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8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

Your first love is true love. Now that you have read that statement, do you agree with it?

Well, let’s think about it.

As soon as you read that statement, you probably remembered your first love, just like the memories of my first love came back to me as soon as I wrote it.

The truth is, you can have a lot of partners during your lifetime, but the one you’ll never forget is always the first one.

It was the first time you got to understand what all the love songs, romantic movies, and books about love were all about.

When you experience love for the first time, how can that love be anything other than true?

The feelings you felt for the very first time were so strong that you never thought you could feel something like that.

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

When I was with my first love, those older than me would tell me that I had no idea what love was, but I was sure it was the other way around.

Surely you had the same problem when you had your first love.

Now that I’m older, I still believe that your first love is true love.

Just because you don’t spend the rest of your life with a person you love, doesn’t mean that that love was any less true than the one that lasts forever.

When you really think about it, your first love is, in fact, also one that lasts forever.

The feelings you had for the first person you loved never really fade away.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t move on and experience a different kind of true love in the future.

However, you’re never more convinced that you’ll never love again than when you experience the excruciating pain of your first heartbreak.

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

Most of the time, your first love is followed by your first heartbreak because people don’t usually spend the rest of their life with the first person they love. 

Does that fact make your first love any less true? I don’t think so, and here are the reasons why your first love is true love:

1. There’s no holding back

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

When you fall in love for the first time, you have a clean slate. You’ve never dated someone for long enough for it to matter.

You never hold back thanks to that lack of experience. When you love someone for the first time, you love them as much as you possibly can, with all of your heart and soul.

Everything about your first love feels new and exciting, and that’s how love should feel, whether you’ve been together for five years or one.

You don’t have the past experience that would cause you to hold back, so you give yourself fully and love without fear.

2. There’s no fear

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

The thing about your first love is that you don’t have the fear you gain after you first get your heart broken.

With first love usually comes your first heartbreak, and you’re never quite the same after it.

You become scared to fall in love with anybody else because you don’t want to have to go through the same agony again.

After your first love, the pain is so intense that you almost wish it never happened…

However, it did, and when it did, you had no idea about how painful heartbreaks can be.

Of course, you had read about it, heard songs about it, and watched fictional characters experience it in movies, but you never felt it.

That little fact is the reason why you aren’t afraid to love when you love for the first time.

There’s no reason to hold back when you don’t know how hurt you can get once the relationship ends.

3. It never completely fades away

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

Your first love is the one that stays with you long after it has ended. You never really let go, even once you’ve moved on.

Your first love is true love because it never completely fades away, and you remember it for the rest of your life.

That means that even when you don’t stay in a relationship with the person you first fall in love with for the rest of your life, that love does, in a way, last that long.

That is why even if you’re happily married or with someone else, the mention of your first love will still hurt.

This doesn’t mean you ever want to get back together, or that you don’t love your partner enough, it’s just that, just like true love, your first love lasts forever, at least in some way, which makes it true. 

The mention of my first love doesn’t bring tears to my eyes, but I will never be indifferent toward that man, and I’m sure that you can relate.

Your first love is true love because it lasts forever, even if it’s just as a bittersweet memory.

All of us used to think that our first love would last forever when we were experiencing it, and we weren’t actually so wrong about that.

4. Your first love is the purest love

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

Most of the time, we don’t experience such innocence and pureness of our first love when we love again.

When you fall in love for the first time, you don’t have suspicious intentions, and you don’t have any expectations; you follow your heart, and you don’t let your mind stand in the way. 

The reason why your first love is true love is that it is the most honest and the most innocent love you will ever be a part of.

There’s no manipulation or games, just honesty.

You don’t have any reason to lie to your first love because there’s no jealousy, no people getting in the way, and no past to come back and haunt you.

When I was with my first love, I didn’t even think that there would be things like exes and crushes to deal with in my future.

Also, your first love is true love because there’s no intention or motive, it just happens.

For all the other relationships we have, we are very well aware of what outcome we want from them but when you love for the first time, you simply love for no other reason than love itself, and no ‘grown-up things’ are ever welcome to be a part of it.

