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Platonic Twin Flame: Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits?

Platonic Twin Flame: Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits?

Ever heard of platonic twin flame? Wondering what it is and how it differs from a romantic one? 

You heard so many times about what a twin flame is and how it’s the most sacred bond of them all. However, what if your twin flame relationship seems to be nothing more than a very close friendship? 

Platonic feelings are very valid and we can’t disregard them just because people don’t talk about it as much as they talk about romantic love. This is the type of relationship that keeps you guessing what’s going on because things don’t feel the way they usually do. 

That’s why there are too many people in this world who are wondering if they should be nothing more than friends with their twin souls. It’s hard to consider this when everyone is always talking about the toxic love that comes with this connection. 

Your twin flame journey could be very unique, though. So instead of wondering any further, it’s finally time to get answers. 

Are platonic twin flame relationships real?

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

We can start by arguing that everyone’s experience on their journey is different. People experience their karmic bonds in different ways, so they also must have different opinions on the topic. 

The truth is that a platonic relationship between two twin souls is nothing more than a temporary solution. One of you isn’t ready for the twin flame union that’s about to come, so you opt for the safer option. 

The safer option in this situation is when you decide to stay friends for the time being. Nonetheless, there’s a huge chance that one of you is completely in love with the other. Those feelings are sent by the universe, so your entire relationship is based on something that’s much stronger than you. 

There’s a huge number of people who testify that physical pleasure isn’t needed when referring to this sacred union. True love isn’t only between two lovers. 

In many situations, people choose a relationship that’s more holistic. Also, just because it’s normal to expect a couple to be physically intimate, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s orientation requires it. The lack of physical attraction doesn’t mean that their romantic feelings are any less valid. 

For example, we all know that soulmates are rare, but we can have soulmates in every aspect of life. That bond may be within two friends, familial relations, or in a romantic sense. 

Someone is just so right for you that you know that your souls were familiar with each other a long time ago. Your souls knew each other before, so now you found your way back. 

Your true twin flame isn’t the same as your soulmate. This mirror soul of yours is literally a part of you that got separated from you millennia ago. You have a deep connection that’s been able to surpass many different reincarnations. This karmic relationship is no joke. 

For that exact reason, people say that it’s not possible to keep your twin flame as a platonic friend. Your compatibility is just too strong to ignore it, even if you try. 

Once you understand that not every twin flame relationship is toxic and heartwrenching, you’ll understand that it’s no coincidence that you met them at this time in your life. But your need for a platonic friendship in that particular moment in your life is valid and relevant for a healthy relationship. 

So, to sum this all up: Yes, it’s possible to be only friends with your twin flame. But there’s a good chance that one of you will develop feelings at one point in time and you won’t be able to ignore it.

Do you feel platonic love for your twin flame?

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

The feeling of platonic love is different from romantic love. You feel comfortable in both situations, you feel like you can tell that person everything and they understand you. 

It’s similar because you feel like you can be your true self with them in every situation. But it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between romantic and platonic feelings for your twin flame, because the feeling of closeness is so similar. 

We are all looking for someone who completely understands us and stands by our side in every aspect of life. You’d think that a romantic partner is the only one that we’ll experience this with, but you can also feel this in platonic relationships. 

The first time you thought about love, it activated all of your insecurities. You thought that no one could ever love you – until you met your twin flame. 

Platonic twin flame love is also possible once you understand that love can have many different aspects. It doesn’t mean that you met a false twin flame that exists just to confuse you if you don’t feel any type of physical attraction towards them. 

Your twin flame could just as easily be your best friend. This soul connection is something special and you’ll know if you just love them platonically. 

That’s when you feel the strong connection between the two of you, but you also know that you could never be in a romantic relationship with them. You can’t imagine touching them in a way that’s anything less than innocent. 

Your twin flame connection doesn’t depend on physical touch and you can imagine living in a platonic union with them for the rest of your life. You don’t even feel jealousy when they date someone else. 

These feelings are quite common for twin flames, so don’t be scared of them. If they do come up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re romantically attracted to them, but rather that you’re scared of losing this soulmate relationship. 

At one point, you may start to feel like it would be wrong to get involved physically with them. It’s even repulsive at times because you really don’t want to ruin the wonderful thing you already have. 

Your unconditional love for them has nothing to do with romantic feelings because it could just as easily be an amazing friendship that you’ve worked at. You can feel it deep within you that there’s nothing more brewing inside you. 

