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How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away?

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away?

There are instances when knowing how a man feels about you seems like an impossible task. In those situations, the only way you can make him confess his feelings for you is to walk away. But how does a man feel when a woman walks away? 

The power of leaving a man is tremendous and it can prove to be beneficial if you know when and how to apply it properly. 

Don’t feel guilty when using this technique because you’re not manipulating the guy. You’re just trying to help him realize how he feels about you and to decide whether or not he sees you as his potential girlfriend.

Even if he’s your best friend and boyfriend at the same time, the power of walking away can definitely help you solve any issues that you two have at the time. 

Truth be told, most men don’t realize the real value of what’s in front of them until a woman decides to walk away.

Perhaps you’re on the brink of breaking up with him and going your separate ways, but you still hold onto the thought that he’s your soulmate. You hope that if you walk away, he’ll figure out how important you are to him so that he starts to chase you. 

When a strong woman feels the need to walk away from a man, she’s showing him that she is perfectly capable of being on her own and doesn’t need anyone besides herself.

Once a man realizes that, he quickly starts running back to her and thinks about what he’s done wrong. He comes to his senses and realizes that he took his woman for granted and let her go. 

That’s the moment everything changes and you regain control of the entire situation.

Only a strong woman is capable of walking away from a man!

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

The thing about strong women is that they won’t beg, nag, or be clingy at all. Their self-esteem and self-respect are too high for doing such petty things and they certainly don’t dance to other people’s selfish tunes.

Instead, they take care of their mental well-being and don’t let others hurt them in any way. They know that their happiness depends entirely on them. 

If they recognize that you’re a player or a narcissist, they’ll walk away in an instant without giving you a chance to repent for your mistakes.

They’re completely aware that men fall in love in your absence and not your presence. When a woman walks away from a man, her absence helps the man respect her more and start treating her the way she deserves to be treated. 

There are times when walking away from a man is her only option to let him know how she genuinely feels and what he’s lost because he failed to fight for her love.

By showing him that she’s a strong and independent woman, she’s actually teaching him a valuable lesson – that he needs to step up his game if he ever wants her back. That he’ll need to chase her like a real man and not some immature boy who doesn’t know what he wants from life.

He’ll have to give his best to show her that he’s worthy of her love. Because if he doesn’t, then someone else will.

That’s the power of a woman walking away from a man and, by doing so, letting him see that she knows how to handle her own life without him bothering her.

Does walking away actually get him back? 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

In all honesty, you should be able to get him back if you decide to walk away from him.

However, that all depends on how he feels about you and whether or not he’s genuinely interested in having a future with you.

So, before you decide to give this technique a try, you need to be sure that he has real feelings for you if you want to get him back.

For example, if it’s unrequited love and you decide to walk away from him, he won’t come running back into your arms, simply because he doesn’t see you as his true love. 

I know that this sounds a bit harsh, but it’s important to warn you that if he doesn’t like you, then walking away from him won’t give you the results you so desire. But there’s also a bright side to this.

If you walk away from him and he doesn’t come back to you, then leaving him was the right thing to do. You’ve freed yourself from a situation that was keeping you back from finding the right one.

Why does a man come back after you walk away from him? 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

Firstly, he doesn’t realize what he has until it’s gone.

This is something that can be applied to most of us and not just men. We don’t realize what we have or appreciate the other person until they leave.

Then we start to miss them and want to give their love another chance. And this works the same when we’re talking about romantic relationships.

It could be that your partner thinks that your relationship has become boring and he doesn’t appreciate you the way he did before.

Therefore, by walking away, he’ll finally realize he was taking you for granted and start to chase you. Why? Because he’ll miss your presence and do anything to get you back.

Secondly, most men like to be challenged.

When it comes to love, the main difference between a woman and a man is that women want their relationships to be beautiful and effortless, while men like to be challenged.

Men want to enjoy the thrill of the chase and if they don’t get that opportunity, it leaves them feeling unsatisfied. 

So, this could be where you’ve gone wrong along the way. Perhaps, you allowed your man everything and he knows that you’ll accept whatever he says.

Maybe he doesn’t want you to reply to his every message and wants to work for your attention?

If you’ve been too easy on him, he’ll quickly get bored by your relationship.

