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If A Man Wants You, He Will Make It Happen – It’s That Simple

If A Man Wants You, He Will Make It Happen – It’s That Simple

“If a man wants you, he will make it happen.”

It’s the relationship advice you keep hearing all the time. Whenever you talk to your best friend about a guy who hasn’t been doing much to throw you off your feet, she repeats this one sentence.

But do things really work this way? Will a guy who wants to be with you chase after you until he finally gets what he wants or is it too much to expect from him?

If you have your eye on this one nice guy but he hasn’t been doing much to secure his place in your heart, then it’s obvious why you’d want to learn the secrets to men’s behavior.

You want to figure out if men really pursue women they like or if it’s too much to ask for. If he doesn’t put in much effort, should you be the one to take the wheel? Or is it better to give up on him right from the start?

Well, the truth is simple.

If a man wants you, he will make it happen, and here’s how

If A Man Wants You, He Will Make It Happen – It's That Simple

As a single woman, you’ll likely find yourself in a similar situation at some point. You meet a nice guy who seems like a great catch and you want to try your luck.

Your ultimate goal is to create a healthy relationship with him, but it’s not always easy to figure out what he wants.

Are the two of you on the same page? Or is he not the relationship type, but rather a guy who’d always choose a temporary fling over anything potentially serious?

In some moments, you’ll feel like he wants the same as you do. Then other times, he’ll go missing for days, without giving you any explanation.

Often, you’ll find excuses for his behavior because you like him too much to just give up on him. You’ll have a hard time admitting the truth to yourself and more than often, you’ll make the first move every time he stops reaching out to you.

Spending time with him makes you happy, but at the same time, it’s clear you’re not moving forward.

That’s when you start to wonder if it’s actually true that a man will make it happen if he wants you. And if he doesn’t, then there’s nothing you can do to make him interested.

To be honest, this is the way things work. When a man sets his eyes on something, he’ll do his best to get that. He will commit himself to the task and won’t give up until he has you.

The only time he would stop chasing after you is if you openly reject him and let him know that you don’t want to have anything to do with him. But as long as you’re both on the same page and you’re showing him clear signs you’re interested, he’ll keep pursuing you until he can finally call you his.

If a man wants you, he will make it happen by doing all of the following things.

1. He’ll make you his priority

DONE If A Man Wants You He Will Make It Happen – Its That Simple 2

A man who likes you and wants to be with you will show you that by making you his priority. You’ll become a really important person in his life and that will be clear as day.

He’ll be there for you whenever you need him and show you that you can count on him all the time.

From text messages through phone calls and meeting face-to-face whenever you can, he won’t go a day without hearing back from you. You’ll be the first thing on his mind when he wakes up and the last before he falls asleep.

He’ll straight-up show you that you have nothing to worry about as you’re the only woman in his life. He has his eyes only on you and that’s not about to change.

When a man wants you, he makes it happen by treating you the way you deserve – he never puts you on hold or the backburner.

You’ll never have to wait for him to text you if he’s the right guy for you. He won’t go canceling plans with you for someone else because you’re always first in his books.

Once you’re happy, he’ll feel happy as well. So, he’ll do whatever he can to put a smile on your face.

2. He’ll show himself in the best light

If a man wants you, he will make it happen by showing you all of the reasons he deserves you giving him a chance.

He won’t just sit and wait for you to notice him. Instead, he’ll do everything he can to show you he’s worth your time and effort.

He’ll work on himself because he wants you to see that he’s a nice guy who won’t let you go the moment he has you. His behavior will be consistent because he’s there to stay.

You’re not just food for his ego. Instead, you’re a woman who’s made him realize how it feels to finally fall in love with an amazing person.

You’re the one who’s shown him what it means to make eye contact with someone, and for the first time ever realize that you want to keep looking at that person for the rest of your life.

If he really likes you, he’ll make sure to grow as a person. He wants you to see that he’s worthy of your love, your time, and your effort.

3. He’ll take the initiative

If A Man Wants You, He Will Make It Happen – It's That Simple

You won’t have to wait for him to call you for days and or be the first one to call every single time.

He’ll take the initiative because he wants to show you that his feelings are real. This man likes you in a way he’s never liked anyone before, so he can’t afford to lose you.

That’s why he’ll carefully plan his dates with you and take everything to the next level. He’ll go the extra mile and think through every second of the night.

