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20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer

Our favorite time of year is approaching, bringing with it a desire to dress up and look our best. But what’s the point without the perfect eye makeup trend for summer?

We’re here to help you with your struggle. Scroll down, and you’ll find all the best looks, ranging from soft to bold. Let’s find the right pick for you!

1. Cheerful green

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer

A shiny chartreuse green on your eyelids paired with soft chestnut brown under your lower lashes is the perfect eye makeup trend for summer.

Combine soft and electric shades, and you’ll achieve an alluring contrast that goes well even with the boldest hair colors.

And don’t forget to apply your favorite mascara. While the cheerful green color may stand out, pretty, fluffy eyelashes add to the overall beauty of your makeup.

2. Tropical eye makeup

Tropical eye makeup
Credit: delaeini

This eye makeup is great if you’re planning a trip somewhere exotic. Winged eyeliner with the green and orange combo separated by a sparkling line will make your adventure all the more fulfilling.

Since this eye makeup is bold and heavy, opt for something softer for the rest of your face. This way, your eyes will stand out as they were meant to!

3. Yellow and green combo

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer
Credit: alexyamayoral

What’s summer without the color of sunshine on your face? Incorporate a bit of green and create your perfect tribe palette. Separate them with a thick, sparkling yellow line, and blend the two in the middle to achieve the pretty lime green color.

For a final touch, mix black and brown to soften the look, and you’re all set.

4. Rainbow eyes

A mix of jolly, bright colors will surely put you in a good mood. Green reminds us of nature and blooming, and pink brings to mind all that is sweet and tender.

Although it’s a lovely look for everyone, this eyeshadow particularly accentuates blue or bright green eyes.

And don’t let this colorful mix stop you from spicing things up. You can add a bright red or orange lipstick and some blush just beneath your eyes to enhance your overall beauty.

5. Cut crease

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer
Credit: rubyhmua

If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, try the cut crease technique. It’s an optical illusion where a light eyeshadow “cuts the crease” of the eye, creating a contrast with darker shades.

And not to mention, it’ll complement any outfit beautifully!

6. An effortless beauty

If you want to look pretty for the summer while keeping things simple, this is the perfect choice for you!

Apply your mascara lightly, opt for a soft sparkling pink eyeshadow, and complement it with a matching subtle lipstick—there you go!

It’s nothing extreme, yet it gives off a pretty, delicate look no matter what you wear.

7. Pretty flower designs

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer
Credit: helibeauty

This eye makeup trend for summer pairs perfectly with cute summer dresses! Various matching flowers exude a joyful vibe and elevate your charisma.

Choose a simple golden brown eyeshadow and light mascara because heavier makeup might put the flower designs out of focus. After all, aren’t they just too cute to be overshadowed?

8. Siren eyes

Siren eyes
Credit: caitycat_meow

Embrace your inner diva by selecting this gorgeous magic mint and soft pink combo. Blend them together to create a smokey eye, thus achieving the coveted “siren eyes” effect.

This makeup technique creates an illusion that enhances the appearance of your eye size. It’s your chance to channel your inner Maddy Perez.

9. Colorful blots

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer
Credit: ashmeredith_

If you thought splatters couldn’t be beautiful, we’re here to prove you wrong. A playful mix of blue, green, and purple will make you feel like a work of abstract art.

It goes best with light mascara and eyeshadow. As for your lips, you can choose a simple lip gloss.

10. Gamine eye makeup

Gamine eye makeup
Credit: seomyumyu

Simply put, gamine makeup is a technique of choosing a nude eyeshadow that complements your skin tone. It looks lovely and provides a natural glow to your skin.

So, if you’re not a fan of heavy makeup, this is amazing for you. Plus, you can rock any outfit with it.

11. A line of gems

Rock your cute summer outfit with a blend of orange and mist gold eyeshadow. Add a line of gems just above your crease to add a royal aura to your appearance.

You can add matching lipstick for a perfect color combination.

12. Simple but festive

Simple but festive

If you prefer lighter makeup but still want something special, this is for you. Face glitter in various colors and tiny star-shaped and circular gems will add a radiant glow to your entire look.

You may keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

13. Soft sparkles

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer

Here’s another festive idea for you! If you’re not a fan of heavy glitter, try these soft pastels that extend from your eyelids to the corner of your eye.

You can add sparkling gold eyeshadow to complete your transformation into a magical creature!

14. Fairy eyes

Fairy eyes

Speaking of magical creatures, would you like to feel like a fairy?

Apply a soft nude eyeshadow and create blue and white lines above your crease, resembling fairy wings. Do the same for your lower lash line, but make it smaller.

Ta-da! You’re a fairy!

15. Shiny blue rave

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer
Credit: covarbeauty

The rave eyeshadow technique is amazing for a late night out! It allows you to express yourself in bold and vibrant ways.

For example, a shiny neon blue shade, as seen in the picture, that extends above the crease will make you feel like a true icon.

Pick a stunning outfit, and rock the dance floor!

16. A golden line

Finding the balance between subtlety and extravagance can be challenging. If you aim to achieve a dramatic yet simple look, this style is perfect for you.

Apply thick black eyeliner to accentuate your lashes, then draw a parallel line above your crease. A subtle blend of orange and yellow will provide a cheerful contrast.

17. Spider eyes

You can create different shapes as your perfect eye makeup trend for summer. If you like spider eyes, three simple strokes with your brush can make beautiful spider legs.

For an amazing color combo, choose a matching outfit! Create a balance by applying soft highlighter and lip gloss.

18. Inspired by nature

Most eye makeup trends tend to be simple, but you can also opt for more complex ones. You can draw shapes that resemble waves or the sunset.

Achieving such intricate designs requires some artistic skill. However, if you prefer, you can always treat yourself and visit a professional makeup artist to bring your vision to life.

19. Simple eye makeup trends for summer

Simple eye makeup trends for summer
Credit: taylorruhe

Simple makeup looks never grow old! You don’t need a lot of products to look gorgeous—a pink rose eyeshadow with a touch of sparkles, and lipstick of the same color will do the trick!

And the best thing is, no matter what you wear, it’ll look great. Soft makeup complements any outfit effortlessly!

20. A purple and orange glow

A purple and orange glow
Credit: gordbeauty

You’ll undoubtedly look stunning with a brown-purple eyeshadow combo. Embrace this unique look as it achieves the perfect balance between bold and elegant.

However, if you’d like to tilt the balance towards “bold,” use the purple as your main eyeshadow and apply the shiny brown shade along your lower lash line.

In the end, it’s all up to you. If you prefer heavier makeup, there are numerous techniques to choose from, such as creating siren eyes or cutting the crease. You can even experiment with drawing shapes, ranging from simple to complex. With makeup, you can embody both a disco star and a delicate fairy—it’s all about expressing your unique style.

In any case, I hope our tips were helpful, and that among all these eye makeup trends for summer, you’ve found one that suits YOU.

20 Sensational Eye Makeup Trends for Summer

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