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40+ Angel Pick-Up Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game

40+ Angel Pick-Up Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game

”This girl looks like she came straight out of heaven! There’s no way she would ever agree to go out with me, but I can’t pass up this kind of opportunity! Argh, where are those angel pick-up lines when you need them!?”

Boys, you know you’ve all been there! You’re at a bar enjoying your night off, minding your own business when you lock eyes with the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen in your life. You have no idea what’s gotten into you but you can’t stop looking at her.

If only there was a way for you to approach her without looking like a fool! Knowing what to say in situations like these has never been your strong suit. You can’t even count the times you’ve mustered up the courage to approach a girl at a bar only to be rejected within the first fifteen seconds! Ouch!

It must be your lucky day because you’ve come to the right place. Trust me, there’s hardly anything more appealing to women than a man who’s handsome AND good with words. We have your back when it comes to the second part of that package!

So, if you’re trying to pick up an angel, you might want to take a look at these incredibly funny and flirty angel pick-up lines. Find your favorite and go for it! Trust me, she might be able to resist your charm, but she won’t be able to resist these witty words.

Flirty angel pick-up lines

40+ Angel Pick-Up Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game

Let’s dive in! When you’re trying to choose the best pick-up line that’s bound to score you a date, you have to take a couple of things into consideration. There are so many different types of angel pick-up lines. How do you know if she prefers funny or flirty ones? Romantic or cheesy ones?

1. Can I take a picture of you? I want to show my friends what real angels look like!

2. Girl, I don’t know where you came from but that body is HEAVENLY!

3. My name’s Lucifer. Do you need a ride back to heaven?

4. I’m lost for words. Someone needs to call God because he’s lost one of his angels!

5. Would you rather go back to heaven or come with me back to my place? They’re practically the same thing!

6. You should say no when I ask you to go back to my place because I’m ready to show you heaven AND hell.

7. The longer I’m standing next to you, the more I’m certain God doesn’t exist. How else would an angel be standing right next to the devil?

8. Did you know the Met Gala had a ”heavenly bodies” theme the other year? Girl, they’ve got nothing on you!

9. Would you mind taking your clothes off? I’d love to see where angels hide their wings.

10. ”And I feel the love is dead, I’m loving angels instead…” singing the Robbie Williams song.

Funny angel pick-up lines

DONE 40 Angel Pick Up Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game 2

If you’re afraid the girl of your dreams will throw a drink in your face, you might want to go for less intimidating angel pick-up lines. One of the best ways to impress a girl as soon as you start the conversation is to make her laugh!

11. Hey, I love your shirt. Where was it made? What do you mean it wasn’t made in heaven!?

12. Argh, too bad… I was going to invite you to watch Lucifer with me, but I didn’t realize you were an angel.

13. “Am I in heaven?” but say it after you aggressively fall when approaching her.

14. You look like an angel, blah blah, something about falling from heaven, blah, blah, can I please get your number before this goes any further?

15. Hi, can I ask you for a favor? Can you give me a ride back to heaven, I have a bone to pick with God because I can’t believe he didn’t introduce me to one of his most beautiful angels!

16. Quick, read my mind! What!? Aren’t you supposed to know how to do those things as an angel?!

17. Hi, did you happen to see my grandma when you were leaving heaven?

18. Oh, so there’s no curfew in heaven?

19. Hi, I have a weird question. When people talk about you behind your back and you show up, do they say ”speaking of the devil” or ”speaking of the angel”? Please help me solve the mystery!

20. Hi, I’m sorry, I just came to tell you that you have something on your hair. Omg, is that a halo?!

Cheesy angel pick-up lines

40+ Angel Pick-Up Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game

There’s something incredibly appealing about a man who can swoop you off your feet with a cheesy pick-up line. The girl of your dreams has probably been compared to an angel more times than you can count, but… It’s all about choosing the right angel pick-up line and having a good laugh!

21. Did you fall from heaven? Because you look like an angel.

22. Did you drink too much Red Bull? I’m pretty sure those are angel wings under your shirt! *wink*

23. Girl, are you an angel because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

24. Girl, are you an angel because I would love to put you on top of my Christmas tree.

25. Are you an angel? You’re giving me a sudden urge to pray to God and ask for a beautiful woman.

26. Are you my Christmas present? You’re not?! But, I asked God for an angel!

27. Are you sure you didn’t fall from heaven? Something isn’t adding up here!

28. God, it’s me again. The angel you sent me doesn’t want to give me her number!

29. Quick, say something! Arghh, I don’t speak angel.

30. Are you an angel? Because you really look like one!

31. Are you an angel? Because I can’t stop staring at you and my eyes are starting to hurt.

32. Are you performing tonight? I’m looking forward to hearing an angel sing.

33. Do you need some help? You must’ve injured yourself when you fell from heaven!

34. Heaven doesn’t sound so appealing now that you’re here.

35. Shouldn’t you be on top of that Christmas tree, angel?

Romantic angel pick-up lines

DONE 40 Angel Pick Up Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game 4

And, you thought romance was dead? When you’re trying to make a girl fall head over heels for you, you have to step up your game. You should go for a romantic pick-up line, be confident and trust your own words! Here are some romantic angel pick-up lines you can choose from!

36. You must be an angel because you give the sun a reason to shine.

37. You must be an angel because you make everything else disappear when you look at me.

38. I don’t believe God made anything more perfect than you. How could he let you out of heaven?

39. If heaven lost an angel every time I thought about you, there would be no angels left.

40. I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep tonight knowing angels are real and I lost my opportunity to be with one.

41. I can die in peace knowing I had the pleasure of talking to an angel.

42. Is it too soon to say I’m in love with you? I didn’t think heaven had any rules against that!

43. I thought died and went to heaven, but that would be too crazy! I’m very much alive, but it seems as if heaven has been brought to me. *wink*

44. Heaven must be missing an angel, but I’d like to keep you forever. Please?

40+ Angel Pick-Up Lines To Step Up Your Flirting Game

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