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How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation: 12 Things To Do

How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation: 12 Things To Do

“How to make my husband miss me during separation?” This is a question many women ask themselves once their marriage gets to a point of worry.

Many couples choose to separate once they figure out that their marriage isn’t doing well. They realize that they need to work on their relationship and accordingly give each other some time and space.

If you’re going through the same then you probably wish to go back in time to when both of you and your husband were blissfully happy.

At one point in your life, your marriage was thriving and you couldn’t feel any happier. Now, you’re sleeping in separate beds and the only thing that’s keeping you together seems to be the rings on your fingers.

Everything has changed and you don’t want things to end like this. You don’t want your marriage to fall apart since you still love your husband dearly.

You’re aware of the issues you’ve been facing but at the same time, you don’t believe they should be a reason to just give up. It would be better for both of you if you could find a way to make things work the way they used to.

Right now, you and your husband are separated but you don’t want that to be the final step before you get a divorce. Instead, you want your husband to realize that he misses you and can’t live without you. You want him to remember all of the memories you share together.

But how do you do that? Is there a right way to make your husband miss you during separation and save your marriage from falling apart?

“How to make my husband miss me during separation without reaching out to him?”

How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation 12 Things To Do

When trying to make your husband miss you, you must pay close attention to your actions. You don’t want to ignore him on purpose and try to get him interested that way.

Honestly, he’ll be able to see that you’re playing mind games with him and trying to get him back through some sneaky moves. However, you also don’t want to act cold as that can make him assume that you no longer care about him.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself what you can do then.

“If nothing seems to be working then how can I get him back? How can I make my husband miss me during separation because I’m desperate to get him back?”

Don’t worry, you’re going to make it. You just need to figure out what will work best to salvage your marriage. And if you keep reading this article, you’ll get all of the answers to the important question you’ve been asking yourself.

So, let’s start right away!

1. Give him enough space

Even though you’re still married, you need to be aware that you’re also separated. At this point, both of you need some room to figure things out.

So, by taking a step back and letting him live his life, you’ll actually increase your chances of getting back with him. You’ll allow him to reflect on the good old days which will eventually make him realize that he misses having you around.

I know that you’re dying to see him, have a chat with him and try to talk him into getting back together. But doing any of those things at this stage would be completely wrong.

It’s still too early to make those moves since you first want to give him enough space so he adapts to his new way of life. After that, he’ll start to realize that living life without you isn’t the best thing that ever happened to him.

Not having you by his side is probably one of the scariest things he’ll have to go through. Of course, however, this only counts if he still loves you and wants your marriage to work out.

In this case, being away from you will feel like the biggest punishment to him. It’ll make him realize that he needs you in his life.

So, even though you feel broken for not seeing him as much, you need to stay persistent. Give your husband enough space during separation and make him miss you that way.

Trust me, it will work. You just need to stay determined and after a while, he’ll realize that he can’t live without you.

2. Limit social media contact

DONE How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation 12 Things To Do 2

“How to make my husband miss me during separation?” Well, one of the first steps you need to take is to limit your interaction with him on social media. I know that this may seem impossible to achieve but you need to do so if you want to save your marriage.

By avoiding online contact with your husband, you’ll make him wonder about you. He’ll start to think about how you’ve been, whether you’ve moved on after him, and what you’re doing when he’s not around. He’ll realize that he misses you and that’s exactly what you want to happen.

So, stop posting your every move on social media because otherwise, it’ll be impossible for him to feel like he’s missing you. Also, stop commenting on his posts, chatting to him, or forwarding him funny jokes.

This will make him want to find out what’s going on with you. And when that happens, he’ll also realize that he misses your presence.

So, give him some time to realize that and meanwhile, avoid him as much as possible. He’ll feel the need to get in touch with you and that’s what you’re aiming for.

3. Don’t respond to his texts right away

This is one of the most important things you can do. If your separated husband reaches out to you, you shouldn’t reply to his text or call right away.

If you immediately open his message and type in your response, he’ll know that you’ve desperately been waiting for him to get in touch with you. As a consequence, he’ll start to reconsider whether he even wants to get back together.

