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18 Gorgeous Brown Eyeshadow Ideas For 2024

18 Gorgeous Brown Eyeshadow Ideas For 2024

Whether it’s summer or winter, the perfect brown eyeshadow look is always a must-have. But how on earth do you find one that perfectly matches your desires?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find the best techniques and stunning ideas that you simply have to try. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

1. A classy shimmer

If you want to appear effortlessly beautiful, this eye makeup is ideal for you. It features a shimmering brown cut crease blended with a matte brown shade above the crease.

Add winged eyeliner to the combo, and you’ve got yourself the perfect look.

2. Brown eyeshadow and stars

Blend shimmering brown and black eyeshadow on the lid, and apply a blush pink shade above your crease that extends to your lower lash line. Finally, use star-shaped glitter for a playful yet lovely effect.

3. Black line cut crease

Create this flawless macchiato-inspired look by applying a medium-brown eyeshadow and a brown eyeliner. Add a soft black liner to accentuate your winged eye.

To spice it up even more, draw a thin black line over your crease to give your appearance an ethereal feel.

4. Cookie brown eyeshadow

4. Cookie brown eyeshadow
Credit: hanee_baker

This eyeshadow look is perfect for those with unique eye colors. Apply a soft shimmering brown shade on the lid and blend it with a darker shade above the crease.

Use a thick eyeliner to create a simple yet elegant wing, and voilà! Your lovely eyes are ready to turn heads.

5. Chestnut brown

If you’re looking for a daring brown eyeshadow look, this is it—soft and dark shades join forces to create a flawless combo that will complement any outfit beautifully.

Add a thin eyeliner, but avoid making a winged eye, allowing your eyeshadow to take the spotlight.

6. Dark brown

This is another example of bold brown eye makeup. A dark shade is applied on the lid and blended with a softer one above the crease, complemented by a shimmering brown on the lower eyelashes.

For a final touch, create a soft winged eye to accentuate the color of your eyes.

7. A darkling stare

This one is for all the goth hotties. If you want to look lovely and, at the same time, intimidate people with your beauty, try this idea. It’s a gorgeous combination of soft brown and dark green applied across the eyes for a striking and dramatic effect.

The green is applied to the inner and outer corners of the eye, while the brown fills the space in the middle. A darker shade of brown is used to cut the crease and create a pretty winged eye.

8. A natural look

If you’re considering a subtle brown shade and prefer a more understated look, this might be for you. It’s a soft, barely noticeable brown shade that adds a touch of elegance without being the focal point.

It allows you to choose to accentuate other features, like your lips or cheeks.

9. A brown glow

18 Gorgeous Brown Eyeshadow Ideas For 2024
Credit: malvina_isfan

If you plan to rock a beautiful black or red dress, this gothic eye makeup will help you achieve the perfect look. It features a smoky eye in a roasted coffee shade that mesmerizes and intimidates with its glossy finish.

Choose soft makeup for the rest of your face to keep your eyes as the focal point while perfectly complementing your other features.

10. A simple beauty

Choose this gorgeous gamine technique if you want your makeup to complement your skin tone. Use similar shades of brown for your eyes, lips, and face to achieve the desired balance.

It’s a simple brown eyeshadow look that enhances your overall beauty and adds a touch of spice to your pretty outfits.

11. Subtle but elegant

This brown eyeshadow look is designed to highlight your lashes. Apply your mascara in a way that complements the black wing above the crease, and use a soft brown shade to create balance.

12. Black and yellow glitter

Who knew that brown and pink could be such a great combo? Simply choose the right soft shades, and you’ve got yourself an amazing eyeshadow look.

The golden brown and magenta pink blend perfectly, enhanced by the addition of black and colorful glitters above the crease and on the outer corner of your eyes. Apply heavy mascara for added impact.

The goal of this look is to draw attention to all your features.

13. Brown and blue

Create a lovely contrast by using chestnut brown on your lid and above the crease, and cobalt blue on your lower eyelashes.

Apply lipstick in a similar shade, and you’ll create the perfect look for autumn and winter times.

14. Brown blended with icy blue

Brown blended with icy blue
Credit: glam_diary

Embrace a fairy-like vibe with this stunning brown eyeshadow look. It combines dark brown and soft, shimmering blue to create a soft winged eye that extends to the middle of your lower lash line and cuts the crease toward the inner corner of your eye.

This eye makeup pairs best with pretty blue outfits, though it complements all soft, colorful clothes effortlessly.

15. Delicate eye makeup

If you want to look like a true fair maiden, opt for this look. It’s another example of the gamine makeup technique, which creates a balanced color palette across all your features.

Use a mild shimmering brown on your lids and cheeks, and a slightly deeper shade on your lips. None of your features will dominate, but your whole face will look polished and pretty.

16. Golden and brown

Brown and yellow make a harmonious combination for eye makeup. Blend soft and deeper brown shades over your lids and above the crease. Draw a thin yellow line just below your eyebrows and a thicker line above your black eyeliner for added flair.

Ta-da! Now you have a versatile brown eyeshadow look that complements any outfit. Don’t worry too much about what matches—it’s all about feeling fabulous and confident!

17. Latte brown

18 Gorgeous Brown Eyeshadow Ideas For 2024
Credit: lesliedumeix

This brown eyeshadow look is perfect for blue-eyed beauties. It’s a simple shimmering sand brown shade, and the lack of eyeliner and other details will bring out the blue in your eyes.

Apply a lip gloss that complements your eyeshadow to achieve a flawless gamine look.

18. Neutral brown

No, we haven’t forgotten about our green-eyed girls! To create your stunning makeup look, apply a neutral brown shade on your lids and use heavy mascara to curl and emphasize your lashes.

This makeup look will help you wear any outfit with confidence.

Choose your brown eyeshadow look based on your outfit for the day. Consider which feature you want to emphasize and the vibe you want to convey.

Once you have your answers, it will be much easier to pick your favorite brown eyeshadow look. In any case, I’m sure you’ll make the right choice. Good luck!

18 Gorgeous Brown Eyeshadow Ideas For 2024

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