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Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

Never let a man show twice that you he doesn’t want you. Now read that again.

You made a decision to always find excuses for him.

You didn’t have to make that decision consciously, but out of the love you felt for him came the need to make him happy.

So you stuck around, waiting for him to figure himself out so that you could live out all the promises he made. Don’t you recognize this pattern?

He came into your life like a train wreck, saying that he had never loved anyone like he loved you.

Then he said that he was so overwhelmed that he needed time to think.

Do you really believe that a man who wants you, a man who cares about you, would dare risk losing you?

DONE! Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

When he came into your life like that, your rose-colored glasses didn’t allow you to see past his kindness.

The false sense of gratitude and safety you felt when you looked into his eyes would never compare to the red flags that were screaming to be noticed.

You had heard it all before.

A man you were interested in told you that you were too good for him, he made you pity his past and the trauma he had faced, so you wanted to save him.

Believe me, dear, when I tell you that a man looking for pity doesn’t deserve it. You will end up making excuses for him.

You turned your back on yourself and ignored your values to be there for him, because you fell in love so hard that your heart ached at the thought of losing him.

But he didn’t care. He didn’t want you.

DONE! Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

Your heart might have been shattered at the prospect of that idea, but he didn’t care.

Men are very straightforward with their feelings, they always have been and always will be.

When a man is in love with you and when he wants to make things work, he will do whatever it takes just to be by your side.

He doesn’t want to play games. He doesn’t want to make you wait.

If he loses the woman he loves, he will never forgive himself. Ask any of your male friends about this and they will confirm it.

Playing hard to get and playing with your emotions aren’t one and the same.

Walking away from you just when you thought that things were getting better isn’t a sign of love.

Don’t ever let a man show you twice that he doesn’t care.

“We’re just figuring things out.”

“He is in a bad place right now, so he said he needed time.”

How many of these excuses can you make for a man who clearly doesn’t love you nearly as much as you love him?

You are so much better than that.

DONE! Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

A man who is worthy of you is someone who will be by your side. That man will never make you question his intentions.

When you look at what you have right now, your eyes burn with unshed tears.

You question your relationship, yourself, and whether love should really be this hard.

Everyone tells you that relationships require a lot of work, time, and patience, so you find excuses for him.

This is what a relationship should be like, right? You have to give him time, right?


If he was truly scared of losing you, he would never let you experience mixed feelings.

He would be right there next to you right now to console you and tell you that you will always have him by your side.

But where is he now?

Does he even know you’re hurting?

Does he even care?

We are the ones who should teach people how we should be treated!

DONE! Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

Sometimes it’s hard. There are days when you’ll doubt yourself and you’ll feel like no one could ever love you.

Once your self-esteem hits an all-time low, you will reach for any type of validation.

We have all been there. The feeling is way too familiar, when you think that you have reached a certain age and it’s now or never.

However, wait a moment and take a step back.

Is this the type of love you were always longing for? Have you been romanticizing about it your entire life just to sit around now and wait for a man?

I know for sure that you haven’t!

You wanted a fairy tale story of two people hopelessly in love with each other. It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you, because you can have that!

You have to walk away from a man who makes you question his intentions, so that you can let someone into your life who will always be there for you.

He will never show you that he doesn’t care. Not once, not twice, because he will know how precious your presence in his life truly is.

You will know he loves you.

You should never settle for an unread message or a missed call.

DONE! Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

A man who cares about you is a man who will never leave you hanging. As stated before, men are straightforward with their feelings.

If he wanted to be with you, he would. If he loved you and wanted to stay by your side forever, he would.

There is no doubt about it.

A man who cares about you and wants you will only commit to you. He won’t let you wait around while he, “… figures things out.”

You can figure things out together. You can stay by his side while he goes through things and be there for him when he needs a shoulder to cry on.

A man who wants you would never push you away to make you question his intentions.

As much as it hurts right now, you need to stay true to yourself.

If he doesn’t want you, it’s his loss.

DONE! Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

Know your own worth and don’t let a man take advantage of your generosity.

You are an empathetic and compassionate human who is so loving and caring.

No man has the right to play with you and all those amazing qualities of yours. You deserve so much better than that!

That’s why you need to know how gorgeous and worthy of love you actually are. Don’t just let a man show you twice that he doesn’t care.

Walk away when you see that he’s playing games. If he doesn’t want you, let him go.

You don’t deserve that. You deserve the type of love that you have always imagined you’d have.

Even if it takes you a little bit longer, even if you have to walk away from the guy you’re talking to right now, know that there is someone out there who will love you just the way you deserve.

Never Let A Man Show You Twice That He Doesn’t Want You

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