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23 Magnetizing Pink Eyeshadow Looks For Women

23 Magnetizing Pink Eyeshadow Looks For Women

We all know that pink is the most iconic color. And with the summer approaching, I know you’re looking for the most beautiful pink eye shadow looks out there. Don’t worry, you’ll find them right here.

We’ll present you with the loveliest options, ranging from soft to glamorous. Whatever your preferences may be, rest assured, you’ll find something just for you.

Now, let’s turn you into a doll!

1. Heart-shaped pink eyeshadow

If you’re aiming for a romantic vibe, consider this: a soft, shimmering pink eyeshadow adorned with two hearts on each corner of the eyes.

You can spice it up with a more vibrant shade of pink that’ll surround the heart shapes. Add a pinkish lipstick as a final touch, and you’ll achieve a lovely combination that will make each head turn.

2. A touch of pink

2. A touch of pink
Credit: luvelycel_

If you want a perfect pink eyeshadow look, but wouldn’t like the pink to be in focus, give this a go! Apply a silver, glimmering eyeshadow enhanced with pearls all over the upper lid.

The pink eyeshadow is applied just above the crease, forming a perfect winged design parallel to the silver eyeshadow. To enhance its harmony, it’s blended with purple in the middle.

3. A line of cherry blossoms

This is a lovely combination of orange and pink. Orange is applied on the upper lid and the “cherry blossom” shade of pink cuts the crease. The blossoms are also illustrated just above, with a darker shade of orange finalizing the perfect winged eye.

This will certainly do the trick if you’re going for a cute look.

4. A vintage beauty

5. A vintage beauty
Credit: josie_ely

Some makeup styles are simply too good to relinquish, like this stunning 80s-inspired winged eye. It’s a colorful blend of pink, purple, and yellow.

The pink is applied on both the upper and lower lids, while the yellow steals the spotlight by winging the eyeshadow perfectly. Above the crease, the purple adds another level of cheerfulness.

5. A Euphoria look

23 Magnetizing Pink Eyeshadow Looks For Women

With summer on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to have your Euphoria moment. Just like Maddy and Cassie, opt for bold and vibrant colors. Pink and yellow make for a great combo.

Pair the daring makeup with an equally bold outfit and jewelry to create pure magic!

6. Monochromatic makeup

6. Monochromatic makeup
Credit: oatmilkmakeup

The term “monochromatic” refers to makeup that achieves a perfect balance on the face by using similar colors for the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

In the photo, you’ll notice complementary shades of pink—a soft blush beneath the eyes and the same delicate hue on the lips—while the eyes feature a more vibrant shade. Even the little starry designs contribute to a flawless display of color.

7. A simple pink and purple combo

Apply a soft shade of pink on your upper eyelids to create lovely heart designs. Then, use a dark purple eyeshadow to outline the shape of a circle.

This approach allows you to embrace both your soft and bold sides, creating the perfect balance between the two.

8. A glittery mix of pink and purple

If you enjoy shining and glimmering, then this pink eyeshadow look is perfect for you. It features a diamond-like pink eyeshadow with intriguing purple lines starting from the lower corner of the eye and extending above the crease.

You can add even more intricate geometrical shapes that resonate with you the best.

9. Shades of pink

Select a shade of pink similar to your skin tone and add shimmer to it. Next, apply a darker shade to create a flawless winged eyeshadow look.

Use the same color for your lower lids.

10. A chain of pearls

Looking to achieve your perfect princess look? Here it is: Use the same hot pink shade for both your upper and lower lids, creating a winged eyeshadow look. Then, accentuate the crease with a line of pearls.

This is your sign to look otherworldly!

11. Pink spotlight eye

A classic spotlight eye is the perfect choice if you want to stand out. You can’t help but be impressed by this shiny mix of pink and purple, with the purple applied on the upper eyelid and the pink encircling the entire eye.

Pair this bold eye look with a soft lip color, and you’re ready to steal the show!

12. Rosy dreams

This makeup look is inspired by rosy dreams, featuring two subtle roses on the outer corner of the lid.

13. A pink cut crease

23 Magnetizing Pink Eye Shadow Looks For Women
Credit: tephanies

You’ll definitely stand out with this soft shade of pink on the crease, complemented by the perfect blend of bright and dark purple on the upper and lower lids, as well as above the crease.

You can add a touch of sparkles on your cheeks to finalize the look.

14. Flowery shapes

If you want a sweeter pink eyeshadow look, you can give this a try. Apply a delicate yet slightly darker shade of pink, then add a line of flowery designs above the crease on both sides.

Since it’s a relatively simple makeup style, you can elevate it by adding some eyeliner.

15. A play of colors

This particular eye makeup look is for those unafraid to showcase bold personal preferences. It features a dark pink base, layered boldly with white accents, and further defined with a black outline.

16. Simple yet fabulous

This is perfect for achieving the glamorous Hollywood star look: a shiny pink shade on both the upper and lower lids, paired with a black shade on the inner and outer corners of the eye.

It’s a simple yet breathtaking look that gives you a radiant glow!

17. Soft and shiny

If you’re aiming for a subtle yet pretty look, here’s an idea for you. It’s similar to the previous one, featuring a soft pink eyeshadow on both lids and black on the inner corner of the eye.

However, the shades are delicate, giving the impression that you’re not even trying that hard, yet you still achieve the flawless look you desire.

18. The magic of pink and red

The magic of pink and red
Credit: rubyhmua

Here’s your chance to look as if you’ve come from another world. Who would have thought that pink and red could create such a lovely combination?

Apply a glowing pink shade to your upper eyelids and complement it with a shade of red to create a winged look. Match your lipstick to a similar shade, and you’re ready to steal hearts.

19. Sweet pink eyeshadow looks

23 Magnetizing Pink Eye Shadow Looks For Women
Credit: arletmakeup_

Make a pretty wing with your eyeliner or black eyeshadow, then replicate the same shape with your pink eyeshadow above. Use two different shades of pink to add a final touch of delicacy.

20. A wing made out of gems

A winged eye made out of colorful gems is sure to make an impression. Add a neon pink shade to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect eyeshadow look.

Apply a velvet liquid lipstick to balance it out and watch your charisma grow.

21. A rainbow show

This is another excellent option if you prefer soft and delicate makeup styles. Create a stunning blend of pink and purple, with yellow accents only in the inner corner of your eyes.

This look evokes rainbows and immediately inspires a cheerful mood. Pair it with an equally vibrant shade of lipstick and rock your favorite outfits this summer!

22. Delicate pink eyeshadow looks

6. Delicate pink eyeshadow looks 1

If you’re not up for anything extreme, blend these gorgeous shades of pink—light and shimmering on the upper lid, and slightly more vibrant above the crease. Transform it into a winged eyeshadow look, and ta-da! You’re ready to go!

No matter what you wear, you’ll feel like a true princess with this look!

23. Vibrant pink eyeshadow looks

23 Magnetizing Pink Eyeshadow Looks For Women
Credit: beccaluna_

Want to feel like a true doll? We’ve got the simplest solution for you—pick a Barbie shade of pink and create a winged look with just a subtle black line defining the wing.

Simple yet effective, it’ll allow you to live out your Barbie fantasy.

Perhaps you prefer channeling your inner baddie with a shocking pink shade, or embodying a feminine lady with delicate pink eyeshadow looks. All it takes is the desire to pull it off.

Confidence is key—if you think it’ll look good, then it will. Just figure out what style suits you best, and I’m sure you’ll rock it. Good luck, and stay iconic!

23 Magnetizing Pink Eyeshadow Looks For Women

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