He’ll listen to you with such care and pay attention to every word you say. If he notices something you’d like to do, he’ll remember it and try his utmost to make your wish come true.

You won’t ever have to beg him for anything. Instead, you’ll hear him suggesting things that you should do together.

If a man wants you, he will make it all happen. And once you meet the real one, you’ll only then realize what this actually means.

You’ll then understand that a man’s effort always reflects his love. The more he initiates spending time together, the higher the chances that he’s fallen for you.

4. He won’t play games with you

A guy who wants you forever won’t even think about playing mind games with you. His goal is to keep you by his side and won’t do anything that comes with the risk of losing you.

He wouldn’t ever intentionally do something to hurt you, not in a million years. His job as your man is to protect you and be your safe place. He hasn’t come into your life to cause you pain and ignore your boundaries.

That’s why you won’t see him giving you the silent treatment. You won’t for a moment wonder whether he’s seeing someone else while he’s with you.

Instead, it’s crystal clear that this guy doesn’t want to break your heart. He doesn’t want to cause you harm since he knows you don’t deserve that.

He’ll be straightforward with you and communicate with you like no other man before him ever has. You’ll believe him when he says that he doesn’t want to hurt you as his eyes will confirm that he’s telling you the truth.

Your well-being is the first thing on his mind and he won’t ever consider hurting you.

Even if things get hard, he won’t give up on you. Because when a man wants you, he will make it happen, period.

5. He won’t send you mixed signals

DONE If A Man Wants You He Will Make It Happen – Its That Simple 4

Only immature players opt for mixed signals instead of honesty. Only those who choose to feed their ego by playing with a woman’s heart will act that cowardly.

But a man who wants you will never allow himself to treat you this way. He’ll never seduce you if he knows that he’s not there to stay.

Instead, he’ll be honest from the start and prove to you that he won’t change his mind about you. He wants you to stay in his life forever. That’s the only truth.

You won’t wake up one day only to realize that he’s gone from your life without explanation. You won’t be afraid that he’ll leave you the moment someone better walks by.

That’s not how real men act and it certainly isn’t the way a man who likes you will act.

You can forget about mixed signals as they’re a part of your past. He won’t give you that treatment, no matter what.

Even if he changes his mind and realizes that he doesn’t like you anymore, he’ll still be open about his feelings. He’ll tell you the truth instead of ghost you.

That’s how you can tell that you’ve got yourself the real deal and not some immature guy who still doesn’t know what he wants in life.

6. He won’t pretend like he’s not interested

You know those games guys love to play when they’re trying to make you run after them? They act all hard to get and build an imaginary wall that you’re supposed to scale in order to get to them.

Well, if a man wants you, he will make it happen and won’t even think about pretending like he’s not interested.

His goal isn’t to push you away but to keep you by his side, and that’s why these immature tactics players tend to use aren’t his cup of tea.

He wants you to know that he likes you. He wants you to know that you’re the woman who’s stolen his heart.

His goal isn’t to keep you at the safe distance and pretend like you can’t have him. He doesn’t see any point in that, so that’s why he’ll avoid that behavior completely.

Trust me, he knows what he wants and that certainly isn’t to lose you forever.

7. He won’t give up at the first bump in the road

If A Man Wants You, He Will Make It Happen – It's That Simple

The moment he fell for you, he knew it wouldn’t be easy to get to your heart. He knew it would take him some time before he finally managed to convince you he’s not here to fool around.

That’s why he won’t give up the moment he hits the first obstacle. He won’t turn around and leave just because things aren’t going perfectly smooth.

If a man wants you, he will make it happen and no obstacle will be too big for him. If he can imagine himself with you, then he’ll do whatever he can to make his dreams come true.

He’ll fight for your love and do whatever it takes to show you how much you mean to him.

The only thing that can make him stop trying is if you openly tell him that he’s not your type and you’re genuinely not interested. In that case, he’ll respect your decision and leave since there’s no point in pressuring you to do something you don’t want to.

8. He’ll show you he’s not afraid of the future

A man with real feelings for you won’t be afraid of the future. He won’t be scared off the second you start mentioning plans that include both of you.

Instead, he’ll listen to you with a smile on his face, and he won’t run away the moment things start to get serious.

He’ll adapt his plans so they suit you and make things happen because he wants to stay by your side. He honestly needs you in his life and he’s not afraid to admit it.

