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A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

Hello there,

The last thing that you want to hear right now is this. However, I need to tell you that things will get better, believe me.

I know that you are a confident, strong woman, but when you are put in front of others, you seem to break and all of your walls fall.

The thing is, you can only fake your confidence for so long before someone notices the way you actually are.

I know that self-doubt can be troubling, but believe me when I say you will overcome it.

Those sleepless nights hold you back from seizing your opportunities. Let me tell you, patience is the key.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

Time will heal your wounds from your previous failures and you will be reborn in the new beginnings. You need to say to yourself: STOP!

When your inner voice gets louder, act quickly, and don’t let it control you or grow from a little whisper into something more serious.

If you find yourself hearing that doubtful part, say or shout something like: No, you won’t. I won’t go down that road again.

You can disrupt the pattern and you can stop your inner self-doubter from ever taking over you. You have the resilience and strength to do so.

I know you. You are a perfect woman with flaws that seem minor compared to the beautiful qualities that you possess.

When you doubt yourself, don’t let your failures and mistakes define you.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

You have the potential to achieve anything in the world. Know that those mistakes and failures are just lessons in life, which will not define who you are.

You have to deal with them because they are inevitable and I know you possess the strength to do so.

If you have doubts in yourself, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses is great for rejecting the tiny voice in your head.

Remember that self-doubt is just an illusion. It comes from fear and from being detached from your true inner self.

However, I know your true inner self. It is a place of beauty and happiness.

I would never have married you if I hadn’t had the chance to get to know your true inner self. Your resilience and strength are mesmerizing and addictive.

Don’t let the self-doubt take over you. It is just a projection of your fears, which together, we can conquer.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

You should not be attached to and trapped by your thoughts and mind and you should try to reconnect to the intuition of your heart.

You have to listen to your charming and delightful heart. Your pure heart that made me fall in love with you and the reason I married you.

Your pure heart is filled with wisdom, power, and real strength. Doubt comes from muting your heart and listening only to your mind.

The constant battle between the mind and heart makes it hard to find a compromise. But I know that you can balance it.

You are strong and appreciated and you have grown so much. Don’t strive to be the perfect human being, because no one is.

You need to learn that trust and fate are everything and you cannot escape your destiny.

You learn something every time you pick up yourself after you fall. Control is something that you cannot easily master, and that should be okay.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

Learn to allow things to happen naturally, without any force.

Those events that took place before led you to this exact moment, and what you do now will lead you somewhere else.

If you find that you are doubting yourself, don’t lose your points of reference.

Don’t go to others to seek approval and validation, because you don’t need either.

It will make you weaker and more susceptible to doubt. You are enough, you need to tell yourself that.

Others, and by others I mean even me, have no authority to say to you who you are or what your true value is.

The only person who you need validation from is yourself; validation from a powerful, beautiful, and free being.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

The conviction should come from your heart and not from anywhere else.

I’m here for you. Don’t isolate yourself when you are in self-doubt. Please, don’t doubt your worth or value.

You should never isolate yourself from the beauty, success, and inner truth that you have. Never question your true authenticity or your true value.

Remember that you are never isolated, but rather connected to a larger whole that shapes you.

I love you, and you know that. The thing is, you should also love yourself.

Remember to be gentle with and kind to yourself and then the harsh self-criticism, which eventually leads to self-doubt, will disappear.

Promise me that you won’t be so hard on yourself, as there is no reason for you to do so.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

The basis for opening yourself up to others and to life is to fall in love with yourself first and then to fall in love with other people.

Find beauty in everything and trust in us. Trust that we will succeed and we will grow together as a whole.

I will always be your salvation.

Much love,

The one who will be there for you always

A Letter To The Girl Who Doubts Herself

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