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INFJ Male: All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

INFJ Male: All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

The Myers-Briggs sixteen personality types are unraveling some truth. And let me tell you that the same can be said about the INFJ male.

Perhaps you didn’t even know things like this existed. You knew that you were somehow different from the rest of your friends.

However, you could never quite put your finger on it. That is until you came across that personality type test. Now you realize why you were acting the opposite and you get a bigger picture of the way you think and from what perspective you look at life.

However, the INFJ personality type is one of the rarest and it intrigues you the most because of that. Perhaps your new crush or your new partner is an INFJ male which makes it even juicier.

However, being a rare personality can mean a lot of things. Is it a good thing or should alarm bells be going off in your head right now?

I mean sure, when something’s rare you tend to perceive it as something unique and valuable, something worth holding onto. On the other hand, there’s still that doubt. In some cases, when something’s rare, like an INFJ male, it can mean that it’s not as wanted or it might even be dangerous in some sort of way.

Therefore, it’s only normal that you’re curious about it. You wonder if your INFJ male crush is going to be suitable for you. However, you’re kind of as scared as you are excited to find out. How will you deal with this personality type and just what does it hold for you?

I know that you’re dying to find out whether you’re going to be a perfect match. The important thing is that you don’t get into this whole thing with some prejudices or misconceptions.

What does the INFJ stand for?

INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

People usually tend to believe that introverts are asocial and don’t like engaging and interacting with others. However, you’ll soon be proven wrong.

Well, first off, I think we don’t have to explain the male part. Second of all, INFJ is an abbreviation that stands for four distinct characteristics of this Myers-Briggs personality type.

As for the INFJ part, it stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. These four distinct traits are what make this personality type so unique.

Every one of these features has a story to tell. It’s an unusual combination, hence why the INFJ male is perhaps the rarest personality type out there.

To try and make it more transparent and explain this Myers-Briggs personality type the best we can, the INFJ male is sometimes called the “Advocate ” or the “Idealist”.

Some might even use the term “Counselor”. Either way, you probably get the idea of what this personality type is presented like. Because of their rare personality type, INFJ males account for 0.5%-1% of the population. I know, pretty rare.

Now, you’d think that you got yourself a winner. He’s this one-in-a-million type of guy, so he must be one of the best things that have happened to you so far, right?

Well, I don’t mean to discourage you. Surely, INFJ males are amazing people and they have good personalities. However, it doesn’t mean everyone can get on with them quite well.

Sometimes, they can be a bit too much to handle. Still, if you learn to cope with them and you find common ground, INFJ males will make you the happiest woman alive.

You might be thought that being an introvert is a bad thing. However, INFJ males’ personalities will prove you otherwise.

Key features of an INFJ male

I know you’re just too eager to find out whether you and your crush who is an INFJ male are going to be a match made in heaven.

I mean, it’s really every girl’s dream to find someone, to find a soul mate. Trust me, INFJ males won’t ever let you down if you manage to sail the same waters.

What makes them so different from the rest of the Myers-Briggs personality types is the combination of the dominating features.

These affect their life and their way of thinking. Due to their introverted side, their perspective is usually focused on their internal insights.

However, don’t let this deter you away if you’re more on the extroverted side. We know opposites attract, but just how much is that true?

1. He’s emotional

DONE INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type 2

You wouldn’t think of someone that’s usually on the shy side to have the courage to show their emotions. Well, you’re both right and wrong.

Usually, men aren’t the ones who are going to show off their vulnerability, especially INFJs. But all of this changes once you get to meet him and delve into deeper spheres.

Emotions don’t scare an INFJ male when he has someone to share them with. Of course, he won’t go around prancing and telling the world how he feels, but he’ll gladly do it with you.

On the outside, INFJ males may look a bit distant or antisocial. It’s just their defense mechanism that breaks down once you show him your real intentions.

Sure, it might take some time for them to open up, but that’s totally normal. Once an INFJ male feels safe with you, you won’t be able to stop the outpour of emotions!

2. He’s intuitive

Because of his strong emotions, the INFJ male is intuitive and really acts based on his feelings. This isn’t something you’d expect from someone who has a tendency to be a bit withdrawn.

But I guess this personality type can never cease to amaze you. Being an introvert, this Myers-Briggs personality type is prone to experiencing things on a deeper level.

They’re like a shell that looks hard and unbreakable on the outside. But once an INFJ male opens up, you get to see the whole new world and another side to them.

It’s a bunch of strong emotions that they don’t have a habit of sharing. However, they have the power that grants an INFJ male easy decision-making.