So, if you’re not seeing any of the behaviors mentioned above, it’s probably time to give up on him. Stop looking for excuses because if a man truly wants you, he’ll be sure to make it happen.

You won’t have to beg him to put in the effort because he’ll do that on his own.

Your only task would be to decide if you want to be with him or not. Everything else is his part of the job.

What does it mean if he doesn’t pursue you?

DONE If A Man Wants You He Will Make It Happen – Its That Simple 6

If a man wants you, you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll make it happen. But if he doesn’t, he won’t lift a finger for you. 

He’ll slowly start pulling away from you or abruptly disappear – whichever is easier for him at the time.

And if that’s the case, there’s not much you can do. Of course, you can decide to run after him and beg him to come back into your life, but eventually, you’ll realize that you can’t make him stay.

You can talk with his friends and beg them to persuade him to come back, but in that case, you would look completely desperate and dependent.

You can also convince yourself with all sorts of excuses you keep telling yourself late at night, but that won’t work well either. In this case, it’s really best for you to be real about what’s going on.

If you can’t admit the truth to yourself, then I’ll be the one to break it to you. Get ready for a reality slap that won’t feel comfortable but is something you need to hear right now.

1. He’s not interested enough

If he doesn’t want you and isn’t interested enough, a man won’t make anything happen. He won’t bother to chase after you since he has no desire to keep you in his life forever.

That’s why you won’t see him putting in the effort as he has no reason to. Sure, he can keep you on the side as long as he wants, but once he’s bored, he’ll simply give up on you.

I know how harsh these words sound, but they’re the actual reality as they represent the common behavior all men show when they’re not interested enough.

The only reason they don’t reject you right away is so they’re not alone. But the moment someone else walks into their life, they give up on you completely.

Even if the guy you set your eyes on isn’t interested in you, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t be sad about it – know that the universe has something better waiting for you.

So, accept the reality as it is and find a way to move on. You weren’t meant to be and maybe that’s a blessing in disguise.

2. He’s not ready to commit to you

If A Man Wants You, He Will Make It Happen – It's That Simple

Maybe your nice guy isn’t pursuing you because he isn’t ready to commit.

We’re all aware that many guys face commitment issues and sacrifice perfectly healthy relationships because of their fear of spending the rest of their lives with one woman only.

Maybe your man is one of them. He can’t picture himself committing to you only and that’s why he’s not doing anything to keep you. 

If commitment-phobia is the issue with your guy, you’re not the one to blame. Know that you can’t change anything if he’s afraid of committing to someone.

You can’t beg him to be with you if the bare idea evokes instant fear in his head. The fear of missing out on other things due to being in a relationship.

Of course, this state of mind is irrational and isn’t the way things actually work, but you can’t prove to a guy he’s wrong when it’s something he clings onto for dear life.

Trust me, if he wanted you, he would make it happen, despite being afraid of commitment. But this is just one more excuse he can use if people ask him why he broke up with you.

The best thing you can do right now is let him walk away and stop chasing after him. That way, you’ll save yourself unnecessary pain and allow yourself to move on.

3. He refuses to put in the effort

DONE If A Man Wants You He Will Make It Happen – Its That Simple 8

Maybe this guy likes you but, for whatever reason, he doesn’t feel like putting in the effort.

Maybe he expects you to chase after him. Or he’s too lazy to make a move and thinks you’ll be more than happy to take the wheel.

Once again, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t even get your hopes up over someone who doesn’t want to lift a finger for you. Chances are he’ll bail on you whenever he gets bored or too lazy to work on your relationship.

Again, he’d expect you to do whatever it takes to bring the two of you back on track. And just like that, you find yourself in a vicious circle that’s tough to get out of.

You would end up being the only person who works on your relationship. And we all know that’s not the way things should be.

If a guy isn’t willing to put in an equal amount of effort, then your relationship is doomed to fail.

Eventually, it would all come crashing down on you and you’d have no idea what happened. Once again, you’d probably try to put everything back in its place, but eventually, you’d realize it’s not worth it.

You’d then be back at square one, sad that you wasted your time on someone who didn’t deserve your attention.

So, to save yourself from the unnecessary pain and to allow yourself to lead a happy life, remember that you shouldn’t chase after guys.

If a man wants you, he WILL make it happen. But if he doesn’t want to have anything with you, then all of your efforts are in vain.

If A Man Wants You, He Will Make It Happen – It's That Simple

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