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7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

You can’t really make him feel sorry for not treating you right if you just talk about how much you want that to happen. You need to take action!

It’s never easy to go through a bad relationship. So many of us out there are in an extremely bad relationship with someone who never knew how to treat us correctly.

You deserve to be loved and cared for in every single way you desire. So what happens when you’ve tried to talk to your partner about this and he doesn’t seem to understand how badly his actions are affecting you?

You’re in a relationship with someone who obviously couldn’t care less about you. Are you going to stand by and watch this continue or are you going to make him regret the fact that he never treated you right?

Make him feel sorry about the way he treated you and let him realize that you’re not someone with whom he can play games.

You’re worthy of so much more. You deserve so much more.

I know that sometimes walking away from someone can be extremely heartbreaking, so you may just want to try to make him regret this and then give him another chance. That’s all up to you.

1. Break up with him or take a break

DONE! 7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

If you haven’t broken up with him already, I think that this is the perfect time to do so. I know that it’s extremely scary and you can already feel your heart breaking but it’s needed for your progress.

How is he going to realize that he messed up if you’re still together? How are you supposed to show him he’s done something bad and unforgivable if you stay next to him?

You can talk however much you want but it won’t change a thing when it comes to this man. He treats you badly because he thinks he can, because you never showed him that you won’t put up with his behavior.

So do yourself a favor and break up with him right now.

If you’re not ready to do that, then tell him that you need a break. A break sounds like a good thing right now because you need time to think things through and meanwhile, you’re going to do the things that I’ll be listing below.

You can’t make a change in your life if you choose to stay with him. Instead of that, just please take a few steps back and see all of this from another perspective.

2. Don’t text or call him

DONE! 7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

I know you have an urge to tell him everything that’s on your heart but please take a deep breath and hide your phone from yourself.

You’re not going to call him or text him and beg him for an apology. That’s a very pathetic move you don’t want to make.

If you call him, he’ll think that you’re still ready to forgive him and that he can do everything the same again. This won’t make him realize the problem he’s caused.

Rather than that, he’ll think that he can have you whenever he wants, so why would he feel sorry for treating you the way he did?

Make him feel sorry for mistreating you by showing him that you’re more than capable of living without him.

3. Ignore him when he’s near you

DONE! 7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

You’ll run into him multiple times during your little break (or after you’ve broken up completely), especially if you share a friend group or if you frequent the same places.

If it happens that you’re near each other quite often, make sure to ignore him. You’re not there to entertain him.

Believe me when I tell you that he’ll want to talk to you so badly but you’ll show him that you can easily live without him and that you’re more than capable of holding conversations with other people.

Men, especially narcissists, thrive on knowing that you’re nothing without them. So when you show him that you don’t need him, he’ll go feral.

4. Live your life to the fullest

DONE! 7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

This is the time for you to shine.

Are there any things that you weren’t able to do while you were in the relationship? Well, now’s the time to catch up!

Go hiking with your friends, go to a bar or club, try dancing, start painting. Do everything that you wanted to do but you weren’t able to because of him and his controlling behavior.

When you’re in full control of your own life and you’re actually happy, that drives men closer to you, especially a man who obviously didn’t treat you right.

He finally sees that he wasn’t right. He sees how happy you are and he probably won’t make you feel bad about the things you love to do if you guys get back together.

He’ll want to become a part of your life again, because he’ll want to be a part of your happiness.

5. Post pictures all over social media

DONE! 7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

How else is he going to see that you’re having fun without him? This is the best way to make him feel sorry for the way he treated you when you two were together.

Post pictures of you and your friends doing various activities or even just selfies that show just how perfect you can look.

He’ll remember how much you smiled for him but now he’s only able to see you smile on these pictures.

He’ll remember that you didn’t laugh so much the months before you made the decision to walk away from him. You’ll make him feel sorry for ever wiping that smile off of your face.

6. Give him back some of the things he gave you

DONE! 7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

Considering how long you’ve been together, there’s probably a lot of stuff that you’ve gotten from him. Gifts were exchanged and now you have piles in your room.

Now is the perfect time to make him feel sorry for how he treated you back when you were together.

Pack up some of the things that he gave you. There are probably some that aren’t that special to you but make sure to pack up one or two that carry an importance.

Give him back some of the stuff but beforehand, make sure to spray some of your perfume all over it; preferably the one that he liked the most.

When you take those things back to him, try not to talk much about what’s going on and just hand them back to him and leave. He’ll be so extremely confused because he may have thought that you were actually going back to him.

Once you hand him those things, he’ll smell your perfume and be reminded of the amazing times you shared and the moments when you shared these gifts with each other.

7. Give him short replies

DONE! 7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

He’ll undoubtedly text you and he’ll try to approach you.

When he does, you’re more than welcome to give him just short replies. Don’t have a full conversation with him because he doesn’t deserve that.

There will come a time when he’ll try to talk to you or ask you to meet up to talk things through because you made him feel sorry for the way he treated you.

At that point, you can reply with a simple, “Yes,” or, “No,” when he asks you if you want to see him. After that, see what happens.

If you think that you’re ready to return to him, do so. However, if you feel like he’ll never change, then it’s better if you stay broken up for good.

7 Ways To Make Him Feel Sorry For Not Treating You Right

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