34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

Written by Ana V.

Are you wondering if he loves you even though he isn’t saying it? Wait no more and read about these signs a man loves you deeply and finally find out the truth. Maybe he is just too scared of your reaction to tell you himself, but you will sense his love in the way he touches you, looks at you and talks to you.

You have to understand that it happens very rarely that a man actually tells you he loves you deeply since men are not accustomed to expressing emotions. But he can’t hide the way he feels because it will show in the way he acts around you.

So if you have been asking yourself if he is really serious about you, it’s time to make sure that you are on the same page. Finding out the truth will help you know what to expect from your relationship, and whether you should keep your hopes up or not. So be sure to read these signs a man loves you deeply to find out for sure.

But let me first answer the question that’s on your mind – how to know if a guy loves you deeply. Read on to discover more about how to know if he loves you.

How to know a guy loves you deeply?

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

We have learned from romantic comedies, love songs, and novels that the only proof of love is a grand gesture like a serenade or running through an airport, but in real life, love is not that theatrical. And because of that, it can sometimes be hard to determine if he really does love you, especially if you have only been together for a short while and especially if he is not the type who likes to share his feelings.

But just because he hasn’t yet come clean and told you he loves you deeply, it doesn’t mean that that’s not true.

If you want to learn how to know if a guy loves you deeply, you have to learn about the signs a man loves you deeply that I have prepared for you in order to help you finally find out the truth. But before we get to that, there are questions you need to answer to know for sure that he really cares for you.

Does he always treat you with respect?

A relationship where there is no mutual respect can’t be a successful one. So ask yourself if he respects you. It’s not normal if things between you are functioning great for a few days and then not. If he really loves you deeply, he will make sure that you feel good around him every day.

Do his words match his actions?

Actions mean more than words, so to be sure he loves you, you have to consider his behavior. He needs to be attentive to your needs and always consider what it is that you want. If he promises you something, does he do it, or is he accustomed to saying empty words? You need to make sure that his word means something if you want it to actually be of importance when he finally says the L word.

Is the love mutual?

When two people are happy in a loving relationship, their love is mutual. If he dictates the course of your relationship and makes all the decisions, then you are not both actually participating in making your relationship work. In a successful relationship, both partners need to be equally involved in making all the decisions.

Can you trust him completely?

Trust is the foundation of every successful relationship. If you can’t trust him, how will you be able to believe him when he finally tells you he loves you?

Does he show you he loves you?

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

To answer this question, you need to look for the signs he loves you deeply that I will list later on in the article. After reading the signs a man loves you deeply, come back to this question and ask yourself once again. The answer should be clear by then.

Can he picture his life without you?

There is one thing that all happy couples have in common, and it is that they can’t imagine their life without their partner. So this is a great way to know if a guy loves you deeply.

Is he always there for you?

A man who loves you deeply with all his heart will always find a way to be with you. No matter what situation you find yourself in, he will always be there for you. This is his way of telling you that you can rely on him and that he is there to be your support.

Answer these questions and consider the signs he loves you deeply to know for sure. Some of the signs he is deeply in love with you are if he wants to spend all his time with you, if he trusts you and shows interest in your life, as well as helping you when you need him and respecting your opinions. A man who loves you will include you in the process of making decisions and will use every chance he gets to touch you. He will look into your eyes and talk about your future together. He will also defend you when someone criticizes you and will try his best to make you feel good in your body.

Read on to discover more signs a man loves you deeply.

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

If you did nothing but watch movies, listen to songs and read books about love your entire life, you still wouldn’t be able to go through half the things there is to know about love. Love is a complex term, and it can be subjective, so maybe we don’t even need to try to define it.

But there is one thing you should pay attention to the next time you wonder if he loves you deeply, and that is the question of whether this love brings you sorrow or happiness.

The most important thing when it comes to love is that it makes you happy. If he goes out of his way just to put a smile on your face, you don’t need to wonder anymore. Read on to learn all the signs a man loves you deeply.