Reasons for a platonic twin flame relationship

You could argue that there’s no real reason to be a platonic friend with your twin flame. You want the full package, but you could have a much more fulfilling relationship this way. All you need to do is give it a chance. 

So, if you still don’t understand why someone would even want a platonic relationship with their twin soul, then this is the perfect time for you to reconsider things. 

1. Prioritizing your spiritual growth over a relationship

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

We’ll start with the assumption that you know what a twin flame is. Through all your past lives you were there together, and now you’re back in each other’s lives. 

The truth is, you could stay mere friends with them, despite it not being common practice. Especially if you’re still waiting for your spiritual awakening. 

You should always prioritize yourself and self-love over everything else. If it’s not the right time right now, then you shouldn’t even try to explain yourself. 

Your soul split in two a long time ago and that doesn’t mean that it’s taking away your free will. You can make your own decisions and you shouldn’t undermine your own needs – and the same goes for your twin flame. 

You’d walk away from a family member if they didn’t let you become the person you need to be to feel happy. So, don’t let this twin flame chaser change your mind. You can stay in a platonic friendship until the day you feel comfortable taking the next step.

And if that never happens, that’s totally okay too. 

2. Figuring out if you’re compatible in the long run

A relationship with your twin flame, even if it’s platonic, has to have a certain depth to it. You can’t just expect to be compatible with them because a higher force decided that ages ago. 

We change through our lifetimes and we have to get to know other parts of our soul anew. So instead of jumping into a romantic relationship with your twin flame, make sure that they’re genuinely able to be your life partner. 

Platonic love can lead to something romantic if you give it enough time, but it can also help you understand if this person is up to your standards. Even though your twin flame is the other part of your soul, they can also be very toxic for you. 

More often than not, people run from this union because it’s so draining. That’s why you shouldn’t bind yourself to only one solution, but rather keep an open mind. 

You could be much more compatible with someone else who’s not your twin flame. At least in this life, you could be happy with someone else, even if it breaks your heart.

Don’t worry, your souls will find each other in other reincarnations too.

3. You’ll stop being codependent

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

A platonic twin flame relationship is possible if you’re not too dependent on them or even if you’re trying to learn how to love yourself without their validation. 

These relationships can get really toxic because of how easily you can get too attached to your twin soul. You’ll want to spend all your time with them, sometimes to the point where you don’t even acknowledge your individuality. 

Instead of falling down this rabbit hole, first experience life by yourself. This is especially necessary if you were very codependent in your previous relationships. You learn that life alone isn’t as exciting, but it’s nothing more than a lie. 

You need to learn independence before you start anything romantic with anyone, especially your twin flame. I understand that they’re the literal example of your other half, but that shouldn’t limit you. 

4. It’s simply not the right time for you

A platonic twin flame relationship can stay platonic for a long time and maybe never even turn into something romantic. There are many possible reasons you shouldn’t want something romantic with your twin flame, but most of the time you have to figure out if it’s the right moment for your union. 

There are many twin flame stages that we go through before we meet and develop a relationship. But as they say, the universe knows the right time. This doesn’t mean that you should fall into their arms just because a higher power is convincing you to do so. 

You’re experiencing a certain synchronicity every single day, but it’s still up to you what you want to do. If you feel like it’s not the right time for you and you can’t keep that chaos in your life, then you have the right to postpone your union. 

The best way to do this is by creating a genuine friendship with them, so you won’t lose each other. I understand that it’s hard to walk away from them, but it’s also hard to stay with them. 

5. Platonic relationships are less complicated

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

Once you start to bring emotions into everything, it gets so complicated and you forget why you’re even in each other’s lives. For that exact reason, a platonic twin flame may just be the best thing that can happen to you. 

The mirror of your soul is right there next to you, but you’re not having any issues. There’s no neediness, no jealousy, no complications. You’re just enjoying each other’s company and that should be more than enough. 

Once you start to bring physical pleasure into the game and the level of your intimacy increases, you even begin to forget why you were so close before. 

When you start touching each other’s bodies, your souls start to sing, but it’s only if your soul connection is strong enough to handle that. If it’s not and you continue to explore this side of your relationship, then you’ll lose the best friend you’ll ever have. 