If an INFJ male tells you to do something, I’d think about it. In most cases, they’re not wrong. But I suppose you don’t know that since it takes some time to discover this side of them.

3. He’s introverted

INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

I guess it’s no secret that INFJ males are introverted personality types. This feature of theirs can sometimes be a double-edged sword.

If you’ve ever met a person who tends to be a bit timid, perhaps you know how hard it can be for them to step into the outside world.

INFJ males are sweet and kind, but because they don’t really enjoy open conversations, they might come off as unsociable and reserved.

That’s fine as well, but it just might deter some people away from them. Even with all of the difficulties an introverted person faces, it just might come in handy sometimes.

One of the pros of this key feature of an INFJ male is that they’re great listeners. You don’t usually expect this from a man, right? With INFJ males, you won’t have to worry about that.

4. He’s compassionate

There’s nothing much that I can say about this key feature that you can’t see for yourself. INFJ males are one of the most compassionate personality types out there.

If you just give him a chance, I’m sure he’ll show you how much love he has to offer. Usually, introverted signs don’t express themselves openly.

However, they have a kind soul and love to take care of others. This is just one of the desirable traits of a man. We, women, love when we see how much someone cherishes us, right?

If you’re looking for a partner that’s going to be there for you in times of need, INFJ male is the right match. But it kind of takes two to play this game called love, right?

What I meant to say is that even if they’re shy, they deserve to feel the same amount of love. Don’t be afraid to burst his bubble and meet the real INFJ male.

5. He’s an idealist

DONE INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type 4

When it comes to INFJ males, they might struggle a bit with their love life. It could turn out to be a hard task, quite often.

The thing is that this Myers-Briggs personality type is more guided by ideals, rather than practical considerations. It’s not a bad thing, it just means they’re not a suitable partner for everyone.

INFJs are visionaries which implies they like to indulge in fantasies more often than not. They simply have a unique view of life.

More often than not, INFJ males like to throw in some imagination here and there. They’re prone to daydreaming and reaching out for their dreams.

This personality type likes to idealize things. Perhaps it can sometimes get them into trouble, but they don’t think they should change anytime soon.

6. He’s logical

One of the strongest INFJ male features is logic. Emotions aren’t the only thing vividly present in this personality type.

Usually, when we say someone’s emotional, we tend to misjudge them and instantly believe they’re incapable of making decisions.

This is totally not true when it comes to INFJ males. Even though they’re guided by their strong feelings and intuition, they can still make good choices and stay cool-headed.

They see things from a unique perspective and are prone to being analytical at times. Unfortunately, this may come off as cold. However, you won’t know the other side if you never even peek! Logic isn’t a bad thing but quite contrary.

7. He’s organized

INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

This is probably the last thing you’d think of. The organization is not really one of the most famous male features. They usually tend to leave their stuff all around the place. Moreover, men don’t feel the need to organize their living space, time, or anything else.

That’s why they can’t even have a plan or organize a simple trip. It’s just constantly making excuses such as “It’s called being spontaneous.” Yeah right. With an INFJ male, you won’t have to worry about that. He isn’t going to be late and will arrive just on time.

You can even let him take matters into his hands and plan a mini holiday for both of you. They like to keep things neat and in order. Those who don’t understand the benefits of this feature will call them control freaks!

Problems an INFJ male faces

Just like everyone, INFJ male doesn’t live a life without any hardships. They have their ups and downs just like any other personality type.

However, those problems of an INFJ male might be slightly different. As an introvert, they experience these issues on a deeper level.

It’s more of an interpersonal struggle than anything else, really. Sure, INFJ males may struggle with social life or opening up to someone.

But let’s be honest, who doesn’t struggle sometimes? It’s only normal to come face to face with some problems from time to time.

Still, each personality type has problems that are unique. It just happens to be that the problems INFJ male faces are more on the personal side.

1. Low self-esteem

DONE INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type 6

This is the part where that double-edged sword shows its bad side. Being an introvert is never easy and INFJs know that.

They don’t have the confidence as extroverts to just come out of their shell in front of someone. Nor do they have the courage to open up to a total stranger.

This just might be affecting their social life because people don’t really give them a chance. Their shy persona is often viewed as cold and repulsive.

Therefore, the only people INFJ males really trust are themselves. If you want to be the one to gain their trust, you’ll need some patience first.

Even though they struggle a lot with their self-esteem, INFJs don’t really let it show. They’re good at hiding it, but to what use?

2. High expectations

One thing that can easily drag down an INFJ male is high expectations. They can be a bit unrealistic, to say the least.

I’ve mentioned they’re idealists, so that must mean something, right? Well, even though it’s all fun and games, it becomes a nightmare.