Signs he cares deeply about you

1. He can’t keep his hands off of you

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

It has been proven that touching creates a strong bond between two people. If he likes to use every chance he gets to touch you and can’t keep his hands off of you, it’s clear that he is passionate about you, which is an important part of love.

Of course, you could be with someone who isn’t that into cuddling. Still, your partner will always welcome your kisses and touches.

2. He remembers what you like

One of the signs he is in love with you will be when he gives you a ring from The Lord of the Rings because he remembered that it is your favorite movie. Or he will simply say something that will make you see that he remembers your favorite things because he wants to know what you like.

It is also a sign that he had been really listening to you when you were telling him about the things you like. He also always remembers your important dates, and you don’t have to say them repeatedly. All in all, he pays attention to you.

3. You communicate

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

And more than ever for that matter! If you are able to talk about anything at any time, those conversations till 5 am about how you are going to decorate your apartment once you are living together are clear signs he loves you deeply.

Of course, the conversation doesn’t have to be about your future, but it is deep, meaningful, and long. He wants to hear your opinions on every topic there is.

4. He is playful

He likes to joke around with you, have a pillow fight with you or step in front of you so you can’t pass. He is playful with you and what you should do is play along.

The words that you want to hear will slip out at some point, and you will know for certain that these silly games he plays are signs he is in love with you.

5. He maintains eye contact

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

You will notice him maintaining eye contact with you when you are having conversations because he likes to pay attention to your facial expressions. He wants to see how your eyes twinkle when you talk about a certain topic.

6. He is more open with you

Some of the signs he loves you deeply are all of those embarrassing and awkward memories from his past that he shares with you. He wants you to get to really know him and understand his life before you. This is his way of telling you he cares about you deeply.

7. He follows you around everywhere

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

All those visits to nail salons, the mall, and stores are signs he is deeply in love with you. Most men hate going to these places, and he is probably one of them. But if he still wants to follow you around everywhere you go, he is that mad about you.

8. He calls you all the time

Have you been talking on the phone more often? That is because he wants to hear your voice and enjoys the conversations you have. He likes to check in on you to make sure you’re okay because he wants you to be happy all the time.

9. He often laughs when he is with you

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

If he is not laughing at some joke you told or the facial expressions you made, he still has a smile on his face because he is simply that happy to be around you. You bring him joy, and it’s one of the many signs he is deeply in love with you.

10. He is protective

He cares about your safety, and you have woken up an alpha male inside of him who wants to protect you from anything bad in life. Maybe he is texting you to ask if you have gotten home safely or he stays close to you when you are in big crowds.

11. He says, “I’m sorry,” after a fight

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

Signs he loves you deeply can be seen even after a fight. If he is ready to apologize and can’t stay angry with you, it is because he is in love with you. He is ready for a compromise, and that is a sign that he cares about his relationship with you and is willing to do anything just to make it work.

12. He makes an effort

If he is willing to share, communicate, and just be happy in a relationship with no drama, he is trying to make your relationship work and is ready to make an effort.

13. Your happiness is the most important thing to him

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

It is important to him that you are happy, and he will even sacrifice his happiness for yours. In simple things he does, you will see the signs he loves you deeply.

14. He has a cute nickname for you

Whether it’s from your expressions or from your embarrassing stories, he will give you a nickname.

15. He leaves his phone with you

With smartphones and all the things we have on them, we are not usually comfortable with leaving them around other people. But as I said before, the foundation of a relationship is trusting each other, so even though he still hasn’t revealed to you all of his passwords, leaving his phone with you is enough proof that he trusts you. If he is honest and transparent, he clearly cares for you.

16. He doesn’t like being away from you

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

He doesn’t want to be away from you and will avoid that at any cost. But if it happens that you have to spend some time apart, he will be excited that you are going to finally see each other again.

