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24 Cursive-Style Spine Tattoo Ideas: From Delicate To Sassy

24 Cursive-Style Spine Tattoo Ideas: From Delicate To Sassy

Spine tattoos are one of the favorites, especially among women. There’s something feminine and romantic about placing your new ink there and honestly, we understand why everyone’s raving about it. But have you considered getting a cursive tattoo on your spine? It does sound interesting, right?

Cursive tattoos are elegant and have a womanish feel. They can be delicate, thin, and sleek or you can make them bold and daring. Honestly, it’s up to you.

If you’re thinking about decorating this part of your body, then you’re probably scrolling through the internet, trying to find a design that you love.

Choosing a new tattoo isn’t easy especially because you know that it’s a piece of art that you’ll wear on your skin forever. That’s why you want to make the right decision as you don’t plan on covering it any time in the future.

We made sure to pick all the options we love and present you with a number of possibilities on how you can make your new spine tattoo stand out. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Simple decoration

Simple decoration
Credit: l.iinks

“Live a life you will remember” is a beautiful quote, but when you want to add that something-something to it, this simple decoration at the top of your spine could be the solution. A butterfly and a flower slowly turn into the saying, making your tattoo slightly different.

2. Simple lettering

Simple lettering
Credit: teil.aubry

If you want to keep things simple, then there’s not much to think about. Just make sure you find the right quote and have your tattoo artist place the stencil perfectly, down the middle of your spine. (P.S. “And I could see for miles, miles, miles…” could be your chosen quote, if you like the sound of it.)

3. The lotus flower at the top

The lotus flower at the top
Credit: 237inked

A lotus flower is another feminine touch you can add to your graceful spine tattoo. It will definitely make your design more girly and cute. So, if that’s something you’re looking for then you’ll love this one.

4. Half the spine tattoo

When getting a spine tattoo, you can choose to stop in the middle of your back. We know that the majority of the ideas you’ve seen cover the whole spine, but it’s your body and you can opt for anything you like.

5. Is it a saying in cursive or a rose?

What if you turned your cursive quote into the stem of a rose? If you don’t mind the fact that this design won’t be perfectly positioned down the middle of your spine, then it’s definitely an option worth considering.

6. Surrounded by the flowers

Surrounded by the flowers
Credit: sind72tattoo

Spine tattoos don’t have to be just about the saying on your spine. You can always add some additional elements that you like. A good example is adding flowers. They’re a beautiful way to make your design more personal and suitable to your aesthetic.

7. Bigger letters

Bigger letters
Credit: cellidubzink

The cursive font doesn’t have to be thin and sleek. You can also opt for something a bit thicker that will make your new tattoo stand out.

8. A rose and a butterfly

A rose and a butterfly
Credit: asheryyy07

A rose and a butterfly are two common elements that decorate different tattoos. So, you can always use them on your spine, when you’re looking to make your design pop.

9. Lotus and ornaments

Lotus and ornaments
Credit: wicholopostli_

We’ve already presented you with the idea of adding a lotus flower at the top of your tattoo. But you can also add some additional ornaments to the bottom of your spine. These intricate details will make this whole piece on your back truly special.

10. A bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers that turns into a quote? You can make it fit your style by opting for your favorite flowers and even adding some colors to it. Personalize your new tattoo as much as you want because you’re going to be the one who’ll wear it for the rest of your life.

11. Cute butterflies

Tiny butterflies are always a good choice. Somehow, they make everything cuter and that’s exactly what they’ll do to your new spine tattoo.

12. Cross at the top

If you’re a religious person or if you’ve chosen a quote to represent that, you can always add a cross at the very top of your spine. It will tie the whole piece together and make it feel more special.

13. Red ink

Red ink

Sometimes, simple things make the most difference. We know you’re looking for some elements that can make your spine tattoo one of a kind but even the change of the ink color could be enough to give you the results you’re looking for. Switch from black to red (or literally, any other shade you like) and you’ll notice a huge difference.

14. Sparkles and butterflies

Sparkles and butterflies
Credit: letdanipokeyou

Butterflies and sparkles will make your new tattoo feel magical. Who would’ve thought that these tiny details could make such a difference?

15. Lettering as a part of the flower

Lettering as a part of the flower
Credit: becyboop_tattoo

A flower that turns into a saying is a cool idea, especially because you can personalize it. Choose your favorite quote and flower and make this floral piece a true work of art.

16. Black and red ink

Black and red ink
Credit: saraburnsred

One easy thing you can do is mix different ink colors and let them contrast each other. Black and red are always a good choice, especially when you want to accentuate certain words.

17. Feather and arrow

This tattoo is powerful and somehow, completely different from all the other designs on the list. We love the fact that it truly radiates strength through all these different elements which together work like a charm.

18. Silhouettes of the faces

Unique! That’s one adjective we would use to describe this tattoo. We love the fine-line silhouettes that turn into words so effortlessly. What do you think about it?

19. Fierce dragon

Are you looking for something sassy? What about a dragon whose tail suddenly turns into your favorite quote? We love the idea and even though it’s not for everyone, we’re sure some of you will be obsessed with it.

20. Decorated with the moons

This tattoo is enchanting. It’s so simple and sleek and we love the combination of tiny cursive letters with simple moons at the top and very bottom of it. It’s just amazing.

21. Butterfly turning into a word

Butterfly turning into a word
Credit: ginnytattoos

This fine-line butterfly will look like a starting point of your new tattoo. We also love the fact that it’s done in a different color since that’s what makes it even more noticeable.

22. Dream catcher

Dream catcher
Credit: x_man_ink

What about a dream catcher at the top of your tattoo? If you’re obsessed with it and love the meaning behind it, then you can always make it a part of your design.

23. Wrapped by blue flowers

Wrapped by blue flowers
Credit: untoldtalents

Blue flowers are definitely unique and will pair well with your spine tattoo. They will add that something-something to your design and make it feel truly personal.

24. Big, bold, pink flowers

Bold pink flowers surrounding your cursive quote down your spine may not be for everyone. But if you’re looking for something daring, this may be the way to go.

24 Cursive-Style Spine Tattoo Ideas: From Delicate To Sassy 26

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