Thus personality types can sometimes get ahead of themselves and have crazy fantasies, wishes, and demands.

However, his expectations won’t always be met, but the INFJ male doesn’t really understand that. Oftentimes this will leave him feeling betrayed, unlucky, etc.

3. Poor choice of words

INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

All those strong emotions can sometimes knock you off your feet. And an INFJ male knows that best, trust me. He said something he didn’t mean?

Maybe he slightly offended you when all he wanted was to give you a compliment to make you feel better about yourself?

Yeah, they can sometimes do that. You’d say it’s simply a man’s way of expressing himself. However, it has a lot to do with their personality type.

Being an introvert isn’t always easy, and that’s a fact. An INFJ male is sometimes grappling with his feelings and doesn’t deliver them in the right way.

That’s why it’s common for him to get misunderstood a lot of the time. He’s not a douche, he simply has a poor choice of words and needs a little help and understanding.

4. Trouble staying focused

Although they are really logical and organized, their attention tends to drift away quite easily. I’m not saying that they’re going to cheat on you once they get an opportunity.

For instance, an INFJ male will focus on doing one thing and will do a lot of planning beforehand to make it perfect. However, his attention span will become shorter the more time he spends on the project.

Therefore, if I were you, I really wouldn’t trust my INFJ partner to be a self-made plumber or anything along those lines.

It’s likely he would hype himself up and bite off more than he can chew. It’s a great thing that he’s that ambitious, but let’s stay real.

Still, this – let’s call it a downside of INFJ males – shouldn’t make you change your mind about them. After all, they’re highly compassionate, sweet, and loyal.

5. An emotional wreck sometimes

DONE INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type 8

I know you might feel as if all we do is talk about their emotions here. Well, I get why you would think so. But emotions are really the strongest force that drives an INFJ male.

They might not be that obvious at first, but once you get to hang out with this personality type more often, you’ll quickly notice it.

Because they have the aforementioned poor choice of words and lack communication skills, they will get clumsy with their words and feelings.

Although they’re organized in most spheres of life, INFJ males may make a mess out of their personal lives and feelings. I wouldn’t say it’s a downside, but rather a quirk of theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with getting confused sometimes. That’s why INFJ males need a partner suitable for them to provide understanding and patience. However, not many people are the right fit for them.

The best fit for an INFJ male

As I already said, INFJ males are really unique characters that can enrich your life in many ways. However, not everyone can be blessed to be surrounded by unconditional love.

If you don’t find yourself to be the right match for an INFJ male, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s only normal for two people to reach a certain level of compatibility.

Also, it’s totally fine for things to go smoothly and then for that bubble to burst. As they say, the time will tell. I know it’s a loss because INFJ males are just great, but stay cool.

The good thing is that this personality type will tell you almost in an instant if you two are going to make it work. It’s not a direct text: “Hey, I don’t think this is gonna work.”, but rather subtle signs.

You see, they’re even gentle and amazing when it comes to breaking up! Other guys would probably just block you or say some stupid excuse.

On the other side, if you are a perfect fit for an INFJ male, you’re in for the adventure of your life. Not quite literally due to their introverted tendencies, but rather figuratively.

1. INFJ male and ENFP partners – a match made in heaven

INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

If there’s a real-life Romeo and Juliet relationship, then it must be the one between an INFJ male and their ENFP partner. It’s simply a match made in heaven.

The reason for this is the common themes and goals these two personality types have. They get along great in many spheres of life.

If you noticed that I said “many” and not “all”, don’t get scared. It’s only normal to differ in some things, that is if they’re not crucial for the survival of the relationship.

Thankfully, those aspects of life that these two don’t really agree on can be totally neglected. The most important thing is that INFJ males and ENFPs can come to terms with some major decisions.

But what is the most heartwarming about this relationship is how much INFJs and ENTPs can help each other out. They’re both highly compassionate and filled with empathy.

If someone trips and falls down, the other will gladly help and be by their side in even the worst times. First of all, it’s a great friendship filled with trust and love before it’s a romantic relationship.

Something we all wish to have, right? Well, I can assure you that this is bound to happen between these two lovebirds.

These two personality types might slightly differ, but nothing can get in their way. Both of them love to have deep, meaningful conversations and to really feel that connection with a person.

As an introvert, an INFJ male will gladly listen to every word you have to say and won’t object if you have a lot to vent. On the other hand, ENTPs like to hold their heart out on their sleeve.

They’re a perfect match in many ways and there’s no way to deny it. Myers-Briggs version of Romeo and Juliet.

