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Does My Ex Miss Me? 13 Signs He Misses You

Does My Ex Miss Me? 13 Signs He Misses You

Breakups are not easy for anyone, and it is perfectly normal that you miss your ex, but let me answer the biggest question on your mind right now – does my ex miss me? Trust me, he is missing you. All the little things you used to do for him are coming back to him, and he is wondering has he made a mistake by dumping you, so you don’t have to wonder will he miss me if he dumped me because be sure that it doesn’t matter who dumped who.

You have broken up and stopped all contact between each other, and now, after the period of no contact with an ex, it’s time for the flashbacks and wondering what could have been. You are now wondering does my ex miss me, and when will he miss me. Breakups are hard for everyone, and it is understandable that you want to know when will he feel the pain you felt after the breakup.

The truth is, some of us miss the other person as soon she leaves our lives, while for others, it takes time for the things to sink in. It is impossible to know when exactly will your ex starts missing you, but my bet is that he is missing you already, and I am going to help you determine that by letting you know some signs that he is missing you.

And let me reassure you, just because he seems to be moving on and appears to be happy, doesn’t mean that he is over you. And if you are wondering is he thinking about me after breakup, be sure that he is because you had a lot of great memories together that simply can’t be erased from his memory, and he is probably reminded of you by a lot of things he sees.Does My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

If your ex is a girl and you are asking yourself does my ex think about me, the truth is that she is, but if you have recently broken up right now she is probably feeling glad that it’s over since the last period before the breakup is usually tough.

She is happy right now, but after some time passes and she starts feeling your absence, and you go through the “no contact with ex” period, expect your phone to ring and for her to be on the other line.

But what if your ex says that he doesn’t miss you? Keep in mind that what exes say and do are two different things, and just because he says he’s over you doesn’t mean that that is true.

However, if you are constantly bothering him or hanging around him, he won’t get the chance to miss you since we need to feel the absence of someone in order to miss them. That is why there is a thing called no contact with ex period that you need to go through after a breakup.

Does my ex boyfriend miss me? I can not tell you how many times have I asked myself this exact question and tortured myself with it until it would drive me insane. Don’t do what I did. Relax. Because there is no way that someone could not miss the person they loved if they truly did love her.

Having someone as an important part of your life for a long period and then stopping every contact with that person is hard for everyone because it leaves a void in our lives and hearts that is not that easy to fill.

How to make your ex miss you? Give him some time without you. Don’t call him, don’t contact him in any way. Let him realize that you are gone from his life to get him to understand that he had something special and threw it away.Does My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

I was like you when I was wondering is he thinking about me after the breakup, and guess what, even though we didn’t get back together, he always seems so happy to hear my voice and find out what’s new. Once you are the most important person in someone’s life, it can’t just go away like it was nothing.

It meant something for both of you, and let’s face it, everyone misses their ex, even if they were the ones that broke things up in the first place.

I wanted to know is my ex thinking about me, and now, when a lot of time has passed, I decided to go ahead and directly ask him. I called and asked him does he miss me after the breakup and does he ever thinks of me now that a lot of time has passed.

And guess what, he said that he could have never admitted it to me when we broke up, but he actually missed me a lot, and it was hard for him to get me out of his head even though he was the one that dumped me. And even now, he sometimes thinks of me and wonders what could have been. And he said so himself.

So, what I’m trying to say is that, if you are also asking yourself, does my ex miss me, rest assured that he is, he just probably can’t tell you that himself, at least not right now when things are still fresh. But after some time passes, if you still want to know “does my ex still think of me,” go ahead and do what I did – ask him directly.

But make sure the breakup was a long time ago and things have sunk in if you want to hear an honest answer. But I think you know it already.Does My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

What you need to understand, however, is that by the end of your relationship, your ex was focused on your bad qualities and took you for granted, so he might still be under that impression.

