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A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

Writing this letter to my boyfriend, expressing the hurt feelings I had when I was with him, and remembering that pain I went through wasn’t easy for me.

Try writing a letter to someone who hurt you badly, and you’ll see what I’m talking about, but it will probably end the same way as the letter to my boyfriend did.

I still decided that writing a letter to my boyfriend, telling him about the hurt feelings I had because of him, and finally letting go of them, was a good idea.

After I was done with it, I wrote this to let you know that writing a letter to someone who hurt you will help those wounds finally heal, especially if you write it with the same ending.

Here is a letter to my boyfriend, the man who hurt me the most and left me in tears:

Dear boyfriend,

A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

I still call you my boyfriend, but you are my ex now, even though I can’t seem to get used to calling you that.

Do you know how badly you hurt me? I cried so much because of you, and you didn’t care about my tears.

You just kept hurting me with your words and your actions.

Did you ever truly love me? Maybe you did, but I felt that love only on rare occasions.

What I am sure of, however, is how much I loved you. You were everything to me, and you meant to me more than anything or anyone ever did.

I loved you more than I loved myself, and that is why you got the chance to hurt me so much.

You were bad for me, and I knew that, but I just kept ignoring it, and I always had a thing for bad boys.

A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

I guess I always thought I could change you, but the opposite happened, because you changed me.

Maybe you didn’t mean to turn me into a desperate woman who was ready to beg for love, and you did actually want to turn me into someone better but it means that you didn’t love me for who I am.

You never saw the best in me, you only saw the worst, and you made sure I saw that too. Soon, it was the only thing I saw in me.

It made me depressed and broken, but I kept hoping I’d earn your love one day. Did I ever get close?

You know, I’m sure that you cheated on me, even though I could have never proved it, but it’s funny that that wasn’t what hurt the most…

How you treated me throughout our relationship was how you hurt me the most.

I don’t care if you cheated on me, because it’s not as near as bad as how you made me feel about myself.

A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

You convinced me that I was worthless and that no one else would ever love me.

I was never good enough for you, no matter how hard I tried. Why were you with me, then? You never could explain that part.

It made me think you felt sorry for me because you were so good at making me feel unworthy of love. I know that you know now how wrong you were.

You have seen how happy I am now that I’ve finally gotten over you. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I did it.

You no longer have a place in my heart, and I’ve let go of the past. I have a future now, which is something I never felt like I had when I was with you.

We always lived a day at a time, never knowing if the next one we’d still be together. It was your choice that we lived that way, not mine.

I never wished for you to be unhappy, not when I was with you, not when we broke up, and not now that I’m over you.

A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

You did bad things, but I want you to find happiness.

I guess I somehow still wish that you could change. Maybe you even have now… But I can see that you’re unhappy.

You don’t have someone to love you, and it will be impossible to find someone who’ll love you as much as I did. I’m sorry about that.

You lost your chance with me, and you’ll never get another one, but I wish there was someone who would take care of you.

I’m not going to do that, not anymore, but someone has to.

The reason you made me suffer so much is that you’re the one who’s suffering.

Maybe you’re not aware of that yet, or maybe you finally are, but you’ve been hurting yourself too.

I started this letter by telling you how much you hurt me, but it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.

Good people do bad things, and most of the time it’s because someone had done bad things to do them.

A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

Maybe I’m mistaken, and you simply are a bad person, but I choose to believe that you’re not.

That is why I think you might be hurting now and that you might feel bad about hurting me so much.

So, I’m writing you this letter to forgive you. I forgive you for hurting me, and I want you to forgive yourself for all the bad things you’ve done.

You need to love yourself like I learned to love myself again, and maybe then you’ll finally be able to love someone else too.

I can’t love you anymore. You are forgiven for everything you did, and I am trying to forget it too. That’s another reason why I’m writing this letter to you.

I want all the hurt you caused me to be written here, and stay here.

The words should soak the pain in, so I can finally truly move on like nothing ever happened and I want you to do the same.

A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

Give yourself a fresh start, and start a new life, leaving the baggage behind. I know I’m about to do that.

You were the man who hurt me the most, and I forgive you for it.

The past is behind us, and I hope your future looks as bright as mine does, now that I’m saying goodbye to all that baggage, and goodbye to you – the man who hurt me the most, and at the same time, the man I loved the most.


A Letter To The Man Who Hurt Me The Most

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