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Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You

Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You

Do soul ties affect men, or are they completely indifferent to everything? 

While we were growing up, the idea of soulmates and soul ties was mostly geared toward women. Little girls saw the beautiful princess fall in love with a gentleman at first sight. 

They would always explain their love as something that was “meant to be.” The way those lovers would find their path to one another was so fantastical that it couldn’t be anything less than otherworldly. 

Fairytales would explain a spiritual connection as something that was made by God himself or the universe as a whole. It’s fate when you run into someone so perfect that you can’t live without them. 

Another story that we see quite often is the ancient Greek myth of a soul connection. People believed that humans were made with four arms and four legs. But Zeus thought that humans were too arrogant, so he split them apart, and they were doomed to search for their other half until the end of time. 

Some people would even argue that the Bible talks about this deep connection between two humans. However, others would call soul ties ungodly. 

Whatever the case, people tend to carry this notion onto little girls. We grow up to believe that men never experience the excitement we do when they meet someone who seems like their soulmate. 

But what if I told you that soul ties affect men just like they do women? Maybe it affects us on a deeper or more outward level, but there’s a lot that you don’t know of the way men think about this entire concept. 

Do soul ties affect men during their upbringing?

Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You

Before I answer whether or not I believe soul ties affect men the way they do women, let me try to give you everyone’s perspective on this. 

Even though men don’t grow up under the same influence as we do, they still understand this concept. There’s a small part of their brain telling them that it’s something only women believe in, but they can’t ignore the urge they feel to commit to that one special person. 

When a guy is filled with toxic masculinity, he’ll never admit to himself, let alone anyone else, that he believes that two souls can be tied by fate. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just that he’s taught to see things from another perspective – to never see or sense beyond what’s visible to the eyes. 

There’s been a huge number of women speaking of their own understanding of men and their need for commitment. They say that men only commit when they’re ready to do so, and it doesn’t matter who the woman by their side is. 

When a guy is ready to settle down, he does that with the first woman that crosses his path. Even though there might have been a better-suited girl in his past, he wasn’t ready for something so severe at the time. 

I’m still debating what to think about this entire concept, but it does sound valid. 

Either way, to most of us, it doesn’t seem likely that every man thinks like this. We’d prefer to believe that there’s more to them, so it’s understandable why we’re so adamant about exploring close relationships with men. 

The concept of soul ties should be part of their reality, too. Right? 

How do men experience soul ties? 

Do soul ties affect men the same way they affect women? We’re more than capable of reading between the lines of every word and analyzing every little move someone makes to see what they feel about us. 

Because of that, we’re curious to know if men can understand these little things, too. So we want to figure out if they experience the same symptoms we do. 

There are so many people in this world who get scared when they experience all the signs that they just met their twin flame. Unfortunately, those emotions aren’t easy to comprehend because they’re so intense. 

If we consider the fact that the majority of men aren’t taught to understand and express their emotions, then we must go at this from a different perspective. At least, we have to try to understand what goes through their head. 

I mean, you probably met a guy that seems like your soulmate. What’s he going through right now? 

1. A deep emotional connection occurs

DONE Do Soul Ties Affect Men 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You 2

When you start to wonder if soul ties affect men, you should realize that some things aren’t that different for them. For example, the emotional connection he’s experiencing is just as strong as yours. 

Emotional soul ties are the strongest, and he’s going through that turmoil just like you are. Have you ever looked at someone and felt like that human being has always been yours? 

Well, that exactly what he feels right now. 

His feelings are driving him crazy. He can’t sleep because you’re all he can think about, and his heart won’t stop fluttering for you. That can only happen when he genuinely feels a soul connection happen between the two of you.

Usually, men don’t have an attachment to their emotions. And even when they do fall in love, they try to rationalize those emotions.

In this case, he’s not able to do that. All he knows is that he adores you and that his entire body is burning to be near you. 

It’s not in a pleasure-seeking type of way, but rather in an “I need to keep you safe and love you forever” way. You can see that by the way he looks at you, talks to you, and strives to take care of you. 

2. He’s curious about you

His curiosity surpasses anything you’ve ever seen before. Usually, when someone’s intrigued by you, they still have time to talk about themselves. 

They ask you a question or two, but then they tell you their side of the story. With a guy who’s obsessed with you because of the spiritual connection and the intense feelings he has for you, he only asks questions. 

He’s probably trying to play it cool, but a person’s soul can only exercise so much control. Romantic relationships like this are usually built on a very strong bond that’s been building for many centuries.

