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Is He Pretending To Be Over Me? 7 Signs He’s Still Hurting

Is He Pretending To Be Over Me? 7 Signs He’s Still Hurting

You may be asking yourself, “Is he pretending to be over me?”

He could be showing a few signs of indifference but you’re not sure whether you’re seeing things clearly. You want to believe that he’s not over you but he’s putting on such a great act.

It doesn’t matter whether you want him to hurt or you want him to be over you, you could simply want to see him move on. Even though you broke up, you could want to see him happy again.

However, you could also be the type of girl who wants her ex to feel the pain she went through. Either way, there are obvious signs that’ll tell you whether he’s just pretending to be over you.

1. He’s still angry with you

DONE! Is He Pretending To Be Over Me 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

A guy who believes that he’s been wronged by you will stay mad for a very long time.

When you break up with someone for whatever reason, they can feel like their entire world is breaking apart. Or maybe he was the one to break up with you but he’s just now realizing that he made a mistake so he’s angry that he lost you.

He’s mad with you and with himself. This man doesn’t want to live his life without you, which is exactly why he’s so angry all the time. It’s easier to hide his emotions with anger than openly show what he’s feeling.

He may even start to insult you because he’s so brokenhearted. If he was truly over you, he would be calmer about this entire situation. When someone’s moving on without any hurt, then they’re handling things much better.

2. He still contacts you

DONE! Is He Pretending To Be Over Me 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

I’ve asked myself so many times, “Is he pretending to be over me? Does he still love me?” that I would analyze each thing that he did when we were together. But this one particular thing is very obvious.

When he’s not truly over you, he’ll contact you quite often, so he’ll text you randomly, simply because he wants to talk to you.

You know from your own experience that you feel an extreme urge to talk to your ex when you’re still hurting. You want to know what he’s up to, just like you want to know whether he’s moved on after you, which could also be why he’s trying to spark a conversation with you.

He’ll come up to you at a party and he’ll contact you often. He’ll find any and every excuse just to ask you about your life or to see whether you’re still willing to talk to him.

3. He subtly flirts with you

DONE! Is He Pretending To Be Over Me 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

Why would your ex flirt with you unless he was still interested in you? He may be playing a little game with you, just to see how you react, but either way, it could be true that he’s still not over you.

Whenever you ask yourself, “Is he pretending to be over me?” just ask yourself whether he still flirts with you.

He could pretend like being over you is the easiest thing to do in this world but it’s not. Does he act cold around you, just to flirt with you afterward?

How exactly does that work? He’s over you but he still finds a way to compliment you and tell you just how special you are?

That doesn’t sound like someone who’s moving on. That sounds more like someone who’s trying his best to make you feel like he’s not as affected by your presence as he is.

4. He’s more active on social media

DONE! Is He Pretending To Be Over Me 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

Have you ever noticed how someone’s social media presence changes once they get out of a relationship? They start to post more often, they’re always online, and they continue to post stories about all the things that they’re doing.

You can easily see this as an attempt to make you feel sad that you’re missing out on the things he’s doing in his life. However, he’s likely doing all of it because he’s not over you.

He’s just pretending to have an amazing life, in order to make you feel bad about leaving. It’s all a fleeting attempt to catch your attention, as he wants to see whether you’ll go back to him.

5. He tries to make you jealous

DONE! Is He Pretending To Be Over Me 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

A guy who’s not pretending to be over you doesn’t care whether his new girlfriend makes you jealous. He’ll act as if you don’t even exist because he’s trying to make his new relationship work.

But a guy who’s pretending to be over you will try to make you jealous. He’ll talk to girls when he sees you’re looking and he’ll post pictures with random girls just to spite you.

That’s not someone who knows a mature way to move on with his life. He’s just playing a dangerous game, which is extremely obvious to everyone else.

He wants to convince you that he’s desirable to other women and that he can have whomever he picks. But that’s just because he’s craving your attention more than anything.

6. He still has some of your things

DONE! Is He Pretending To Be Over Me 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

There’s a chance that he’s not talking to you or not trying to go anywhere near you. However, you know for a fact that he still has some of your things.

Perhaps you saw him wearing something that you gifted him or he didn’t give you back the books that you lent him. He still finds a way to hold on to even the little things that you thought would be meaningless to him.

When he posts a picture of his room on social media, you may even clearly see all of the things that he’s still keeping safe. He’s definitely pretending to be over you because otherwise, he would’ve given you those things back.

7. He brings up memories

DONE! Is He Pretending To Be Over Me 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

It doesn’t seem so subtle when he brings up memories. You don’t even have to ask yourself whether he’s pretending to be over you because it sounds obvious even to me.

However, your ex may do this in very subtle ways. He’s not the type of guy to pretend to love you but he’ll definitely make out that he’s unaffected by your presence in his life.

That’s why he’ll oh-so-casually mention the time when you were together. He may say that those were good times and then just walk off as if nothing happened. But if he were truly over you, do you really believe that he’d mention this at all?

Is He Pretending To Be Over Me? 7 Signs He's Still Hurting

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