By walking away, you’ll give him an opportunity to pursue you and this should help him feel like he’s a real man. 

When is the right time to walk away from a man?

One of the main reasons you should apply this tactic is to teach him a valuable lesson and prevent yourself from experiencing another heartbreak. In other words, you should opt for this if you want to protect your self-respect.

Don’t believe when others say that walking away is a selfish and cowardly thing to do, because most times, it’s not. It means that you’re choosing your own happiness over anyone else’s and you know you deserve more.

It’s actually one of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re not sure how he feels about you. 

1. If he’s ghosting you 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

When we’re head over heels for someone, we do things that we usually wouldn’t do for just anyone. 

So, if a man is ghosting you and isn’t really interested in having a romantic relationship with you in the first place, then you might start thinking that you’re doing something wrong and that if you push yourself a bit harder, then he’ll finally notice you.

Of course, this rarely happens as he doesn’t get the chance to chase you, so that’s why he loses interest in you. 

I understand that you’re a high-quality woman, but the more you shower him with compliments and pretend to be his best friend, the further he’ll move away from you, and the less he’ll see you as his potential girlfriend. 

There are a couple of reasons a man might ghost you. It could be that he’s genuinely not interested in you or he’s playing hard to get.

But you need to keep in mind that men are terrible at handling their own emotions. Sometimes, they aren’t even aware they’re in love until the other person starts moving away from them.  

On the other hand, some men are just immature boys who play hard to get to boost their ego for as long as possible.

Perhaps he’s contacting you via social media, but every time you ask him to meet up with you in real life, he ghosts you. 

This is why walking away can save you from having your heart broken. 

When a woman walks away from a man, you give him the chance to feel the worst possible outcome and that is losing you. If he’s playing hard to get, then he’ll stop doing it, and instead start to chase you.

2. If he’s sending mixed signals 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

One of the main telltale signs of an indecisive man is when he sends you mixed signals. With a man like that, you never know where you stand and he never puts a label on your relationship. 

He’s always keeping you in the gray area. One day he’s totally crazy about you, and the next, he’s wanting to break up with you.

And being in a toxic relationship with a man like this is never worth it because it’ll be tough for you to save yourself from his toxicity later on.

A lot of times you’re unaware of the fact that he’s sending you mixed signals because you’re constantly making excuses to justify his poor behavior toward you.

Deep down in your heart you know you shouldn’t do it, but still, you’re unable to break free from his shackles. 

If he continues sending those confusing signals, your best option is to walk away from him. Only then will he realize he’s been given an ultimatum and it’s decision time.

He’s either with you or he’s not. There’s no in-between.

And that’s the message you want to send him. You want him to know that you’re not the kind of woman who’ll settle for mediocrity. 

3. If he’s taking you for granted 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

Have you noticed that he’s been taking you for granted for some time now? If so, then you should immediately walk away from him. 

Truthfully, more and more women have been settling for men who don’t appreciate them enough. Sadly, we could say that this has become some sort of a trend. 

And if you’ve been asking yourself why a man takes a woman for granted, it is because he wants control over the entire situation. Once he knows she’ll do anything to be with him, he’ll start using her to satisfy his needs. 

It’s a well-known truth that men live for the chase. It’s part of who they are and they need to feel that they have something to fight for. 

On top of that, men are pretty competitive creatures, so they’ll chase you to prove to others and themselves that they can have you. 

But often once a woman shows she’s fallen for a man – one who has this sense of possessiveness – he’ll soon enough start to take her for granted.

And why is that? Well, he knows that the chasing automatically stops when he has her. All that’s left to do is enjoy boasting about what an incredible woman he just won. And in his mind, that can get old pretty quickly.

But little does he know that you can retake control of the situation by walking away from him. And when you do that, the chase mode gets reactivated again. 

How does a man feel when a woman walks away? 

It’s never easy to face facts that you’re the one to blame when your partner walks away from you. But sometimes that’s the only way a man can realize his partner is precious and stop taking her for granted.

So, how exactly does a man feel when a woman walks away from him? What goes on inside his head and heart? 

1. He feels anxious 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

When you decide to walk away from your man, you need to keep in mind that there are certain consequences to your actions and not all of them are good. 

Once he realizes that he’s lost a place in your life, a flood of negative thoughts will go through his mind and he’ll feel anxious and scared. 