So, now that he’s found you again, after centuries of his soul wandering around, he wants to get to know you. 

This man is so enthralled by you that he can’t get enough of you. He’ll ask you about your childhood, your favorite memory, your past relationships, and even about your insecurities. 

He’ll want to create a life where you’ll always be happy and fulfilled. And in order to do that, he has to know everything about you.

3. He feels safe enough to open up to you

Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You

Do soul ties affect men like they affect women? Well, answer this: Does he feel safe and secure when you’re around? Does his soul feel at peace? 

Well, if you’re truly his soulmate, then he’ll definitely experience this. Once he starts opening up to you, talking to you about anything and everything, know that his spiritual soul feels protected. 

Negative soul ties make you apprehensive – like you need to get away from them even though they continue to pull you in. 

However, when we’re talking about positive soul ties, it can affect him just like it affects you. So while you feel like you’re oversharing, he’s probably dealing with the same problem. 

He’s trying to fight the urge to tell you all of his most profound and darkest secrets, but it’s so much stronger than he is. The emotional connection that’s been forming between the two of you for ages is so strong that he can’t ignore it. 

Even when he wants to keep things secret, he’ll start babbling before you know it. 

4. Life just seems better

He didn’t seem like the best version of himself when you first met him. He probably hit rock bottom right before he came across you in his life. 

You know that things start to fall back into place once you meet your soulmate or your twin flame. So many synchronicities begin to sneak their way into your life that it’s confusing. 

But you can see the puzzle pieces of your life finding their proper place. Once you enter his life, he will also experience that phenomenon. 

His soul has finally found his match. You’re the only person who can motivate him to do things out of his comfort zone. You’re the one who can get him out of the rut that he’s been in for so long. 

Even if you don’t try too hard, it will happen naturally. The universe has found a way to help you find each other. Now, it’s your turn to give each other everything else that you’re desperately trying to achieve. 

At the end of the day, just the fact that you’re together makes life feel like a better place. Of course, neither of you will get to that low point again. 

5. He sees reminders of you everywhere around him

DONE Do Soul Ties Affect Men 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You 4

Once you start to understand how soul ties affect men, you’ll also realize it’s not much different from the way we experience them. Especially because they see those reminders everywhere, just like you saw something about him wherever you would turn. 

When we’re talking about godly soul ties, it’s a fascinating concept. Whatever you may believe in, God or the universe, they always try to bring people together in various ways. 

One of those ways is to send reminders of the person on your life path. It doesn’t matter if it’s because he’s visiting a new bar in town and he bumps into you by accident or if he sees the trailer to your favorite movie on a random app he opens. 

When he opens Spotify or YouTube, he’ll be met with all the songs that you told him to listen to. Even if he’s not consciously looking for them, they’ll still show up. 

One day, he’ll walk down a street and see a woman selling your favorite flowers, which will immediately make him think of you. I know that it sounds like a fantasy novel, but it’s something that happens to people who have this type of connection. 

He may brush it off as a long list of coincidences at first, but I can promise you that he’ll know deep within his soul that something bigger is at play here. 

6. No one is more important than you

His heartstrings are pulling him in your direction. Even when he tries to ignore the urge to be there for you and spoil you, he’ll feel the way his soul is pulling him towards you. 

People who don’t break soul ties are very susceptible to help whenever their soulmate has any issue. That’s why you’re the most important person in his life right now. 

It’s hard to consider this when you’ve gone through so many toxic relationships. Men tend to play their little games, so every time someone is genuinely concerned for you, you chalk it up to nothing more than love-bombing. 

However, he’s genuinely concerned for you. Your joy is his biggest priority, and he can’t help but smile whenever you’re in a good mood. The pride he feels when you achieve something is undeniable, and it may be just as surprising to him as it is to you. 

His family and close friends see the difference in his behavior, and they can sense that they’re falling second next to you. It’s a very trying time for everyone because his priorities are shifting. 

This is the interesting thing when it comes to soul ties. No one expects things to go to these extremes, but the universe has its special plans for all of us. 

7. The chemistry is undeniable

Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You

Have you ever met someone who turns your entire world upside down? Even if you think that soul ties affect men in other ways than they do women, there are a few things that are for certain. 

Especially if we’re talking about the chemistry between the two of you. You can feel a pull towards the man who’s standing right in front of you, and that same feeling exists within him too. 