But as time passes and he meets someone new, he will realize that they’re only human as well, and as he slowly comes to notice the flaws on his new partner, he will realize that he might have been too harsh on you. So he will finally start remembering the good things about you, and he will miss them.

You should remember one thing – the best way to get his attention is by removing yours. Give him some space and let him be the one who will come knocking back. And don’t worry if you had a bad break up, because there is no such thing as a good break up, and all it takes is some time for things to settle down.

How to make your ex miss you? Show him how much fun it is to be without him. You can even make things seem like you were the one that dumped him. Have fun and enjoy your life without him. Go out with your friends, get a new hairstyle, drink some cocktails, and do whatever it is that makes you happy. Because the happier you are, the faster will he be coming back.

So if you are still wondering, “does he miss me,” stop it, know that he does, or at least will, and have fun without him! That way, he will not only miss you but will want to come back to you, and it will even seem like you were the one that ended your relationship, not him.

But if you can’t help it and you have to tell yourself is he thinking about me after a breakup, continue reading to find out the most common signs that your ex is, in fact, missing you like crazy. And please stop torturing yourself with the question “does he miss me” and give it some time, especially if you have only recently broken up.

Here are some signs to answer your question – does my ex miss me?

1. He makes excuses to call youDoes My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

If he is finding random reasons to contact you, you don’t have to wonder does my ex ever thinks about me because he is showing you that he is constantly thinking about you. That’s why he is reaching out to you every chance he gets. You are clearly on his mind, and he wants to hear back from you.

He is actually testing the waters by contacting you with lame excuses because he wants to know does he still has access to you, and would it be possible for him to come back to you in the future.

It is your decision how will you react when he reaches out for you – will you reject him, pretend like nothing is going on, or will you take him back. Whatever the answer might be, you should know that it’s not smart to stay in touch with your ex unless you mean to take him back again.

2. He tells jokes about how he misses you

All humor contains fragments of truth, otherwise, people wouldn’t know what to joke about. This way, they get to say the truth but make it as a joke just in case the truth isn’t received well or shouldn’t be spoken at all.

If he is joking about missing you, you don’t have to ask yourself will he miss me, because he already is and he is literally telling you that. He is really saying that, but he is not sure how you will react if he says it seriously, so he is making a joke about it.

Don’t assume his sarcasm is just that because he is probably guarding himself with it, just in case you don’t miss him so he could say that he was just joking and save himself from the pain of rejection.

3. He is everywhereDoes My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

He is simply everywhere you look, and you don’t know how, but somehow he is always there near you. He might show up at the restaurant you used to go to, or you will see him in the club when you go out with the girls… Suddenly, he is even shopping in the same grocery store you do.

Whatever it is, he is somehow always near you, and trust me, that is not a coincidence. He is showing up at those places on purpose just to be around you.

I was wondering does my ex boyfriend miss me, and I couldn’t help but notice that he goes to the same places I do, and we would keep bumping into one another. Later on, when I confronted him about it, he admitted that he was purposely going to the same places I go to in the hope that he will get to see me. It was his way of staying on the radar just in case I decide to give it another go.

4. He is jealous of other men

Is my ex thinking about me? Well, maybe he is too occupied with thinking about the other men in your life and how they will take away any chance of you two getting back together ever again.

You will notice him staring at you when you are talking to some other guy. If he sees you with a new man in your life, he will act funny or simply be mean. Is he making rude comments about the other men you are seeing?

If he is jealous, that is a clear sign that he misses you, hasn’t gotten over you and is scared that some other guy will take away his chance of getting back together with you. Look at it this way, if he didn’t care about you, why would he care about who you choose to spend your time with?

But just his jealousy isn’t a clear sign that he wants to get back together, because he could be just like a child who wants to play with a toy only when he can’t because some other kid has picked it up. It could be just his ego, so pay attention to the rest of the signs as well.

