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24 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You’re In Outer Space

24 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You’re In Outer Space

Ready to take your nails to cosmic heights with a stunning set of galaxy nails? As this trend continues to skyrocket in popularity, I’m not surprised to see you here, searching for the perfect option that will truly mesmerize you.

Leave all worries behind because we’re here to show you the cutest designs featuring various galactic shapes that will transport you from Earth to the realm of the stars.

1. Galactic patterns

18 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You're In Outer Space
Credit: cdanails

This is perfect for those who appreciate simplistic nail sets. It features a nude surface adorned with a half-moon and stars drawn in a plain yet beautiful way.

Its subtle elegance ensures it complements your outfits, no matter your style.

2. Sparkling purple

2. Sparkling purple
Credit: nailitmedia

Purple invokes healing and peace of mind. Add creative galactic patterns to the mix, soothing and impressing everyone with their unique beauty.

This nail set is perfect for all seasons and occasions, so you can rest assured that you’ll look great no matter what.

3. Purple and blue combo

18 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You're In Outer Space
Credit: lackat

In this galaxy nail set, the gorgeous combination of shimmering colors goes beyond mere aesthetics. Blue and purple symbolize hope and enthusiasm for the future, infusing your stunning look with deeper meaning.

So, if you want both beauty and meaning, consider this option. The glowing outer space will bestow its radiance upon you, making you look prettier than ever!

4. Dark blue galaxy nails

4. Dark blue galaxy nails
Credit: manitoes

If you’re looking for somewhat gothic yet elegant galaxy nails, this design is a great pick. With its cat-eye design and a curved dark blue line in the middle reminiscent of the night sky, it captures a captivating blend of mystique and sophistication.

The rest of the surface is black with shimmering dots representing the stars, completing the celestial allure of this elegant design.

5. Shimmering green

18 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You're In Outer Space
Credit: nailnova

This is a dark green design with glowing and shimmering shapes reminding of outer space. It gives off an aura of subtle elegancy and goes perfectly with dark shades of color.

So, if you want to look classy and gothic at the same time, this is a perfect choice.

6. Dark purple

Fascinate those around you with this gorgeous set of acrylic glitter nails. With its dark, shimmering purple hue and prominent rocks and oval shapes, it exudes a galactic feel, making you feel truly otherworldly.

It exudes a badass vibe, yet the space patterns infuse it with a soft beauty, making you feel like a true fairy.

7. Bright and dark

If you fancy to galactic nails but prefer avoiding overly dark designs, don’t worry. You can blend dark hues with brighter ones to create a combination that fulfills your wish.

This nail set features classic galactic colors, black and dark purple, but achieves balance with the use of starry shapes on a soft pink surface.

8. Pink and purple galaxy nails

This is another way of blending bright and dark colors. Some nails feature a combination of black and dark purple with a subtle blend of blue and pink, adorned with green and white dots. Others showcase shimmering pink with designs of planets, the half-moon, and stars.

9. Bright colors

18 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You're In Outer Space
Credit: heynicenails

If you’re a fan of bright color designs, you’ll adore this set. It’s a perfect splashy blend of vibrant pink and blue filled with stars, resembling an adorable anime version of the night sky.

It’s perfect for the summertime and is sure to inspire happiness and joy, which are much needed during this warm, sunny period.

10. A colorful splatter

If you like acrylic glitter nails, this is a must-try. It’s a blend of bright colors on a dark blue and black surface, resembling the magical representation of outer space.

If you want to feel like a magical being sent on a mission to the world of mortals, you will adore these nails.

11. Ombré galaxy nails

Ombré nails are always an amazing option. In this design, you apply purple on top and its intensity gradually decreases, creating a nude color effect.

Add shapes like stars or the half-moon to give your nails a true galactic feel.

12. Smokey galaxy nails

This one is for those who adore very creative designs. It’s a splash of bright colors and blended shades of purple on a black surface, perfect for making a bold statement.

The purple is mixed in a way reminiscent of smoke, so both the colors and the unique technique give off an ethereal feel, ensuring you look amazing.

13. Shades of pink

This is another example of galaxy nails. They feature soft and dark pink hues with a hint of purple, red, and silver, creating a dazzling celestial effect.

These colors are presented differently on each nail, elevating the beauty of the nail set.

14. Chrome stars and clouds

Get inspired to design a beautiful night sky with half-moons, clouds, and stars. This design features a dark blue surface with a strong purple glow that enchants you as soon as you see it.

Needless to say, it will look dazzling regardless of the season or your clothing preferences. It’s a design that complements everything.

15. Starry sky

18 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You're In Outer Space
Credit: stelarnailz

This is another beautiful set of galaxy nails. The dark surface is filled with stars of various sizes, with the moon hovering above them.

Use all dark shades to create a life-like representation of the night sky, capturing its mysterious beauty with depth and authenticity.

16. Planetary nails

These wonderful galaxy nails are taken to the next level. The design includes not only stars but also planets, adding an extra dimension of cosmic charm. The playful addition of bright colors like blue and pink enhances the overall look, making it even more captivating.

You can opt for planets you find pretty or resonate with, and create your own perfect nail set.

17. Moon, Sun and stars

This particular design features a dark, rough surface adorned with the moon, sun, and stars, evoking a mesmerizing celestial scene.

It exudes a witchy vibe, so if you’d like to indulge in your fantasy of being an all-powerful being, this is your chance to embrace it fully.

18. A soft blend of colors

18. A soft blend of colors
Credit: nailthoughts

If you want a more colorful splash, this is worth a shot. It’s a blend of blue, purple, pink and white, with different colors dominating different nails.

It’ll look flawless, especially in the upcoming summer, and will take your cuteness to the next level.

19. Hardcore galaxy nails

And here’s a set for all the baddies! It’s a black nail set adorned with gigantic starry shapes, adding a touch of cuteness to the dominantly gothic design.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your look in a slightly intimidating way, opt for these galactic nails to fully embrace your inner femme fatale.

20. Simple galactic nails

20. Simple galactic nails
Credit: polish.beaute

This design is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle approach. It’s a blend of sparkling purple and blue that creates an aura of subtle class and beauty.

21. Black and green galaxy nails

Get the perfect combination of black and magical green nails to enhance your look this summer. The contrast between the dark and bright shimmering shades ensures that it’ll look amazing regardless of your outfit.

The gothic black is softened by the green shade with sparkles, creating an overall adorable vibe that balances edginess with charm.

22. Oval galaxy nails

22. Oval galaxy nails
Credit: diananailedit

If you like oval nails, you’ve to try this. It’s combined with the cat-eye technique where the nail is curved in the middle by a thick white line.

This set of galaxy nails will make you look and feel ethereal. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on your celestial journey today!

23. Colorful galactic nails

18 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You're In Outer Space
Credit: kristinsnails

Hurry up and get this gorgeous combination of space colors that will truly make you feel like you’ve teleported there, forever surrounded by beauty and magic.

It will look ideal with any outfit, whether it’s a cute summer dress or a black winter coat.

24. A subtle elegance

If you want your galaxy nails to look subtle but cute, give this a shot. It features a combination of blue and nude shades adorned with golden half-moons and stars. Another option is to create thick blue lines accented by the golden color.

You’ll definitely rock any outfit with this nail design, so go ahead and enhance your adorable self even more!

You’ll be able to achieve that regardless of what you choose. It simply depends on your taste. Whether you opt for a simplistic or creative design, the most important thing is how it makes you feel.

So, if a certain nail set resonates with you, don’t wait up. If you want it, go and get it!

24 Astonishing Galaxy Nails To Feel Like You're In Outer Space

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