5. It’s a time of mostly happy memories

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

There aren’t many arguments when you fall in love for the first time, at least not serious ones.

It’s a carefree love without grown-up responsibilities or issues that come with having a relationship when you’re older.

There’s no reason to lash out since there’s barely any jealousy, there’s hardly anything mature to deal with, and you spend your entire time dedicating yourselves to fun and good memories.

You believe that your love is perfect when you first experience it. There are no complications and no wrongs, as well as no expectations.

You create memories that are impossible to forget thanks to that sense of perfection.

Your partner can’t do anything wrong because you see them as perfect.

6. You trust them completely

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

Your first love is true love because you know you can trust them unconditionally; after all, you have no reason not to.

You’ve never been hurt by love before, so you assume that person would never do anything to hurt you if they loved you.

The sad reality is that people who care deeply for each other hurt one another all of the time.

However, you are oblivious to that fact when you’re experiencing love for the first time.

That is the only time in your life where you’ll get to enjoy not considering being hurt when being in a relationship.

You’ve never been lied to when you’re experiencing first love, and you assume all love will be as honest and as pure as your first.

All you really worry about is when you’ll see them next, how to look good for them, or how to keep them for as long as you can.

That is why your first love is true love.

7. Your first love is powerful and intense, and so is the first heartbreak

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

My first love felt earth-shattering.

Out of nowhere and all of a sudden, I realized that I cared about another person in a way that I never really understood was possible.

Of course, we are aware of love from a very young age, but the first time we experience romantic love opens up a whole new world to us.

There’s a lot of excitement and possibilities.

When you are with your first love, you are more inclined to go with the flow.

You follow your heart and not your head, and that’s why your first love is so intense – you leave yourself vulnerable to every possible emotion.

Your first love is unlike anything you ever experienced before, and that is what makes it powerful, intense, and true.

The only thing more powerful than your first love is your first heartbreak.

Unfortunately, most of us will experience painful heartbreaks during our life, but none of them will be as terrifying as the first one.

Your first love alone changes you, but your first heartbreak changes you as well.

You discovered this amazing feeling, the strongest one you’d ever felt, and then you felt an even stronger one.

Suddenly, you realized that everything you thought would stay the same forever could end in the blink of an eye.

8. It only happens once

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

The main reason why we always remember our first love is that it only happens once.

You can experience true love, and later discover that it wasn’t meant to be, but your first love will always be your first.

After such an intense love, nothing else ever feels quite the same again, but that’s okay.

Your first love is true love, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find true love again.

Even though your first love is true love, and your first love happens only once, it doesn’t mean that true love can happen only once in a lifetime.

When you enter your first serious relationship, you feel like nothing could change your mind about the way that you feel.

You feel like your love is eternal because it’s the strongest emotion you’ve ever experienced.

Your friends and family will tell you it’s likely to pass, but you think that’s just a myth.

You assume that they must never have felt the way that you do, or else they’d understand how you know that this type of love lasts a lifetime.

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

As I said before, you are not that wrong, because since your first love happens only once, and you truly love that person, you’ll never forget it.

However, there is a certain naivety to first love; it is true love at heart, and in a way, it does last forever but the true love you’re looking for is the one that will really last forever.

What I’m talking about is a difficult kind of love, where you need to make sacrifices for each other and go through all the good and hard times together.

Even though the first love you had was true, the best possible kind of true love is the one where you don’t give up on each other.

Don’t forget about your first love, and know that it was true, but hold on for the love that will really last for the rest of your life.

The person you loved for the first time will always stay in your memory and even in your heart.

However, there’s plenty of room left in that heart for the truest love of them all.

Even though your first heartbreak taught you that a person you love can hurt you more than anyone else and simply walk away, someone won’t.

The best true love is when a person stays an important part of your life, and a part of your heart, forever.

I know that you were never the same after your first love and the first heartbreak you experienced but change is a part of life, and you’ll change again once you experience true love that doesn’t end in heartbreak but in eternity together.

8 Reasons Why Your First Love Is True Love

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