5. He is nostalgicDoes My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

If he likes to reminisce about the great times you had together and is often nostalgic about the time he has spent with you, yes would be a definite answer to the question does my ex miss me. If he is nostalgic, that means that he has a positive view on you and your relationship, which certainly means that he is missing you but might mean that he wants to get back together as well.

When people are nostalgic about something, it is because they wish that it was again in their lives. If he starts your conversation with the words “Remember that time…” and seems lost in the past, he is missing you big time.

But what was was, and you shouldn’t take him back immediately just because he likes to reminisce about the times that have passed, because now things are different than when you were happily in love, and he might actually be regretting that there is no more of that love.

6. He contacts you when he is drunk

All people who break up have at least one thing in common, and that is that they all call their exes when they get drunk. And what a drunk man says, the sober man is thinking. But he is not so honest when he is drunk as much as he is emotional.

And while you can trust that he is missing you since he is calling you drunk, don’t take everything he says drunk as a fact because at this point he will promise you anything and might not even remember it in the morning. But if one thing is sure, it’s that he misses you and finally has the courage to call and hear your voice.

If you are asking yourself does my ex think about me, just wait for the next time he gets drunk and see for yourself.

7. He is trying to make you jealousDoes My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

Is he parading with hot chicks in front of you or posting pictures about his fabulous new life? He will do anything to make you jealous because he secretly misses you and wants you to feel what he is actually feeling.

If he were over you, he wouldn’t be doing all those things in front of you, so he is obviously trying to make you jealous because he still has feelings for you. What he wants is the reaction from you, and to see do you still have feelings for him as well.

8. He wants to catch up

If he wants for you two to meet and catch up, he probably just wants to know do you still have feelings for him, and is there a chance that you would take him back.

When you get that invite to meet and catch up, be sure that it will lead to something more than that, even if that something is just a second meeting… Then the third one, the fourth one and before you know it, you’re back together with your ex.

So if you don’t want to go back to him, avoid meeting with him and falling into his trap.

However, he might be just checking would you take him back without the intention of going back at this time. He just wants to make sure he still has that option if he changes his mind.

All in all, when an ex wants to catch up, be sure that he is not interested in your job promotion or a new friend you met, he just wants to know are you still available, and more importantly, are you still available for him.

9. He is stalking you on FacebookDoes My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

An occasional like is fine, but when he is commenting on every picture and every status you post, it means that he is stalking you on social media because he wants to be a part of your life again.

This is a clear sign that he is missing you and wants to know what you have been up to. Maybe he is just trying to make sure that you haven’t gotten over him and found someone new.

Whatever it is, be sure that he is thinking about you, and he misses you, but how you will react on that is up to you.

10. He wants to know are you still single

What he is probably doing on your social media profile is checking have you changed your relationship status. If he is also asking your friends about it in the attempt to find out are you still single, he definitely misses you.

If he didn’t care for you, why on earth would he care about your relationship status? He wants you to stay single, so he could come back to you when he decides he wants to give your relationship another shot.

Especially if he seems happy and relieved upon finding out that you are still single, you can be sure that he wants to be the one because of who you will change your relationship status.

11. He is still singleDoes My Ex Miss Me 13 Signs He Misses You

This isn’t a clear sing, because he could be just taking his time to get over you, so you should consider the other signs with it. But if he is jealous of the men in your life and is stalking your social media profiles to find out your relationship status, you know that he is single because he is missing you.

12. He is happy to see you

Does his face light up when he sees you? If you see that your ex is genuinely happy to see you and be around you, he might have been waiting and hoping for that to happen. It’s hard to hide it when you are happy to be in someone’s presence, especially if you have been missing them for a long time.

13. He says he misses you

Sometimes, an ex will directly say he misses you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be with you again. He just wants to know do you want to get back together. Sometimes, he could even be saying it just to get you to say you miss him as well.

Consider your feelings and decide whether you want your ex back in your life or not. But if one thing is clear is that he will be missing you.

Does My Ex Miss Me? 13 Signs He Misses You

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