But if you let him wait for your message, he’ll start to think about what’s taking you so long. He’ll try to figure out whether you’ve already moved on or if you don’t want to have anything more to do with him.

That’ll make him realize that he doesn’t want to let go of you. It’ll make him figure out that he’s not ready to walk away from your marriage.

Then, after a while, when he gets your reply, he’ll instantly feel happy that you’re still willing to communicate with him. It’ll give him hope that there’s still a chance for your marriage to work out.

However, if he doesn’t contact you then you shouldn’t be the one to pick up the phone first. You should wait for him to make the first move because that’s the only way to get him back. The moment you start chasing after him is the moment you’ll lose him forever.

4. Spend time with your friends

How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation 12 Things To Do

Instead of sitting in your house all alone and waiting for him to call you, have you considered spending some time with your friends? Have you thought about having some fun and taking your mind off everything you’re going through?

Right now, you’re probably feeling lonely. You want your husband to be right next to you but since that’s not possible, you’re spending your days all alone. However, things don’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to live every day the same. Instead, you’re allowed to have some fun. It’s okay to see your friends and enjoy a night out.

Invite all of your besties to go grab a drink or head out to a restaurant and let yourself enjoy a conversation with a friend who understands what you’re going through.

Right now, you need to know that you’re not alone in this. You want to be reassured that you have the support of the people who mean the most to you.

Even if the final outcome ends up being different from what you expect it to be, it’s important to be aware that you’ll be able to get through everything. With helping hands from your friends, it’ll all work out just fine.

5. Let him see that you have a life of your own

Instead of asking yourself, “How to make my husband miss me during separation?” you should try this question, “How do I go back to my old life?”

When I say, ‘old life’, I don’t mean that part of your life when you had him by your side but rather the way you lived your life even before him. I mean all of the things that made you happy that somewhere along the line, you stopped doing.

Well, this is your chance to make a change. This is your opportunity to show your husband that you still know how to live your life on your own. You can focus on your hobbies, improve contact with your friends and family and enjoy every opportunity that life offers you.

Going through a separation doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be happy anymore. It only means that you must find your happiness on your own, without waiting for others to serve it to you.

6. Grow as a person

DONE How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation 12 Things To Do 4

You need to grow as a person. You need to create a list of all of the things you need to work on and start changing them. That way, you’ll make your husband see that you’re not willing to be stuck in one place just because there’s a chance that your marriage will fall apart.

Can you recall all of the things that you’ve always wanted to change about yourself because you’re aware of the negative effects they’ve had on your life? Well, now’s the right time to do so. It’s time for you to get off that couch and work on self-growth.

You deserve to do so for the sake of your own well-being and your husband will definitely notice a significant difference in your behavior. At some point, he’ll realize how far you’ve come.

He’ll realize that you haven’t given up and that’s when he’ll start to miss you. He won’t be able to move on with his life without you and he’ll certainly want to try to fix your marriage.

Even if that doesn’t happen, you’ll still be happy with the way you’ve changed your life for the better. You’ll appreciate the fact that you didn’t give up the moment things got hard.

7. Take care of yourself

You shouldn’t do all of the things I’m talking about just because you want to make your husband miss you during separation. Instead, you need to do them because you want to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

Taking care of yourself is certainly one thing that will benefit every aspect of your life. The time has come for you to get out of the house and schedule a haircut appointment. Get your nails done, take yourself out to dinner, or finally buy yourself a monthly gym membership.

You have to take care of yourself, both your body and soul. You have to get up and move away from all of the dull thoughts that overtake your mind.

After this, you’ll feel much better and happier but also, your separated husband will notice your improvement and he’ll start to miss you. He’ll see how far you’ve come and he won’t be able to ignore your progress.

He’ll figure out that he doesn’t want to let go of you since you’re still the only woman he cares about. Even though you’re separated, he’ll start to realize that he doesn’t want to live this life anymore. He doesn’t want your marriage to end in divorce as you still impress him the same way you did at the start.

8. Avoid complaining to him about your current situation

How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation 12 Things To Do

I understand that you’re feeling broken right now. You’re afraid that your marriage is going to end and that’s not something you want to happen.

