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7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

When we love someone, we aren’t really aware of their bad sides.

However, it’s important that you know whether the man you love is the right person for you.

Does he make you a priority? Do you think that he eventually will? If he’s not putting you first now, he probably never will.

These signs he will never make you a priority will let you know if you are wasting your time. It’s better that you realize it sooner than later.

If he isn’t the right man for you, you should walk away from him and find the right one.

Here are the signs that he’ll never put you first:

1. He never makes time for you

DONE! 7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

If your boyfriend doesn’t like to spend time with you, there’s definitely something wrong.

Couples in love always have the goal of spending as much time as they can with one another.

If your man never makes time for you, it means that he doesn’t want to, not that he can’t. Ask him if there is some problem he hasn’t told you about yet.

If he is going through something that is making him act this way, you should know about it.

However, if everything is all right in his life, he is simply not making you a priority. This will probably only get worse in the future.

2. He is distant and emotionally unavailable

DONE! 7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

You and your boyfriend should be each other’s best friend. When something’s bothering him, you should be the first person he talks to.

If a man loves you, he won’t have a problem with being vulnerable in front of you.

So, if your boyfriend seems emotionally unavailable and distant, he isn’t going to fully commit to you.

You are not a priority to him, and he won’t share his thoughts with you, which is a red flag.

3. He doesn’t consult you before making important decisions

DONE! 7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

If he never asks you for your opinion before making an important decision, you aren’t a priority to him.

You won’t ever be a priority to him if he doesn’t consult you or care about your input.

When something in his life changes or needs to change, he should ask for your suggestions and ideas.

If he cares about someone else’s opinions more than about yours, the relationship is about to end.

When a guy wants to leave you, he stops making you a part of his life so that it will be easier for him to end things.

If something like this is happening in your relationship, walk away from him before he walks away from you.

4. The two of you are constantly arguing

DONE! 7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

Are you constantly fighting with your boyfriend?

Does it seem like you need to fight for his love, his attention, and everything else? If that is true, he’s not making you a priority and he probably never will.

Sometimes, arguing in a relationship can be productive and healthy. However, when you fight almost every day, something is not right.

He probably just isn’t the right man for you, and you will have to accept that.

If the two of you aren’t meant to be, you shouldn’t force it.

5. He constantly lets you down

DONE! 7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

Does he always get home late without letting you know about it, even though you made plans for dinner?

Maybe he promises you that you will go traveling soon, but when the time comes, he cancels your plans at the last minute?

These things all mean that he is not making you a priority and never will.

If he constantly lets you down and makes promises he can’t keep, you need to let him know that it can’t go on.

He needs to realize that he will lose an amazing woman if he keeps behaving like that. If he isn’t willing to change, you should simply leave him.

Someone else will treat you much better, and you won’t feel so disappointed constantly.

Don’t forget that actions always speak louder than words. You can’t keep listening to fake promises and getting your hopes up for nothing.

6. You aren’t happy with him

DONE! 7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

He always lets you down, and you feel bad in the relationship.

You do nice things for him, but he never does the same for you, nor does he even thank you.

He just keeps breaking your heart, and you simply aren’t happy with him.

If you can relate to these things, your boyfriend doesn’t make you a priority and he never will.

He hasn’t made you a priority yet, so why do you think that he eventually will?

It’s much more likely that he will only make you miserable and end up breaking your heart.

I know that you love him, but you can’t let him treat you badly. He should appreciate what he has, and if he can’t do that now, he will once he loses you.

Leave him and make him see that you can’t be in a relationship that makes you unhappy. He will have to change if he wants you to give him another chance.

7. You feel like he doesn’t make you a priority

DONE! 7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

Maybe you’ve experienced something like this in a past relationship, and you recognize it in your new one.

You know in your heart that he doesn’t make you a priority and feel like he never will.

Your happiness will never come ahead of his, and he’s just not the type of man who will ever put you first. You feel it in your gut, and you’re probably right.

A woman’s instinct is a powerful thing that warns us in time when we are with the wrong man.

Don’t ignore your instinct if it’s telling you that this is not the right man for you.

You deserve to be with someone who’ll always put you first and cares about you, and if you feel like he can’t, you’ll find someone else.

Just don’t settle for being someone’s backup plan because you should be someone’s top priority.

Good luck!

7 Warning Signs He Will NEVER Make You A Priority

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