6. You still have each other in your lives

There’s a good chance that you’ll lose your twin flame the moment you decide that your relationship is too much to handle for the both of you. It may seem completely unbelievable right now, but it’s possible. 

Instead of separating completely, you could start a platonic relationship. It could help you understand what actually went wrong and how you can fix things. Unless you want to your twin soul forever, a friendship could be better than nothing. 

7. You can explore life together

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

Depending on the time in your life when you do meet, it could be easier to stay platonic friends. You may meet very young and life doesn’t have to end there. 

When you start to explore the world, you’ll start to understand the wants and needs that have been hidden within you. You have to learn stuff about yourself in order to be able to teach someone else how to love you properly. 

People say that you need to find this out together with your twin soul, but it could be so much more beneficial for the both of you to explore life first. 

Until you understand these things, you could have your twin flame relationship stay platonic. But, again, you don’t have to move on from your platonic relationship at all. You could just as easily stay friends for the rest of your lives. Or even separate. 

The important thing here is to get to know yourself before you get into a relationship that could traumatize you if you’re both not ready for it. 

Twin flame separation: Can we stay platonic friends during this time? 

There are many benefits to a platonic twin flame relationship. All those reasons are very individual, but they’re valid all the same. 

So, instead of going after the things that break you, you choose to stay friends with your life partner. 

But what would happen to you during your twin flame separation? It’s a very common occurrence and it could break you into pieces. 

If you ask me, and not some random tarot reading, you should treat this like any other breakup. It sounds crazy, but yes, I’m very serious. 

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

Just because you have a bond, doesn’t mean that it’s good for either of you. You may separate at one point because your union wasn’t ready to happen. 

Should you stay in a platonic relationship during that time? Would it work if you took out the physical aspect of things and you didn’t love each other romantically? 

Well, I can tell you that it’s almost guaranteed to end in disaster. 

Without a doubt, you’d experience jealousy and envy the minute your twin flame starts to date anyone else. You’d feel like someone else is taking your space, which would create problems for the both of you. 

The other side is that one of you, or even both of you, wouldn’t be able to move on and start dating again. You wouldn’t be able to let anyone else touch you because you’d always want to go back to your twin soul. 

This is everything but helpful in your situation. 

If you don’t stay in a platonic friendship with your twin flame, then you’ll be able to move on. Yes, it would still be extremely painful and you may never recover completely, but the recovery would be far easier. 

You may not believe that right now, but after getting over the pain and suffering, you’ll feel relieved. It’s so much harder to get over someone who’s continuously around you. 

If you want to maintain a platonic relationship with your twin flame during this time, then you’re only going to bring more agony to the both of you. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. 

It didn’t work out in this life, so don’t try to keep them in your life. This separation is needed for your souls to find something good for the both of you. Instead of begging him to stay, let him go. 

Nothing lasts forever, even if you thought that you two could. Protect your own energy and cut him off. If it’s meant to be in another life, then he’ll come back to you. 

How to know your twin flame union has failed

DONE! Platonic Twin Flame Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits

After my research on this topic, I found out that many people are asking this question. They’re wondering if their twin flame union is doomed to fail or if it’ll last in a different setting. 

As stated earlier, everyone who’s on this journey has a different experience. However, I can tell you with complete accuracy that you’ll never know if your union was successful or not.

That doesn’t sound very encouraging, but it could easily be the best thing to remember. Your union could happen in the next life or the one after that.

You’d think that your twin flame union is hopeless if you’re nothing more than friends, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Your souls could be one in the next life simply because of the love you had for each other in this one, even if it was nothing more than a friendship. You may never find out the truth because your memories won’t follow you into the next life, but a sense of fulfillment will follow you either way. 

More often than not, love isn’t easy. Especially a love as ancient as this one. So prepare yourself for many challenges. 

At the end of the day, you won’t know if your twin flame union was successful unless one of you leaves this earth much sooner than the other. 

Final thoughts

Don’t let yourself get discouraged from a platonic twin flame union if that’s what feels right for the both of you. 

The only way you can get through this hard time unscraped is if you communicate these things. Your twin flame will feel all of your emotions intensely, but they’re still unable to read your mind. 

They’ll only know as much as you tell them. So don’t lose them over a stupid misunderstanding. 

If you want this union to be a friendship more than anything else, then you have the right to express that desire and set that boundary.

Platonic Twin Flame: Is It Possible And What Are The Benefits?

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