The law of scarcity comes into action here and he’ll change completely.

He may wrongly assume that as long as he shows that he isn’t interested in you, that you’ll continue prioritizing him. 

Perhaps up till now, he thought he had you in the palm of his hand and could do whatever he wanted, yet still have you by his side.

But when you decide to walk away, he becomes aware that there are other fish in the sea for you and won’t know what to do. 

That makes him feel anxious and uncomfortable and he’s going to desperately want to reclaim the place he’s lost in your life.

2.  He gets scared and possessive 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

The truth is, not every man will take it heroically once a woman decides to walk away. Many guys have had traumatic experiences that as a result left them with the fear of abandonment

And when you walk away, you may trigger negative reactions, depending on his character and his past. 

There’s always the slight possibility that he doesn’t accept you leaving him and starts threatening you, stalking you, or even getting abusive. 

First of all, you have to make sure you’re protected and safe. Do whatever you need to do to make sure he can’t hurt you in any way.

Tell your friend that you have a problem with your ex-boyfriend and if it gets extremely serious, you can report him to the police.

Either way, your number one priority should be to make sure that you’re safe and that he can’t harm you.

After that, you better believe that you have dodged a bullet with a guy like that. He’ll never change for you and he won’t be able to commit to your relationship, no matter how many excuses you make for him.

He has lots of healing to do before he’s capable to give someone his love. Take comfort in knowing that you have seen his true face and that you saved yourself from being in a toxic and abusive relationship. 

3. He may feel guilty 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

So, how does a man feel when a woman walks away? Well, it can be that he feels guilty for mistreating you in the first place.

You see, men take longer to understand the consequences of their actions. It could be that he took you for granted for a long time, but failed to see it because he didn’t think to prioritize your emotions and needs at all.

And now that he’s no longer part of your life, he realizes you don’t need him at all.  

Those lonely, awful nights have given him an opportunity to reflect on his actions. When he finally comes to his senses, he starts chasing you again. 

Whether or not you give him another chance is entirely up to you. But keep in mind that you can’t force anyone to change if they don’t want to. He has to accept his mistakes and be willing to work on himself. 

4. He feels he’s no longer in control of your relationship  

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

A man knows that when he ignores you, plays hard to get, and takes you for granted, that he has all the control in the relationship. This is one of the main traits of narcissistic behavior.

He’s perfectly aware that no matter what he does, you’ll obey his wishes. That you’ll turn a blind eye whenever he does something wrong. That’s because he knows you like him a lot.

The control he has when he ignores you or plays hard to get gives him the freedom to do and say whatever he wants without thinking about the possible consequences. At least, that’s what he thinks.

But when a woman walks away, he suddenly realizes that he’s no longer in complete control of the situation. 

So, to answer the question of how a man feels when a woman walks away, he feels confused and lonely. But walking away creates balance in the power between a woman and a man. 

He knows that in order to make the relationship work, he has to put in the effort and prove to her that he’s worthy of her time and energy. 

5. He yearns for your presence 

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

Most people have a hard time forgetting about the good days. Even if your relationship wasn’t the best and you had your fair share of fights and arguments, there are always good moments to be remembered. 

And when a woman walks away from a man, she creates a vacuum in his life. She leaves a gap that needs to be filled. 

Now, he may try to fill that void with some meaningless one-night stands or casual hookups. But a man will remember you as the woman who loved him with all of her heart. 

And when he remembers the good times, he’ll yearn for your presence. And he’ll try to find a way to get you back. 

6. He feels replaceable

DONE! How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away

The number one reason men love the thrill of the chase is because of the feeling of being irreplaceable. When they start chasing a woman, they know they need to roll up their sleeves and compete with other guys for her attention.

That’s why many men will ignore a girl once they land that first date with her. They realize that the chase is over and move on to someone who’s more interesting and chase-worthy. 

But when the woman he thinks he’s landed walks away from him, a man feels replaceable. He realizes that there are other guys who are better and stronger than him. 

All of a sudden, that urge to compete with other guys resurfaces. Let’s be honest, no one likes to feel replaceable. And that’s especially true for men because they see that as an attack on their ego.

Walking away will definitely teach him that he shouldn’t mess around with you and that he needs to work harder if he wants to win you back. 

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away?

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