You can be sure that he’s drawn to you physically because whenever you look at him, he’s checking you out. His eyes are taking in your lips, and it doesn’t seem like he’s breathing normally. He inhales so much deeper because he’s trying to gather his thoughts, but you’re literally taking his breath away.

Now that is a power that can be easily misused. You know that the soul tie you have with this man is much deeper than the physical aspect. 

Most of the time, relationships like these will turn into a friends-with-benefits scenario. At first, he won’t understand what’s happening, so he’ll try to satisfy his urges, but he’ll come to realize it’s so much more than just carnal desire. 

This type of connection makes you question if anyone was able to influence your body this much before you met him. The answer is probably obvious.

8. His emotions take over

It’s not so much the question of whether soul ties affect men, but more like why wouldn’t they?​

Such a strong connection isn’t something that we run into every day. So once you learn that all soul ties have some sort of influence on the people that they’re affecting, you’ll know that there’s no way to avoid these symptoms. 

There are many different kinds of soul ties, but regardless of whether they’re bad or healthy, they all have one thing in common – they activate the deepest parts of us. 

I’m telling you this because men aren’t usually open about their emotions. Unfortunately, it’s a stereotype that’s true, even though they’re slowly but surely getting out of that gender norm. 

Once the emotional bond has fallen into place, he’ll start to become more emotional as the days progress. The first time his emotions get the best of him, it’ll be a surprise to both of you. However, after a while, he’ll show you more of his heart. 

The issue here is that if it’s an unhealthy soul tie, you won’t get the healthy relationship you’re seeking. Simply because his anger and sadness will be more prevalent than any positive emotions. 

If he knows how to communicate his emotions in a healthy way even before it comes to this point, then that’s a huge plus. But you may just have to deal with a guy who has no idea what’s happening, and the confusion might make him lash out even more. 

9. You feel like you’re on fire whenever you touch each other

DONE Do Soul Ties Affect Men 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You 6

Just as there are different types of relationships, there are also different things to consider within those relationships. 

Some soul ties could simply be platonic. There’s no reason to go all the way with someone who’s a great friend, just to break up when you realize that you should never have been romantic partners.

But when we’re talking about the soul ties between you and a guy where there are obviously romantic emotions involved, you have to consider other things. The best way to recognize the power you have over him is when you feel like you’re on fire whenever he touches you. 

It might not even be during a mid-makeout session, but rather an innocent brush of a hand. Those small moments can send you into a frenzy. You need him, and you need him right now!

You see, you’re not the only one who gets so frustrated when you’re in public, and you can’t do much other than exchange heated glances with each other. He’s actually waiting for the moment he can get alone time with you, just so he can get his hands on you. 

So, do soul ties affect men just as much as they affect women? Most definitely. But it could manifest a bit more carnally for them.

10. He seems anxious whenever he talks to you

It’s hard for a guy to be confident around a woman who makes him feel all of these unexplainable emotions. You’re the woman who’s going to show him all the types of soul ties – that you’re the twin flame that he didn’t even know he had. 

Once you start chatting over social media, he may seem more put together than when you meet in person. The amount of oxytocin your presence creates within him is unbearable, so once you stand before him, he might just start to babble away. 

You may get mad at him for the awful things that could come out of his mouth, but that doesn’t mean that he’s really an awful human. He’ll say the stupidest things out of anxiety without even considering that they could be hurtful. 

That’s what happens when your emotions are so strong that you completely forget how to be a proper human being. His brain gets completely scrambled when he’s in your presence. 

So, when you’re asking yourself, “How do soul ties affect men?” Just remember that the man in front of you is probably more confused than you’ll ever be. He has no clue what’s happening, but he probably likes it. 

I mean, he likes you. 

Final thoughts

Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You

The question of how and why soul ties affect men isn’t a new one. Women have always been questioning if the men in their lives know just how strong the connection between them actually is. 

The universe has a weird way of connecting people, but you should know that the connection is always there. Both parties will feel the spark within their chest and butterflies in their stomach. 

Just because he may be better at hiding the symptoms doesn’t mean that he’s actually not feeling anything. He could be losing his mind every time you cross his path. 

You two are destined to be lovers, and everything’s pointing in the direction of a successful relationship. Don’t ignore the flowers that are blooming while you walk down the path the universe has laid out for the two of you. 

Follow those beautiful emotions and complete this cycle.

Do Soul Ties Affect Men? 10 Things Men Try To Hide From You

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