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8 Confusion-Busting Signs He’s Micro-Flirting

8 Confusion-Busting Signs He’s Micro-Flirting

Flirting, dating, and everything that goes with that can sometimes be pretty complicated, but how can you know if a guy is micro-flirting with you? Do you really have to pay attention to the signs, or can you simply ignore them?

When it comes to the last question, it’s up to you to decide. I personally love it when a man doesn’t play games, but straightforwardly tells me that he likes me, so I’ll probably ignore any potential signs. There’s something really attractive when he says that he wants to take you out and get to know you better.

But, as I said, it’s your call. Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum entirely. Perhaps you don’t like when someone approaches you directly but rather love it when he sends subtle signs that he’s into you.

If you’re an introvert, the guy’s “I really like you and I’d love to take you out on a date” would probably just scare you away. That’s why micro-flirting is the perfect type of flirting for you, but you have to learn how to recognize those confusion-busting signs. Are you ready?

1. He compliments you often

DONE! 8 Confusion-Busting Signs He's Micro-Flirting

When a man compliments you often, he really likes you. But, if he pays more attention to your personality traits than physical appearance, that’s when he’s micro-flirting with you. If he says how he adores your stubbornness and admires your determination to fulfill your dreams, it’s not just friendly support.

The guy clearly likes you more than he’s ready to admit, at least right now. Maybe he doesn’t know how you feel, so he’s waiting for your approval.

Do you like him too? If your answer is yes, don’t wait for too long to tell him how you feel.

2. He randomly texts you throughout the day

Do you randomly get texts from him throughout the day? He sends you memes that reminded him of you or something you’ve talked about earlier, or he just asks about your day. You’ll never get a “hyd” or “wyd” from him, but rather something like “Hey, how was your day? I hope work wasn’t too tiring.”

He puts effort into writing a message and reads it one more time before he taps that send button. Yes, he pays attention to how he talks with you and he initiates conversations with you often – that’s how you know you’re living in his mind rent-free.

3. He remembers little things about you

DONE! 8 Confusion-Busting Signs He's Micro-Flirting

Do you like to eat Skittles, but only the sour ones? Does he bring you that little packet every time you get together? If he remembers little things about you, and he’s showing you that he learned them all, he definitely is micro-flirting with you.

He’ll love it if you remember small details about him as well, and you can use this to show him you like him too. There’s no reason for you to think that you may scare him off – he’s clearly into you.

4. He’s genuinely happy when he sees you

Does his face light up every time he sees you approaching him? Or if your eyes meet in a crowded club, do his lips form the most beautiful curve? When he’s genuinely happy to see you, you won’t be able to ignore this vibe; I guarantee you that.

He’s fallen for you, darling, and hard. It’s impossible to fake the feeling of pure bliss when you meet someone. But, perhaps he’s shy and needs to find the courage to tell you how he feels or to even start a conversation with you.

Maybe you can try micro-flirting with him too? What do you say?

5. He teases you

DONE! 8 Confusion-Busting Signs He's Micro-Flirting

Teasing is reserved for the closest people only, so if he’s regularly teasing you, he either likes you a lot and is trying to flirt with you, or he thinks of you as his bestie and feels comfortable in your company. Before you react, though, analyze the situation thoroughly.

Is he making fun of you only when you’re alone? Do you have your inside jokes no one else understands and he’s actually trying hard to keep them private? If this is the case, then his teasing is definitely micro-flirting.

6. He hugs you a bit longer (and tighter)

Are you a hug person and he uses every single chance to hug you under that excuse? Perhaps it all started with a light pat on the back, and now whenever you tell him some good news, he picks you up and even spins around.

When you meet up or say goodbye to each other after a night out, does he hold you for just a millisecond longer? And right before he’s about to release you from his embrace, he gives you a slightly tighter squeeze? Yup, he’s undoubtedly micro-flirting with you.

Also, he may be looking for excuses just to touch you, like when you’re talking or laughing. If you haven’t seen him behaving in the same way towards others, you can try and approach him, or take a bit more time to read the clues. But I think it’s pretty obvious.

7. He’s not afraid to be foolish in front of you

DONE! 8 Confusion-Busting Signs He's Micro-Flirting

Are you the only person in your group who’s met his inner child? If he’s not afraid to be foolish in front of you, he definitely caught feelings for you. Usually, if you can be vulnerable in front of another person and show your true colors, it means that you unconditionally trust them.

Showing you his true self is a sign that he’s micro-flirting with you, so if you like him and you’d enjoy spending your days next to that child-like person, don’t wait any longer. You’re comfortable in each other’s company, so there’s no reason not to take it to another level.

8. He laughs at your jokes

Tell me honestly, does he laugh at every single joke you crack? He does? Then, girl, I don’t know why you need clarification. We both know nobody is that funny. You’re wasting your time reading this article – the guy is head over heels in love with you!

Of course, he may just be polite, but you wouldn’t laugh at every single one of his jokes merely not to offend him, right? Don’t try to find an excuse now and go find that guy you’ve been thinking about this whole time. He’s obviously micro-flirting with you – chances are he’s silently in love with you.

I bet he hopes you’ll notice it, sooner or later. So, quit hesitating already. Show him you do notice, and enjoy writing your unique love story!

8 Confusion-Busting Signs He's Micro-Flirting

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