2. INFJ male and ENTP partners – two peas in a pod

This combination doesn’t differ a lot from the previous one and that’s why it’s so successful. The compatibility of an INFJ male and an ENTP partner reflects in their common feature, intuition.

They both like to view things with a dash of hope and try to look for the good when everything around them is bad. This way, they provide support for one another.

However, some problems might arise because one is introverted while the other is extroverted. But it’s nothing to be concerned about because they’re both compassionate and know not to push each other buttons.

Even if slight arguments occur, they’re both apologetic and know how to calm down. INFJ male is going to be an ENTP’s Prince Charming and the first one to try and ease the tensions. They often take the blame, but not always.

One of the reasons for a fight might be the fact that INFJ males idealize a lot. They live in their own world and sometimes, people are going to burst their bubble. The only difference between these two personality types is that ENTPs are analytical.

It means that conflicts may arise because these two opposites will eventually clash. However, it’s nothing these two can’t work out. Some meaningless bickering back and forth isn’t worth risking the brilliant relationship INFJ males and ENTP partners share.

Now back to compatibility and the good stuff. As an extrovert, ENTPs are all about going out and having fun. You might not expect this from an introvert, but INFJs are totally different when they’re around someone like this personality type.

ENTPs tend to simply bring out the best in INFJ males which usually results in them pushing INFJs to be more social and outgoing. INFJs won’t be indebted to them and they’ll also do their share of work. I’m thinking of how INFJs have a way of calming this enthusiastic personality type down.

A love story gone wrong

DONE INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type 10

As normal as it is, we don’t really like being incompatible with someone. However, things like that can happen, and sometimes, they’re simply inevitable. Not everyone is a match made in heaven, and that’s totally fine.

It’s like when you were in your P.E. class when you were a kid. You don’t like this person but you also don’t want to be the last one to be picked for a team. No one likes being left out, I know. However, sometimes it’s the best option.

Perhaps it turns out that way – you’re better on your own than matching with someone that later proves a disaster. This just might be the case with INFJ males and some of their counterparts.

As an intuitive feeling type, it’s impossible for them to get along with each and every personality type. That’s why I gave you an example of two of the best fits for an INFJ male.

Now, it’s only right I tell you which personality type doesn’t really get along with intuitive feeling males. If you’re one of them, it’s no biggie. You simply aren’t meant for each other.

1. INFJ male and ESTP

Sometimes, trouble can rise in paradise. Just when you think that things are going smoothly between you, trouble comes knocking on your door and knocking you off your feet.

What is it that makes this relationship a struggle? Why can’t an INFJ male get along well with an ESTP partner? The reason might be simple, even if you think it’s more complicated than that.

The thing is that INFJ males aren’t keen on getting out much or socializing at the same level ESTPs are. Sure, they like to hang around with people they’re close to, but they just struggle with keeping up with ESTPs’ pace.

This personality type is all about having fun and making new friends. Experiences are sincerely important to them and they can’t really get a lot of them with an introvert by their side. It’s maybe a harsh thing to say, but an INFJ would just slow down an ESTP.

Moreover, an INFJ male would rather stay home and enjoy some book reading rather than go to a party full of people he doesn’t know. All in all, these two might be best acquaintances, friends, or work colleagues, but nothing else.

2. INFJ male and ISTP

INFJ Male All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

You know how they say that opposites attract? Well, that might be true but to a certain degree. When you’re just too different from each other, you might actually fall out.

For an INFJ male, it’s all about idealizing and visualizing things. They don’t like to just sit around and be present. No, they like to daydream and wish upon the stars.

It might sound funny, but it’s true. On the other hand, we have the opposite behavior that just might not be that attractive to INFJs. ISTPs tend to be more present at the moment and try to focus on reality. This doesn’t sound good to an INFJ male who’s an idealist.

They don’t really give reality much thought because they’re too preoccupied with daydreaming. All they really need and want is someone who will be able to understand them and perhaps share their dreams with them.

ISTPs aren’t really the type to do that because they’d rather be aware of their surroundings and fully conscious of their actions and reality. Opposites are good, but not always, and not to every extent. Sometimes, you’re just too different for it to work out.

Bottom line

Some of these aforementioned relationships may work perfectly. INFJs will retreat to their safe zone once they feel overwhelmed and spend some time alone. On the contrary, their partners with extroverted personality types might go out and recharge in their own way, among people. Both parties are satisfied, it’s a win-win situation!

Although INFJ males enjoy being alone, they don’t mind spending their time with someone they truly love. An INFJ male is caring, loving, and filled with empathy for others. If you meet one, take a shot!

INFJ Male: All You Need To Know About This Rare Personality Type

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