwarts building in the middle, and add whatever details you’d like around it. Even the splashes of orange in this are an amazing thing to break through the black and gray ink. It really looks magical!

Hogwarts tattoos
Source: @martahoys

The combination of blue and yellow ink in this design adds a lot of contrast to the tattoo. Hogwarts was most alive in the nighttime, and there were so many stories that occurred when night fell. The Snitch at the top of the tattoo adds a wonderful detail, but the whole tattoo is really a reminder of everyone’s childhood.

Shading in the tattoo makes a lot of difference because that’s exactly what adds this bit of depth to the design. The Snitch is the darkest part of this tattoo, but the details in the rest are perfect.

Hogwarts tattoos
Source: @landlineart

Let’s not forget to add Dementors to your Hogwarts tattoo. Those scary-looking creatures gave us all a fright, but they can help to give your tattoo some personality.

Hogwarts tattoos
Source: @lacey_tattoo

You know that you can add whatever you desire to your Harry Potter tattoos, but the owl should be something to seriously consider. Hedwig was such a crucial part of the story. So, if you want to add more color, that would be great, but Hedwig could also make an appearance, just like in this example.

Interesting and unique Harry Potter tattoos

Interesting and unique Harry Potter tattoos
Source: @halfpint.x

Sometimes, it’s all about the uniqueness of your tattoo. That’s why it’s important to consider all of your options. For example, Harry Potter tattoos could always include a wand and some flowers to make it even more feminine.

Severus Snape wasn’t everyone’s favorite character, but if he was yours, then you can easily tattoo him on your skin. He was teaching Defense against the Dark Arts, which means that all of us could’ve learned a lot from this man.

Interesting and unique Harry Potter tattoos
Source: @vannegsi

Harry Potter tattoos wouldn’t be as cool if they didn’t also have the main character at the center of attention. There’s a lot of shading around the main image of this tattoo, but that only gives the rest of the image a very magical feeling.

Hogwarts Express was the very beginning of the story. We were all waiting for our chance to go on this train and to travel to the most magical land. This tattoo is quite detailed, and with the image of Hogwarts on top, it warms all of our hearts.

There was a lot to see in these movies, so this tattoo tells the entire story. When you look at it, you can see many details that convey the initial excitement. The entire tattoo is done in black and gray, which promises a readable tattoo even when it’s fully healed.

If you want something more feminine, but you still want to consider Harry Potter tattoos, then this is the right choice for you. This potion bottle is done with such fine lines, that there’s no doubt it’ll heal perfectly. However, the little detail of Harry’s glasses adds a small, but meaningful, touch to the whole design.

Interesting and unique Harry Potter tattoos
Source: @nesi_tattoo

A combination of black ink with a splash of color is definitely a unique way to combine everything that you could possibly want in your tattoo. Harry Potter tattoos are a great way to do that! Especially, when you have an artist that perfectly combines shades of yellow, brown, and orange, to create this amazing Snitch tattoo that actually looks like gold.

Are you proud to be a Slytherin? Or perhaps you’re in a completely different house, yet you feel like it represents you perfectly? Well, if that’s the case, then get the emblem of your house tattooed on your skin.

Interesting and unique Harry Potter tattoos

“Dobby is a free elf!” In one way or another, we felt bad for this little fellow, even though he was in a lot of trouble. He asked for so little to finally find freedom. You could even say that this tattoo style looks a lot like a traditional tattoo, with the big outlines, and the amount of color that’s added to it. But it’s still a very meaningful tattoo.

Interesting and unique Harry Potter tattoos
Source: @artbyharper

This tattoo has the perfect balance of black and gray, and loads of magical colors. The wings only have a very thin outline, but the rest is done with in some gorgeous shades. It looks absolutely magical! But the key itself, has a very rustic feel to it because of the amazing design.

The Nimbus 2000 was a turning point. When you’re looking for Harry Potter tattoos, you may not think of this one right away, but there’s a lot to be said through this. It’s a small thing that gace Harry a big advantage. This tattoo is fully colored, and the little flower on top is a gorgeous detail.

26 Harry Potter Tattoos To ALWAYS Remember That Magical World

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