You pretend that you’re okay but you know that you can’t imagine a life without your husband. So, every time you talk, you feel the need to complain to him about the situation you ended up in.

But if you do that, you’ll only push him away. He’ll realize that he can’t listen to you grumbling about anything and everything that happens to you. Your behavior will start to frustrate him and that’s when he’ll lose any interest in getting back together.

That’s why you need to stop complaining about your current situation. You need to stop asking him what will happen to the two of you and stop questioning him about his intentions.

He already knows you’re unhappy with the way things have played out between the two of you but he doesn’t need to hear about that every time he tries to chat to you. You don’t have to remind him that you’re broken and devastated.

Honestly, that’s not something that will make him come back to you. Instead, you need to keep your communication light-hearted. Let him know that he still has a friend in you, that you still care about him but you also understand that things had to happen this way.

Once he realizes how understanding you are, your separated husband will start to miss you more than he could imagine. And that’s when things will start to look up.

9. Remind him of the happy times you’ve shared together

“How to make my husband miss me during separation? I’ve tried everything and nothing seemed to work!”

But have you tried to remind him of all of the good times you shared together? Have you mentioned to him all of your happy memories that will make him long for the good old days?

As your communication gets more frequent, you need to find a way to make him miss the old days. And what better way than talking to him about everything you’ve gone through together.

At this point, make sure to only stick to the good parts. Only talk about those things you know will put a smile on his face. You already know what made him the happiest throughout your relationship so that’s what you should make a part of your conversation.

Let him remember all of the amazing times you’ve been through as that’s one of the best ways to get him back in your life.

10. Don’t try to push him into anything he’s not ready for

DONE How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation 12 Things To Do 6

You don’t want to push your husband into anything he’s not ready for. If you see in his eyes that he still doesn’t miss you then you shouldn’t try to pressure him into getting back with you.

He’s the master of his own feelings and when he doesn’t feel ready for something, there’s nothing you should do to change that. He needs to figure out on his own that he doesn’t want your marriage to end.

I know that you miss him and you want to get back with him as soon as possible. But at the same time, convincing him that working on his marriage is the best thing he could do isn’t something that will make him act any differently.

He needs to work out on his own that he needs you in his life. He needs to know that he wants your marriage to work.

Constantly asking him whether he misses you isn’t going to help you and if anything, it can only push him away. It can make him realize that you don’t appreciate his feelings even though you’re supposed to.

So, if you feel the need to convince him that he misses you and should get back together with you, then you need to stop for a second. Are you really doing your marriage a favor? Or are you pushing your separated husband away from yourself by pressuring him into something he’s not ready for?

Be honest with yourself and figure out whether you’re doing the right thing.

11. Don’t try to make him jealous

You won’t make your husband miss you during separation if you try to make him jealous. That’s not the way to go and you can only risk your marriage by doing so.

Making your partner jealous can easily turn into infidelity and that’s a line you don’t want to cross. I know you’re desperate and you want him to realize he misses you as soon as possible but if you choose to go down that road, you may have some major regrets.

If your husband sees you flirting with another man, he won’t care about your intentions. He won’t even listen to the excuses you’re willing to give him. He’ll simply consider it as cheating and probably decide that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.

Subsequently, your marriage will end forever and there will be no way to get things back on track. So, please stay away from trying to make him jealous because there are many better ways to make him miss you. And you don’t want to waste a chance and lose him forever by making the wrong move.

12. Show him that you’re eager to work on your issues

How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation 12 Things To Do

If you establish communication and things finally start to look up, there’s one last thing you can do to make your separated husband miss you. You need to show him that you’re willing to work on all of the issues you’ve faced throughout your marriage.

He needs to know that you won’t keep fighting about the same things. He needs to know that this time, both of you will actually put in the effort and work on resolving your disagreements.

You won’t back off when things get difficult but you’ll instead work on finding a solution. You’ll be there for each other and you’ll do things that will help your marriage thrive.

This is one of the last things your separated husband needs to know in order to miss you. If you successfully pulled off all of the previous steps then showing him that you’re willing to work on your marriage is the final thing he needs to hear.

After that, he’ll be able to realize that he actually wants you back, as you mean the world to him. Together, you can work on everything!

How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation: 12 Things To Do

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