17. He tells everyone about you

More signs he cares deeply about you are all those talks about you that he had with his family and friends. You are his girlfriend, and he is not afraid to tell that to everyone.

If his friends and family let you know that he can’t stop talking about you to them, you don’t have to be worried because he definitely cares deeply about you.

18. He makes plans for the future

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

If he likes to make plans for your future, it implies that you have a future together. He will avoid giving you last-minute notice and will make sure you are okay with his plans.

Maybe he is already mentioning you spending Valentine’s Day together even though it’s three months away, or he is saying that he is taking you as his plus-one for a wedding that’s six months from now.

19. He is ready to commit

If marriage is a part of his long-term plans, be sure that you are on a promising road. The signs he cares deeply about you are even more obvious if he’s at a point in his life where he is ready to commit and settle down.

20. You are the most important person in his life

34 Undeniable Signs a Man Loves You Deeply

And he’ll go out of his way for you! You are his priority, and it doesn’t even matter what it is that you need when you call him, he will be there to help you.

21. He wants your opinions and advice

If he needs to make an important decision and is asking for your opinions and advice about his life, it’s one of the signs he cares deeply about you. He wants to know what you think, cares about your opinion, and wants your guidance about his life.

22. He likes to surprise you

He always has some small present up his sleeve to surprise you and let you know that he has been thinking about you and remembers what you like.

23. He compliments you

He tells you that you are beautiful and goes out of his way to make you believe it because he really means it. Even on your worst days, when you don’t look your best, he will find a way to lift your spirits.

24. He wants to know about your day

And he tells you about his as well. He wants to know everything there is to know about your life and feels like you are a part of his life if he hears about your day. He also shares with you his problems at work or interesting situations he has found himself in.

25. He makes you feel like a woman

He wants you to feel sexy and loved. You simply feel like a woman when you are with him.

26. He plans vacations with you

One of the ways to be intimate with your partner is to spend a weekend together or go on a vacation. If he is planning a vacation with you, he wants to be close to you and likes spending time alone with you. He wants you all to himself.

27. He takes care of you when you are sick

A man who loves you won’t avoid you just because you are sick; on the contrary, he will try to take care of you. And he would like for you to take care of him as well, when he is sick. There is a reason why a husband and wife have to say that they will take care of each other in sickness and in health.

28. He sleeps with you

If he is deeply in love with you, he won’t mind sleeping with you without having sex; in fact, he will enjoy it. When he has a beautiful woman in bed with him but doesn’t use the opportunity, it means that his feelings are stronger than his libido. Cuddling with a woman because he loves her means that he wants to be close to her because she makes him happy.

29. You are comfortable in silence

If you are comfortable when you are doing nothing and just silently sitting close to each other without things becoming awkward, it means that you genuinely enjoy spending time together and feel comfortable around each other. If he feels comfortable doing nothing with you, it means he feels comfortable doing anything as long as it’s with you.

30. He doesn’t quit on you

What did he do after your first fight? He stuck around. And even when things get tough, and you have to face some problems, he is still there and has no intention of quitting on you.

31. The people in his life love you

If his family welcomes you to their home with their arms wide open, then they definitely love you, and this is a sign that he loves you. Because why else would his family love you if he wasn’t talking about you and they sensed that he loves you? The same goes for his friends; if they know how much you mean to him, they will like hanging out with you because they want him to be happy.

32. He takes an interest in your hobbies

The best sign is that he will take an interest in your hobbies and will want to join you in your painting class or anything else you are doing. He wants to be around you as well as know more about you, while at the same time hopefully creating a common interest.

33. He says ‘we’ instead of ‘I’

Pay attention to his choice of words because people start to refer to themselves as ‘we’ when they are dedicated to their partner and ready to give their best to make their relationship work.

34. There are no secrets between you two

If you are the first person he calls when he has something important to share, and if he is ready to tell you about anything and openly talk about his deepest hopes and fears, it is because you are the one for him, and he loves you deeply.
34 Undeniable Signs a man loves you deeply